6 Answers To Help You Find Out What Makes Tipico So Different

You may or may not have heard of Tipico. One thing for certain is that they’re definitely not the household name that many of its competitors are. It doesn’t have a TV ad like Royal Panda or Foxy Casino, and it certainly doesn’t have the the type of backing of celebrity endorsements that the likes of BGO can boast, which is fronted by Austin Powers star Verne Troyer. Nor does it it have physical stores like William Hill, Ladbrokes or the far less known Cashino.

So with that in mind, is there any point considering Tipico?

Tipico advert

Well, first of all, you should know that just because an online operator isn’t as well known as others, it doesn’t mean they’re small business. In fact, Tipico has branches throughout Europe, including Croatia, Germany, Austria and Malta, to name a few.

But more importantly than that, we’d stress that just because a site is bigger, doesn’t necessarily make it better. There’s plenty of sites that might not have Coral’s market share but are certainly well worth your time. One that springs to mind for example is the wonderful Manhattan Slots.


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Tipico does however have quite a fight on its hands to earn your attention and, of course, to get you to bet your hard earned money with them. Although the big sites aren’t always necessarily better, they usually are very, very good at the very least. The online gambling market is more stacked than ever. That means that if you’re on top, you’ve probably got a pretty great product in order to get you there.

There’s more competition today than ever at all sizes and even covering niches that were once rare or unheard of. E-sports for example have become a well loved part of many sites, and operators like BlitzFantasy and Rizk Casino are pushing the boundaries either in terms of concept or design.

So where does Tipico fit into all of this?

Tipico mobile

For starters, this is both a live betting and a casino site. This means it’s more in line with the likes of Betway, Betfair or Centrebet.

Does this mean it gets any leeway on the casino side of things?

A little bit. Casino sites do in general benefit from being a more focused and streamlined product. This is particularly true in terms of design. However, the competition has gotten so fierce that plenty of sportsbook and casino hybrids have been offering their own terrific deals. Just look at Mr Green and Virgin for example.

So what are we looking for? Well, we’ll be going through all the vital aspects. These include reliability, trustworthiness and banking options, alongside site design, customer service, general products and services. Of course, we won’t be forgetting any juicy promotions the site may have in store.

With the introductions out the way, let’s get started on our list of the most important questions you’ll want answered when signing up to Tipico.

  1. Can they be trusted?

Tipico trustworthy

This is probably the most important of any question you can ask. This is especially crucial as we’re talking about sites that operate with real life money.

There’s two sides to this. First, there’s from a legal standpoint. Are they a scam site? Are their games random? Then there’s the customer satisfaction side of things. Do customers feel they have been treated unfairly? How do they rate the service overall?

Let’s answer the first part of that question first.  

From our research, we found that the Tipico site is fully licensed by the authorities in Malta. That means the site is fully legal and legitimate.


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On the other hand

Their licensing is all we could find out about the site. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything about any verification or auditing to prove the randomness of their casino games for example.

Tipico licensing

This doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong though.

In fact, we’re quite certain that if the site was a little better known then we would be able to find more on this subject from other reports. Sadly though, there does not appear to be many.

That brings us to our second issue. We cannot give a true indication of customer satisfaction due to a lack of feedback around the web.

Both these things are not necessarily negatives. We always say that no news is usually good news when it comes to customer feedback. People are far more likely to complain than compliment. However, it does leave us unable at the moment to answer the question fully for you.

What we know is that the site is fully licensed but we’re unable to get a clear picture regarding customer satisfaction.

All we can say is out of the very, very limited feedback available, the site seems to be rated somewhat above average.

  1. What exactly is on offer at the Tipico site?

Tipico sportsbetting

While we’ve already said that this site is both a sportsbook and a casino, we’re going to go into a little more detail here.

The Tipico site also offers live betting and a live casino. This is a major plus for players who want to be able to bet their money in an array of different ways. 

On the sports betting side of things, we have the following available at the time of writing:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • WC 2018
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Darts
  • Motorsport
  • Baseball
  • American Football
  • Cycling
  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • E-Sports
  • Table Tennis
  • Futsal
  • Waterpolo
  • Aussie Rules
  • Cricket
  • Golf

This is a line up that most will be happy with, with a strong focus on football on the main page.

The live betting options are decent and the selection of casino games looks to be excellent.

Tipico casino pages

On the other hand

The selection is good but not great. On the plus side, we’re sure that for the vast, vast, vast majority of gamblers, what’s on offer here will be more than enough.

However, if you’re looking to bet on things a touch more obscure than e-sports, then you might struggle. A few oddball betting options here and there really can go a very long way.

