Sportingbet Review: 6 Things to Consider Before Signing Up

Struggling to decide which sports betting and/or casino site is right for you? What about Sportingbet? It’s easy to get lost. Today, there’s more choice than ever in terms of site variety. In many ways, this is great. It means that you could, and should, expect the absolute best from your online betting experience.

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It’s no longer enough to just be reliable, or just have good customer service, or just have an impressive games selection.

We know you’re looking for the best in online betting.

That’s why we go through the best reasons to sign up to any given site. Then for balance, we consider if there are any negatives to that site element.

This is especially important when we’re talking about subjective things. These include what you’re looking for out of promotions, or whether you prefer variety over a site with a single focus.

So, if you’re looking for a little of everything, there’s a bunch of online gaming providers you can choose from.

These include big hitters like Ladbrokes and Coral to name a few. But it also includes the likes of Bet 377 or Apollo Bet that are less known.

If you’re looking for something specific, our casino section and the likes of Betegy and Punchbet may tickle your fancy.

The point being, we’ll do our best to present a balanced view for all tastes.

However, we always recommend you check out the site yourself for a good few minutes before making any quick decisions.

With that in mind, let’s look at the most important things to considering before signing up with Sportingbet.

1) How does the Sportingbet site look?

Sportingbet site design

Sportingbet is designed in a very simple way. But this isn’t a critique as such: some of the best sites in the world keep things uncluttered.

Even a site as big as Virgin Casino has a fairly basic set up.

This is no bad thing per se. Sites like this, which have so much information, often benefit from keeping things simple.

Here you have a standard set up: there’s a top Sportingbet toolbar where you can log in, open an account, contact the site and pick your language.

Below, there’s a main box which contains the rest of the Sportingbet content. Around that box is a lovely blue sky border.

This is very different to somewhere like Jupiter Club, which uses a bright purple to push the idea of a glitzy casino.

Sportingbet is actually the opposite. It gives a great sense of the outdoors.

The result is that the online betting site seems light, airy and fun. 

Sportingbet homepage

To the top, you have your two key Sportingbet toolbars and your logo just outside the frame. Below that, there’s all the relevant Sportingbet info and links you need.

Depending on what you clicked on, the content here will vary but basically there’s your sports in the middle, some quick links to the left and your betting slip to the right. Additional links/info makes up room to the sides.

There’s also info at the bottom of the page about the Sportingbet site. This actually changes to become relevant to the sport you’ve selected.

This is a really nice touch that shows a great deal of care in its design.

You may recognise this design from many other betting sites. There’s a good reason for that, it works. The Sportingbet casino also follows a common tiled format.

While it might not be original, it does a good job in adding style around these simple concepts.

Also, the Sportingbet site is easy to get around and is very responsive.

On the other hand

Sportingbet casino page

This is a matter of preference. There’s really nothing wrong with the design of Sportingbet.

However, if you’re someone who likes your sites with a little glamour, this may not be for you.

The likes of Rizk Casino and Royal Panda do a much better job of scratching your itch for glitz.

2) How do I sign up to Sportingbet?

Sportingbet registration

If you’ve decided you like what you see, then its time to get playing.

Remember the ‘Open an Account’ button we mentioned?

If not, it’s red and is next to the log in button at the middle top right of your Sportingbet screen.

Give that a click and you’ll find yourself looking at a sign up form.

This is about as simple as these get: it’s one page split into three easy sections.

First enter your personal details

Sportingbet registration personal details

These include your:

  •  title
  • first name
  • surname
  • country
  • house number
  • post code
  • date of birth.
  • e-mail
  • telephone (optional)
  • mobile

Most of these should be fairly self explanatory.

However, with regards to your e-mail and phone number, be aware that these will be used to send promo information and contact you regarding your account.

It’s also always important to know that most betting sites have a one person per account rule. This often also extends to your address and ip address in most cases.

This means you’ll want to be sure that no one who uses your computer or who lives with you also has an account at Sportingbet. Otherwise, you may encounter issues.

Next is your security info

Sportingbet registration security information

This section includes your:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Security Question
  • Security Answer

Username speaks for itself. For your password, you’ll need to enter something between 7 and 12 letters/number long.

Other security measures we recommend include using a password that is only for this site. This is due to it carrying financial details that you wouldn’t want to be compromised if another site’s account was hacked.

You’ll also want to make it something that cannot be guessed by someone who knows you.

Your security question and answer comes with a drop list. Make sure you pick something you’ll remember, as you may need this is you forget your password.

Step 3 is preferences

Sportingbet registration preferences

 This section includes:

  • Account Currency
  • Display odds as
  • Preferred Contact Methods
  • Promo Code
  • How Did you hear about us?

Finally, you will need to confirm you have read and agree to the online betting terms set by the site.

On the other hand

There’s not much to complain about here. It’s easy to understand and responsive.

That’s about all you can want from a sign up page. However, a betting limit is always a preferred option to have at this stage. Also, there’s no bank information at this stage, so that must be completed later if you want to play for real money.

One odd complaint is that there’s a statement saying you agree to receive offers via your contact details but no box to untick, as it is standard.

We’re not sure if this means that there’s not an option or whether unticking all of the preferred methods of contact would do it.


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3) What’s the Sportingbet selection on offer?

Sportingbet is both a sports betting site and a casino. In both instances, it offers a great line up of games and online betting options.

