Sports Betting Traps Every Sports Bettor Should Avoid

Sports Betting Traps

On the whole, sports bettors are always seeking to overcome the odds of sportsbooks as well as sports betting traps. To be sure, the most common mistakes are in fact, lessons. In this way, a sports bettor is always training just like an athlete or rather, a mental athlete. In the long run, a betting strategy arises from cultivation, discipline and most importantly, practice. 

Generally speaking, an athlete is well aware that their time preparing for the game is vital. In addition, the groundwork and buildup proceeding game-time is actually an investment. Likewise, a sports bettor is consistently mentally training so as to overcome the sports betting pitfalls of the industry. For example, bankroll management and understanding the most common bets.

For the most part, the most common mistakes that a sports bettor makes is not taking handicapping seriously. Handicapping is comparable to studying before a high exam. A sports bettor is therefore sharpening and readying their intellect with stats all the way up to the moment of placing a sports bet. Thereafter, they can watch their bet and the action unfold until the moment they fall into a sports betting trap.

Create An Edge Against The Odds

In addition, sports bettors are always on the hunt for outstanding value. So a line or spread that looks good presents itself, a punter’s sense of good-value hunting make them inclined to make the bet. However, there’s a fine line between good value and when a bookie is merely dangling a metaphorical carrot to lure sports bettors into a pitfall.

For example, in NFL football,  bookmakers often uses the punter’s general knowledge of key numbers against them. For instance, football games fall into certain margins. Namely 3, 7, or even 10 and 14. With the way the scoring breaks down in football, a lot of the games fall on those particular numbers. As a result, when a punter sees they are getting +7.5 on a certain team, they think they are getting good value.

To be on the right side of key numbers, start looking at spreads that fall on those key numbers. Then try to determine if you are getting a break and if you are on the right side of a key number. Or, you may be falling into a sports betting trap. Moreover, be on the lookout for a bet or bonus that is too good to be true. Bookmakers got to where they are now because they know how to make everything that seems lucrative for the punter actually benefit themselves. 

Another key point to consider carefully is paying too much for lines/odds. This is in fact, another way for bookmakers to come up. On the other hand, this situation also rather quickly becomes a most precarious sports betting trap. So before placing a sports bet, indeed the answer becomes line shopping for the best deal from noteworthy sportsbooks.

The Top 12 Sports Betting Traps

All in all, there are pitfalls on the road to success. Which is why it’s important to know them by name and sight so as to avoid them. Browse through the following sports betting traps and come to terms with if you may have fallen prey to one of them previously. Afterall,  knowing is half the battle. While the other half is trying not to make the same mistake twice and rather to learn from it.

12.) The Bettor Fails to Sports Betting As Investing.

While the casual punter may find their bet is just for entertainment purposes only, a true bettor understands that sports betting is an investment. So much so, punters that are ahead of the game, in fact, devise betting limits. As well as time allotments for betting so that their bankroll is ensured.

Generally speaking, if a bet is successful it is most definitely an investment. Moreover, the goal of gambling is to win. With this in mind, a punter is essentially investing and therefore, it’s essential to study the stats and handicap your bets accordingly. 

11.) The Bettor Solely Bets on High-Profile Players and Teams.

Oddsmakers know that certain teams draw in sucker money. As a result, they’ll usually provide a sucker line. A sucker line, in other words, is when a bookmaker makes a team a stronger favorite than they should be. In essence, they know the casual punter just wants to bet on a high profile team. In truth, a smart and tactful punter strategically looks at all potential angles thus finding teams which are profitable.

10.) Failure to Reinforce a Betting Strategy with Discipline.

Take into consideration that a serious sports punter makes their day’s picks prior to the first game being played. In this theory, by “setting and forgetting,” a punter ultimately relies on research, rather than emotion. Overall, reinforcing a bet with discipline is crucial.

9.) Avoidance of Sticking With A System.

Reliable information in regards to handicapping and betting strategy is endless. Overall, making a wager on sports is gambling. Afterall, a punter is still putting money on something to happen that they don’t have any control over. The casual bettor can access information which would provide an edge in determining which side will win a game or cover a bet. Sticking with a system that bases bets on strong handicapping is important.

8.) Listening To Pro Tipster Advice.

There are thousands of blogs and radio stations offering sports betting advice. In brief, they may seem confident with their opinions, yet their job is to increase ratings and spark controversy. So best to be wary as to whose advice you actually heed. There are a lot of tipsters on Twitter as well as sports betting books. However punters may find more truth in the forums as they’re generated by punters themselves.

7.) Betting On Too Many Games.

Why are there are so many betting markets available at online sportsbooks when many of which are highly juiced and unbeatable? Because in essence, they know gamblers love the action of betting sports. Bookmakers excel at enticing a bettor to wager more. Don’t fall into this trap rather implement discipline in your betting strategy.

6.) Failure to Line Shop.

It is vital to shop around for the best line, and when that isn’t done, a punter is already at a disadvantage. Line shopping is absolutely essential. Moreover, it is super important to line shop because in the long run, every dollar is valuable. 

5.) Betting Exclusively With Hometown Favoritism.

Amateur bettors often fall into this sports betting trap when betting on sports. Whether its patriotism of sheer naivete, betting on your favorite team, kicking back and rooting for them while trying to win money at sports betting, is far from a good idea. Overall, sports betting has no room for bias and favoritism.

Rather bettors are missing an important edge because of their team’s bias. To be sure, there’s plenty of value with having a deep knowledge of specific teams. For instance, you know how the team might play compared to other teams.  Furthermore, by using this info, a punter can wage the right bet. Learn from other bettor’s mistakes by reading 11 Sports Betting Losses.

4.) Chasing Loses.

First and foremost, understand the pitfall of chasing losses. After a losing streak, there’s often a temptation for bettors to chase their losses. Yet this only makes matters worse. In sum, chasing your losses is detrimental to long-term profits. To be sure, it may ultimately send you into a financial spiral. Especially if you bet more than your normal wagering amount after suffering a losing streak, in hopes of making back money from your big loss.

3.) Not Taking Advantage of Bonuses.

Overall, foreign bookmakers are safer overall due to their legal safeguards and regulations. For the most part, offshore sites benefit from paying few taxes and cheap labor costs. With this in mind, they can potentially offer larger deposit and reload bonuses. Not making use of this bonuses is a sports betting trap. Therefore, check them out and make out like a bandit by taking advantage of bonuses. 

2.) Choosing Poor Operators.

Most importantly, punters need to select a reputable sportsbook with a long history of it paying punters on time. This key factor is absolutely crucial. A review of a casino or sportsbook nearly always points out their perks.

What’s better? Reading the reviews of punters in regards to their betting experience. Which actually gives way to a more accurate portrayal of the casino. By all means, choosing a reputable and trustworthy casino operator through customer testimonials is in fact, more truthful and beneficial. 

1.) Betting Under The Influence.

In the long run, having a drink or two while handicapping games is not an issue. However, betting while drunk or high is problematic.  Another key point is that while under the influence, one’s head is simply not in the game.

As a result, it’s easy to make a mistake. Even pro bettors make mistakes while sober so wagering when drunk is truly negligent. Learn how to avoid the sports betting trap of problem gambling, sooner than later, and therein overcome the odds.