The Top 5 Sports Betting Tools

The Top 5 Sports Betting Tools for Android and iOS

Overall, sports betting tools comprise an advantageous edge for punters. Especially considering that punters are essentially playing against insurmountable odds. On the whole, between strategies and systems, there lies more precise tools to help in a bet. For the most part, there are numerous calculators that can assist in calculation in regards to sports betting. For example and such as: Arbitrage, Free play Value, Half-point, Kelly, Odds, Parlay, Poisson, Round Robin and Streak. Moreover, converters are also superb sports betting tools specifically, Odds and Spread/ML. 

To be sure, premium sports books tend to offer several of these tools. In any event, they’re available for download as an app on Android and iOS. The global market experienced a tremendous increase in the number of smartphone users in the last decade. According to statistics, 52% of the time individuals spend on digital media is on mobile apps. As a result, from sports books to sports betting tools are available for download. Generally speaking, unlocking potential to ready a sports bettor’s next friendly bet.

The focus of app development is all about the user experience. Now, sports betting tools are accessible without the pencil, paper and mathwork. Overall, this provides an optimized user-experience. Consequently, sports betting apps prove to play a critical part in a sport bettor’s day to day life. Take for example, the extension of chat bots that customer service on sportsbook use as a way to keep in contact with punters. This helpful feature is actually in fact, an app extension that again, heightens the punter’s experience. In a similar way, sports betting apps are specifically designed to serve as a sport bettor’s most valuable ally.

The Top 5 Sports Betting Tools Every Punter With A Smartphone Needs Now

Of course modern times commands the sports betting industry to essentially raise the bar. Equally important, is the ability of sports betting tools to place the control literally in a punter’s grasp. Comparatively to sports betting on a computer, the user experience transcends yesteryear. Uniquely smartphones serve as pocket size platforms of opportunity and moreover, sports betting tools accelerate the strength of a bet. In addition, punters bet on the go with live betting features as well as, a wealth of statistics.

 5. The Sports Bet Calculator

First and foremost, the Sports Bet Calculator is rated as “probably the best sports betting calculator out there.” Additionally, this premier free bet calculator app assists punters in a comprehensive range of bet types and settling options. For example, there are up to 20 selections per bet. Furthermore, there are configurable bonuses for Alphabet, Lucky 15, 31 & 63 bets. Plus automatic conversion between Fraction, Decimal and American odds formats.  

Supported bets include: – Single, Double, Treble & Accumulator, – Trixie, Yankee, Canadian & Heinz, – Super Heinz & Goliath, – Patent, Yap, Lucky 15, Lucky 31 & Lucky 63, – Super Heinz with Singles & Goliath with Singles, – Single Stakes About & Double Stakes About. -Round Robin, Flag, Super Flag & Heinz Flag. – Super Heinz Flag & Goliath Flag. – Alphabet & Union Jack (all variants)

To further clarify its features, this sports betting tool calculate provides inbuilt help for all bet types & options. On the positive side, it’s free and can be found on iOS and GooglePlay or punters can go directly to the website at 

4. Timeform Horse Racing 

From form to statistics to analysis and tips for every runner in every race in Great Britain and Ireland, the Timeform Horse Racing sports betting tool is a must. Study the form of horse racing on the move and get on the go career summary of every horse in the Timeform horse database. By and large, read through previews, commentary and analysis of the horses. Furthermore, notably acquire betting insight and advice from Time form’s top writers. For example, Chief Correspondent Jamie Lynch and stats guru Simon Rowlands.

In brief, punters have availability on stats for up to the last 8 runs on every horse. Moreover including Analyst’s comments, final Verdicts and a betting forecast for the race. On balance, colours, 1-2-3’s and star ratings make it even simpler to select a winner. In either case, punters enjoy the exclusive Timeform Smart Stats and moreover, they are able to save Cards to their phones too.

