Slots Plus Casino Review

Slots Plus Casino Review

Slots Plus Casino is a well-known online casino brand offering a range of casino games. The site does not offer any sports betting or eSports betting options but does however offer a number of other online betting options. Our in-depth Slots Plus Casino review looks at several of these very closely. We also put several key features through their paces in our Slots Plus Casino test. You can also find out if this is the betting site for you thanks to our honest expert opinions. 

Site Design

There’s no way you can talk about the aesthetic appeal of Slots Plus Casino without talking about the colour purple. Boy is it purple! Not just a little bit of purple like you’ll find on the Jupiter Club Casino design, but purple everywhere. It’s not a subtle shade of purple either: it’s a bright, sickly purple splashed liberally throughout the homepage. The site looks like you’re living inside Barney the Dinosaur. It is genuinely among the ugliest casino sites online.

Slots Plus Casino homepage

Luckily, the whole site doesn’t look this bad. The casino lobby, accessed either through instant play or download, dials the whole appearance back several notches to a much greater result. In fact, the site is really split into these two components: the home landing page and the lobby. This design should have been streamlined much better than it is.

Dual site design

Instead what you end up with here is two web pages that look like different websites giving you the same information. It’s a bizarre way of going about dealing with the logistical design issues that arise with a casino site requiring a software download. Granted, there are worse options: some sites direct you to some god awful mid 90s beta version of the downloadable lobby for the instant play option, but Slots Plus Casino doesn’t get many thumbs up simply for not being the worst possible scenario.

Since this site design is very much split in two, let’s take a look at them separately.

Slots Plus Casino lobby design

The first landing page, which is where you will end up if you Google Slots Plus Casino and click on the top link, is not the bell of the ball looks wise. However, is is actually a pretty darn practical site. Everything is big, bright (sometimes a little too bright) and easy to follow. The page is centred by that garish purple border and the bulk of the site falls within some purple curtains.

Basic site layout

Centered at the top of the screen is the rather basic Slots Plus logo. It looks perfectly fine but is nothing to write home about. It features big bulky letters with some stars at the top. To the sides of the logo is the toolbar. This actually works really well and looks much more streamlined than having a logo hovering at the top of the page with a toolbar below, especially when sites struggle to fill that toolbar.


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On the main toolbar, you will find ‘Free Software’, ‘Promotions’, ‘Preview Games’, ‘Deposit Options’, ‘Fair Play’ and ‘Support’ buttons. These pages are pretty much self explanatory but you might be wondering what Fair Play refers to. This button actually leads to an extremely useful and reassuring page, which goes through the site’s credentials with regards to licensing and gaming providers. It’s not the most thrilling of pages of course. However, it really shows that this site is taking their job seriously and gets a thumbs up, especially considering the lackluster way certain sites go about informing customers of this kind of info (often you’ll have to go on other sites to get any understanding of a gaming sites software providers).

Slots Plus Casino Fair Play page

Stale design elements

All these pages are about as basic as you can get really. Within those purple drapes there only lies text and some very basic, low res game images. There’s no use beating around the bush: this site could use a makeover. The main homepage is a little more handsome, with a fetching casino image to accompany its bonus advertisement and some Looney Tunes-esque font to jazz up the download links.

Below there however, we are back to basics with a few links to details on jackpots, offers, previews and their loyalty program. These are also accompanied by some very simple graphics. Below the page is finished off with some banking options and repetitions of links. The final part is what really irks many about casino designs.

They have an opportunity due to the inherent simplicity of what’s on offer to really streamline their product but instead, as is evident here, they choose to place several links leading to the same place around the page. There’s at least four links here for the lobby, when there really only needs to be one.

Slots Plus Casino homepage footer

Well-designed lobby page

The lobby page is somewhat better. At the very least, it’s not going to induce a headache with its use of purple. There is some of the over-saturated purple shade here, but in a darker tone in the centre box. Even the logo looks better: they’ve shined it up a few notches and added a hint of gold. The look of the lobby is basic but perfectly pleasant. The only strange choice is the border, which splits halfway down from black into white.

Here we have a toolbar, which include slots, specialty games, video poker, table games and progressive, plus an option to search. Below that we have some advertisement for selected games and bonus. It’s very simple but it works and has everything you need.

