17 Slot Machine Facts and The Top 3 Real Money Online Slot Casinos in the UK

Facts about Slot Machines that Every Gambler Should Know

Slot machines have fascinated punters since their introduction in the gambling industry. Slots and the punters that play their odds dominate the casinos especially since online gambling sites with mobile accessibility became popular. Slot machines have come a long way since being able to play them instantaneously on a smartphone. With this in mind keep reading to learn more intriguing facts about slot machines that every slot lover should know.

Slots actively engage a part of the gambler’s brain while discharging an internal chemical payoff when the punter spins the wheel. With this intention slot machines manipulate the brain’s natural reward system. Slots implement different technologies, features as well as psychological principles to attract punters and influence them. Additionally slot psychology ensures that punters will return and become repeat customers.

Most slots enthusiasts will really appreciate the innovation, design and psychological principles incorporated into slot machines. Even the flashing lights and sounds of coins in slots trigger a chemical reaction in the brain that inherently gives the punter a reward. The addictive quality is not as obvious since the bet is often small as in penny slots. Slot machines may have smaller betting amounts, but even with smaller bets that still have just as large jackpots.


Slots are the most profitable and popular casino game in the United States and Australia. Not to mention that an estimated 70% to 80% of the revenue from United States casinos’ comes from slot machines. Technological advancement has greatly enhanced the types of slots that are available and they’ve made games more exciting and entertaining. 

It’s thought that the origins of slot machines come from an American named Charles Fey. Fey invented the Liberty Bell slot machine and the payout was fifty cents at the time. The Liberty Bell Slot featured three reels and five symbols: a horseshoe, a heart, a diamond, a spade and a liberty bell. However, another contender debates that Fey is in fact the founder of the slot machine.

Although this may be true, then what comes in question is if Fey developed his machine in 1887 or 1895. Because in 1891, two men named Sittman and Pitt created poker slot machines. They only used 50 cards which featured on five spinning drums. It would display a five-card poker hand for every spin. The similarity of these two slot games was that the punters inserted a coin and won a jackpot based on the result of the spin.


The defining difference between these two early slot machines was not the type of game rather it was that the Liberty Bell had a mechanism that automatically dispensed coins depending on the result of the spin. On the other hand, the poker slot machines developed by Sittman and Pitt did not have this feature. Features make and break slot machines. This pivotal difference increased the popularity of the Liberty Bell. Both slot machines were mass produced and installed in saloons and bars however it was the Liberty Bell slot machine that really sparked the fire of slots.



  • Penny slots are the largest source of income for most casinos. Despite some punters betting large amounts, most punters bet small amounts which adds up big for the betting industry at large. Although it’s true that you win large jackpots when you make large bets, the amount of money a punter wagers on slot machines does not have any effect on whether the slot machine will pay out a prize.
  • FACT: Las Vegas is the most densely populated with slot machines. There’s one slot machine for every eight people living in the city!
  • FACT: Japan has the most slot machines in the world. There is approximately one slot machine for every 27 people in Japan!    
  • The largest slot jackpot in gambling history was a whopping $39.7 million and it was won at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. A  25-year-old software engineer bet $100 in a slot machine and won big. Read more about punters that defied a stacked house and won big in the gambling industry.


  • Slot machine punters are not in the game to win as much as they  in it because they like how slots takes them into the ‘Zone.’ The ‘Zone’ is a state-of-mind like zen and athletes find the zone when running too. While the zone is beneficial creating a pleasant stress-free distraction that’s entertaining, it can also affect a punter’s long term decision making when a gambler doesn’t know when to walk away. Learn more about the signs of problem gambling and avoid risky behaviors. 
  • Did you know that the average physical slot machine has an average of 1,200 individual parts? Slot machines have come a long way in its evolution. Nowadays, real money slot machines are available online and they’re far better than slots in land-based casino. For example, the online slots have state-of-the-art graphics and sound effects.

  • When you’re playing for actual cash online, you’re set up to experience some of the best payback percentages in the gambling industry. Expenses in online casinos are lower than a land-based casino. The casinos use these savings and offer them in return to their customers. Which in turn profits with far better return on investment in the form of a better payback percentage for punters.
  • Slot machines can weigh up to 127 KG. But nowadays technology is getting more lighter, expensive and high-tech. Gone are the days of heavy slot machine equipment. Now is the time where a slot machine can fit in your pocket as punters can easily be played on a smartphone. Curious to read more about the cutting-edge technology on the forefront of the gambling industry then the time is now.


  • The iconic bar symbol best known from slot machines originates from the Bell Fruit Gum company.  In the 1900’s, Herbert Mills in Chicago created slot machines that actually dispensed gum. The fruit symbols on the iconic slot bar are the actual symbols for the gum flavours that were available from the Bell Fruit Gum company!
  • Blank spots on the slot’s reels are also referred to as “ghosts.”
  • There are two types of jackpots in slot machines. The progressive jackpot increases with a percentage of the bet placed by each punter until someone wins it. On the other hand, the flat top jackpot has a maximum that it can payout.
  • It’s a gambling myth that machines closer to the entrance at a land based casino payout more often than those in other sections of the casino. Similarly the misconception that slot machines payout better during certain times of day is also false. Lastly, whether or not a punter pulls the handle or presses a button also has no effect on the likelihood of winning.

  • Most Slot Machine Games Pay Back Over 90% of the Money Players Bet

  • The expression ‘one armed bandit’ originated from describing shady characters that manipulated early slot machines. The phrase also came to be used to describe the slot machines themselves.
  • Super Big Bertha was the largest slot machine ever. In the 1950’s, the dimensions of the Super Big Bertha slot machine was at two meters wide and 2.5 meters high. The total cost of the Super Big Bertha was the equivalent of $1.2 million dollars.
  •  Slot machines offer scientifically documented benefits. Any stress-reducing activity causes your body to release fewer stress hormones. Which in turn reduces stress overall which is healthy. Make a plan to spend no more than one hour on playing slot machines, whether you’re playing in a land-based casino or on a online. Take a break and do something else, it’s wiser to enjoy gambling for entertainment then have it become all consuming.

TOP 3 UK Slot Sites and where to Play with Real Money


William Hill Casino is one of the longest standing as well as one of the most prominent and most trusted casino names in the gambling industry. Its immaculate game selection with over 700 casino games is arguably one of the most distinguishing features that sets it apart of other online casino sites. Under the ‘casino’ tab, there are an excess of Playtech Slots. The most popular slot machines at William Hill are Beach Life and Gladiator Jackpot.


2. 888 Casino

In 1997, 888 Casino established itself and to date it’s one of the longest standing and most trusted online casinos. In regards to its popularity, over 25 million members and a multitude of industry awards can’t be wrong. With over 170 casino games,  888 Casino is all about giving the its slot lovers the ultimate user experience with nearly 30 jackpot slot machines.

Probably one of the most well known slot machines at 888 Casino is the Millionaire Genie with a jackpot that reaches into millions. 888 offers classic slots as well as video slots with a variety of themes to choose from. Including and not limited to movie themed slot machines for instance, The Big Lebowski, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and South Park. 


Launched in 2006, Betway Casino offers slots, sports betting, poker, bingo and online casino games. With over 400 slot machines, Betway offers both video slots and classic three-reel versions. The biggest winning slot machines include: LotsALoot, Mega Moolah and Major Millions. They have original slot machines like Avalon, Thunderstruck and Immortal Romance. They also have well known names, for example, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones.