Virgin Games Online Casino Review

Virgin Games Review

Virgin is an instantly recognisable and iconic brand and the same can be said for their online casino. Our extensive and in-depth Virgin Games review take a close look at many of this operator’s top features. We also put key aspects such as banking and support under the microscope in our Virgin Games test. Our expert Virgin Games opinions, combined with test information, is designed to give you a better insight into the brand. This in turn will allow you to make a more informed choice. We have also included a number of other options for your consideration. 

Site Design

There’s so much to think about when looking into casino sites. You’ll need to look into the customer service, game quality, trustworthiness, reliability, banking options and much more. One other element that is often overlooked is site design.

Virgin Games advertisement

Now, there’s two elements to this site design: one can be judged accurately as a universal standard and that’s the quality of the site design from a technical standpoint. What we mean by this is how well the site is laid out. How easy is it to: understand, navigate and find everything?

These elements are fairly universal in terms of expected standards: if it takes twenty minutes to find where customer service is, most of us can agree that’s not an interesting design quirk and is in fact, simply very annoying. We’ll cover that here, as we will all those other site elements. All those things we can judge objectively and in a way that you can be confident will also apply to your experience.


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Look and feel

However, the second element of site design is a little different, because that’s all down personal taste. We will do our best to give you an idea of what the site experience is like and an idea on whether the site design is likely to be attractive to the majority of customers. Nonetheless, certain sites do split opinion. For example, many love the bewitched stylings of Manhattan Slots, while others prefer the more conservative look of William Hill, Ladbrokes and the like.

Virgin Games site design


The design for Virgin Games should be instantly recognisable for anyone who has ever had any experience with Virgin products, particularly if they have had experience with their TV/broadband services. If not, their trademark red will be recognisable for anyone who drank their cola, went to their gyms, flew on their planes or watched their adverts.


It’s fair to say then that this is a tried and tested design and it’s no surprise that both the technical and aesthetic elements of the site are pretty conservative. Perhaps a little too much so for a casino site: even the most popular sites like Royal Panda have a little more flair than can be found here.

This is probably closest to William Hill in terms of minimalism. However, many expect more from a casino site. Sportsbook sites tend to get more of a pass in terms of reserved designs because of the amount of information on offer. That defence cannot be made here.

Virgin Games toolbar

Nonetheless, many will find the familiar design reassuring. There’s no doubt that the simpler the design, the better it lends itself to navigation and layout. This is very true here. The red top of the homepage features the iconic logo in the top left corner, log in options to the right and the main toolbar just below is a staple of most gaming sites casino or otherwise.

Below there’s a slider of bonuses, all of which look very slick and straightforward. The page also includes some wonderfully laid out gaming and bonus options. The page ends with banking options, as well as various certifications.

Virgin Game homepage footer

The site might not ooze personality, but it does present itself with the confidence of a company that knows how to run itself with utter precision. If this site has a personality, it’s one of quiet, reserved assurance.

Navigating the site

The other pages offer little in the way of surprises. They have a clean white background and set out their links and information expertly. The overall impression is comparable to a sleek, clean, uncluttered show home: impressive but lacking in charisma. Many will like this: it’s a very businesslike casino site, but others will no doubt want something a little more colourful. Regardless, one thing that cannot be denied is that from a technical design standpoint, the site is excellent. A well designed site is generally a good sign that this site has decent backing and is reliable, but considering the name the site comes with, that was to be expected.


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Setting up your account

We set up a test account to see how easy the process is here in our Virgin Games test. From the homepage (or from any other page for that matter), either click the large ‘Join Now’ button at the very top right of the page, above the log in options. Alternatively, there’s another ‘Join Now’ link on the main toolbar at the second left next to home.

This doubling up of links, especially considering how cluttered it makes this part of the page, is actually a rare example of a site design mistake from a technical standpoint. Regardless, from here you’ll be taken to the sign up page.

Virgin Games customer service button

Creating an account

Helpfully, if you get stuck there’s a large link to customer services in a bright purple box to the right of the page. There shouldn’t be too many problems however, as this is all fairly straightforward.

Step One

First of all, you’ll need to add an e-mail address. This is how you’ll receive information about promotions or issues with your account so choose an email address that you don’t mind getting personal e-mails to. In other words, it’s probably best not to use your work e-mail for this site. Next up, input your title (Miss, Mrs, Ms, Mr, Dr, Prof), your first name, your surname and your currency.

The currency will likely be correct based on your ip address but ensure this is right, as a mistake could cause serious issues when it comes to banking. After this, input your date of birth. You have to be a minimum of 18 years old in order to legally use this site. Finally, add your gender to complete the first step.

Virgin Games registration step 1

Step Two

For the second step, add your username/chat name. Remember, this will appear on chat boards so you probably won’t want to pick anything too explicit. Your username needs to be between 6 and 16 characters and must not contain any special characters or spaces.

Next, choose and enter a password. The only rule here is that your password must be a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 16 characters. Choose a password that is unique to this site: that means do not use a password you use for other websites. This means that if one password somehow gets compromised, the damage is limited to that site only.

