Get to Grips with the Redbet Online Casino and Sportsbook

Looking for a new betting site, sportsbook and/or casino? Or perhaps you’ve never used one of these sites before and want to give it a try.


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One of the main issues you’ll probably find, whether either of these rings true for you, is right now, there’s an absolute swamp of betting sites out there. These vary from great to good to ones you’ll want to avoid entirely.

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If you’re looking at sportsbook and casinos, there’s a terrific selection for you to pick from. Some of the bigger names out there include the likes of Betway, Betfair, Ladbrokes and Mr Green Sportsbook and Casino. These online operators and many more really do live up their reputation. There’s also dozens of lesser known sites, such as TLCbet, Betclic, Digibet and more that offer a fantastic hub of great gaming titles.

On the casino exclusive side of things, you’ve got big hitters like Royal Panda Casino, Foxy Casino and Grosvenor Casino, alongside lesser known sites, such as Las Vegas USA Casino, Comeon and the terrific Manhattan Slots.

In this review, we’ll be taking an honest look at Redbet: a sportsbook and casino site. When evaluating its value, we’ll be considering its place in the market, as well as the quality of the competition mentioned above and much more. We’ll also be including thoughts on customer service, sports and casino variety, quality of promotions, reliability and reputation, among other things.

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With all the choice that’s out there, we know how hard it is to make a decision as to what site best suits your tastes and your needs. We therefore want to give you the most in depth look possible.

In order to get to know this site properly, we would advise that you spend a little time looking around it for yourself before making any final decisions. We’d also recommend checking out some of their competition. A few of the casinos we mentioned are a good place to start but there’s plenty more available on our archives that should give you a good overview of the betting scene.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most important things to consider when deciding whether Redbet is right for you.

  1. Does the Redbet site look good and is it easy to use?

Redbet homepage

A site’s design is the first thing that should strike you when you enter the homepage. Its style may not matter as much as say, its trustworthiness, but a good personality can really improve your experience.

With so much out there, you can afford to be picky. Naturally, this is a question of taste but Redbet’s red, black and white colour scheme is well set out is unlikely to offend many. We imagine this site appearance will gain the operator a lot of fans. It’s simple, fun and it works.

Structurally, the site looks good and is very easy to use. Its casino in particular looks very nice and is implemented far better than other lesser known sites (in the west at least), such as Dafabet or even casino specific sites like Jupiter Club. This makes browsing the games and playing so effortlessly simple. 

Redbet casino

On the other hand

There’s not much we can say in terms of serious criticism of the Redbet site design. It looks great and hits a nice sweet spot where it has a personality but not one which gets in the way of the core site experience.

We should remind you to bear in mind though that everyone has different tastes and this therefore won’t appeal to everyone who clicks on the website. It’s certainly not breaking any moulds in the way that a site such as Rizk Casino is. Despite this though, overall, Redbet still shows a terrific effort in terms of its site design and navigation.


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  1. So what exactly does Redbet have to offer me?

Redbet is both a sportsbook and casino site. However, its sportsbook offering will not be  up and running until Winter, according to the information available at the time of writing. This means that, depending on when you read this review, you’ll either have to wait a little longer or you’ll be able to utilise the new sportsbook facilities at Redbet.

Redbet sportsbook

With that said, let’s focus on what is currently available on the site at the time of writing. Quite simply, Redbet boasts an excellent casino. If this site decided to drop the sportsbook they’re working on and focus solely on casino games, they’d still have good enough software to give a decent product for the foreseeable future.

The Redbet casino use the highly acclaimed Net Entertainment software for their instant play casinos. They have a great selection of table and virtual games, with an incredible slot selection, good titles and a variety of video poker. There’s no doubting that what Redbet really excel at is slot games but they’re pretty great in other areas as well.

Their live casino is also incredibly extensive, with multiple options for pretty much any live casino game you could want.

Redbet live casino

On the other hand

Put simply, right now Redbet is a very good casino site and nothing else. They’re moving into sports and, as that’s how their advertising themselves, we’ll consider them a sportsbook and casino for the purposes of this review.

However, for practical purposes, right now they are solely a casino. We cannot judge their sportsbook because it doesn’t exist yet. They also have a poker page that they are also working on. This is due to arrive at the same time as the sportsbook.

Redbet doesn’t offer anything particularly innovative like Blitzfantasy or Bitstarz, among other more out there sites, but what it does so far, it does well. We are optimistic that this dedication will extend into their sportsbook offering and they will only excel in the future. 

