8 Sports Betting Documentaries

Sports Betting Documentaries Every Sports Bettor Should Watch

On the whole, an appreciation of sports betting documentaries entails much more than just an overall love of the game. In the long run, there are numerous ways to enjoy the niche of sports betting other than placing a wager. Significantly, punters acquire not only entertainment from watching documentaries, they simultaneously enrich their comprehension from a variety of angles. In sum, acquiring wealth arrives in numerous ways. When it comes to finessing the angles of a sports betting system, sports betting documentaries offer a generous serving of entertaining odds and informative angles.

On the positive side, while punters take a rest from online casinos, they always have sports betting documentaries to fall back and watch. To point out, gambling and sportsbetting are central themes of many characters on the silver screen. In regards to sports betting documentaries however, they’re distinctly different from movies.

First and foremost, a documentary is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality. Moreover, it’s primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record. In regards to sports betting movies, they ultimately offer a fictional or true story yet notably for entertainment purposes only.

Sports Betting Documentaries Are Educational Outlets

As an illustration, a movie elaborately depicts a story while on the other hand, a documentary is simply more instructive. To point out, a sport bettors brain is nearly always ‘on.’ Sports betting documentaries fuels the search of sports betting knowledge. In any event, they frequently serve as educational outlets to punters hungry for more input.

More compelling evidence why documentaries prime punters and their betting strategy is they explore real life sports betting via events grounded chiefly in modern day reality. Punters no longer have to scour for insider information on the lucrative sports betting niche especially since most sports betting documentaries are available online. Furthermore they learn from a factual backstory rather than a glorified Hollywood movie.

8 Sports Betting Documentaries to Watch Now 

8. 60 minutes: Sports Betting: Billy Walters

By and large, Billy Walters is perhaps the richest and most feared man in the history of sports betting. First and foremost, Billy grew up in Munfordville, Kentucky. To be noted, it is a small town of 1,600 people just an hour south of Fort Knox. Billy’s mother was an alcoholic, and his father was a professional poker player. Moreover, his uncle was a professional gambler. As a result, in the long run, Billy was essentially groomed for sports betting since he had gambling in his blood as well as strong gambling related influences in his life.

To point out, Billy made $400,000 on a hole of golf as well as more than $1 million in a round. For example, he won $3.5 million on a Super Bowl bet. It is said that bookmakers know of him and fear him. On the other hand, no one knows who he is because he can never set foot inside a casino. Another key point, he calls himself a Kentucky Hillbilly. In this sports betting documentary brought to you by 60 Minutes, Billy Walters is explored.

7. ChannelsTV – Documentary about Sports Betting – by James Layode

With attention to international sports betting, Channels Discovery hosted by James Layode aired a 30-minute documentary on sports betting in Nigeria. The trend of sports betting in Nigeria is explored and it’s quite an interesting watch. In other words, learn more about the exciting world of sports betting in foreigns markets experiencing unprecedented growth.

6. Now Place Your Bets

On the positive side, this sports betting documentary breaks down the dramatic rise of legal sports betting in Las Vegas and its growth into a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. In particular, in-depth interviews, personal accounts, footage and photographs recreate the key events and milestones that shaped the sports betting industry. Furthermore it details in essence the changing fortunes of Las Vegas as a gambling town and entertainment destination. For example, examining elements of organized crime, corporate interests, and the U.S. government. 

Most importantly, pioneer oddsmakers, casino operators, bookmakers, professional gamblers, journalists and historians who witnessed these events are featured. For example, sports betting icons Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal, Bob Martin, Jimmy Vaccaro and Dennis Tobler. Sports betting is a popular pastime and life style choice as it incorporates the innate drive for competition and the rewards of winning. These themes are explored, depicting ways in which the urge to keep score with money is an ingrained sports bettor’s trait.

