6 Important Questions To Discover If Xbet Is Right For You

In our latest addition of our ongoing quest to bring you the very best, most comprehensive and objective betting site reviews on the net, we’ll be taking a look at Xbet. This is an all in one betting site. What that means is it includes at least a sportsbook and a casino in its options.

With so much choice out there, it has never been a better or a more confusing time to be looking for a betting site. It’s never been better because the sheer variety that’s out there means no matter what you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it. However, it’s never been more confusing because, with so much out there, it can be hard to find somewhere to start.


First off, you have casino exclusive site. These include the likes of Royal Panda Casino or Rich Casino. Then there’s more niche sites, such as BlitzFantasy and of course, the well known all rounder. These include household names like  Virgin Casino and Sportsbook.

What type of site is best for your depends on both what you’re looking for content wise and also what you prefer stylistically. For example, some people like to keep things simple, as we’ve seen from sites such as William Hill or Mr Green’s Casino and Sportsbook. However, other operators, like Rizk Casino, prefer to break away from the mould a little.

We can’t tell you what you prefer. So we look at both the good and the bad. And in cases where we’re looking at site elements that are more subjective, we offer possible positive and negative interpretations. This way, you can know you’re getting the whole picture.

Xbet banner

As always though, the best way of finding out whether your preferences and a site’s personality are going to match up is by checking out a few sites yourself. This will help you to know what really suits you best. Remember, there’s plenty of options out there, so you should have no problems being picky.

With all that said and done, let’s get on with our look at everything you’ll want to know about Xbet.

  1. So what exactly is available on Xbet site?

With a name as vague as Xbet, it doesn’t exactly give much away in terms of content. Well, as mentioned, this is an all in one site, so you know you have casino and sportsbook options.

Xbet sportsbook

It appears to be a fairly even all rounder. By that, we mean there’s not a particular sports focus for example. At Xbet, no one sport option is given extra attention to make up to main selling point on the site. This is not unusual, with sites like Punchbets focusing on MMA and Racebets tailoring itself to, you guessed it, horse racing fans.

This means that the Xbet site is ideal for players who like to try a little bit of everything. The only way in which it seems to favour one part of the sporting world over the other is by having more of an interest in sports popular in America. These are given a little more time and attention over sports that are popular in Europe and the rest of the world.

More specifically, the following sports are available on the Xbet site at the time of writing:

  • NCAA Football
  • MLB
  • Boxing and MMA
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • NBA
  • Soccer
  • College Basketball
  • NHL
  • Horse Racing
  • International Hockey
  • Religion
  • Entertainment
  • Australian Rules
  • Cricket

Xbet casino games

In terms of the casino, you have pretty much everything that you might expect. This includes everything from table games to slots, video poker and much more.

On the other hand

Xbet do include a few non traditional sportsbook entries, including entertainment and even more unusually religion. However, there’s no doubting that this list of options is a great deal smaller than many of its competitors. Many other operators out there have lists twice this size.

One thing that Xbet is missing out on is the virtual games market. This is a real shame because it really does seem like the ideal product for their style of branding.

Xbet betting options

There are poker options as part of table games, which is great. But there’s not the emphasis of somewhere like Full Tilt Poker, so it may struggle to attract that level of serious players.

We could always use a focus on bingo games as well. Sites such as BGO and Foxy Casino have proven it is a huge part of the online gaming market. And that demand is growing more by the day.

Finally, another issue is we have been unable to find information regarding their software developers. This unfortunately means we cannot speak for the quality of their games. This is not to say they are bad. It simply means that we don’t know who created their games and thus the reputation of their creators.

  1. Do Xbet have a good reputation?

Xbet reputation

This is one of those irritating situations where we simply do not have enough feedback to give a solid enough answer. After all, we do pride ourselves on being fair and accurate. The truth of the matter is, as is with many lesser known sites, that we were unable to find enough examples of critical and customer responses to Xbet to consider it a reasonably large enough set of examples. We were therefore unable to draw any objectively fair conclusions.

On the plus side, we can say that the few critical responses we found were not at all bad. And after all, no news is not necessarily bad news. In fact, it can be argued that in the case of online betting, no news can be interpreted as being closer to more positive than negative. This is because, particularly in the case of customer feedback, people are quicker to criticise than compliment.

On the other hand

Xbet racebook

It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good news either. At the very least, it means that not many people were impressed enough by the site to sing its praises. And when you’re dealing with an ultra competitive market, that may make it hard to stand out.

