10 Top VIP Club Benefits and 3 Sportsbooks With Great VIP Clubs

The Best VIP Clubs For Sports Bettors

On the whole, VIP Clubs reward punters for their continued loyalty in a variety of different ways. Not every sports betting site offers a VIP program to its customers. Because of this, sports bettors are best off betting at Sportsbooks with the best VIP Clubs. By and large, there are numerous perks to investing in a sportsbook that has a lucrative VIP program. 

First off, VIP programs at sports betting sites offer special privileges for their loyalty club. Furthermore, these privileges vary from promotions particular to the site to bonus money. In fact, the more a punter bets, the more they can potentially gain from the best VIP programs. Therefore, a bettor who distinguishes themselves as an investor knows first hand that VIP Clubs matter. Especially when considering the stacked house and the odds.

To be sure, the best part about VIP Clubs is that the points increase as a punter wagers and no additional work is required. For example, some sportsbooks offer a tier system that’s similar to frequent flyer miles with airlines. The frequency with which a sports bettor wagers specifically increases their rank in the reward tier and therein, they’re able to acquire more bonuses. Thanks to VIP programs, punters experience a rewarding system, to say the least.

Obviously, it makes logical sense to bet with a sportsbook that provides such a lucrative club. On the other hand, not all sportsbooks do which makes it an easy choice to choose one that does. In choosing, however, sports bettors should consider VIP Clubs as a bonus as opposed to a club with obligations. Essentially, it could become overwhelming to track down which is in fact, the best VIP program. So, punters need only select from amongst the following VIP programs at notable sportsbooks which offer the best point per dollar ratios.

10 Top VIP Club Benefits

Concerned with customer retention, Sportsbooks and online casino offer a various amount of benefits in regards to VIP programs.  Specifically, many offer different packages for regular players and high stake bettors. In the long run, the latter enjoys preferential treatment, as they are regarded as VIP members and incur the most benefits to be sure.

10. Higher Limits

Because VIP members are often betting big, this benefit greatly benefits their technique. Overall, VIP Club punters experience plenty of perks. For instance, larger deposit and withdrawal amount as well as VIP tables that offer much higher allowable stakes.

9. Points Convert to Cash

Just as simple as it is stated, accrued points can, in turn, be returned into cash. This system allows bettors the unique opportunity to continue betting with this return-on-investment. 

8. Reload bonuses for VIP players

By and large, look out for sportsbooks which provide reload bonuses for their VIP punters. In other words, whenever a punter reloads their real money account, the deposit is matched by a certain percentage or on the other hand, a flat amount is credited. This, in fact, is by far the most common bonus in VIP Clubs and most importantly, very few restrictions apply.  Among the prerequisites for being eligible for such a bonus is to a.) have no pending withdrawals and b.) have no cash outs made over the previous month.

7. Birthday Gifts

After knowing a punter’s birthdate and then being inducted into a VIP club, naturally, a birthday is going to include something special. In regards to what that may be, is again particular to the site. However, it most certainly will have something to do with betting.

6.Cashback VIP bonuses

Cashback deals imply that punters will have a percentage of the money lost reimbursed, typically in the form of a risk-free bonus. By the same token, high-rollers are eligible for bigger amounts because, in the long run, they tend to bet larger sums. Furthermore, similar deals are offered to those who bet against live dealers. In addition, with the reimbursement percentage ranging from 10% to 20%. 

5. Reduced Juice Sports Betting Loyalty Programs

“Reduced juice promotions” cover most of the popular sports, although the emphasis is notably in US leagues. VIP members can select between several reduced juice options on NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA and other American sports, as well as boxing and MMA events. The slightly better odds offer a lucrative edge for sure and one that is advantageous to be sure.

4. Merchandise

While most punters tend to convert the loyalty points into cash, others prefer purchasing branded merchandise and expensive products with their points. Moreover, some sports betting VIP clubs allow their members to purchase jewelry, high-tech gadgets or even cars. 

3. Tournaments

VIP punters receive exclusive invitations to slot, table, and poker room tournaments. Furthermore, VIP punters are eligible for a free ride into an open competition. While on the other hand, bettors must earn an entry.

