Should You Be Playing At The PlayFrank Casino?

Here we’ll be doing an in depth look at everything that makes casino exclusive PlayFrank tick. We’ll be covering everything from customer service to promotions and everything in between.


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Aside from going through every nook and cranny of the site to give you the most comprehensive review we can, we’ll also make sure to take a look at both the good and bad points of each part of the site. This is in order to give you every perspective we can and keep things objective.

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The only thing we can’t account for is your personal tastes. You may, for example, like the more conservative style of Virgin Casino and Sportsbook. Alternatively, you may prefer a flashier approach, as we’ve seen in places like Rich Casino.

To combat this, we will be looking at things like site design, the general personality and direction of the site and will be putting forward what we think the potential responses are likely to be. We’ll also say whether we think the overall consensus will be positive or negative.

However, this is all down to your personal tastes. That’s why we advise you make sure to spend a little while checking out the site yourself. It’s also worth checking out some competitors to see what best suits you. If you need a little help figuring out what other sites are out there, you’ll find ton of reviews on our site.

With all that said and done, let’s get on with reviewing the PlayFrank casino site.

  1. So what exactly is on offer at PlayFrank?

PlayFrank casino games

As we mentioned, this is a casino exclusive site. That means it does pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Here you’ll only find a casino, as opposed to an all in one site. These offer a minimum of a sportsbook and casino option.

You might be wondering then why you shouldn’t just go for an all in one site, considering that is simply has more variety as a product. Well, for those customers that either aren’t interested in sports betting or perhaps they are signed up to another site but want a little more out of their casino experience, there’s actually plenty that casino exclusives have to offer.

On a fundamental level, they tend to be more creative design wise. In many cases, they can simply be more fun and vibrant while all in ones, especially those with a heavy sports focus, are often quite a bit more conservative.

Like we said, this often comes down to preference. But you’re unlikely to find something on the more sports heavy side with a similar direction to some of the casino big hitters, like Foxy Casino or Royal Panda Casino. Having said that though, you might prefer a more minimalistic approach. If that’s the case, William Hill and Ladbrokes offer a terrific casino product as part of their sites.

PlayFrank advert

Aside from that, there’s the fact that having only one thing to focus on does seem to improve the quality of a site. In general, casino exclusives are better at what they do than your average all in one. This is simply because the casino side of things is less important to the latter. These exclusives are also home to a whole host of fantastic lesser known sites, like Manhattan Slots.

So that’s a brief outline of the difference between casino exclusives and more general betting operators.

PlayFrank’s casino offering

With that in mind, exactly how does PlayFrank stack up?

Everything you would expect is here, with a great selection of slots, progressive slots, live table games, virtual table games, classic and modern video poker. Other available options include scratch games and even a virtual racebook. It’s pretty much everything you want from this type of site.

But what’s important is where these games come from. Here you’ll get a great selection from some of the industry’s best known software developers, such as NetEnt and MicroGaming, alongside Betsoft, Endorphina NYX Interactive and more. So you know that, not only are these games in good hands, but that you’re also going to get a great variety that plenty of PlayFrank’s competitors aren’t going to be able to match.

PlayFrank live casino

Their live casino is also by an industry big hitter, Evolution Gaming. This means that, across the board, you can rest assured that you should be getting a very high quality product.

On the other hand

There’s pretty much nothing missing here from a casino exclusive. Obviously other sites offer more. However, in the interests of fairness, we don’t compare them directly with all in one sites in term of variety. This is because casino exclusives are not advertised to offer any sports options and have different target audiences.

Taking that into consideration, we’d say we don’t really have any complaints in this regards for PlayFrank. So we’re off to a good start.


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  1. Is the site well designed?

This comes down to two different factors: the style and personality of the site and the technical aspects.

PlayFrank site design

On the latter, we can say that we have absolutely no issues with PlayFrank. It all seems to work seamlessly, is intuitive, easy to use, responds well and is structurally very well laid out. In fact, PlayFrank is a touch different to many of its competitors structurally. It utilises a graphic-heavy approach, with log in/sign up options on your left side with your main toolbar a little further down the screen.

This is actually a very smart mixture of what we’re used to seeing and what we’ve found in some modern sites. They’ve taken the best of multiple design structures and come out with something that might actually be even more impressive. So, needless to say, we are very happy with the site in how it is laid out.

Aesthetically, we’re moving into territory of personal tastes. We think though that the people who like PlayFrank will absolutely love it. This is by no means a middle of the road site. They’ve chosen a direction and ran as hard with it as they can. Their bouncy, ultra colourful yet stylish approach seems perfectly suited for the i-Phone age. And at once, it comes across as cutting edge while retaining a sense of warmth. It joins the likes of Rizk Casino and ShadowBet Casino in its heavily stylised, polarising but undoubtable interesting approach.

