7 Considerations For Super Smart Players at SuperWin

We know it can be hard to decide which betting site to play games is for you. Luckily, our fantastic SuperWin review is here to help you make your mind up. 

In many ways, it’s never been better to be on the look out for a great sports betting and/or casino site.

No matter what type of site you like to play games on, there’s bound to be something out there that suits you.

superwin play games

There’s everything from world famous brands like Virgin Games or Royal Panda, to less known sites like Manhattan Slots or Jetbull.

If you’re looking for a casino site, a great sports book or a bingo hangout to play games, you’ll find it here.

There’s even niche sites like BitStarz, which uses bitcoin currency or sport specific options like PunchBets.

But all this choice can sometimes be a bit too much!


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That’s why we go through all the important things you’ll need to consider before you decide whether to sign up or not.

However, our opinion may not be the same as yours. After all, it’s your money you’ll be spending to win games and we all have our personal tastes.

SuperWin mobile

With that in mind, we strongly recommend you spend a few minutes with the site to get to know whether it suits your own style and personality.

This is especially true with the appearance of the site. Some people love the flashy good looks of Rizk, while others prefer the more classical looks of Ladbrokes.

While we don’t know what you prefer, we always strive to do our best to represent what the likely responses to a site’s appearance and style will be.

So here are just a few things we think you should consider when signing up to SuperWin and also enjoy betting on the go with Superwin mobile

1) How good is the SuperWin site design?

SuperWin play games

Site design can be broken down into three parts: the appearance, the structure and the technical elements.

The appearance is self explanatory: does it look good to you? Does it suit your tastes?

Technical elements refer to how well the site runs. For example, if its responds quickly and all programs/games run well, then you could say the site is technically well designed.

Finally, the structure refers to how easy the site is to use and navigate. This also ties in with the other two elements and can make it easy or hard to play games and enjoy the experience.

SuperWin sportsbetting

Looks-wise, SuperWin goes for a classic approach to betting sites, with a casino modeled red and black colour motif.

The SuperWin promotions to play games are big, bold and modern looking, located just below the main toolbar, with SuperWin news, featured bets and info further down the page.

If the site were in another language, you’d have no trouble guessing what the site was all about, with a style that is both appealing and timeless.

Structure-wise, SuperWin is very easy to get around, as it follows a tried and tested formula for betting sites. Your SuperWin logo is to the top left; log in and registration to the right; main toolbar below with offers and info laid out as we’ve already mentioned.

The SuperWin sports book also following a traditional layout, with the betting options centred and other information split between the left and right. The SuperWin casino featured the tiled approach popular among most dual sportsbook/casino sites

SuperWin play games

On the other hand

The downside to keeping things traditional is that there’s little room to be unique.

There’s nothing wrong with any of the SuperWin design choices. The issue is that it may be hard to pick them out of a crowd.

The SuperWin site is a case of substance over style in design. Hopefully, that substance can be maintained throughout.


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2) How easy is it to sign up to SuperWin?

Very easy!

To sign up, you’ll find the red SuperWin register button to the centre top right of the screen, next to the black sign in button. You can also sign up on your mobile device via the Superwin mobile site.

From here, you’ll be taken to the SuperWin sign up screen, which is split into two parts.

SuperWin registration

First off, you’ll simply need to choose an e-mail address and a password. Please note that you cannot use an e-mail that is already in use on this site.

Your SuperWin password must be at least 8 characters. However, we recommend you go a little further to ensure the security of your details.

You should choose a password that is not in use in any other site. This is to ensure that if one of your accounts is hacked, then it is only that site which is compromised. Having someone log in to your social media may sting, but it’s much worse for someone to gain access to a site holding your financial details.

You’ll also want to use something that cannot be guessed. In other words, don’t use anything that is public information about you, such as a pet or family member’s name.

SuperWin sign up process

The second part of the SuperWin sign up process asks you to enter the following:

  • Name
  • Last
  • Birth Date
  • Country
  • City
  • Gender
  • Currency
  • Contact Number
  • Promo Code

All of this is fairly self explanatory. However, we would point out that most betting sites do have a one person per account policy. This extends not only to your contact details/name etc, but also to your ip address and home address.

SuperWin sign up process

So make sure you are the only person using your computer and at your residence with an account at SuperWin. Failure to do so may result in penalties regarding payouts and bonuses.

On the other hand

There’s not much to fault here.

You will need to enter your bank details after signing up if you want to play for real money.

There’s also no option to opt out of receiving messages/e-mails regarding offers. We have not heard complaints regarding excessive contact being made, but it’s a good idea to only use contact information that you don’t mind receiving SuperWin offers to.

3) Does SuperWin have any good offers?

Speaking of offers, let’s move on to what SuperWin bonuses to win games you can look forward to.

At the time of writing, there is only one offer, so that’s all we can review.

SuperWin First Deposit Bonus

SuperWin promotions

This is a 2x or 100% SuperWin welcome bonus.

The maximum bonus here is €100. This means if you deposit €25, you’d receive another €25 euros, making €50.

If you made a deposit of €50, you’d receive a bonus of €50, making €100. If you made a deposit of €70, you would only receive €30, making €100 as that is the maximum amount.