This is particularly important as Virgin Games will be home to sensitive financial information. You’ll also want to use a password that cannot be reasonably guessed, so it’s probably not the best idea to use your last name as your password, for example. The best password should be long, unique to the site and be comprised of a random series of characters, including capital letters.

Virgin Games registration step 2

Step Three

For the final step, you’ll want to put in your address. There’s no need to input this manually most of the time, as the site will guess your address from a postcode or street name. However, if this fails, there is a manual option. You’ll then have to pick a security question and give an answer from a series of options. If you were referred to by a friend, enter their username or e-mail so they can receive a bonus and add a Virgin Games bonus code if you wish.

Virgin Games registration step 3

Finally, you’ll need to confirm you are in fact over 18, as well as choose whether you wish to receive information about promotions and if so, how you would like to receive that information. Hit the big green ‘Join Now’ button and you are all set. Banking information must be added at a later date in order to play for real money and to receive any bonuses.

Virgin games registration

Virgin Games test: Customer support

Customer support is a key aspect in our Virgin Games test. As expected, the customer support here is both extensive and excellent. This is yet another area where customer opinions count a great deal. To find customer support from the homepage, click the ‘Need a hand?’ link on the main toolbar.

From here, you’ll be led to a page which includes and extensive FAQ and a troubleshoot menu, with information on bonuses, technical aspects, banking and games themselves. This is an incredibly in-depth FAQ: possibly the best we’ve seen. It is certainly more extensive than other excellent casinos, such as Rich Casino.

Virgin Games customer support

You can also contact customer support via telephone, e-mail or 24/7 live chat. The response to their customer service is good to excellent.


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Another huge part of our Virgin Games review examines the brand’s bonus and promo collection. This betting operator has an enormous array of promotions on offer. Here is just some of what is available at the time of writing:

200% Welcome Bonus

Virgin Games welcome bonus

This has a minimum deposit requirement of £10 and expires within 30 days with a mere x4 wagering requirement. Brilliant value!

Refer a Friend

Virgin Games refer a friend bonus

If you recommend the site to a friend and they register, select the same currency as you, deposit a minimum of £10 and wager a minimum of £40 (different games have different wagering requirement, check on the site for details), you will receive a £20 bonus.

Two for One Bingo

Virgin Games 2 for 1 Bingo promotion

Purchase 1 Bingo 90 ticket between selected times to receive another ticket free.

Chip and a Chair

Virgin Games Chip and a Chair promotion

Play any poker game and receive a ticket to a daily tournament the following day. The minimum wager is £1.

Daily Free Game

Virgin Games daily free game

Play a free game for the chance to win selected prizes, such as cash bonuses or free spins.

Poker Cashback Tuesdays

Receive 10% cashback on losses over £10, or a £1 Wild Seat ticket if they are below £10. This has a minimum wager of 1. The maximum you can receive is £10, the minimum is £1.


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Free Bingo Lates

Virgin Games free bingo lates promotion

Play Bingo for free on Friday with cash prizes of up to £50. The only requirement is you must have wagered a minimum of £2 on any game.

Perfect Timing

Virgin Games perfect timing promotion

Get 10% cashback on a day of your choosing each week. You must wager a minimum of £30 and can earn a maximum of £20 cashback on your losses.

The Perfect Pair

Wager £10 on Bingo or Poker, £30 on Slots or £50 on Casino/Live Casino to enter the prize draw. Match cards to reveal one of four prizes, including holidays and experience days.

This kind of wealth of promotions just goes to show what a major company can do with their resources when they want to. It really does strong-arm the likes of Jupiter Club and even better competitors like Mansion Casino out the way with the sheer force of their business size.

What’s on offer at Virgin Games?

We took a closer look at the games on offer in our Virgin Games review. This site has a terrific selection of games, both from the casino and live casino, as well as extensive bingo and poker selection. This is exclusively an  casino and not a sportsbook site, so no sports betting or eSports betting is available. However, what it does, it does brilliantly and offers a good amount of variety.

Virgin Games casino selection

Virgin Games Reputation

This is Virgin Games, one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world. It’s reputation is absolutely world class in every line of business they partake in and this is no different. Our Virgin Games review found the brand to be utterly above board. This is also borne out in the hundreds of positive Virgin Games opinions on the web.

Virgin Games is seen as a bit of a pioneer in the industry in terms of quality. However there are other sites such as Rizk Casino that are catching up with the brand. But right now, they are rightly considered one of the best in the world.

Virgin Games rating and summary

Virgin Games logo

Our Virgin Games review revealed a juggernaut in the field of casino games. The brand presents itself as a serious player in the gaming world. The design of the site is meticulous, if a little bland for some and scored excellently in our Virgin Games test. The customer service is absolutely outstanding, as are the games, according to the majority of user opinions.

Most astonishing though is the wealth of promotions on offer, another area where the brand did well in our Virgin Games review. Not only are they exciting but they’re fair and achievable too. What Virgin Games might lack in personality, it more than makes up for in quality. Our overall Virgin Games rating puts the brand in the top tier of betting sites.


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