8 Questions for Clever Players to Ask Before Signing Up To Tipbet

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the betting site Tipbet. This online sportsbook operator offers everything from sports betting to live betting, as well as e-sports and casino options.


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We’ll be taking a look at everything you’ll need to consider whether or not it’s worth signing up to this betting site. For example, we’ll be checking out their customer service, their banking options, reliability, reputation and customer satisfaction. We’ll also be delving into the likes of their promotions, the ease in which you can navigate the site and sign up to their service, along with much more subjective points, such as their looks, site design and personality.

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Because no betting site lives within a vacuum, we’ll be comparing Tipbet to the many and varied competition that’s out there. And the online betting market is well and truly stacked. In fact, this choice that is so great for customers is in many ways bad for the betting sites. This is because even though online betting is taking off to greater and greater heights, that comes along with more rivals for a betting operator than ever before. This can especially be a struggle for one that doesn’t have big brand recognition, such as Grosvenor Casino, Mr Green’s Casino, Betfair, Ladbrokes and the like.

But that doesn’t mean you should write off the smaller players outright. Although there is usually a good reason why those sites are so popular, it is also true that the lesser known betting site can have  a lot to offer. Some have unique promotions, a dazzling brand personality and eye-catching take on their site or just an all around great service that punches well above the weight of their reputation. There are so many gems out there just waiting to be discovered by new players. 

That’s why it’s our job to help you find the perfect betting site to suit both your tastes and your needs. In this review, we’ll see if that’s the case with Tipbet and if this is the site for you.

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However, we can only do so much. To truly get a sense of whether or not a betting site is right for you, we would always recommend that you check it out personally, alongside a host of the competition.

With that in mind let’s take a look at Tipbet.

  1. What does Tipbet have to offer?

As mentioned, Tipbet is both a sportsbook and a casino site, which also includes live betting options and has a focus on e-sports. The latter is something that could potentially help Tipbet stand out from the crowd, as while many sites do include e-sports, they rarely give it so much attention.

Tipbet sports betting

With the e-sports market being something that’s garnering greater and greater interest over the last few years, this could very well be the niche they’ve been looking for. And as we can see from sites such as Punchbets and Bitstarz, finding the right niche can help you carve out a loyal following in this bustling online industry. 

Having a look in a little further detail, these are the sports that are currently on offer on Tipbet:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Futsal
  • Fotball
  • Rugby
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Snooker
  • Darts
  • Table Tennis
  • Motor Sports
  • Baseball

Tipbet e-sports

The e-sports section of the site includes Counter Strike, League of Legends, DOTA and Starcraft 2. While this may seem like a rather small offering, this is to be expected due to the lack of choice in this area.

Their casino selection is excellent, with over 300 slot games all available at a very high quality from the likes of Next Gen Gaming/Nyx Interactive. The video slots aren’t quite as generously varied as the slots games but there’s still a decent amount to choose from here. As far as table games and video poker games, there’s also a good selection, meaning most customers will find the casino section of Tipbet to be more than enough to satisfy their gaming urges.

It’s great to see a casino that is not just an afterthought, as they often are with betting sites that offer both sports betting and casino facilities.

Tipbet casino games

Tipbet also has a mobile app so you can enjoy the site when on the move from your tablet or smartphone device.

On the other hand

All in all, this is quite a mediocre showing from Tipbet. While plenty of players will be happy with this line up, there’s little doubt that many of their rivals, even on a smaller scale, have more variety to offer. The likes of Marathonbet or Gamebookers for example, which are not extraordinary in their choice, have a clear advantage when it comes to their betting and game options.


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  1. How about their reputation? Are Tipbet trustworthy?

There’s nothing more important to a betting site than a good reputation. When we’re talking about people betting their own  money, it’s vital that they know their hard earned cash is in good hands.

SSL encryption

Tipbet uses SSL encryption throughout the site, meaning your information is always safe and secure. In other words, there’s nothing to worry about here. They are also audited by respected testing agencies, with all their results coming back positive for statistic randomness. This means that their games are provably fair.

On the other hand

It appears that merely being trustworthy is not enough to blow away the critics or the customers. Nor should it be. The general response to Tipbet is mediocre, with most giving it a lukewarm reception.

While this Tipbet is by no means the worst around, it isn’t likely to set the gaming world on fire either.

  1. Do they have decent customer service?

Tipbet support

The options available for customer service at Tipbet is limited to filling out an online contact form or sending them an e-mail directly. The good news is that the customer support team generally responds  most of the day.

If you have any questions out of hours though, it seems like you’ll have to make do with their FAQ section.

On the other hand

If you’re without a live chat function, not to mention around the clock 24 hour live chat support, you’re severely behind the competition in a big way. The fact is these sites need to make their help available at all hours in order to avoid falling behind. And we’re afraid that in this regard, Tipbet is lagging way behind.