The maximum amount is the same for US dollars.

The minimum deposit is €10.

Your wagering requirement is a very decent 10x, which is much better than many of their rivals, including much larger sites.

The time limit on this requirement is 60 days.

On the other hand

Despite the very reasonable terms and conditions, there’s no getting around that only having one bonus is a let down.

Although bonuses are not the be and end all of betting sites, they are a nice extra bit of value on top of the betting package. SuperWin would benefit from some more content here.


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4) What’s available at SuperWin?

SuperWin sporting options

As mentioned, there is the SuperWin casino and SuperWin sportsbook site to choose from. Nonetheless, it is mainly focused on its sports, as is clear by the SuperWin homepage.

The sports available at SuperWin are as follows:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Handball
  • American Football
  • Badminton
  • Aussie Rules
  • Bandy
  • Biathlon
  • Boxing
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Counter Strike: GO
  • Starcraft
  • Starcraft 2
  • Smite
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Formula 1
  • Futsal
  • Gaelic Football
  • Golf
  • Hurling
  • MMA
  • Motorbikes
  • Rally
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union

It’s a good selection and the inclusion of unusual sports and e-sports at SuperWin is always positive. You can access these top betting markets win games on the go as well via Superwin mobile

The SuperWin casino is further split into a SuperWin live casino and SuperWin poker options, all of which offer a good selection of games well worthy of their own page.

SuperWin Casino games

On the other hand

Generally, this is a very good selection. Of course, there are major sites around that few can compete with, especially casino specific sites such as Rich Casino or Royal Panda.

However, considering the SuperWin site is not on that elite level of public recognition, it’s a very good selection.

5) What banking options do SuperWin have?

Sadly, SuperWin is rather vague when it comes to its banking options, as we were unable to find several key details.

We tried to get more information from the SuperWin customer service team but didn’t gain anything that is not available from the bottom of the page. We’ll have more on their customer service later on in the review.

SuperWin payment options

According to the bottom of the page, the banking options for both deposits and withdrawals are:

  • Ideal
  • QIWI
  • Neteller
  • Monetary
  • ExoPays
  • YandexMoney
  • Aifa-Bank
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Astropay Card
  • Webmoney
  • TpditoCash
  • Skrill
  • GiroPay
  • Trustpay

On the other hand

The issues here are obvious.

Not only do we not know if this is the full list of options but we don’t know which relates to deposits and which to withdrawals.

Worse still, we don’t know any details regarding potential fees or even transaction times.

We checked through their terms and conditions and their FAQ and were unable to find answers, nor could we get them from customer service.

Speaking of which……


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6) How’s the SuperWin customer service?

SuperWin contact us page

Their customer service options themselves are decent enough. There’s always sites with dozens of options from mail to fax but the vast majority of customers only want a few.

These include e-mail, phone and live chat. SuperWin has two out of three of these main options, so we’ll give it a pass here.

Strangely, they have two e-mails: one for customer enquiries and another for questions or offers. These seem like one and the same to us so the need for separate options does seem odd.

Still, better two options than none.

On the other hand

There’s a few issues here.

One is that this represents one of the few site elements which fails in terms of structural cohesion. That is, the customer service options are scattered around the site seemingly at random.

SuperWin live chat

The Contact Us option appears at the bottom left of the page beneath the “About” sub heading. This contains the e-mails. However, the live chat is available through either the sign up screen or a link on the uppermost right toolbar under a question mark.

There’s no real way of guessing that it would be there without simply playing around with the site.

Our interaction with the live chat feature was frustrating. The support manager we spoke to appeared to have difficulty understanding what we were asking and the answers we got were not satisfactory.

However, we are aware that this site’s main demographic is not English. While there is a language option, the default here is Spanish. We imagine that a great deal of the issue was in translation, as it is clear that they were doing their best to help us.

7) What’s the SuperWin reputation like?

SuperWin website

One of the issues with evaluating the SuperWin customer service is that there’s almost no other feedback we could research. A quick Google search yields little in the way of discussion or reviews of the SuperWin site (which is why you know you’re getting the most cutting edge reviews right here at Betting Sites!)

So, for that, it’s very hard for us to gain any understanding of other people’s experience with SuperWin.

Put simply, SuperWin don’t really have a reputation yet.

We are sure as SuperWin begin to make a bigger mark on the gaming scene, that will change.

On the plus side, people are generally quicker to complain than to compliment, especially when money is involved. This may mean it’s a case of no news being good news.

On the other hand

There’s not much else to say. Without much of a customer or critic response, this question remains unanswered.

What’s the SuperWin verdict?

SuperWin live casino

There’s no doubt that SuperWin is still finding its feet in the gaming world. Much of the issues here, such as with the SuperWin live chat and with a lack of information in certain places, are teething problems that you’d expect from an up and coming site.

Still, what we can see here is a very solid foundation on which hopefully greater things will be built.

The SuperWin site looks good and, aside from a few niggling flaws, is designed and structured very well.

The game and sports selection is very good. Their SuperWin welcome bonus is excellent and makes us excited for the potential growth of the site.

We hope to see bigger and better things from SuperWin in the future.


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