2. Sneek Peaks At New Games

Select casinos share their newest games as a perk to higher tiered VIP punters. This special sneak peek makes it worth being a part of a premium betting club. It keeps things fresh, to receive a personal invitation to play a brand new game that is not out to the public yet.

1. VIP Host

All in all, the VIP host is like a hotel’s concierge for the VIP punter. For example, if assistance with deposits of payouts is required, then a VIP punter has specialized assistance with the VIP Host. To be sure, the payback of being a part of a VIP Club is indeed highly customized.

The 6 Best VIP Clubs 

3. Betway

VIP status at Betway provides exclusive access to one of the world’s premium online casinos. With a commitment to their punters and the quality of our VIP services, bettors have their playing experience ensured and unmatched. Betway stands by if you are currently a VIP at any other online casino, send them a confirmation of your status and they’ll grant immediate membership to their VIP programme.


By and large, to be considered for VIP status at Betway during your time betting, a punter must have:

  • Earned 150,000 Loyalty Points and
  • Deposited a minimum of 10,000€.

As soon as that is verified then you are qualified for VIP status. At which point, one of the friendly VIP Hosts will contact you to officially welcome you to The Betway Group VIP Club.

2. Bookmaker

In the long run, there are three tier levels within the BetPoints™ Rewards Program at Bookmaker. In detail, there is GoldPlatinum, and Diamond. A punter will receive distinctive benefits and privileges within each tier.

From 0 to 29,999 BetPoints™: Qualifies a punter for instant Gold status upon signing up.

Gold Membership

Benefits include:
For every re-load of $300 or more receive:
10% free play deposit bonus* 
(3-time rollover required, max bonus awarded $2,500)
All depositing fees reimbursed
1 FREE Debit card payout per month (30 day period) (must be $300 or more)

Platinum Reward Level:

From 30,000 to 299,999 BetPoints™: After earning 30,000 BetPoints™ in a 12 month period, a punter’s account graduates to the Platinum level of the rewards program.

Platinum Membership

Benefits include:
For every re-load of $300 or more receive:
10% free play deposit bonus* 
(3-time rollover required, max bonus awarded $2,500)
All depositing fees are reimbursed.
Plus, Platinum Members receive:
1 FREE Debit payout per month (30 day period) (must be $300 or more)
In addition, the BetPoints™ earns 10% more than Gold Level.

Diamond Reward Level:

From 300,000 and up: After earning 300,000 BetPoints™ in a 12 month period, a punter’s account graduates to the Diamond level of the rewards program.

Diamond Membership

Benefits include:
For every re-load of $300 or more receive:
15% free play deposit bonus* 
(4-time rollover required, max bonus awarded $2,500)
All depositing fees reimbursed.

Plus, Diamond Members receive access

to 24/7 VIP customer service special toll-free number.
2 FREE Debit payouts per month (30 day period) (must be $300 or more)
BetPoints™ earn you 10% more than Platinum Level.

1. 888 Sport

Celebrate your entry to the Club with an incredible VIP BONUS.

Each week, punters experience a reward. For instance, the more a punter plays and bet, the more money they will receive.

Have your money in a simpler and more expeditious way thanks to free bonds.

Receive a greater number of gold chips by accumulating points as you play. In addition, exchange them for bonuses and other prizes.

There are tons of promotions and prizes designed exclusively for our VIP players.

Revel in being invited to concerts, shows, top-level sporting events and the most exclusive poker tournaments around the world. In essence, a punter is on the red carpet to these events while their trips and accommodation are covered so in essence, you feel VIP status.

This feature actually allows punters to increase their deposit limit to fit their needs.

Assigned especially to a punter, a VIP personal assistant serves to answer any doubt or query in regards to betting. Additionally, they offer key information about promotions.

Receive customized attention from a specialized team trained to cater to VIP players.

Indeed, at 888, your birthday is a special occasion. With this in mind, look forward to receiving a reward for your loyalty with a special VIP gift. Ultimately, VIP Clubs treat a sports bettor like a premium asset, which is after all, in fact, a reality and a truth.