How to Get Started at Slots Plus Casino

Slots Plus Casino account information registration

We opened an account as part of our Slots Plus Casino test. In order to sign up, you will actually have to move past the landing page and onto the lobby. Why it isn’t on both pages is as big a mystery as the colour scheme. Styled after Facebook, at the top right centre of the screen is the sign up and log on button and here you’ll have to fill in the simplest of any sign up pages.

Picking a username and password

You’ll need a username and a password. Remember to always keep your password safe. Don’t pick something simple or anything you use on any other site, as if one password is compromised, it could become a much bigger pain. If all your passwords are compromised, it’s a disaster.

To avoid this, use a variety of characters, including upper and lower case letters and numbers. Next, enter your gender, e-mail, mobile number (although this is not required), country and your date of birth. You can also un-tick some boxes if you don’t wish to receive information about promotions. As with all casino sites, ensure you don’t double up on information, such as your e-mail address, or you may be penalised.

Slots Plus Casino personal details registration

For the next step, you’ll need to give your first and last name, phone number and address. And that’s all, folks, You will now be registered with Slots Plus Casino. If you haven’t yet downloaded the software, as you can choose to do that when you wish, now would be the best time to do so, along with giving the site your bank details so you can start playing for real money.


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Customer Service

Unfortunately, the customer service at Slots Plus Casino is the subject of more than a few negative Slots Plus Casino opinions. The issue is not that they don’t have enough avenues of support: they come with everything you would expect, such as live chat and e-mail, although there is no phone support. The test response times for both of these was quit long, based on the time of contact during our Slots Plus Casino test.

Slots Plus Casino customer service

The real concern is that there have been reports of several complaints that did not receive a response from operators. This is not to say you will necessarily have trouble dealing with Slots Plus Casino’s staff: the vast majority of customers report no issue but for those that do, the result must be immensely frustrating. Therefore, they receive middling marks with regards to customer service.

Promotions on Offer at Slots Plus Casino

Getting information on the terms and conditions for the offers on this site can be irritating. This was an issue that we came across during our Slots Plus Casino review. Often you’ll click a link assuming it is going to answer your questions, only to find yourself back on the website’s lobby. When you do finally find the page which promises to give you more information, it says it’s “available at the casino”, but when you go to the casino, it is nowhere to be found.

This is an astonishing oversight from any casino site. However, further details can be found within a link named ‘general terms and conditions’ on this page. The information found here is very hit and miss. For the major promotions, such as the welcome bonus, it’s good enough but the smaller promotions will be left up to guesswork as to the details of the bonus.

Slots Plus Casino welcome bonuses

Slots Plus Casino welcome bonus

For the welcome bonus, you can receive a 400% match with a maximum redemption of $10,000 and a minimum deposit of $20. This has a wagering requirement of 50x, which is not very good compared to other sites like  Rich Casino, which have far lower requirements for similar amounts or compared to sites like Rizk Casino, who offer players tempting and generous welcome offers with no strings attached. This bonus can only be redeemed through slots, keno and scratch cards and you don’t need a Slots Plus Casino bonus code.

Other bonus offers

There’s also the 200% Double Match Bonus, which has a minimum deposit of $20 and a maximum bonus of $7000. It has 40x wagering requirements, which once again is quite high.

Finally, there’s the 150% cash back deposit bonus, which has a minimum deposit of $20 and a maximum bonus of $3000. The wagering requirement again is 40x. This increases to a whopping 90x on certain games, such as blackjack, 21 games, video poker and more.

There are also other smaller promotions available. The wagering requirements for these depend on what games you are playing and what level membership you are at. For valid games, i.e. those not listed, the wagering requirements are as follows:

Regular: 40x

Silver: 40x

Gold: 35x

Platinum: 30x

Diamond: 30x

For multi-hand video poker, blackjack, 21 games and video poker, the wagering requirements are as follows:

Regular: 90x

Silver: 80x

Gold: 70x

Platinum: 50x

Diamond: 50x

Live dealer games, progressives, craps, Caribbean hold’em, baccaray, twi card poker, roulette, three card rummy and sic bo are all invalid.

