Are Scotbet Really Flying The Flag For Scotland’s Betting Market?

In today’s review, we’ll be taking a long look into the world of the Scotbet site. This is an all in one betting site. That means that, at the very least, it includes both a sportsbook and a casino option. Some all in one betting sites offer more in terms of variety, but not all are made equal after all.

With the online betting market growing bigger and faster than ever before, now is the best time to sign up to a site. There’s much more variety out there to enjoy than ever before. You can pick and choose between everything from mainstream juggernauts, like William Hill and Ladbrokes to the lesser known sites, such as Rizk Casino or Royal Panda Casino.

ScotBet advert

Even niche sites, such as  Punchbets and BlitzFantasy are popping up. In this case, the former has a focus on MMA while the later offers a more e-sports centred product.

In many ways, this is a great thing. That’s because the more competition there is, the more it drives sites to offer a superior product to attract customers. Hence why there are so many great online operators out there that are vying for your attention. However, this isn’t always the case. There are always bad or untrustworthy operators lurking around as well.

The problem with having so much to choose from though is that finding out which site is best for you can seem a little overwhelming at first.

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Luckily, we’re here to help with our always fair and objective reviews. How do we keep them that way? Well, for each part of the site we look at, we’ll be assessing both the strengths and weaknesses. That way, you won’t get just one side of the story. We strive to keep you as well informed as we can. After all, we want it to be as simple and straightforward as possible to find your perfect online betting home.

Now we’ve covered all that, let’s get a move on then. It’s time to check out whether Scotbet is worthy of your time and your hard earned money.

  1. Is the Scotbet site well designed?

Scotbet site design

We’ll start off with what we can say for sure. Objectively, the better a site operates, the easier and more enjoyable experience players will have using it. Luckily, we’ve found no issues whatsoever. So in a technical sense, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about with the Scotbet site.

In terms of the site structure, in other words how it is laid out, we don’t think many customers will have anything to complain about either. Finding your way around the site is as easy as it could be. It’s put together simply. But in terms of ease of use, that’s actually one of its strengths. Everything is easy to find, with all the sections of the site clearly labelled across the top toolbar. 

The style of the Scotbet site

Now, let’s move onto the more aesthetic side of the site design. We understand that this is something that comes down to your personal tastes. You might be someone who prefers more traditional site designs, like that of Virgin Casino and Sportsbook. Or you might want something a little flashier and more colourful, such as BetPhoenix for example. 

We can’t say concretely whether a site is good looking or not. That’s because different players will have different preferences for a site’s colour, theme and personality. What we can do though is suggest reasons for both why customers may like or dislike the Scotbet design.

Scotbet casino

If you want to find out whether you agree with our assessment or not, we advise that you check out the site yourself. It is also a good idea to spend some time looking at a few of its rivals. This way, you can see if the grass might be greener elsewhere. It’s the best way to make sure you’re making the right choice for you.

Scotbet is pretty conservative design wise. In fact, with its dark navy colour scheme and stripped back layout, it is verging on the dull. However, these more simple design styes are proving extremely popular. Mr Green Casino and Sportsbook and William Hill don’t need to revolutionise the betting site formula to gain massive followings. 

It also benefits from a dash of colour, thanks to the yellow of its logo. We therefore think that most players will have little to complain about in this regard.

On the other hand

Like we said, it is a very minimalistic site design. This is a direction we don’t think everyone will be too thrilled about. Scotbet are certainly not going to be competing with the likes of All British Casino anytime soon in terms of personality. 

Scotbet lotto page

The issue with sites that play it safe design wise is that, while they might not offend anyone, they’re also not very likely to inspire many people either. We do however think that this issue is a little sidestepped, as its use of colour does help somewhat.

The more modern designs are usually found in casino exclusive sites, like Rizk Casino and PlayFrank. But we’d like to see a bit more variety in the all in one market and we think a lot of customers would too. We don’t think that Scotbet has much chance of repulsing many people. We just think there will be many who will considered it unmemorable.

  1. So what exactly is available on the Scotbet site?

Scotbet sportsbetting

Like we said, this is an all in one site. So that means we’ve got at a bare minimum of a sportsbook and a casino to work with.

To be more specific, these are the following sports that are available on the Scotbet site at the time of writing: 

  • Specials
  • Horse Racing
  • Future Horse Racing
  • Greyhounds
  • Football: Matches, Outrights, Specials
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Darts
  • Snooker/Pool
  • Motor Sports
  • Boxing / MMA
  • Basketball / Netball
  • NFL
  • Novelty / TV

While it’s not the most extensive list of sports options we’ve ever seen, we do think there will be plenty there to keep the majority of sports fans happy. We also appreciate the inclusion of lesser known sports, such as darts and snooker. Along with the novelty and TV betting options, this helps to keep Scotbet’s sportbook looking a little more competitive. 

