10 Great Sports Betting Blogs

Sports Betting Blogs That’ll Enhance Your Scope of Sports Betting

By all means, sports betting blogs hit the nail on the head by delivering relevant themes, topics and strategies to its readership. With attention to specialized methodologies and overall sports betting tops, blogs are tools. Surely as a student goes to a book does a sport bettor go to pro that have certainly made strides in the gambling industry. With this mind, reading up on blogs that share such insider insight will only accelerate a punter’s edge.

For this reason, blogs take personalities and essentially give them a platform to share. It’s important to realize that this is in turn, good and bad. The first thing to consider is the amount of expert information that is falsely circulated. As a result, punters seemingly are amidst a sea of theory and implementing critical thinking is pivotal. On the positive side, there’s a tremendous amount of superb strategy available through blogs. To point out, punters need only be discerning in adopting the information that they may seek and find.

For this reason, the comprehension level of sports betting advances which in turn gives way to a better betting system. For example, the old adage ‘be careful with whom you surround yourself with because they in turn become you’ is true as well for the company you keep. Particularly by selecting to consistently read credible sports betting blogs, punters experience wise counsel. As a result, they take that very same insight into their next sports bet. 

To clarify, the intention within reading is not only to learn from the writer’s experience, but also to walk away richer. Winning is a complicated business. On the other hand, when you requalify winning to include the wealth of your predecessors then in essence, you’ve won.


From ‘How To Calculate Expected Value’ to ‘How Calculate Double Chance Odds’, articles are a great way to grasp a deeper understanding of a concept. Furthermore, calculating probability, payouts and odds is a tricky system which is why blog articles are informative. Even when punters begin with the lust of winning it big, they don’t necessarily know what a Fibonnaci Betting System is and when to use it. In any event, sports betting blogs provide explanations to these amongst a plethora of other sports betting related concepts. 

In other words, sports bettors can school their strategy and sharpen their betting system free of charge. Reading on blogs is as easy and free as any other reading material. Furthermore, keeping tabs on the popular sports betting blogs is interesting, inspiring and moreover, pertinent to furthering your concept of the bet. In the long run, the more a sports bettor knows, the more that sports bettor can potentially grow. Reinforce your intentions of aligning with the greats of the gambling industry with the following sports betting blogs.

Markedly, any sports bettor that makes a deliberate effort to help themselves eventually experience a return on investment. In a numbers game, gain an upperhand by learning through more ways than one. For example, take watching gambling movies or reading up on the biggest winners in the gambling industry, both of which motivate the gambler play smart. Check out the top sports betting podcasts as well as the top sports betting books.

The 10 Sports Betting Blogs To Read Now

10. LarrysSportsPicks.com

Larry is a semi-professional gambler and former collegiate athlete with 11 years of sports betting experience to the table. Overall his blog is well-written, user-friendly and moreover readers receive a free daily pick. In sum, his picks and analysis is relevant to every sports bettor. As a result, his betting knowledge ranges from casual sports pick sites to qualitative analysis of trends. Ultimately sharing key statistics, to gut feelings, to guesswork as well as following the money flow. Another key point, Larry’s  up-to-date modeling system allows him to project how the match-ups of tomorrow play out.

Check it out now at: http://larryssportspicks.com/.

9. Sports Law Blog

By and large, punters will not find picks or coverage of the NFL draft on the Sports Law Blog. On the other hand, this sports betting blog extensively covers the sports market from the perspective of American law. Notably, the American Bar Association has recognized the site as a Top 100 law Blog. Take a gander at the articles that range from ‘The Most Popular Law Firm in Sports’ to ‘The 15 Most Influential Sports Agents’ to an astounding library of Sports Law Resources. Furthermore there is a long profile of Sports Blogs links, Law Blogs and other links as well. Truly the Sports Law Blog is not just a free sports betting tool, it’s also a cornucopia of sports betting knowledge.

Check it out now at: http://sports-law.blogspot.de/.

8. Daily Free Sports Picks

Supported on WordPress, this sports betting blog is largely football-centric sports picks. Specifically the blog features NFL picks during the regular season which is superb for football punters. Generally speaking there’s a coverage of upcoming awards, playoff games, as well as other football special events. Obviously this is a mecca for NFL picks. In brief, Daily Free Sports Picks excels at presenting solid picks in a format that’s all business.

