12 Poker Facts Every Player Should Know and The Top 3 UK Online Poker Sites

Interesting Poker Facts That Every Punter Should Know

Poker is one of the oldest forms of gambling. Alike its many cards, the facts behind its history, present and future are numerous. Over 200 years old and continually evolving with the times, it’s arguably the most popular casino game in the gambling industry. Gamblers delight in playing the odds in search of lady luck and her bountiful jackpot.

Poker is suspected to have evolved from both Dominoes and ranked card combinations. It’s thought that in 969 A.D. Emperor Mu-Tsung reportedly played domino cards with his wife. The origins of poker come about in New Orleans during the early 19th century.

Back then, punters used small objects as chips and games were played with just 20 cards and four punters. Eventually the game became the version that is known today by 1834. At which time, 52 cards were used and thereafter mass-produced chips were produced. Today Texas Hold ‘Em is one of the most popular forms of poker, yet there are still many different modern formats like tilt poker which continue to spark punter’s curiosity.

Nowadays with televised tournaments and online casinos, playing casino games has reached an exciting new level of user-experience. The world wide web permits an instantaneous ability to achieve a jackpot though a wide array of online poker games without having to drive to a casino. Therefore, with accessibility like it has never been before the poker market is expected to continue to grow to $56 billion by 2018. 

We cannot change the cards we’re dealt just how we play the hand. -Randy Pausch 

Watching poker became a spectatorship sport in 1995 when Henry Orenstein patented the “hole cam.” This essentially allowed audiences to sneak a peek at a punter’s face-down, or “hole” cards. In 1999, the hole cam made its debut on LATE NIGHT POKER which aired on the British Channel 4 program. Thereafter it was used in ESPN’s broadcast of the 2002 World Series of Poker as well as on the Travel Channel’s World Poker Tour in 2003. This cutting-edge technology advanced poker into the next level of spectatorship.

The recent rise in popularity of online poker is a result of it being recently accepted  as a sport. This mainstream acceptance is partly a consequence of conditioning from increased media coverage of high-stakes tournaments. For example, various weekly tournaments on the World Poker Tour and the 2003 World Series of Poker. ESPN together with The Travel Channel offer televised coverage of tournaments and other broadcast networks quickly caught onto the trend. For instance, the BRAVO network and Fox Sports Net soon followed suit covering televised poker tournaments too.


In regards to televised tournaments, not only can punters watch, but they also have the chance to participate. At the 2003 World Series of Poker, there’s traditionally a $10,000 entrance fee which may dissuade most from playing. However PokerStars.com offered the unique opportunity to win a spot in the tournament on their website.

By playing in a “satellite” tournament at PokerStars on a $39  buy-in, a 27-year-old accountant named Chris Moneymaker went on to win big. He won the $2.5 million first prize despite the fact that the 2003 WSP was his first “live” tournament. Since 2003, this rags-to-riches story continues to inspire gamblers and it has in fact been coined, “the Moneymaker effect.”

Between Moneymaker’s 2003 win and the hole cam, this incited the number of entrants in the World Series to grow exponentially. The amount of entrants went from from 839 that year to 2,576 the next year and then to 5,619 the year after that. Casinos that had planned to close began building bigger and better. For this reason, Nevada poker revenue increased from $68 million in 2003 to $98.8 million in 2004. It continued to accelerate all the way up to a peak revenue of $168 million in 2007. 


  • 8 and a half year Poker Game!

The longest ever poker game lasted over 8 years and it took place at The Bird Cage Theatre in Arizona. It supposedly began in 1881 and proceeded to continue a harrowing eight years, five months and three days before its completion when the game ended after the building became flooded. The Bird Cage Theatre claims that the game had a $1000 buy in.  It’s reported that $10,000,000 changed hands during this epic poker game with notable gamblers like Doc Holliday and George Hearst. 

  • Betting chips were not always chips!

Did you know that poker was once played for gold coins, gold nuggets and even gold dust? The earliest chips used to be made of ivory, bone, clay and wood. They had designs on it depicting its value. Just like you can cash your chips in at the casino, these early poker coins could be exchanged for real money right at the saloon or gaming establishment.

  • First televised poker tournament!

In 1973, the first ever televised poker tournament was broadcasted. The World Series of Poker occurred in Las Vegas and it was seen on national television for the first time. Such a televised event propelled poker as a spectator sport into people’s homes.

  •  Poker is the most lucrative spectator sport worldwide!

Look at the top five biggest prizes awarded in super high roller tournaments. Their collective sum of winnings totals up to $44,202,738! Consequently this makes poker the most lucrative game worldwide.

  • Largest Poker Game in the Guinness Book of World Records!

The Guinness Book of World Records reports that the largest game of poker took place in Onchan, Isle of Man. PokerStars hosted this tournament with a $1 buy-in. In June 2013, over 225,000 punters played for the top $25,000. 

Over 300 million 7 card poker combinations exist!

  • Passing the buck

The phrase “Passing The Buck” originated from the American frontier era. Specifically a knife with a buckhorn handle was used to indicate the player who was to deal. If the punter didn’t want to deal he could “pass the buck” to another punter.

  • Talk about heightening the stakes.

There are numerous different types of poker all over the world. At Angola Prison rodeo, there’s even a poker game called Convict Poker. In this poker game four inmates sit at a table in a ring playing poker. That’s when the stakes are heightened and a rampaging bull is released. The last man to leave the table wins.

  • The origins of Moneymaker’s last name

Moneymaker was Chris Moneymaker’s real last name before he won the first ever World Series of Poker Champion. He qualified through an online poker site and he went on to win big even though it was only his first time playing. The ancestry of his last name comes from German coin minters who had anglicized the name from “Nurmacher”.


“Anna Kournikova” is a hand that “looks better than it plays”. 

  • Dead Man’s Hand 

A ‘dead man’s hand’ consists of two aces and two eights. It’s been given this name because it was supposedly the draw that Wild Bill Hickok had when he was murdered by a shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall. 

  • Poker’s limitless possibilities!

With over 2.5 million possible 5 card combinations in poker, punters have a 50 percent chance of being dealt a “no pair” in a five-card deal.

  • Red is a color of luck.

In a game where punters are trying to win an abundance of the color green, superstition has gamblers wearing red. Red is favored and considered a lucky color for punters to wear while playing a final table.



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