The live casino is not as impressive as the rest of the site, offering only four different options at the time of writing. These include German Blackjack, German Roulette, Casino Hold’em and German VIP Blackjack. More could definitely be made of this section on the site.

Overall though, Tipico is an impressive little site with plenty  here to please its customers.


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  1. Do they have good customer service?

Tipico contact

To start off, let’s talk about what customer service options are available at Tipico.

As well as an FAQ section for quick answers, there’s also an e-mail for customer service enquiries.

On the other hand

We’re sorry if that section was a little short but there’s not much else we can say on the matter!

That’s simply not enough options to properly compete with so many of their competitors. Admittedly, it is better than nothing. But we’re not just talking about the heavy hitters in their midst that outrun them in this regard.

A few example of lesser known sites giving Tipico a run for their money in customer service options include BetEast, JetBull and McBookie. Overall, the site ranks roughly around the same as Tempobet in terms of customer support options.

Tipico live chat

However, we suppose what’s more important in terms of customer support, or at least as important, is the quality of service.

So how does Tipico rank in this regard?

Well, we have no idea. If reviews and general customer feedback is very hard to come by, then feedback specific to customer service is even harder. With only the tiniest of handfuls of information to go on, when it comes to satisfaction over customer service, we’ll have to leave this question open for now.

Personally, our dealings with them were quick and pleasant. We’d also like to reiterate that no response is not the same as a bad response.

  1. What promotions are available through Tipico?

Tipico welcome bonus

The following promotions are available on the Tipico site at the time of writing:

100% Welcome Bonus:
You will receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to a maximum amount of €100 euros. The minimum deposit required for this is €10, which is fairly standard.

On the other hand

This is quite a tricky one for us to wrap our heads around.

Firstly, unlike on usual sites, there’s no advertisements for any promotions. You need to head down to the bonus link at the bottom of the page, which is usually reserved for additional information. The suggestion here is that the promotions are not very important to the site.

Once you click this, you’re taken to a term and conditions page, where you can find general terms and conditions for bonuses. Below that we have an explanation for a welcome bonus, alongside a deposit bonus, free bets and risk free bets. From what we can tell, these are just general guidelines for promotions that are not advertised here, with the exception of the Welcome Bonus.

In fairness, the suggested terms and conditions for these potential promotions look good. But without further information, we can’t make any type of judgement. In fact, the only promotion that appears concrete enough for us to talk about, the Welcome Bonus, is lacking this very vital piece of information.

Promotion confusion

We thought at first the deposit bonus and the Welcome Bonus were the same. But as they have two difference minimum odds, this would suggest otherwise.

All in all, everything we saw on this page left us completely uninformed and this is a huge let down. It feels like an unfinished site in this regard.

There’s also another bonus advertised on the casino page. However, the link on that page leads us back to the homepage.

This site element is completely broken. Perhaps there’s good promotions that are available to customers as time goes on but we couldn’t find anything concrete to judge. And if there is, then this is still Tipico’s fault. It should never be this difficult for a potential customer to figure out what exactly they are getting from your product.

  1. What payment options are available?

Tipico payment methods

The great news here is that there actually appears to be well structured information, so we can judge this site element properly.

The following payment options are available at Tipico:

  • Paysafecard
  • Tipicopay
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Fast Bank Transfer

The minimum payment is €10 for all payment types, with the exception of Fast Bank Transfer, which has a minimum of €25. The maximum payment amount for most of the payment options ranges from €400 on Tipico Pay to €10,000 for Skrill.

All these methods are said to be immediate, with the exception of Fast Bank Transfer, which ironically takes the longest at 1-5 working days.

For withdrawal, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and Skrill are still available. This is alongside bank transfer. For all the types listed, you can receive three payouts per week with a transaction fee of €5 euros for more than three payouts.

Bank Transfers take between 3-7 banking days. A Visa payout takes 3-5 working days, as does MasterCard payouts. The minimum amount for these two options is €10.

On the other hand

The maximum for Visa, Mastercard and Fast bank Transfer is unspecified. We don’t know if this means that it’s unlimited or not. So, this is another example of this site simply not giving you the relevant information you need. Alongside this is a lack of information for the transaction times for several of the withdrawal options

This is even more worrying when you consider that the site simply states that these transactions are handled manually. There’s no promise of a timeframe here.

  1. So what do we think about Tipico?

Tipico logo

Tipico is a site that doesn’t feel like it’s quite ready yet. This is best exemplified through its promotions and lack of information. A lot of the lack of feedback isn’t the site’s fault. We can’t judge their reputation for example when there’s not enough customer reviews to go on.

This is the bare bones of a site that could have great potential. It’s pleasant enough to look at, has a great casino library, decent sporting options and is starting to implement a live casino, which is always a plus. Right now though, it remains a work in progress.


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