  1. What about promotions and offers at Tipbet?

There are five promotions available through the Tipbet site at the time of writing. They are as follows:

  • Casino Welcome Bonus:
    Tipbet Casino Welcome Bonus
    Receive a 100% bonus up to €100. Alternatively, you can get a 200% bonus up to €50. The wagering requirements here are 5 times for the 100% bonus and 12 times for the 200% bonus. This really is a very competitive rate and is the only time so far that Tipbet has really stepped up to the likes of William Hill or any other major player in terms of value. For certain countries, the wagering requirement is higher, going up to 15 and 18 times. Despite this though, the terms and conditions of the Casino Welcome Bonus are still decent.
  • No One Loses Football Insurance:
    Tipbet No-One Loses Football Insurance
    If you bet a combi-bet minimum of €5 with minimum odds of 1.65 or higher and you only lose one selection, then you’ll receive your stake back up to €100. The wagering requirement here is two times, so this is another good value promotion.
  • 200% e-sports Bonus:
    Tipbet 200% E-Sport Bonus
    Clicking on this promotion on the Tipbet website takes you to the exact same page as for the other welcome bonuses, so we must assume that the offer is identical.
  • Super Combi Bonus:
    Tipbet Super Combi Bonus
    If you bet a 4 bet combination bet with minimum odds of 1.5, you will receive a bonus on your winnings.

It appears that Tipbet is going for a quality over quantity approach in regards to its promotions, and we must say that they are by and large successful in that regard.

On the other hand

There doesn’t appear to be too many terms and conditions hiding in the woodwork which would ruin the appeal of these promotions. The only major flaw we could find was with the Multi-bet Bonus, which starts at a mere 5% for 4-5 bets and doesn’t go up to 50% unless you’re betting a 16-20 live bet multi-bet. Therefore we feel that the title here is a little misleading.

Overall, even though we do agree that a few good bonuses are better than a lot of bad ones, a little variety wouldn’t hurt Tipbet.

  1. What banking options do they have?

Tipbet deposit methods
The following methods for depositing funds are available at Tipbet:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • EcoPayz
  • GiroPay
  • Sofort Banking

The options for withdrawal are the same as above, with the exception of Maestro, Giropay and Sofort. It also includes Bank Transfers.

All payment methods are processed instantly with the exception of Bank Transfer withdrawals, which take between 3-7 days.

The minimum deposit amount for Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, GiroPay and Sofort Banking is €10, with a minimum of €1 for Paysafecard. Visa, Mastercard and Maestro have no maximum deposit amount, while Paysafecard has a maximum of €250, Skrill has a maximum of €10,000 and all other deposit methods have a maximum of €5,000. 

Tipbet withdrawal methods

The withdrawal methods at Tipbet all have a minimum amount of €10, except for Bank Transfer, which has a €25 minimum. Bank Transfer, Visa and Mastercard have no maximum withdrawal amounts, while ecoPayz and Neteller have a maximum of €5,000 and there is a €10,000 maximum limit for Skrill. 

On the other hand

The variety of deposit and withdrawal methods available at Tipbet should be enough to satisfy most players. Unfortunately though, while the website claims that there are no transfer fees, they do state that the processing of the first payout per calendar week is free of change. Tipbet retain a processing fee for every other payout per calendar week.

Additionally, there are no automatic transfers available at Tipbet. All payout requests are are checked by an employee and transferred manually. While this does show a consideration for security and accuracy, it does mean that payout requests could take longer to process.  


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  1. Hows the site design?

Tipbet site design

Tipbet has a sporty, metallic look that many will find appealing. In terms of its layout, there’s not much to say except that it follows the usual format of a casino / sportsbook betting site. It certainly doesn’t break the mould.

It’s not too in your face and this more stripped back appearance allows the product to speak for itself. Technically speaking, everything works well, it’s easy to use and understand.

On the other hand

Tipbet casino

Tipbet seems to be another site that is lacking a distinctive style to make it stand out or give it any kind of wow factor. It looks absolutely fine, just like the dozens of other sites that look just like it. Overall, it’s average looking.

  1. How do I sign up to Tipbet?

There’s a big red ‘Register now for free’ button to the upper centre right of the screen, which is hard to miss. Give that a click and you’ll need to fill out the following information:

  • Title
  • Name
  • Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Language
  • Timezone

Finally, you can decide whether you want to be notified of news via e-mail, as well as receive information about other products and services. You can also decide to deliver identity documents to remove set limits on your account.

Tipbet registration

Once you’ve filled all this in, you just have to agree to the terms and conditions and that you are of legal age to gamble online, as well as prove you’re not a bot by filling in a code and hit your second big red button of the evening and you are all ready to go.

All in all, it is very easy to sign up to Tipbet.

On the other hand

Banking details will have to be filled in at a later date, which can cause a delay for those wanting to play for real money instantly. Additionally, some options on spending limits would have been a nice, helpful addition.

  1. So, what’s the overall conclusion on Tipbet?

Tipbet logo

The general critical consensus of Tipbet appears to be pretty on the money. While they do excel in certain areas, they also fall short in others. This is probably best represented by their abundance of casino options compared to a rather lacklustre sports collection.

Tipbet is by no means a bad site. You’ll likely have a good time if you do decide to sign up. However, you may find better options out there. Overall, we hope Tipbet manages to become more consistent and show us that it can excel in all areas, rather than just a few.


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