Check it out now at: https://dailyfreesportspicks.wordpress.com/.

7. Society and Sports

Thoughts and analysis on sports and society is the overall angle of Society and Sports. Supported on WordPress, this sports betting blog features the intensive speculations of an existentialist sports fan and amateur sociologist. Generally speaking, this is blog is specifically geared toward open minded sports bettors as it delves into social analysis in regards to society and sports. Thoughtful punters may find that the tone, insight and perspective of Society and Sports to be like hitting a jackpot as it’s rich with information.

Check it out now at: https://societyandsports.wordpress.com/.

6. Boston Sports Media

Powered on WordPress, this smashing , frequently-updated, fascinating archive is an overall sports bettor’s haven. Quoted as to be ‘watching the New England sports media since 2002, punters are able to follow the blog on Twitter as well. This in essence, links them into articles like: Patriots Thursday Observations, Buccaneer Review, Panthers Review, Texans Review, Saints Review and a Chiefs Review. Learn more about the top sport betting apps to bet on now.

Check it out now at: https://bostonsportsmedia.com/. 

5. Davey’s Sports Blog

In the final analysis, the entire sports betting industry is covered in Davey’s Sports Blog. Overall offering a comprehensive array of free picks, news, announcements, analysis, and betting strategy. By and large, Davey’s covers major American sport as well as college athletics.

Given these points, punters have articles like: 2017 MLB PostSeason Preview: Why Each American League Team Can (Can’t) Win the World Series. Another article pertains to 2017 MLB Postseason Preview: Why Each National League Team Can (and Can’t) win the World Series. There’s always something to visually chew on while browsing this sports betting blog which is surely why punters find it to be a valuable tool.

Check it out now at: https://daveysports.wordpress.com/


4. Betting Instinct

In brief, this sports betting blog covers NFL football, tennis, cricket, and soccer. For this reason punters can quickly locate posts entailing strategy advice. For example like, “How to Calculate Betting Odds.” On the other hand, there’s also straightforward analysis and picks.

By and large, the website is maintained by dozens of different bloggers. As a result, the archive is packed full of testimony from numerous bettors with experience to share. All in all, Betting Instinct possesses a unique style as well as a ton of fresh content daily. With articles like: Bookies Speculate on New England Patriots Chances without Without Star Quarter Tom Brady and Bookmakers Like Tar Heels Chances Of Winning College Basketball Championship.

Check it out now at: https://bettinginstinct.com/.

3. Dwyer Sports Betting

The latest posts are: Dwyer 10-3-17 Tony Bellew On Joseph Parker, Jarrett Hurd V. Austin Trout and Dwyer 10-3-17 NFL – Early Bets I Like. From NFL Picks to Reported Injuries on Game Day, Dwyer Sports Betting certainly provides punters with an upper hand in regards to talking shop  in sports betting. On the positive side, Dwyer frequently provides admin’s frequent YouTube-hosted video picks offering a real sports analysis. Between these excellent videos and sports betting related blogs entries, there’s essentially an overall wealth of information.

Check it out now at: http://dwyersportsbetting.blogspot.de/.


2. Football Jesus Las Vegas


A vast selection of sports betting articles await punters at Football Jesus Las Vegas sports betting blog. Powered by WordPress, this administrator has a background of not only a sports bettor, but also a business consultant as well as national sports talk radio host. Surely there’s a promotion involving the selling of personal betting systems, however  there’s free personalized betting advice beyond just picks as well. With articles like, NFL Football Is Back -Best Bets From Vegas and Summertime Football Cashes in Vegas to Ready for the Final Four?

Check it out now at: https://footballjesus.wordpress.com/.


1. The Sports Curmudgeon

In any event, sports betting blogs provide a specially unique tone. In regards to The Sports Curmudgeon, punters should expect to find sports news and analysis delivered with an air of ‘constant crankiness.’ All of which, fashions and finesses The Sports Curmudgeon to have the edge that it has. As a result, it offers a candid, cranky tone for sports bettors who may in turn find it refreshing especially for those who enjoy the variety of probabilities, odds and angles.

Check it out now at: https://sportscurmudgeon.com/