Slots Plus Casino members bonuses

Here some additional offers available at Slots Plus casino.


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Free Trial:

This is redeemed through a coupon from a partner site and includes tickets for slots, keno and scratch tickets.

Weekly Promo:

A $175 dollars bonus or $225 bonus redeemable up to 6 times. There is no concrete information on this promotion, sadly.

Wild Wednesday:

A $300 bonus

Thirsty Thursday:

A $300 bonus

Matchup Monday:

A $200 bonus, redeemable up to 10 times

Cash Back Monday:

A $500 bonus (restrictions apply)

MST Promotion:

A $50 bonus or $75 bonus available twice each day

Freaky Friday:

A $200 bonus available up to 10 times

Thank God It’s Saturday:

A $95 bonus

Super Sunday:

A $150 bonus, redeemable up to 6 times

In addition to the above, you can also take advantage of the following bonuses and promotions at the Slots Plus Casino: 

  • Monthly bonus

  • Season bonus

  • Birthday bonus

  • Anniversary bonus

  • $1000 weekly reward

  • Quick verification program

  • Slots plus loyalty program

  • Refer-a-friend promotion

  • Tournaments

Slots Plus Casino test: Reputation

Gaming Lab certified logo

The Slots Plus Casino test examines the betting operator’s reputation closely. This also includes finding relevant Slots Plus Casino opinions on the web. Despite the issues with the site, there’s no doubt that it is legitimate casino site. It has been around for over a decade and is operated by Mainstreet Vegas Group, which is a very reputable online casino owner with lots of great sites and a long standing good reputation in the industry. It also uses Real Time Gaming software platform: another trustworthy partnership.

However, there can be no getting around the mountain of customer complaints and long series of mediocre Slots Plus Casino review posts across the internet. It also operates from Costa Rica, which gives no protection to players. There have been issues with payment delays and poor customer service, as well as basic design flaws. It may be on the right side of the law but it’s on the wrong side of the consumer.

Withdrawing and Depositing Funds with Slots Plus Casino

Slots Plus Casino deposit methods

Our Slots Plus Casino review examines top banking options at the brand. You can deposit funds using Visa, Mastercard, MST GiftCards, Neteller and by Money Order. The minimum deposit required from Neteller is $10, from MST Giftcards it’s $20, from Visa and Mastercard it’s $25 and from Money Order its $50. The maximum you can deposit from Visa, Mastercard and MST Giftcards is $500. From Neteller, the maximum is $2,5000 and from Money order, it’s $1000. There is no information available on if there is any waiting time on the deposit process.

Slots Plus Casino withdrawal methods

You can withdraw funds using Check via mail, Check via Courier, ACH Direct Deposit, Money Order or Neteller. The minimum you can withdraw from Neteller is $10, from Money Order, ACH Direct Deposit and Check via Regular Mail it’s $100 and from Check via Courier it’s $400. The maximum you can withdraw from Check via Regular Mail is $399.99, from ACH Direct Deposit it’s $1250, from Money Order and Check via Courier it’s $2500 and from Neteller it’s $5000.

There is also no information on processing time for withdrawals either. Considering these can vary widely when it comes to withdrawals, this is yet another example of vital information being made hard to find for the customer.

Slots Plus Casino rating and summary

Slots Plus Casino logo

In summary of our Slots Plus Casino review, lets go through the plus points first. Slots Plus Casino is run by a legitimate company and has excellent software for their games. It has a 24 hour live chat option and other customer service options are available. It also has a massive variety of promotions available and it accepts US players: something many sites do not. All of the above scored well in our Slots Plus Casino test.

Unfortunately, there were a few negatives in our Slots Plus Casino review. Its promotions suffer from a focus on quantity instead of quality. The design is also shockingly bad for a site with such strong affiliations and user opinions on customer service have been dire. Considering its license from Costa Rica leaves players with no protection, this is a huge issue.

Truthfully, if you play on Slots Plus Casino, it is likely that you will enjoy the games and run into no problems. However, in this day and age, that’s not enough to recommend a site. Slots Plus is the embodiment of mediocrity in casino sites. Our overall Slots Plus Casino rating is therefore average at bets. Alternative betting sites that are worth trying include Manhattan Slots, BetBright or 777 Casino.


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