7 Questions To Help You Decide Whether Or Not To Wager On YouWager

In this review, we’ll be looking at YouWager. This is a betting site that includes both a sportsbook and a casino in its betting options. What this means for us is that, in order to keep things fair and objective, we’ll be comparing it most often with like minded sites. This is just one example of the steps we take to ensure that we can bring you the most even handed and comprehensive review we possibly can.


Our reason for this is sites like this, also known as all in one sites, such as Centrebet, Coral or Betsson to name but a few, tend to have different target audiences with different expectations of the site than a casino exclusive like Las Vegas USA. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll stick strictly to this rule. That’s because there are certain occasions where it might seem fair and relevant to compare different types of sites. For example, despite the differences in product, the expectations for good customer service would remain the same.

We’ll also make sure we consider both the good or the bad parts of the site. This means you know you’re not just getting one side of the story. We will also avoid presenting our personal subjective views as fact as much as we possibly can. One way we do this is by considering multiple perspectives of certain site elements, like its design.

With all that said and done, we’re going to get moving and check out exactly what YouWager has to offer.

  1. Is the site well designed?

YouWager site design

Remember when we talked about how some parts of the site are more subjective than others? Well, nowhere is this more true than site design. For example, we can generally all agree that having a live chat function is preferable to having no customer service options. So we can say that’s a negative and be pretty sure we can all agree that’s objectively true.

However, that’s not the case when comparing say, the aesthetics of Rizk Casino to Virgin Casino and Sportsbook. Both can be considered very well designed sites in their own right, but which one is better entirely depends on who you ask. So we’ll be suggesting what the response might be to YouWager’s look and feel. However, your preference might be entirely different. That’s why we always suggest you check out the site for yourself. By doing this, alongside some of their competitor sites, you can see which betting site floats your boat the most.

We think that something people may like about YouWager is that it keeps things fairly conservative. Its design certainly won’t irritate you with too many in your face graphics. We can also say on the plus side that we’ve had no technical problems with the site. Everything appears to work as it should.

YouWager sportsbook

On the other hand

You may notice that our list of things we think customer may like about YouWager is rather short. Well, that’s because we couldn’t think of too much that people may like about it. As we said, this is all about preference. There are no right or wrong answers.

However, we think that plenty of people will be put off by the general sense of coldness and lack of personality that YouWager has. There’s pretty much nothing to the site except the bare bones of the product. There’s nothing you can look at and define as being what makes this site different. And we know that not everybody wants something as warm and friendly and Royal Panda or Foxy Casino. But this is so far in the other direction that we’re not even sure fans of minimalistic, conservatively designed sites like Ladbrokes, will be able to get on board with it.

YouWager racebook

Another thing that those sites have over YouWager is the fact that they use their relative simplicity in terms of layout. This results in an incredibly streamlined and easy to use product. We can’t even say that this is the case with YouWager. Its layout is clunky and feels unnatural and disjointed. We imagine this is how many will feel using this site.

Its casino is particularly outdated and we think many will find that very hard to get past. Furthermore, in order to view much of the site, you need to sign up. This process requires a phone number and e-mail, in a move that we feel will put many off.

  1. What does the YouWager site have to offer?

For those disappointed in YouWager, we’d say that looks aren’t everything. The site could always make a big comeback with an excellent overall product. As mentioned, we’ve got a sportsbook and a casino available here. There are also specific racebook and poker options.

YouWager poker

On the sportsbook side of things, the following options are available at the time of writing:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • E-Sports
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Soccer International
  • Soccer Americas

One thing that is a bonus is the ability to pick between specific sports categories. For example, you can choose between professional and college football.

In terms of the casino, you’ve got everything you’d expect. This includes slot games, table games, zip tabs, keno and more. There’s also a live casino.

YouWager casino

On the other hand

While none of this appears especially bad, it certainly doesn’t stand out either. There’s plenty of sportsbooks, casinos, poker sites and so on, with plenty more available than you can find here. This appears to be a ‘jack of all trades’ kind of betting site. But with so many other sites out there venturing further and further afield, that’s no longer a selling point in itself.

Still, this line up is far from bad. It’s just not the best we’ve seen.

  1. Does the YouWager site have any promotions?

It does indeed. YouWager has seven “promos” listed beneath its drop list. Promotions can be tricky for us to review. This is largely because, more than anything else in betting sites, they tend to be subject to change and some are, by their nature, time sensitive.

YouWager can't lose bet

What we generally find though, it that betting sites do have a fairly consistent level of promotional quality. So hopefully, even if what we discuss here isn’t as you find it depending on when you’re reading this review, then it can still give some indication of the level of quality you’re likely to expect.

