Does Wonclub Have What It Takes To Win Over Online Punters?

In all our time bringing you the best best betting site reviews we possible can, we’ve learned that no two sites are the same. However, one thing that does remain the same is our commitment to making sure that our reviews are the best they can be. That also means making sure they are fair, objective and even handed.


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There’s plenty of measures we take to make sure this is the case. But we’ll start off with one that is hopefully going to become immediately obvious as we get into this reviews and that’s that we look at both the good and the bad for each part of the site we examine. Whether we’re reviewing juggernauts like Royal Panda Casino, Ladbrokes or lesser known sites like BetMotion or Bets10, we’ll be looking at the full picture by taking apart the pros and cons of each site element.

We even split our observations into separate sections. This way, not only do you know that our reviews are fair but comparing the good against the bad or finding out the info you need to know couldn’t be easier. With that in mind, let’s get moving and check out today’s betting site review for Wonclub.

  1. So what is Wonclub?

Wonclub is a betting site that has both casino and sportsbook parts. This makes it different from both casino exclusives, like Las Vegas USA, as well as sport betting exclusives, which are fairly uncommon. There are also sites with more niche concepts like BlitzFantasy and sites like BitStarz, which are similar but use their preferred currency as their main selling point.

Wonclub devices

Wonclub is part of a selection of betting sites we refer to as an all in one. Big name examples include Coral and William Hill. But there’s an absolute avalanche of lesser known sites out there. There’s Favbet, JustBet, Cloudbet, OlyBet and 1x2Masters, to name but a very, very small amount. That means that Wonclub has some pretty intense competition. And don’t count the lesser known sites out either. In our time bringing you these reviews, we’ve found plenty of diamonds in the rough.

One important note to make is that, in some instances, we’ll only be comparing Wonclub to the same kind of betting site. This is because they’re the most similar in product. Customers have the most similar expectations and that makes it fairer in certain instances. This is especially the case when we’re talking about the variety of content, which is obviously different depending on what kind of betting site we’re looking at.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t compare different kinds of betting sites, for things like site design or creativity and so on. But we couldn’t, for example, claim that Wonclub was better than Rich Casino because it has more tennis options, as that’s not what the latter is sold as and it wouldn’t be a fair criticism.

On the other hand

Wonclub banner

While the benefits of being an all in one site are obvious, as you widen the net of your potential audience, there are also potential pitfalls. These kinds of betting sites are incredibly common and feature some of the biggest and best names in the business like  Virgin Games and Betway, among other examples we’ve mentioned. This means that you need to be something really special in order to stand out.

There’s also the issue that, when you offer a wider ranging product, there’s more thing to criticise and the sites efforts are stretched over more content. Often we find that a consequence of this is that, even though a site will be an all in one, it will be very clear that one part of their business takes precedence over the other. (This is usually the sportsbook over the casino, but this is not always the case). We’re not saying any of this is true for Wonclub, at least not yet anyway. But these are issues we often find in this type of site.

  1. So what does Wonclub have to offer?

Wonclub sports betting

Speaking more specifically, Wonclub has the following sports available at the time of writing:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Handball
  • American Football
  • Volleyball
  • Darts
  • Snooker
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Fighting
  • Water Polo
  • Cricket
  • E-Sports

There’s also a dedicated live sports section, alongside virtual betting. The casino is split into four sections: Casino, Casino 3D, Casino Evolution and Live Casino. Finally, there’s also a dedicated bet on poker section.

Here, you’ll find a wide selection of games across several well known software developers, table games, slot games, video poker, jackpots, lottery games, mini games and more. There’s no real instance in which we’d say that Wonclub is lacking for content in its casino, and that includes its live selection. And of course, being able to choose between different software developers not only inspires confidence, but also showcases the variety on offer in a useful way.

Wonclub casino games

On the other hand

First off, while the sportsbook selection certainly isn’t bad, it’s not the best we’ve seen either. Although to be fair, the virtual betting section does alleviate this issue somewhat.

As for the casino, our criticisms here aren’t really to do with the variety of content, but are rather design niggles. So we’ll save those for our following section.

  1.  Is the site well designed?

Site design really comes down to two different things. First off, there’s the technical aspects. In others words, does everything work as it should? And then there’s the design choices. These include the creative and aesthetic decisions which really give the site its personality.

Wonclub sportsbook

Now, for the first part of this, we can say that we had no issues on the technical side of things. We’ve also seen no reports to suggest that technical issues are a regular problem for users of this site in general. We’re not saying you necessarily won’t encounter any issues at Wonclub. But our experience and the lack of complaints would suggest that it’s unlikely and probably minimal regardless.

The look and feel of Wonclub

The other side of things is a touch trickier because who’s to say which design is good and which is bad? Some may be more popular than others but design choice comes down to a personal preference and sense of style.

Some might love the relative simplicity of Mr Green. Others love the big themes of the likes of All British Casino. There’s no right or wrong answers, just what you prefer. So instead of presenting our subjective opinion as fact, we’ll be keeping things fair by instead suggesting what we think the positive, and in our following section, the negative response might be.

Wonclub casino

Wonclub feels like a sophisticated site and that’s something that a lot of people we think will enjoy. It’s slick, mature and feels very much like the online equivalent of doing your best James Bond impression at the poker table. We know that many people prefer their sites to be a touch serious, without feeling too cold. We think that’s what Wonclub will be for many.


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On the other hand

First up, let’s address our design niggles from earlier. While the vast, vast majority of Wonclub is structured nicely, we did notice a few issues. This is largely regarding stretching out content onto different pages to make the site appear larger than it is. There’s no reason that both Casino Evolution and Casino 3D can’t be incorporated into other parts of the site. This way, we think it would appear a touch more elegant in terms of structure. It’s a very minor point but one we think is worth making. We also had an issue when it came to finding both the FAQ and customer service options, as they were not clearly displayed.

