7 Successful Sports Bettors

7 Successful Sports Bettors That Have Redefined Winning

With attention to sports betting, the most successful sports bettors give hope to punters. Respectively, playing against the odds and creating a betting system is no easy feat. Moreover to accomplish a profitable win that warrants success entails a combination of strategy, skill and luck. On the positive side, this recipe for is not only outlined in this herein article but so are the most successful sports bettors in sports betting history.

For one thing, betting for profit versus betting for fun means there’s thorough dedication involved. Only a small amount of sports bets are profitable in the long run. Moreover unrealistic expectations will defeat a punter’s potential. Realizing that your bets are only as strong as your betting knowledge leads punters to strengthen their strategy. As opposed to solely relying on sports knowledge to beat bookmakers. 

By and large, resolving to become a successful sports bettor includes a focused priority learning more and trying to improve gradually. After a punter has gained some experience, they can start to set more complex goals. First, it’s important to consider these basic tips.


  • Establish a set budget detailing how much you’re prepared to lose.
  • Another key point is to not stake too much on any single wager.
  • Chiefly focus on sports that you enjoy watching.
  • Refrain from placing too many wagers.
  • Diversify with different types of wagers.
  • Experiment with live betting.
  • Read or listen to sport betting basic strategy.
  • Don’t worry about your results, be happy about what it may have taught you.

With this mind, there’s a specific recipe to the character composite of a successful sports bettor. To be sure, they’re realistic and pragmatic in regards to understanding that a consistency of success relies largely on hard work and commitment.


Frequently there are character qualities that serve in times of trial and tribulation. To emphasize in sports betting, an analytical mind that clearly sees without emotion is by far among the top attributes of a successful sports bettor. Another key point, the sports bettor’s mind must be able to analyze all the possible factors that can affect the outcome of sporting events, and determine which ones are the most relevant in any given situation.

Chiefly, a successful sports bettor is certain of these factors. Surely they not only have a mental note of the following, but moreover they’ve probably recorded it for safekeeping.

  • Management of bankroll
  • Proposed staking levels
  • Which sports they’re focusing their betting on
  • Which leagues/competitions/events they’re focusing to bet on
  • What necessary research and analysis they need to resear
  • Short-term goals
  • Long-term goals

However arguably the best characteristic in a sports bettors composite is patience and discipline. Similarly the two go hand in hand. On the whole, the quality of wagers are more important than the quantity of bets that are placed. Overall discipline is at the core of winning since it distinguishes the difference between strategy and problem gambling.

To summarize, the following qualities embody core principles of a successful sports bettor. From being realistic about their goals and their bankroll management, to being pragmatic and analytical about betting techniques, to employing patience and discipline; successful sports bettors thrive despite the odds. 

7 Successful Sports Bettors in Sports Betting History

With attention to success, these sports bettors carved a niche for themselves in sports betting history. Not only did they overcome insurmountable odds against sportsbooks, they also inspire the rest of punters to continue to perfect their betting strategy. All in all, if these sports bettors can win big in sports betting despite the fact that most sports bets lose, then by all means, you can too. Read more about habits of sports bettors and let the successes of the following sports bettor invigorate you to continue fighting the good fight.

7.) Billy Walters

In particular Billy Walters is known as one of the biggest sports bettors in Las Vegas. On the negative side, he’s recently been making headlines after being convicted of insider trading. Notably he’s been on ESPN and he has had a small television segment made about him. Furthermore, it’s estimated that Walters made tens of millions of dollars perhaps even hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Generally speaking, Walters was originally from Kentucky. However, he moved to Las Vegas in the early 1980’s thereafter forming his own betting syndicate. To read more about Billy Walters betting operation, check out his book “The Smart Money” by Micheal Konik.

Within this book, Konik goes into detail about Walters betting operation. To summarize, it describes how he used multiple people to get his bets on. Moreover it details the difficulties he faced in getting sportsbooks to accept his bets. In the long run, a real account telling about the lengths and planning he had to go through to be a successful sports bettor.


