6 Savvy Questions For Players Looking To Sign Up To Wink Slots

Wink Slots, as its name would suggest, is a casino exclusive site and one of the best known betting sites of its kind. This means we’ll be comparing it to the big boys of the casino game. These include the excellent industry juggernauts, such as Royal Panda Casino and Rich Casino.

In terms of the fairness of our review, we always endeavour to give you the most in depth and unbiased look possible. We will therefore be mostly comparing Wink Slots to similar betting sites. 

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This is because a casino exclusive site will generally have a different target audience and will be sold as a different product. This means that it would be unfair to chastise a site for having less variety of content, for example. On the other hand, this often means that the casino exclusive sites benefit from an overall better product, despite having less range. The less content they have to include, the more space they have for a little extra creative flair.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a whole host of wonderful all in one sites out there. Virgin  Games and Mr Green Casino and Sportsbook spring to mind, but there are plenty of others if you want to peruse the treasure troves of online betting. However, we do think it’s fair to say that on average, you’re likely to find a better casino product on an exclusive than on an all in one site.

Other differences include site design. Generally speaking, casino exclusives are a great deal less conservative than their more diverse betting counterparts. If you take the big hitters in the casino market, such as Foxy Casino, and compare them to the likes of Ladbrokes for example, the difference is night and day.

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To be completely clear, we are not saying that one is better than the other. It merely comes down to a matter of preference. But that’s another reason why someone may wish to choose an exclusive over an all in one.

This also brings us to our next point: certain site elements are more subjective than others. The issue with that for us is that we try to keep things as objective as possible. So in those instances, instead of presenting our personal opinions, we will discuss what we imagine the range of responses will be. Of course, the best way of figuring out whether a site’s personality and your own is likely to mesh is to check it out for yourself. This also goes for comparing it to the competition. We always recommend checking  out as many sites as you can before making your mind up.

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Finally, we always go over both the good and the bad of each part of the site we look at. This way, you’ll know you’re getting the big picture.

Now, with introductions out of the way, let’s move on to why we’re all here and take a look at exactly what’s underneath the hood with Wink Slots.

  1. So what can we expect to see at Wink Slots?

Well, as we’ve mentioned above, this is a casino exclusive site. That means there’s no sportsbook here. However, not all casino exclusives are made equal in terms of quantity and quality.

The good news here is that in many places, Wink Slots excels. And one of those areas, which should come as no surprise, is in its selection of slot titles, which can only be described as vast.

WinkSlots slots games

There’s far too many slots to list out here. So let’s suffice to say it’s a very generous variety. No player will find themselves feeling disappointed here. 

On top of that, there’s also a decent live casino selection and some table games as well.

On the other hand

Wink Slots is a separate site to its sister site Wink Bingo. What this means is that we cannot include the brand’s bingo offering in our review of this site. Considering that Wink Bingo includes slot games too, we are at a loss to wonder why they don’t just push all their content into one convenient place. You can go to Wink Bingo from the bottom of the Wink Slots screen anyway. It just seems like it would be the next logical step.

WinkSlots live casino

Furthermore, while their slots selection is excellent, the amount of table games on offer does not live up to the standards they set. It’s not awful and we’ve certainly seen worse. However, it does mean that the quality of the site is inconsistent across its different areas.

  1. Do Wink Slots have a good reputation?

What we mean by this question is whether or not Wink Slots generally receive a good reception from critics and customers alike.

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On the critical side of things, we’d say the responses are, in general,  above average. In our research, we could find very few truly bad reviews out there. They are also backed by their Bingo site, which has a sterling reputation to boot.

On the other hand

Don’t worry! Wink Slots hasn’t got a truly awful reputation amongst its customers. The issue here is that we just couldn’t find enough customer responses to make a fair judgement on the matter. Put simply, the critical response appears good and the customer response is inconclusive based on our research. 

  1. Are there any promotions available at Wink Slots?

Put simply, yes! Wink Slots offers their players a number of promotions to sweeten the online betting deal.

At the time of writing the following promotions are available on the Wink Slots site:

  • Welcome Bonus:
    WinkSlots welcome bonusThis bonus is split into three parts. For your first deposit, you can receive a 100% bonus and 50 free spins. The second and third parts include a 50% bonus with 15 free spins. The first bonus is up to £400 and the others are both up to £100. The wagering requirement is a decent, if not spectacular, 30 times. The total you can receive in prizes for this promotion is £600 and 80 free spins.

  • Monday’s Reel Deal:
    Wink Slots Monday Reel DealEarn a spin every Monday in this Reel Deal promotion with each £20 you deposit. You can win great prizes, from free spins to real cash. It’s simple, effective and fun promotion.