Sports betting tool primed for horse bettors

Altogether available on Android and at the Apple App Store too, strengthening the certainty of your next sports bet specifically on horse racing is super with this effective sports betting tool. Furthermore, check out the following features that make this free sports betting tool worth the download. Punters can check out their site directly at: 

  • Race Cards 
  • Results 
  • Last 8 Form 
  •  Features 
  • Timeform Comments 
  •  Tips 
  • Smart Stats 
  • Horse Search 
  • Free My Time form Tracker
  • Free Bet Filter
  • Improved Tip Sheet improved
  • Runners A to Z ,  

3. BetBud – sports bet tracker

In brief, Best Bud is just that, a sports bettor’s ally. Overall, punters track picks in real time. Plus while the games is on, BetBud is on it as they send notifications about a bet’s status. For example, go from covering the spread to not covering. On the other hand, go from covering to covering by a good amount. In sum, BetBud predicts a score above the total and punters receive an alert that when you’ve won.

For the most part, BetBud has a significant color scheme system. So much so, that you can see how every bet is doing at a glance without having to view each score. In addition, Bet Bud shows the ‘Spread score’ so that punters know when a field goal is going to beat them.

Altogether, forecasting the score total is based on the current time and score. Moreover, thousands of sports bettors love this sport betting tool as they can enter their picks and the risk amount. Thereafter, they watch fluctuations in the balance over time as well as specific time ranges.

BetBud is essentially a betting bank statement

  • Bet spans such as, 1st Half, 2nd Half, Quarter, Period, 5 Inning bet tracking.
  • Data export like exporting data, for example, picks, bankroll, scores to a spreadsheet.
  • Bet labels: For instance if a punter bets at multiple sportsbooks, they can specifically label picks accordingly and therein, filter their bankroll via labels.
  • To be noted, cross-sport parlays and teasers.
  • Overall, betting advice like see the top BetBud picks users are tracking.
  • Game Snapshot: In which, a punter sees how they’re doing throughout the game as well as, how long they were winning and losing.
  • An alert control provides sounds for a variety of alerts.
  • Track favorites and set a spread to zero and track a favorite team.
  • Sports including and not limited to, all major and minor US sports like international soccer. On the negative side, this does not include Golf or Tennis.

2.  Live Odds

Live Odds is downloaded for free and it showcases all the tops sportsbooks and their odds. In the long run, punters can see odds for NFL, MLB, NBA, CFL, NHL, EPL, MLS, and NCAA. Furthermore, free and paid picks are available as well. By and large, this sports betting tool ensures that sport bettors are getting the best odds as they place their bet at an online sportsbook. 

  • Receive alerts for game start, final score, end of period, score changes and line moves.

  • Access matchup data, for instance, away/home records and against the spread.

  • Overall, see the complete line move history for point spreads, moneylines, and totals.

  • Add any game to your list of tracked games to view their scores and odds all at once.

  • In brief, see live in-game stats for all pro and major NCAA conference games.

  • Access free and paid picks from some of the top handicappers in the sports betting industry.

  1. Bet Tracker App for iPhone, BlackBerry or Android!

Specifically sports bets placed online or using an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android are automatically sent to the Bet Tracker App on a punter’s phone so they can track the results. In sum, betting results are available seconds after the game is over. Thereafter punters can see if they’ve won or lost.  A short time later, the punter’s 5Dimes account is updated.  By and large, the sports bet is confirmed and paid upon the verification of a green icon. 

All in all, Bet Tracker provides real-time stats and results. Most importantly, the customizable in-game alerts allows punters to stay on top of all of the action. Available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android, enjoy the following features on Bet Tracker which will in turn, accelerate your edge.

  • Altogether calculate win/loss predictions during each game.
  • Monitor each bet placed in real-time knowing where your bet stands.
  • Exclusive full coverage of all major sports game schedules.
  • Up-to-date game stats and scores in real-time.
  • Overall capacity to view published game lines and odds.


Take your user experience to the next level by personalizing your gameplay with the above mentioned sports betting apps. By and large, there are numerous sports betting tools punters can use to access picks, live odds, community features, and other features for a variety of sports. These tools really enhance your betting experience, helping punters to discover the best values as well as handicap horses, teams, and players more accurately.

Furthermore, check out other exciting free sportsbook apps that may prove to be effective tools in your next sports bet. Most importantly, fine tune your betting speciality further with sports betting vocabulary and sports betting webinars.