Popular Sports Betting Techniques: Handicapping Strategies and Tools

Sports Betting Techniques That Punters Frequently Utilize

Above all, a punter strives for their betting strategy to incorporate popular sports betting techniques. Most importantly, sports betting strategies can help punters improve their winning percentage. Moreover, it can incite making money investing in sports betting on the whole. Although all the above is true, studying these sports betting techniques is crucial.

In the event that you aren’t familiar with the common sports betting strategies then, you’re in the right place. First and foremost, a proper inventory of your bankroll management is in order. For this reason, be in the know of the most common money management strategies for sports bettors

In brief, the most lucrative historical betting trends are the same tools used by sports bettors to generate consistent profits. Surely there’s something to be said about creating your own personalized sports betting technique. Perhaps a fusion or a breakaway renegade of your own creation is inevitable, but it’s also important to start from the basics.

6 Sports Betting Techniques

Sports Betting Strategy I. : Betting Against the Public

In the long run, a punter chooses to bet opposite of the most popular bet being pushed. In sum, this defeats the bookmakers intentions to craft your bet. The saying, go against the flow comes to mind in regards to this popular sports betting strategy. In conclusion, this strategy not only maximizes value in the sports betting marketplace. Above all, it holds the potential to generate an advantageous return-on-investment when used effectively. 

Sports Betting Strategy II. : Reverse-Line Movement

In the first place, reverse-line movement describes betting line movement which contradicts the public betting percentages. Although this may be true, there’s a lot to consider in regards to the tools that are available nowadays. Learn more about popular sports betting tools that can help you handicap and strategize while crafting a strong bet.

When a line moves one way, yet the public is on the opposite side, it means something RLM is in action. In other words, bettors in the minority are making large wagers and forcing sportsbooks to adjust. That’s Reverse Line Movement, and it’s often incited by pro bettors. Typically sports bettors tend to respect this as “smart money.” At which point, they’d back off that play because that would go against the “sharps” which is utterly taboo.

For instance, there are line prediction tools available for download on the iOS and Android marketplace. It’s amazing what technology is capable of especially when it can accelerate the potency of a bet. In regards to line prediction tools the system is an advanced computer model that accurately predicts imminent sports betting line movement.

Sports Betting Strategy III. : Major Line Moves

Equally important to understand is how to interpret line moves across the sports betting marketplace in order to find value. Most importantly, betting activity moves lines. On the whole, a major line move is a sporadic, dramatic and uniform line movement across the sports betting marketplace. In sum, this is a reflection of a sudden overload of money placed at multiple sportsbooks.

For example, on low-profile games, line movements tend to be more driven by the sharps. The percentage of money that sharps place on low-profile games is relatively high. As a result, their sports bets have a bigger movement effect. In regards to higher profile games, specifically the Super Bowl, the roles seemingly reversed. So, line movements on the Super Bowl tended to be more driven by the general betting public.

This strategy has punters critically evaluating the worth of every major line move. The most frequently asked question a punter asks in this sports betting technique is whether to play into the move or against it? After all, blindly following every major line move is like the blind leading the blind. On the positive side, this technique primes the punter to think.

Generally speaking, if you just feel like the line should be moving a certain way and isn’t, or if the line is moving against what the early line movement showed during the day or the week, something is definitely awry. Most likely sharp money has come in to sway the betting lines and the market on a whole.

Sports Betting Strategy IIII. : Shading Sports Betting Lines

Taking advantage of shaded lines is one of the fundamental sports betting strategies used to increase value by Betting Against the Public. Sportsbooks come up significantly by shading the lines, for instance, overprice favorites and overs, on average. Shading a line generally refers to the tendency that a sports book alters, or “shades” the betting line so as to reflect the popular favourite. In the long run, shading sports betting lines happens frequently with popular teams, favorites and high-profile games.

In regards to using line shading to a punter’s advantage, sports bettors just need to take the above mentioned point of view. Imagine if every single game, the favorite was listed at -200. In addition, the underdog is listed at +200.

As a result, the sports bettor needs to win 66% of their bets just to break even. In the same regards, the sports bettor that always bets on the underdog would have to win only about 33% of their wagers in order to break even. Notwithstanding additional factors for instance: home advantage, injuries and other trends.

To be sure, betting underdogs doesn’t ensure a positive profit margin. However, understanding how the sports books shade their lines so as to maximize the ability to make money can teach you a thing or two about gaining an edge while betting on sports.

Sports Betting Strategy V. : Shopping for the Best Line

Having accounts at multiple sportsbooks, allows punters to shop for the best sportsbook line before placing a bet. Another key point to consider is that it’s an easy way to improve a winning percentage over an entire season. Most importantly, sports bettors that only use one sportsbook to bet, and who don’t take the time to line shop, often cheat themselves. To be sure, line shopping ensures potential profits in the short term and the long term.

By and large, line shopping is the fine art of seeking the best sportsbook line. This is done by chiefly finding the best possible number or odds before placing a wager. It’s recommended to have at least a minimum of three different sportsbooks to choose from. While you may not be betting on all the niche sports betting markets, on the positive side, sports betting techniques will have enough options to save some money. 

Top 3 Reasons To Line Shop

There is a lot to be learned from watching games, incorporating  statistics, and adding to your bankroll through bonus clearing, yet none comes close to the value of line shopping.

3. Sportsbooks Aren’t Created Equal

First and foremost, deposit at a sportsbook that has excellent odds. If possible, one with reduced juice markets.

2. The Importance and Ease of Shopping Odds

Line shopping nowadays is easier than ever, since the internet has made the odds of every sportsbook available, in just an instant online. 

  1. Line Shopping is a Religion. Amen.

All in all, line shopping assures that every bet is banking on more than a pray. Also to be considered heavily is the quality of odds that sportsbooks offers. 

Sports Betting Strategy VI. : The Importance of Units Won

It’s most important to understand the importance of units won vs. winning percentage. As a result, if a punter understand this sports betting strategy then it will help them in evaluating the true worth of any sports betting system. Overall, the Betting Units Won is the amount of money a group of plays won or lost after of course, factoring in the juice. In other words, it is essentially the margin of profit or loss recorded for any set of wagers.

By using the following formula, sports bettors can utilize the importance of units won. First, X represents the odds of the bet. Next the calculation is X divided by 100 if the betting odds are greater than 0 or -100 divided by X if the betting odds are lesser than 0. While the formula listed above isn’t difficult, its importance can often be underrated. 

So it seems, the majority of sports bettors bet blindly while neglecting to keep track of the amount of money they bet as well as the amount of money they win or lose. In the long run, this can be a major problem. Another key point is that in reality  to make a profit by betting on sports, sports bettors need to  win more often than they lose.

On the whole, a unit in sports betting is a form of organization. Sports betting units is a measurement of how much you bet and how much you’ve won or lost. By and large, the importance of sports betting techniques is nothing to overlook. It’s a strong way to organize sports betting in regards to both how much you bet and where you stand overall.

In conclusion, you’ve learned the 5 most common sports betting techniques. When your insatiable sports betting appetite strikes again,  don’t stop with sports betting techniques. Feed that hungry head with Stake betting 2017: What you need to know.