This is however, a little rough on the smaller site. When you’re a site as well known as Ladbrokes or Coral for example, you can be sure that plenty of commentators will have a lot to say about them. Smaller sites on the other hand, for better or worse, do not have that  same opportunity.

  1. Is the Xbet site well designed?

Now we come to the more subjective part of the review. That’s because it’s impossible for us to say whether something is objectively good looking or not. Due to this, we’ll instead give examples of what we imagine both positive and negative responses to Xbet could be.

Xbet site design

On the positive side of things, Xbet has a distinctly American style that many across the pond will find pleasing. It features the bold iconography, without too much of the ‘in your face’ brashness often associated with sports from the states. So, we think many may think Xbet strikes a pleasant balance.

It’s appearance is never too much or too little. It gives a strong impression of the site’s personality without ever becoming overbearing .

We can also say that from a technical and structural standpoint, the site is perfectly well put together.

On the other hand

Xbet casino page

Another interpretation of the site would be that it looks very dated. We could easily imagine their logo and colour scheme being used on some fizzy drink advert from the nineties or featuring on a toy commercial.

While this look hasn’t completely gone out of style, it certainly is much less popular than it was a few decades ago.

As we’ve said though, what you think comes down to what you like personally. That’s why we always recommend you check it out for yourself. You should also do this alongside some of the competition to get an indication of what is best for you. After all, there’s so much choice out there, there’s bound to be a site that is perfect for your tastes.

  1. Do they have any good promotions at Xbet?

Xbet promotions

At the time of writing, we can see one definite promotion and four that we’re not quite so sure about. The promotion we can see is featured on the bonus page and is the main focus. This is a 100% bonus up to $300.

The other examples are four  promotions which look like links, but are not working at the time of writing. As an example of what they are advertising, they include “Bet on a roll, bet the house now”.

We do not know whether this is a slogan of some kind or if it represents a bonus. That’s because it only appears on this page and nowhere else.

According to their help page, they always offer several promotions to their customers.

On the other hand

Xbet bonuses

There’s simply a massive amount of information missing here. The only promotion we know about for certain is the deposit bonus. And even with this, we can’t see anything regarding terms and conditions. There’s no information to be found on rollover requirements. This means it is impossible for us to say whether this bonus is worth your time or not. It could be five times. It could be five hundred times. We simply do not know.

If the other examples we could see on the page do represent bonuses, then there is no information at all there. We’re more in the dark than with their deposit bonus. If they are just slogans and are not meant to represent promotions, then one promotion is a big dissapointment.

We assume there is something else available in terms of promotions, based on the help section. But we cannot tell you what it is. There have been plenty of sites that have been a let down when it comes to informing their customers on promotions, but this is one of the worst we’ve seen. Sadly, we have little positive to say in this regard.

  1. What customer service options are available at Xbet?

Xbet customer support

According to their ‘Contact us’ page, there are three options for getting in touch with the customer service team. These include phone, e-mail (via a contact sheet) and social media.

On the other hand

What’s missing here is obviously a live chat function. We also can’t find much information on when you can expect an email response from the site.

This is another example of how one of the main issues we’ve found with Xbet is a lack of information. Even more confusing is that their ‘About us’ page claims to have 24/7 live chat. We spent a little while looking and couldn’t find anything. Is this something they used to have and have since stopped? We’re just not sure.

  1. What banking options are available?

Xbet payment methods

Xbet’s payment options can be easily found under the ‘Banking’ button. This is located in the banner at the top of the homepage. From here, you will be directed to an easy to understand table of payment options. 

Deposit methods available at Xbet include:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • ACH
  • Bankwire Transactions
  • Person 2 Person
  • bitcoin
  • Phone transfer

The various minimum and maximum deposit amounts for each payment method is clearly displayed on the site. 

On the other hand

While Xbet excelled in making the deposit information as clear as possible, the same unfortunately cannot be said for their withdrawal options. It would have been very much appreciated if Xbet featured a similar table that outlined all the information on withdrawals. 

Additionally, the lack of e-wallet options, such as Skrill and Neteller, is a bit of a letdown here. 


  1. What did we think of Xbet?

Xbet logo

This is an incredibly hard site to judge. This is simply because there are so many questions that remain unanswered. What promotions do they have? What exactly is their customer service situation? How do their customer base rate them generally?

Some of this is not Xbet’s fault, as with the latter example. But some of it most certainly is.

The site in general needs to do a much better job of making what’s available here crystal clear. Until they do, they will almost certainly lose customers to the more established brands out there.