Here’s three YouWager promotions we’ve chosen at random for your consideration:

  • Loyalty Program:
    This one might not need much explaining. After all, everything from a coffee shop to a supermarket has a loyalty program of some kind. The selling point, according to YouWager, appears to be that points are not based on how much money you bet, at least per time. Instead, you earn points per bet, per hour spent on the casino, each week you place a wager and each deposit you make.

  • Calendar:
    This offers upcoming time sensitive bonuses. In actuality, this means you are getting more promotions than it appears. Also, having a consistent stream of promotions allows for greater creativity and interest.

  • MNF Contest:
    Win up to $5000 free play for correctly guessing the exact score for both visitor and home teams in the highlighted upcoming match.

On the other hand

While the promotions mentioned might seem reasonable, they are actually more disappointing than they seem. For example, the loyalty program is an interesting spin on a common promotion. However, as it doesn’t tell us what the points tun into with regards to prizes, it’s impossible for us to know what the value of this bonus is.

YouWager football season bonus

This is just one example of a general issue of the site not explaining itself very well. This makes it very had to come to any kind of conclusion on its promotions. That’s if you can access them in the first place.

On some, we were asked to confirm a username, which seems like another meaningless hoop to jump through. But worse still, once we did, we were never redirected to the promotional information we were looking for. It’s a big let down considering on first glance, we had high hopes for YouWager’s promotions.

  1. What about customer service options?

In some more pleasant news, you can contact the YouWager customer service team via several social networking sites. You can also call or request a call back, as well as utilising that all important live chat function.

YouWager customer support

On the other hand

For some reason, although there appeared to be an icon to email the site, it wasn’t working at the time we tried it. Also, there’s no indication of the opening hours for the live chat function. All we can say is that it was working when we used it. Perhaps the e-mail function becomes available when the live chat function stops.

Once again, a lack of information leaves us guessing here. Still though, not only have they surprised us with how modern their customer service options are, it’s actually a little jarring compared to how outdated some parts of the site can appear. Their YouTube channel does only have one video though so perhaps they are overselling it just a touch.

  1. What’s the critical reception been like to YouWager?

YouWager sportsbook

Of the small pool of critical reviews we could find, we’d say there was a mix of good to mediocre reviews. This leaves the critical reception for YouWager to be hovering just above average.

On the other hand

The issue here is that there simply wasn’t enough reviews out there for us to come to any kind of serious conclusion on the general reception of the site. The same goes for customer feedback.

In our research, there wasn’t an adequate response for us to say fairly what the result was. So we’ll have to say things appear inconclusive for the most part, with some positive indications on the critical front.

  1. How do I sign up to YouWager?

YouWager registration step 1

Simply hit the bright orange ‘Join now’ button in the top right hand corner of your screen. From here, you’ll be taken to a simple application form. 

You’ll be required to fill in all the relevant information. This includes your address, e-mail, phone number, username and password and you’re good to go. You can immediately deposit funds afterwards if you wish but it’s not a necessity.

Do keep in mind that you’re dealing with real funds, so you’ll want to make sure that password is secure. Use a series of random characters and numbers and don’t choose anything that could be reasonably guessed. You also don’t want to choose a password you are using for multiple sites.

YouWager registration step 2

Finally, most betting sites have a rule of only one account per person. That can extend to your e-mail, phone number, home address and even ip address. Therefore, make sure no one you live with or that uses the same computer as you has an account before you sign up. This will allow you to avoid any future issues.

On the other hand

As mentioned, in order to see much of the site, you need to sign up. Considering the registration form asks for personal information, that seems unnecessary. Customers should be able to check out a site before giving a phone number, for example, in order to decide whether a site seems right for them.

  1. So what do we think of YouWager?

YouWager logo

This is a very strange site to come to a conclusion about. On one hand, if you look at YouWager on a basic product level, then the site, while not likely to be giving William Hill a run for their money any time soon, certainly isn’t all bad. However, they’re also not the best. And with the betting landscape being as competitive as it is, then if you’re not up there product wise with the top dogs, then ultimately you need to offer something in the way of fun, innovation and personality.

It’s here where YouWager really falls down. Just from a structural point of view, the site is a pain to use compared to much else that’s out there. This site doesn’t need a coat of paint. It needs a complete overhaul of its layout.

YouWager is a site that offers a lot but sadly fails to deliver in many instances. This site has been around a long time and we feel perhaps may have failed to keep up with an increasingly tough market. We hope that YouWager can pull itself into the modern age and really reaches the potential it hints at in so many areas of the site.