7 Questions To Shine A Spotlight On Shadow Bet Casino

Today we’ll be taking a look at the rather mysteriously titled Shadow Bet Casino to see what mysteries lie beneath. In all seriousness, it’s nice to see a site actually attempt some kind of individual personality in the vain of All British Casino, even if it does end up coming across as hokey.


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We’re not saying that this will be the case for Shadow Bet. We haven’t even started the review yet! All we’re saying is it’s better for a site to have a half realised sense of style and direction rather than simply following a genetic style and getting lost in the crowd.

ShadowBet casino banner

Not that all minimalistic and stripped back gaming sites are bad. William Hill, for example is terrific, even with its more straightforward looks. However, what we’re saying is… there’s a lot of them.

However, having a theme of sorts and a distinct style does not mean you’ve got a great site. It’s just a nice jumping off point. Shadow Bet is a lesser known gaming site, which means people are a touch more wary about signing up. And that’s understandable. When you sign up to a site like William Hill or Ladbrokes for example, you more or less know that you’re getting at the very least a solid product.

So why bother with the smaller sites? Well, we’re happy to say that in many of our extensive reviews, we’ve discovered some fantastic lesser known operators. Sure, we’ve also come across sites that more than deserve their obscurity. But there are many others that are actually hidden gems.

Shadow Bet advert

Manhattan Slots is one that always stands out as a casino site that isn’t a household name on the level of other excellent big hitters like Royal Panda Casino or BGO. But it probably should be. And they have a loyal fan base, including a place in our top five all time casino sites to prove it.

You never know whether you’re going to find a diamond in the rough. To find out if that’s the case with Shadow Bet, we’ll be taking a look in all the nooks and crannies to see what good and points we can pull out.

That’s because here at Betting Sites Comparison, we pride ourselves on keeping things as objective as possible. In order to do so, we’ll be dedicating a section to both the positives and negatives of each site element we take a look at.

Shadow Bet mobile

Sometimes there’s nothing bad or good to say, in which case we just move on. But usually, there’s two sides to every story and a good and a bad way of looking at things. Some of that we can all agree on. For example, every player would prefer a site that offers them good customer service for example, But something like the general direction and personality of site, may be a tad more subjective.

That’s why we always recommend that you make sure to check the site out for yourself before making any final decisions. While you’re at it, it’s probably a good idea to check out some of their competition as well just to see if the grass is greener anywhere else. Trust us, there’s plenty of great competition out there and you never know what might take your fancy. You’ve got plenty of room to be picky.

With that out of the way, let’s crack on with seeing exactly what makes Shadow Bet worthy of your time and hard earned money.

  1. So what exactly is on offer at Shadow Bet?

Shadow Bet game selection

Well, this is a casino exclusive site and it is exactly what it sounds like. Here you’ll only find casino games: no sports betting. So, if sports betting is what you’re looking for, then feel free to check out one of our many other site reviews under betting operators. There we take a look at everything from Racebets to BetFred to help you discover your perfect online sportsbook.

Still here? Wonderful.

Why consider a casino exclusive site?

In that case, we must assume that you have no interest in sports betting. Or you may already be signed up to an all in one site and find that the casino side of things is lacking somewhat. An all in one betting site is an online operator that offers a minimum of a casino and sports betting options. For many smaller all in one sites, it is often the case that the casino comes across as a bit of an afterthought. 

If you’re the latter and are already signed up to an all in one site you are happy with, you might be wondering why you should bother signing up to a casino exclusive site too. Surely even if you only want the casino side of things, having those extras can’t hurt. Plus, they tend to be the bigger and more well known brands, right?

Shadow Bet slot games

Well, that’s true in a way but we’ve found plenty of casino exclusive sites that more than outperform most of their all in one counterparts. Many of them have an added focus, which seems to end up with them offering a better product. Nowhere is that felt more than with their site design. Even the more conservative picks, like Mansion Casino or Rich Casino tend to have a touch more style about them.

They often have the fun factor that others don’t. And after all, isn’t that why we’re here? We all want to enjoy ourselves, play a few games and hopefully win a few bucks.


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Shadow Bet’s gaming selection

In terms of what’s available at Shadow Bet, it’s pretty much everything you would expect. They offer table games, video slots, the works. What really matters is who is creating these games though, as that is the best indication of their quality.

Happily for Shadow Bet, they have a great selection of differing software developers. These include the big hitters, like Betsoft, MicroGaming, Nextgen Gaming and Play’n Go. This not only means that you’re likely to get a great selection of games, but it also ensures a great variety that you’ll rarely find elsewhere. All in all, it’s a pretty decent line up.

Shadow Bet live casino

They also have a live casino and better yet, it’s not treated as an afterthought. There’s a terrific selection here ,which is always the sign of a casino site that’s worth your attention.