On the casino side of things, you have all the usual suspects. These include slots, table games, card games and jackpots. These are available along with branded titles and live casino games.

Scotbet casino games

If that wasn’t enough to keep you busy, Scotbet also offers a dedicated In-play section. This features football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, ice hokey and snooker options. Rather unusually, there is also a Lotto page on Scotbet. Here you can play on a variety of different lottery games from across the globe. This is a plus and something that we don’t usually see from even the most popular all in one sites.

On the other hand

Unfortunately, even with the appreciated additions of in-play and lotto, that’s nowhere near the level of variety in sports you can find on the major players in the online betting world. Quite frankly, it is even lagging behind some of its smaller competitors. The lack of e-sports and live betting is a bit of a dissapointment. 

Furthermore, the casino selection is also lacking somewhat. While other all in one sites will have hundreds of slot and table game titles to choose from, Scotbet has a more limited variety. Whereas many other operators have a whole section of their site dedicated to the live casino for example, Scotbet hides it away amongst the rest of the casino games. And once there, you will only find three games to choose from: blackjack, roulette and baccarat. 

Scotbet live casino

Bingo would have also been a nice addition. Sites like BGO and Foxy Casino are proving the growing popularity of this market. It seems odd for Scotbet to offer something as niche as lotto but overlook the prime opportunity that bingo has to offer.

  1. Are there any promotions available at Scotbet?

If Scotbet were lagging behind their competition in terms of their site design and betting selection, then promotions is the hurdle that they finally fell on.

Scotbet free bet rules

We couldn’t find any promotions on the entire Scotbet website. There are no dedicated pages for their promotions and no advertisements for bonuses on the homepage. All we were able to find were some terms and conditions for a Freebet bonus. This stated that Scotbet do not have a standard opening account offer. Instead, they advertise a free bet promotion that is linked to a promotional code. 

This applies to the first bet only and must be a stake of at least £5. Accounts that use Skrill as a deposit method are not eligible for this offer. The free bet can also not be placed on Games, Casino or Poker. 

We also found evidence that Scotbet did run a Bet £10, Get £10 bonus to all new players. However, this has expired and we could find no indication that any freebet promotions were running at the time of writing.

On the other hand

This is obviously a massive dissapointment. Some players don’t put too much value on a site’s promotions. However, even the smallest fish in the online betting pond tend to offer at least one bonus. This is a real shame. 

4. What customer service options are available at Scotbet?

Scotbet customer services

There are a few options if you ever need to get in touch with the Scotbet customer service team. These include a freephone and an international telephone number. Alongside this, you can contact them via email or write to them at their postal address.

On the other hand

Scotbet are missing that all important live chat feature. As the online betting world gets more and more competitive, players are expecting to be able to resolve their issues instantly. Not having a live chat option available seriously puts Scotbet at a disadvantage. 

What’s worse though is just how limited Scotbet’s customer support hours are. According to their website, their customer service is available from 9am to 5pm on Monday to Saturday and 10am to 5pm on Sunday. Unfortunately, players can encounter issues at any time, whether it’s late in the evening or in the early hours of the morning.

With other betting sites offering round the clock assistance, this is just sadly another area where Scotbet are a let down.

5. What about all the security issues? Do they have a license and is my data protected?

UK gambling commission

As you may have been able to guess from their name, Scotbet are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This means they are above board and completely legitimate. 

But what about all your sensitive personal and financial information? Is that secure on the Scotbet website? 

Well, according to their privacy policy, Scotbet claim to have various security procedures, such as firewalls, in place. They claim these are monitored and updated regularly. On top of this, they claim that all your information is kept confidential from third parties.

On the other hand

While we assume that it is in use on the Scotbet website, there is no mention of SSL encryption anywhere in their privacy policy. This is the industry standard for protecting your personal data. Simply stating if they use SSL encryption would have put our mind at ease. 

As it stands though, their vague privacy policy is a little disheartening. 

6. So what is our final verdict on Scotbet?

Scotbet logo

Scotbet are a site that promise so much with their “Scotland’s Largest Bookmaking Company” slogan. However, Scotland must be seriously lacking when it comes to bookmakers because unfortunately, Scotbet has left a rather sour taste in our mouths. 

They fail to impress initially with their rather simple design style and lacklustre betting selection. Unique additions, such as lotto, bring our hopes back up… only for a complete lack of any promotions to knock us back down again. That, coupled with their limited customer support and limited onsite information means that overall, we found Scotbet to be a frustrating site to deal with. 

They clearly have potential and we are hopeful that Scotbet will fill in these cracks in the future to do Scotland proud as their flagship betting site.