What we think people won’t like about Wonclub is very much what others will love about it. It is very serious, almost dark and brooding in places, and some people prefer a brighter touch to their online experience. Think Foxy Casino, Manhattan Slots, Rizk Casino, even somewhere like Betfair.

Wonclub virtual betting

However, we do have to give Wonclub some extra credit here. Often criticism we levy at sites that steer on the conservative side of the design road is that they don’t stand out. We think in the case of Wonclub, they’ve managed to stay true to those design principles while also carving out their own identity. It’s rarely seen, so we’d like to leave our comments on their site design on that point of praise.

  1. Do they have any promotions?

Whether promotions are a huge part of the online betting experience for you or you consider them an irrelevant distraction, we think most will agree that sites are better off having them as an option rather than not. Well, Wonclub have five at the time of writing. This isn’t a huge amount but is respectable. And of course, it’s all about the quality rather than the quantity. It’s better to have three fine promotions than 30 useless ones, after all.

Just so you’re not confused and/or disappointed, more than any other part of a betting site, promotions tend to change. Many in fact are time sensitive by their very nature. So if what you see here isn’t what you find on the site, it’s because it has since been tweaked, changed or added to. Nonetheless, sites generally keep a certain standard to their bonuses. So even if there has been a complete rehaul, we hope that by looking at what is available at the time of writing, you should get a good sense of the level of quality which is likely available.

Do keep in mind that we don’t include the entire terms and conditions here, just an overview. So if you want details, check out the bonus link found at the bottom of the homepage.

Promotions available at Wonclub

First Deposit Bonus:
Wonclub first deposit bonusThis is a 20% bonus with a maximum bonus amount of €75. The bonus in sports must be wagered 10x.

Monday Bonus:
Wonclub Monday bonusGet a 30% deposit bonus on Mondays up to €185. The bonus in sports must be wagered 10x.

Sport Bonus:
Wonclub sport bonusGet a 10% deposit bonus on sports deposits. This bonus has to be wagered 5x.

Casino Discount Bonus:
Wonclub casino discount bonusGet a 25% bonus on the casino deposits. The bonus has to be wagered 15x in casino games.

Friday Bonus:
Wonclub Friday bonusAs far as we can tell, this is identical to the Monday bonus but, as its name would suggest, is available on a Friday.

On the plus side most of these bonuses are fairly achievable, the wagering requirements are fairly reasonable and offer real cash value which for many is all they’re interested in when it comes to promotions.

On the other hand

Firstly, we had some issues with the terms and conditions on the Sports Bonus being vague. It says deposit within 72 hours, but 72 from what? The offer doesn’t claim to end in a few days. Is it from joining? Your first deposit? We’re unsure. Another issue is there’s no maximum bonus listed. We had similar issues with the Casino Bonus.

Also the choice to use lower percentage and lower wagering requirements is one that some will appreciate and some will not. We think giving multiple options could have been achievable to satisfy those who prefer higher reward bonuses.

Lastly, the main problem with these promotions are just how boring they are. There’s no creativity. They’re all practically the same bonus tweaked ever so slightly. If promotions are an opportunity to show the fun side of the site, then this has been a total failure in that regard.

  1. How has the critical reception been to Wonclub?

Wonclub review

Generally speaking, from what we’ve seen in terms of critical responses during our research, the response to Wonclub has been very positive. There are few reviews that can be considered truly bad.

On the other hand

Good isn’t perfect. There’s certainly some who rate Wonclub as a rather mediocre site.

  1. What customer service options are available?

Wonclub live chat

The customer service options at Wonclub consist of an FAQ section, alongside e-mail and oddly, a Skype option. On the plus side, there is a live chat option.

On the other hand

In erms of design, this simply isn’t up to par with the generally solid quality we expect from Wonclub. Having Skype as an option is simply off and having an e-mail option which takes you from the page, as opposed to a contact form for example, comes off as amateurish.

Obviously, having the live chat is a big plus but this seems detached from the other two options. It is found through a tiny ‘Contact us’ link at the bottom of the homepage alongside the FAQ. All of this should take a second to find as opposed to being easily missed and although the options are perfectly capable, it’s rather clumsy design wise.

  1. What banking options are available?

Wonclub payment methods

The following options are available, as per information taken from the bottom of the homepage at the time of writing:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Astropay
  • QIWI
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Visa Electron
  • Bank Transfer
  • Moneybookers
  • Webmoney

On the other hand

All the other information can be found out through their FAQ section. But we’d have much preferred everything in place through an easy to follow table instead of having to piece it together yourself.

  1. Are they licensed?

Curacao gaming license

Wonclub are “licensed and registered under the laws of Curacao”, as per the information found on the site.

On the other hand

The site is unavailable in the following countries:

“Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Cambodia, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lao, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United States of America and the United Kingdom.”

  1. So what’s the verdict on Wonclub?

WonClub logo

While we’ve been very critical of aspects of Wonclub, we don’t want to gvie the impression that we dislike the site. Far from it. We enjoy its variety of content, its sense of style and mature personality. However, there’s no doubting there’s a few cracks beneath the surface. It’s nothing critical, but things which can hamper an otherwise enjoyable experience.

These include some structural issues design wise, which makes the site less intuitive and fun, along with a very dull promotional section. Both of these issues are ones that we think Wonclub is capable of improving in the future. We very much hope they do in order to take their site to the next level and improve their player experience.


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