6.) Tony Bloom And Starlizard

First and foremost, Tony Bloom is the owner of UK based betting syndicate “Starlizard.” Additionally, it’s estimated that Starlizard can have as much as £1 million staked on a single outcome of a football match. Overall, Starlizard is a betting consultancy that uses complex statistical models to generate football odds that are stronger than Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges. 

Tony Bloom is essentially described as a math whiz, a veteran gambler and he has competed in the highest stake poker tournaments around. Furthermore, in the early 2000’s he made millions from setting up online bookmaker and poker websites. 


5.) Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko Ranogajec is one of the biggest gamblers in the world. Ranogajec’s global annual turnover is more than $1 billion. His story is that he was born in Australia to a family of Croatian immigrants. Notably his casino success came from the game of blackjack. However it did not stop there, as Ranogajec quickly went on to diversify his betting strategy.

Overall Zeljko Ranogajec turned a bankroll of a few hundred dollars into millions through advantage play. By and large, Ranogajec also had notable wins in Keno. In sum, he won  $7.5 million. Another key point is that in 2011, he was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

When it comes to successful sports betting Zeljko Ranogajec is reportedly won significant amounts of money on horse racing. In the long run, it’s been reported that his turnover accounts for nearly a third of the total for Betfair in Australia.

4.) Stan Tomchin

Success comes in many forms in sports betting. Just ask Stan Tomchin, charged with 56 felonies as the alleged owner of Pinnacle Sports in 2012. However he escaped these seeming inescapable odds. However, Stan was able to reach a deal and all of the felonies were dropped. On the whole, he plead guilty to a single misdemeanor charge.

Just the the song ‘The Gambler,’ you gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em. In regards to the allegations about Tomchin owning Pinnacle Sports, if they’re true, he was analytical and pragmatic to move over to the other side. By and large, Tomchin is somewhere playing tennis and being an active philanthropist. In this way, he’s a successful sports bettor because he beat the bookmakers. Following a long life of profitable sports betting, Tomchin in essence, came out on top at the end.

3.) Steve Fezzik

In any event, Steve Fezzik is in the business of selling sports picks. All things considered,  he succeeded at winning the Las Vegas Hilton Super Contest in back to back seasons in 2008 and 2009. Moreover, he also accrued six major contest victories with over a million dollars in lifetime prizes. 

In the first place, Fezzik worked in Los Angeles in the late 1990’s. He often traveled to Las Vegas to place sport bets. Fezzik discovered he had a knack for it when he started winning more bets. He eventually he quit his job in 2001, moved to Las Vegas, and started betting full time. You can follow his picks on Twitter where he has more than 20,000 followers.

2.) So Money

In the age of internet stardom arise So Money. Notably, So Money is one of the most popular sports bettors on Twitter. On the whole, he has almost 20,000 followers. Sports bettors worldwide follow him and in essence wait for him to post his next pick. Success in sports betting means that people respect your betting system and its picks. Overall, So Money has acquired this. In the long run, his tweets provides good advice and free picks for years. From following sports bettors on Twitter to sports betting webinars on Youtube, successful sports bettors are continually seeking ways to improve their betting system. 

1.) Teddy “Covers” Sevransky

Teddy Sevransky is one of the most popular gambling “experts” and overall, he provides quality marketing and picks for the sports betting industry. Sevransky started offering sports pick services in Las Vegas in 1998. He’s a successful sports bettor as he’s been featured for his reputable opinion in high-quality publications. 

  • Las Vegas Review Journal
  • Las Vegas Sun
  • Sports Memo Radio Show
  • Playboy
  • New York Times
  • Trader Monthly
  • The Stardust Line

He’s also finished in notable positions in noteworthy contests including:

  • The Hilton NFL Superbook Contest
  • The Stardust Invitational
  • College Basketball: The Sports Monitor 
  • Professional Basketball: The Sports Monitor 
  • NFL: The Sports Monitor
  • The Alatex Football Contest
  • The Vegas Sportswire Invitational