  1. Are they trustworthy and do they have a good reputation?

The short answer is yes.

COMODO SSL encryption

The long answer is that they are protected by SSL encrrption created COMODO, which is a highly respected and industry leading online security company. In essence, this means that your sensitive data is under electronic lock and key, protecting everything from your address to your bank details. 

All of the games available on Redbet are audited by SKL and are provably fair and random. Also, they appear to have a good to great reputation among most customers and critics that we’ve come across.

On the other hand

That’s not to say that every response regarding Redbet is excellent. Unfortunately, there are some that have expressed displeasure with the site for a number of reasons. They do however, appear to be in a minority and this is not unusual when it comes to online game operators. Even the biggest and best in the industry will inevitably have a small number of complaints against them. Therefore, we are still happy to give Redbet a thumbs up on this point. 


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  1. Do they have good customer service?

Redbet contact

As you might expect from a site that has garnered such positive response from their players, Redbet’s customer service is also up to scratch.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions or complaints, you can send Redbet’s customer support an email, call them or talk to them via live chat. There’s also an extensive FAQ section and the general response to their service is overwhelmingly positive.

On the other hand

Much like their reputation, you can’t please everyone all the time. All we can say is to reiterate that there does appear to be a minority of complaints regarding Redbet. However, once again, the vast majority of customers and critics do seem pleased in regards to their service.

Redbet live chat

Our experience with Redbet’s customer service was also positive, with helpful staff and a fast response. Therefore, we are happy to set your minds at ease and say that Redbet are more than satisfactory when it comes to their support. 

  1. What promotions do they have to offer?

At the time of writing, there are three promotions available at Redbet. These include the following:

  • Welcome Bonus:
    Redbet welcome bonus
    This is split over three welcome bonuses, which offers the potential to land you a total of £1000. For the first deposit, you’ll receive a £100 bonus and 100 free spins for the Warlords slot game up to £100. For the second deposit, you’ll receive a 50% deposit up to £400 alongside 100 free spins for the Starburst slot game. Finally, for the third deposit, you’ll receive a 25% bonus up to £500 plus 50 free spins for the Gonzo’s Quest slot game.
  • Prize Pot Thursday:
    Redbet Prize Pot Thursday
    Win 8 times in a row on a Thursday on adventurous slots and you will win a prize pot. For reference, the prize pot stands at £2250 at the time of writing. Every week there is no winner, £250 will be added to the prize fund.
  • March Madness:
    Redbet Super Sunday
    Go through a series of games beginning with a £25 pound bet in Aloha. If you win, you’ll receive an SMS directing you to the next “battle”. If you receive ten magical stones, you’ll bag yourself a £500 cash victory.

On the other hand

Due to March Madness being a time sensitive bonus, we’ve only included it in this review to give you an example of potential bets you may find on the site. We’ve therefore decided to not go into too much detail about its terms and conditions. However, we would say that it deserves points for creativity and the site should really use that spark as inspiration for future offers.

That being said, that leaves us a measly two promotions. Not only that, a 35 x wagering requirement on both makes them at best mediocre and at worst a waste of time. For a 100% bonus, a 35 times wagering requirement is reasonable but it starts to become much less attractive when the offer drops to 25%. For most, only that first bonus will have the potential to be worthwhile.

As for the cash prize promotion, having to win eight games in a row is quite a task as it is. For Redbet to then drop that wagering requirement on top of that means it will not appeal to many due to harsh and convoluted terms. Also the minimum bet for the welcome bonus is £20, which is double what is usually asked.

This is a very disappointing showing overall. With these two permanent promotions, it doesn’t appear that Redbet can stay competitive with so many other casino sites offering so many more tempting promotions and bonuses. If you aren’t that fussed about bonuses then this shouldn’t be much of an issue for you. But with so many other operators offering more sweeteners to their customers, it may be hard not to be enticed away. 

  1. What is the overall view of Redbet?

Redbet logo

It’s hard to come to an overall conclusion for Redbet. This is essentially because their site is basically a work in progress at this moment in time. Their casino as a pure product is terrific and if their incoming sportsbook and poker pages can live up to that standard, then you’re going to have an amazing all around site.

If you’re just interested in the casino side of things then it’s definitely worth checking out the Redbet site, just as long as you’re not a big lover of promotions. That’s the only major downfall of this site and they really do drop the ball there. It’s almost jarring to see something that disappointing on Redbet because they excel at so much else.

As for the future, watch this space. We believe that Redbet really does have the potential to become a truly special betting site.


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