Sportingbet Casino

Sportingbet casino games

The casino includes:

  • 8 Jackpots
  • Over 200 Slots games
  • Over 30 Table Games
  • 9 Video Poker games
  • 10 live Casino games

This is a very decent offering from a medium sized site, especially in terms of the live casino. It’s especially good when you consider its main focus is sportsbetting.

There’s also:

  • 10 Scratchcards and
  • Over 60 Slots

They’re all also beautifully laid out and of a very high quality.

Sportingbet Sportsbook

Sportingbet sports betting

As for the sports betting  on offer at Sportingbet, included on the site is:

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • American Football
  • MMA
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Politics
  • Winters sports
  • Baseball
  • Pool
  • Multiples
  • Boxing
  • Rugby League
  • Handball
  • Specials
  • Ice Hockey
  • Virtual Sports

These games, Sportingbet casino and sports betting options are also available on Sportingbet mobile devices.

On the other hand

Sportingbet live casino

Decent though the selection is, there’s no doubt there are sites out there that have more. That’s pretty much the long and short of it.

This isn’t too harsh a critique. You’d expect a site, especially a large site, that is dedicated to casino games (such as Rich Casino or Foxy Casino) to have more options. Many of them do. The same goes with sports: large sites can simply go more obscure with their offerings than Sportingbet can.

However, for the vast, vast majority of players, this will probably be more than enough.

4) Does Sportingbet have a good selection of promotions?

There’s a few sportsbet offers available through Sportingbet.

They differ for sports and casino players.

Sportingbet sportsbet offers:

Sportingbet Football Acca Insurance

Sportingbet sports betting

If you place a five way accumulator (minimum not maximum) and you only lose by one bet, then you will receive a refund of up to £25 from Sportingbet.

The minimum stake here is £5. This also applies to both pre match and in-play bets.

This deal is only available for football bets. These bets must be placed on the same day.

If one or more of the bets falls through, leaving you with less than five bets, then the bet is voided.

This is a simple offer with good value and no complex terms to ruin the fun.


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On the other hand

This is a very common offer used on dozens of sites, with some of them offering a higher maximum than £25.

It’s not a bad maximum, it’s merely average.

Sportingbet Tennis Acca Insurance

Sportingbet sportsbet

Almost identical to the previous Sportingbet sportsbet offer, this has the same terms, such as a minimum of £5, a maximum of £25 and a 5-fold minimum bet. It can also be used pre bet or in-play.

There is a difference here, which is the odds must be 1.25 of higher.

On the other hand

As mentioned, this is very similar to the previous promotion. That was already a fairly common bet and considering this now makes up two thirds of the sport betting offers, it does lack original content.

Sportingbet Cash Out

Sportingbet online betting

Very simply, this means you can request a return on your bet before the bet closes. This way you can either cut your profit when things are going well, or put a break on potential loss.

There is an extensive list of their offer terms that list the type of bets this can be used for.

On the other hand

Very common bet once more, with no big money on offer. This would suit perfectly fine were the selection better.

Sportingbet Casino offers:

Note, there are other Sportingbet offers but these are time sensitive. We will therefore be focusing on those Sportingbet offers which look likely to stick around.

£100 Sportingbet Bonus Bundle

Sportingbet bonus bundle

This is a Sportingbet 100% deposit bonus with a maximum bonus of £50. This means if you bet £10, you would receive a £10 bonus, giving you £20. However, if you bet £30, you would only receive a £20 bonus, making £50.

The minimum you can deposit to receive this Sportingbet bonus is £10.

Then there’s a second Sportingbet bonus.

This is a 200% Sportingbet welcome bonus. The minimum deposit is £10.

Finally, there’s a third Sportingbet bonus.

This is a 300% Sportingbet welcome bonus with a maximum of £30 and a minimum of £10.

Overall, this appears on face value to be a decent offer.

On the other hand

Brace yourself, the Sportingbet wagering requirement is a whopping 50 times, split over three amounts. That’s pretty bad.

What’s worse is there’s a 48 hour time limit on the bonus rendering it useless for most.

That’s it for the Sportingbet bonuses we can discuss on their Sportingbet casino.

The rest are either time sensitive or are simply not offered in the sense of being a promotion.

There are daily offers also available.

Frankly, the overview is quite bleak for the Sportingbet promotions here. The sports offers are decent but unimpressive and uninspired. The Sportingbet casino offers are just plain bad. Their terms are too harsh for them to be considered worthwhile.


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5) Are the Sportingbet bank options decent?

Sportingbet payment methods

There’s a solid amount of deposit and withdrawal options available at Sportingbet.

These include:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Neteller
  • Click2pay
  • Moneybookers
  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • Moneytransfers
  • Paysafecard
  • Ukash
  • Paypal

On the other hand

This is about what you’d expect. It’s a decent selection. It would however be helpful if the site included all this information in a more handy way.

As it stands, the Q&A is quite hard to understand.

6) Is Sportingbet worth signing up to?

Sportingbet online betting

Well, that depends.

If you’re someone who loves big money promotions then no, because you won’t find them here.

However, if you’re looking for a site to simply enjoy a bunch of casino games and decent sporting options, then you shouldn’t be disappointed with Sportingbet.

The site looks great, responds well, is nicely laid out, offers a good selection and is generally a fun, breezy experience.

It’s not the best betting site in the world, but it’s not the worst either.

The public and critics seem to agree with responses on Sportingbet ranking them somewhere slightly above average.

Sportingbet seems like a decent site, but could use some more promotions with better terms.


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