Top 13 Twitter Sports Betting Tipsters to Follow

Sports Betting Tipsters on Twitter

Punters worldwide share predictions for upcoming games and sports betting tips like never before on Twitter. Insider info and tips are shared quickly through social media. Search for ‘sports betting/gambling tips’ and the search results renders hundreds of accounts of ‘experts’ that offer punters with pro advice. Punters can easily read their tipsters advice on their Twitter news feed. They also have the option to reply and to communicate with pro punters starting a dialogue about the game.


Twitter is an exciting social media platform. It’s offers a huge network of professional long-term betters and sports analysts. These type of people possess superior inside information that they are willingly to share with their followers. By doing so, they offer tips from statistics, to sports betting tips, to bonuses, to standout odds, to promotions. The sports betting insight tipsters share is super useful to punters before they place their bet as much as when they are waiting for their bet to unfold.

Yet it bears to be said and to be repeated: punters need to exercise caution and use critical thinking when listening to tips. Chris Meredith, a reviewer of tipsters for the website, The Casual Gambler, estimates that around half of online tipsters are affiliated with a betting company.


Tipsters often post their tips along with a link to a betting company’s website. They benefit because they have a previously arranged financial arrangement with that betting site. Tipsters with a pre-arranged commitment with a betting site receive a fixed sum for every punter that they send over who thereafter creates an account with the site. What’s even more startling is that these tipsters take a cut of around 30% of the punter’s losses.

Let it be known. Clicking and following the link of a tipster is extremely profitable for them. By creating an online betting account on the suggested site that tipster collects 30% of all the money you lose betting. Many tipsters won’t directly say this outright on their social media accounts. Because lo, they wouldn’t want to blow their friendly cover of someone who generously gives their tips away for free.


There are numerous sports betting and gambling tipsters on Twitter. Tipsters can provide a great source of information for punters, gamblers and sports betters. Yet a punter must still take care to employ critical thinking.

A punter can easily type what their betting interest is into the Twitter search bar yielding a collection of tipster results. But how does one discern one tipster from the other? Sorting through all of the results and determining who the good tipsters are from the riff raff is quite tedious. That’s why we went ahead and did that for you in this herein article.

For your consideration, review and follow these sports betting Twitter Tipsters. Improve your odds by keeping ‘in the know’ of the sports betting beat on the street. And don’t forget to exercise caution when listening to tipsters.


Twitter Handle: @UKSportsTVGuide

@UkSportsTvGuide provides punters with excellent streaming tips of matches and events all available at their fingers demand. The website tells you where live sports are being shown online as well as on the UK TV. Follow the @UKSPORTSTVGUIDE Twitter account. Experience a wealth of sports betting information and be in the know where live sports can be viewed.


Twitter Handle: Paddy Power

Meet, greet and follow one of the largest bookmakers in the UK: Paddy Power.  Their timeline is packed full of comical banter which makes it super exciting to read their tweets in your newsfeed. They’re also very consistent in tweeting out special offers and bonuses specifically designed and marketed for their Twitter followers. Follow the powerful betting alliance of @paddypower to enjoy comical tweets and the superior bounty of their betting bonuses.

Twitter Handle: @GeekyGambler

There is nothing wrong with being geeky if you own it. For that reason, @GeekyGambler is totally worth following. The Geeky Gambler is known for its premium knowledge on all things gambling. Its Twitter account is stuffed full of gambling advice from regular betting tips to free bets links to the best offers from all around the internet. When the Geeky Gambler partnered with the team from the Betting Gods, a union of infinite gambling wisdom made it possible to provide profitable tips for all of @GeekyGambler Twitter followers. 