  • Big Wins Day:
    Wink Slots Big Wins-DayMuch like the previous offer, you’ll receive a free prize for each time you deposit £20. This time, the bonus comes with a random amount of free spins instead of multiple prize options.

  • Weekend Bonus Blowout:
    Wink Slots Weekend Blowout
    Here you can receive deposit bonuses across three promotional codes. The first will up your £20 deposit to £25, while the second will up your £50 deposit up to £65. Finally, the third will take you from a £100 deposit up to £150.

On the positive side of things, we would say that these promotions are all fairly pragmatic. Each one offers a simple way for customer to boost their potential winnings.

On the other hand

If there’s one way we could describe our issue with this promotional selection, it would be a lack of variety. Four isn’t a particularly inspiring amount to begin with. Then when you consider that every single one of them is a deposit bonus in some form or another, it goes a little further down in your estimations. Wink Slots seem to simply suffer from a lack of imagination.

Furthermore, on the initial deposit bonus, which is split into three parts, the immediate drop in percentage and free spins from the first deposit means that it loses its value rapidly. And in line with the issues we have with a lack of creative effort being put into these offers, we aren’t too impressed with the glaring similarities between the two promotions on Monday and Wednesday either.

Finally, the Weekend Bonus Blowout promotion offers what amounts to a deposit bonus that is nearly identical to the Welcome Bonus… except this comes with a lower percentage and thus, a lower value, considering that the wagering requirement remains the same.

  1. Is the Wink Slots site well designed?

Wink Slots homepage

Moving onto one of the more subjective aspects in the review, we will start off with what we can say for certain. And that’s the fact that we have found no technical issues with the Wink Slots site to date. It works well and is easy to navigate. 

In terms of its aesthetic, this is naturally down to preference. But we do think some players will likely the inoffensive, colourful nature of Wink Slots. Plenty will also enjoy the similarity between this and sister site Wink Bingo, which also has a similar style. They tie in nicely together without one ever feeling derivative of the other.

On the other hand

Having said that, we also think that many other players, while they may not find Wink Slots’ looks particularly offensive, will find it disappointing overall.

Wink Slots Magazine

Style wise, the site looks out of date in many areas. And despite its friendly branding, Wink Slots does comes across as being rather cold and lifeless in many regards. This is helped by certain rather redundant parts of the site, such as their “Magazine” section, which includes articles that we doubt many players will be keen to dive into. 

When you compare Wink Slots to other casino exclusive sites like Manhattan Slots, which is brimming with personality, it may appear to many as coming across as rather flat. Furthermore, we found it a little clumsy in terms of structure in certain places. Overall, it’s bright and playful but it doesn’t do enough to stand out in the crowd.

  1. What customer service options are available at Wink Slots?

You’ll find the ‘help’ and FAQ section at the bottom of the screen. These are ideal for answering quick queries you may have without the need to get in touch directly with the Wink Slots staff.

Wink Slots Customer Support

In terms of contact options, you can choose from a toll free number and an online contact form. On the site, they state that they aim to respond to everyone within 48 hours.

On the other hand

We’re not surprised that this site element is rather hidden away at the bottom of the screen. That’s because the results are a little bit disappointing.

Their lack of contact options is a particular let down for a site with this kind of backing. Having no live chat function is pretty much inexcusable in this day and age. With such a cut throat online betting market, every operator is striving to provide players with the very best experience they can. As such, instant customer support at the touch of a button has become an expectation nowadays.

  1.  So what are our overall thoughts on Wink Slots?

Wink Slots logo

We’d like to start off our conclusion by saying that we by no means think Wink Slots is a bad site. We may have found a lot to criticise with it, but in terms of fundamental elements, the site does a lot of things right. If you sign up here looking for a good selection of slots, then you’re likely to have a good time. There’s even some good financial incentives via their promotions to keep you coming back for more.

However, getting the fundamentals right is simply not enough to compete with the cream of the gaming crop. It feels like Wink Slots is stuck in a bit of a  time warp. They seem like they are in desperate need of an update, along with a new coat of paint to make it feel fresh again.

It’s also in a weird place as a site. It’s sort of in a halfway house between being its own product and being supplementary to Wink Bingo. We’ve seen something similar with BetStars, an offshoot of PokerStars, which is a success. However, Wink Slots seems to have not pulled this operation off quite as well. 

Overall, it’s not a bad site. It is however, one which needs work in terms of picking a clear direction and getting itself ready for the future. As it stands right now, this is a betting site that you’ll likely use in addition to Wink Bingo or vice versa. We believe, with a little thought, it could be so much more.