5. Vice World Of Sport

In general, this channel is available on YouTube where there is essentially a plethora of sports betting related episodes. By and large, VICE World of Sports gets on the field and into the ring through a series of compelling stories at the fringe of culture and politics. Covering a range of places and people through the one lens that connects them all: sport

With sports betting episodes like:


5. Legend of Jimmy The Greek

Firstly, Jimmy the Greek was an American sports commentator and Las Vegas bookmaker. This gambling legend is worth a documentary as he’s lived a rich life. For example, according to his autobiography Jimmy the Greek, Snyder bet US$10,000 on the 1948 election between Thomas Dewey and Harry S. Truman. Furthermore getting 17–1 odds for Truman to win. To be noted, Snyder moved to Las Vegas in 1956 and began a weekly pro-football betting line. Learn more about Jimmy the Greek’s exciting life in this sports betting documentary.

4. The Fantasy Sports Gamble (full film) : FRONTLINE

To point out, for more than a year, The New York Times, collaborated with the PBS series “Frontline.” With this in mind, they joined forces to investigate the world of online sports betting and daily fantasy sports. Following are key findings from the investigative series:

  • Daily fantasy sports is a billion-dollar, unregulated industry.
  • Dozens of illegal sports betting websites have a presence in the United States.
  • How sports betting rings use phony credit card billings to hide its activities.
  • Collecting bets and paying winners still have to be done the old-fashioned way.
  • Fantasy sports, similar to gambling, can be prove to be addictive.
  • Digital loopholes allow daily fantasy sports players to place bets where they’re illegal.

3. The Gambling Mafia and International Sports Betting Documentary – Soccer and Mob Game Fixing

This sports betting documentary reveals the impact the gambling mafia has on matches and players in the world’s most popular sport. By and large, the gambling mafia manipulates soccer matches in countries worldwide, from matches at the international level, to the Champions League, to even 19-and-under youth leagues. Moreover, illegal betting operations stem from gambling houses based in Asia. Specifically Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore reign at the center of global illegal betting and match-fixing syndicates. Generally speaking, a single match involves millions of euros in illegal wagers, even in lesser-known clubs in Germany’s regional leagues.

Overall, fixing a Game is easy for the Mob. In general, match fixing is a major threat to the integrity of sports betting, in particular soccer. To be specific, game fixing, point spread fixing is all a large part of the Mafia’s doing. Online gambling is a platform easily manipulated by organized crime. For instance, the mafia around the world register clients and bettors so as to control a game, fix the match and therein make money in the long run.

Learn more about this sports betting truth by watching the documentary below.

  1. Life on the Line

In sum, “Life On The Line” began filming two years ago leading up to Super Bowl 45.  For the most part, its air time is just under 1 hour. Overall, professional bettors, sports handicappers and bookmakers are featured throughout the documentary. By and large, there’s unprecedented  and exclusive access to behind the scenes at LVH’s “SuperBook” .

Another key point, this sports betting documentary features a legendary cast from the Las Vegas sport-betting world. For example, long-time Hilton/LVH oddsmaker Jay Kornegay, two-time Supercontest champion Steve Fezzik, hedge-fund manager John Netto, long-time Vegas pro-bettors including Erin Rynning, Teddy Covers, Bryan Leonard, Bruce Marshall, and Alf Musketa. Furthermore well-known local sports talk radio hosts Brian Blessing and Ken Thompson.

In brief, Life on the Line essentially takes its viewers deep inside the esoteric and usually closed world of the gambling industry. Additionally it showcases a rare breed of gambler who’s able to make a successful living betting sports. Learn more about other gamblers that have won big in the gambling industry.

Sports Betting Documentaries Teach Invaluable Gambling Lessons

To put it another way, punters experience an advantage by watching sports betting documentaries. In detail, from learning the ins and outs about popular betting methodologies to understanding more about money lines, by and large, the general wealth of sports betting expertise in documentaries is impressive. In summary, the ability to wage bets at online sportsbooks after having watched sports betting documentaries, sports bettors can expect to have a fuller appreciation of the niche as well as all of its angles.