Twitter Handle: @notthefakeSVP

Scott Van Pelt is a top-notch American sportscaster. He is also a credible sports talk show host. His credits include co-anchoring the 11 p.m. edition of SportsCenter on ESPN. He has also been the co-host of SVP & Russillo on ESPN Radio and he has hosted golfing events for ESPN. In June 2015, Scott left his radio show and became a solo anchor for the midnight edition of SportsCenter. His one-of-a-kind, no-nonsense style makes him relatable to all punters and sports bettors. His tweets are composed of entertaining tidbits to solid sports betting advice. Follow @notthefakeSVP to have an straight-forward ally in sports betting. 

Twitter Handle: @darrenrovell

Darren Rovell  is one of the most notable accounts on Twitter for sports betting and for good reason. Darren is a sports business analyst who re-joined ESPN in June 2012. His tweets generate a great deal of daily sports betting content. Mostly his tweets are aimed at sports betting and his pro advice can greatly benefit a punter’s sports bets. Follow @darrenrovell for top-of-the-line sports betting insight.

Twitter Handle:  @chadmillman

Chad Millman is considered to be one of the main sports betting analysts. He is the VP, Editorial Director and Domestic Digital for ESPN. With his experience, his tweets share superb sports betting insight. He’s also co-authored 7 sports books. He was notably the first one at ESPN to create a gambling beat by contributing to podcasts, columns and regular TV appearances where he discussed sports betting.  Be sure to follow @chadmillman for superior sports betting information.


Twitter Handle: @SkySports

One of the first ever tweets about sport events was tweeted by SkySports. While their website is terrific, sharing sports news on Twitter provides punters with inside information like never before. With Skysports tweets, punters have helpful information pertinent to the game as well as their sports bets.  As a competitive sports better, it’s a must to be ‘in the know’ with what’s happening on the field. Skysports takes care of that. It covers all the major sports in the UK as well as limited sports overseas. Follow the Twitter account @SkySports to stay ahead of the game and never miss a play in the sporting betting industry again.

Twitter Handle:  @rjinvegas

RJ Bell’s Twitter account provides daily valuable sports betting information. This tweeting tipster offers a wealth of sports betting information. Since he is afterall the founder of, the largest sports betting news website. He hosts the daily radio show on ESPN Las Vegas and he’s also a regular guest on Colin Cowherd’s radio show. RJ Bell is best known for sharing up-to-date tips on games way before other bookmakers do making him a frontrunner in betting tips. Follow @rjinvegas to get up-to-date sports news from his inside connections.


Twitter Handle: @racingaheadmag

Horse racing punters need to immediately follow @racingaheadmag. @Racingaheadmag is the ultimate source for horse racing news, tips, and bonuses. Don’t place your bet on another horse without following @racingaheadmag, UK’s and Ireland’s number 1 racing magazine. Their website is great. Yet horse racing punters should definitely follow this Twitter account to keep abreast with horse racing tips and news.


Twitter Handle: @JCLaLiga

Jonathan Cordingley is a former writer for William Hill and Grosvenor Casinos. His experience provides his followers with invaluable betting insight. Since 2009, Jonathan has covered Spanish La Liga betting. His sports betting insight is super insightful offering tips on betting strategies. Check out his Youtube channel which is quite popular too and be sure to follow @JCLaLiga.


Twitter Handle: @TheFooTypster
Every punter knows that straight-forward advice is appreciated. @Thefootypster aims to provide bigger odds trebles and accumulators on their football advice and their prices are typically 4/1 or even higher. TheFooTypster tweets daily on topics like: Win Treble, Goals Treble and Long shot. They insist their tips are well researched and are for entertainment purposes only. Follow @Thefootypster to enjoy their betting tips, news, views and perhaps, the best football bets around.
Twitter Handle: @Bashtbookies
Bash The Bookies is a premium free tipping service offering daily bets and bankroll management in betting. It’s goal is to offer advice that will help the average punter get a winning edge over bookies. Story has it, Bashtbookies started with a £100 betting roll in June 2016 and they increased their bankroll to over £1000. Their technique: they implement regularly updated P&L and calculate stakes ensuring the efficiency with which they manage their bankroll. Follow @Bashtbookies now. Come up on winning betting inside tips that can increase your winning odds.