Shadow Bet even have a pretty nice choice of bingo games. These can be found in the ‘other’ part of their gaming library. It might not be Foxy Casino, but it’s a nice little touch. Attention to detail is always appreciated.

On the other hand

The only thing that’s really missing from Shadow Bet’s gaming selection is poker from its table games selection. We’re not expecting Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars levels of variety here. But a few poker options would have been nice.

Overall though, apart from that, we’ve got few complaints. High marks to start out.

  1. Is the Shadow Bet site well designed?

Shadow Bet site design

Here, we come to something that’s a little tougher to fairly objectively analyse. At least in terms of style and general direction, which generally comes down to what you personally prefer. Of course, some designs are more popular than others, but you’ll always find someone who prefers a doodle over the Mona Lisa.

What we can say is that technically speaking, Shadow Bet is an excellent site. It works smoothly and is really beautifully laid out. In fact, this is one of the few betting sites that really messes with the layout you’ve come to expect. They turn the main toolbar on the side, thereby opening up more room on the rest of the page. This space conscious work is also shown in its use of boxes instead of other pages. It all feels like an interconnected  main hub and it improves the fluidity of the site no end.

Looks wise, we think many people will be impressed by it too. Another great site that is comparable to Shadow Bet in terms of design is probably the excellent Rizk Casino, although Rizk went in a much lighter direction with their aesthetic. Shadow Bet’s theme does works well though. That’s because it gives the slight sense of danger people will like, without ever falling too much into gothic territory.

On the other hand

Shadow Bet games

We cannot fault Shadow Bet technically or even in terms of layout. It’s all meticulously done. Having said that though, there’s no doubt that any heavily themed site will find itself with as many detractors as it does fans. This doesn’t mean there’s anything necessarily wrong with the design. Far from it.

However, some people just like their sites to be a touch more colourful. Whether Shadow Bet is the site for you is completely down to what you like as an individual. That’s why we always recommend to check the site out for yourself. If you’re not a massive fan of it, then you can always check out some others that might be more in keeping with your tastes.

We also have plenty of other reviews under our casino link at the right of your screen. This is a greta place if you want to get started on our online casino search.

  1. What about the safety of the site? Are Shadow Bet licensed and is my data safe there?

SSL encryption

Shadow Bet are licensed by Malta, Curacao and the UK Gaming Commission. This should therefore assure you that they are a completely legitimate operation.

Also, like all good sites, they utilise SSL encryption. This is the industry standard for ensuring that third parties cannot access important financial and personal data. Rest assured that your information will be kept secure when you enter it into the Shadow Bet website. 


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On the other hand

We have nothing further to add here. Shadow Bet ticks all the boxes when it comes to security and legitimacy. We can’t fault them on this point. 

  1. Do Shadow Bet have any decent promotions?

At the time of writing, Shadow Bet have three promotions available on their site. This is a touch on the short side but we’ve seen worse. Plus, as we always say, it’s about the quality not the quantity. One good promotion is worth a dozen of bad ones. 

So let’s take a look at the Shadow Bet promotions:

  • Welcome Bonus:
    Shadow Bet welcome bonusGet up to €1000 in total with 200 free spins. This bonus will give you up to €100 and 200 free spins on your first deposit with a 100% bonus. You’ll then get up to €400 with a 50% bonus on your second deposit and finally, with your third deposit, you can receive up to €500 with a 25% bonus.

  • Bet You Can’t Lose:
    Shadow Bet bet you can't lose bonusEvery Tuesday, your first bet is risk free.

  • Happy Hour:
    Shadow Bet happy hourEvery Wednesday, everyone playing on the Shadow Bet site gets 10 free spins if they have made a deposit that week.

Sure, it’s a simple set of promotions. But it is also a selection that are all easy to understand and each promotion adds a bit of value to your game.

On the other hand

While the latter two promotions appear to be pretty simple when looking at their terms and conditions, the welcome bonus is of course a different story. This has a wagering requirement of 35 times. That is pretty decent for a 100% bonus but this percentage rapidly drops with each deposit, making it less valuable with each deposit you make.

  1. Do they have a decent reputation?

Shadow Bet reputation

In terms of critical response, their reputation is overwhelmingly good. Some reviews are better than others though, with some rating them average while others consider them excellent. However, there’s little doubting that there’s more positive than negative.

On the other hand

Unfortunately, there are very few responses from customer. However, from what we could find, the customer feedback was also more positive than negative. It wasn’ quite as good as what we’ve seen from the critics, but that’s pretty common for most betting sites.

  1. So what do we think about Shadow Bet?

Shadow Bet logo

We really hoped when we first took a look at Shadow Bet that this was a site we’d really enjoy. Happily, we weren’t disappointed. 

There’s substance to go with this style. We think plenty of people will appreciate their unique offering.


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