PlayFrank click and collect

On the other hand

Like we said, this site is polarising. The issue with having a love it or hate it approach to site design is that some will be of the latter opinion. Many won’t like its childish graphics and will want something a big more grown up. Others simply prefer a more classic approach. But that’s fine. To find out how you feel, just check out the site and if it doesn’t suit you, move on to something else.

That’s what we like about these kind of sites. We would rather have a whole bunch of different and interesting sites that people can feel excited and passionate about than several dozen that all look the same. There’s so much out there, it’s better to see something stand out. And PlayFrank certainly does that.

  1. Are PlaFrank licensed? Is my data safe here safe and are their games proven to be fair?

UK gambling commission

PlayFrank are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. This basically means that they are fully legal and everything is above board in that sense.

As is the case with any betting site worth its salt, your information is protected by SSL encryption. We won’t bore you with the technical details. We’ll just say that this quite simply keeps your sensitive personal and banking information away from internet baddies.

Finally, their games are independently audited by iTech Labs and TST according to our research. This means they are are proven to be both random and fair, i.e. you have a decent chance of winning.

So, top marks all round for PlayFrank.

On the other hand

Their licensing doesn’t mean they can accept players from everywhere. In the only negative point we have to say on this section, we were unable to find a comprehensive list. of countries where PlayFrank accepts players.

However, there is a drop list of countries that are able to use the site on their registration form. So if your country isn’t on that list, you should assume that you will be unable to sign up to use this site.

  1. What about customer service options?

PlayFrank live chat

This is another good result for PlayFrank. They have a 24/7 support team, which can be contacted via their live chat function.

We found them to be quick to respond and helpful, and we have found few complaints from others to suggest you should expect otherwise. 

On the other hand

Other sites do have more contact options. But quite honestly, live chat is what most people are looking for so we don’t see many people having an issue with this.

  1. Do they have a good reputation?

PlayFrank devices

While PlayFrank isn’t a household name and thus, won’t have the immediate recognition and reputation of places like William Hill or Ladbrokes for example, they do have good to excellent responses from critics and customers alike. Generally speaking, we have rarely found many with anything bad to say about them.

There’s the odd exception. But it’s not common, which is a rarity for any betting site. That’s pretty impressive from critics but when you have customers praising the site overwhelmingly, that really is something special.

Because of the rather delicate nature of customer feedback on sites that deal with real life bets, the response for good sites can often be more negative than the average player will experience. That is not the case here. PlayFrank has genuinely one of the best set of responses we’ve found from a less than household name casino site.

On the other hand

Like we said, we don’t want to give the impression that the results were positive across the board. There are still complaints and unhappy customers out there. But they do appear to be in the minority by quite some margin.


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  1. What promotions does PlayFrank have?

PlayFrank promotions

There are listed on the promotions page. But three of those are all deposit bonuses, so we’re going to lump those in together as they essentially all work the same way. So that leaves us with four promotions. For a casino exclusive, that is a touch on the smaller side but not by too much. After all, it’s more important that a site’s promotions have quality rather than in quantity. 

So let’s take a look at what’s available at the time of writing:

  • Deposit Bonuses:
    PlayFrank welcome bonusLike we said, there’s three bonuses here. For your first deposit, you receive a 100% bonus up to €200 with 100 free spins. The wagering requirement is 30 times, which is a touch above what we’d expect from this level of offer.

    Next up, you have a 50% bonus up to €100 with 50 free spins, and your final offer is 100% bonus up to €100 euros 50 free spins once more.

  • Casino Spotlight:
    PlayFrank promotionsThis is a 50% bonus running between August 5th to and 6th in 2017. There’s not much more specific information regarding this at the time of writing. However, we included it so you could see that it would appear the casino is committed to having event like promotions, which will hopefully be ongoing throughout the year.
  • Weekly Reward:
    PlayFrank weekly rewardsEarn a 50% bonus up to €50 every week. This is essentially an additional deposit bonus, with a minimum deposit of €20 to receive it.
  • Be Loyal, Get Rewarded: 
    PlayFrank loyalty bonusThis is a rewards scheme where you can earn bonuses and extra rewards by playing regularly at PlayFrank.

On the other hand

This is really the only part of the site where we have felt let down. While the initial deposit bonus is decent, the wagering requirement remains the same for lower percentages. And while still not terrible, it does drop considerably in value.

Ultimately, this type of offer takes up four of the six promotions available, with the other two being too vague for us to assess their value. The loyalty scheme, for instance, simply states that you’ll earn bonuses and rewards. Exactly what they could be or the terms and conditions for said rewards are anybody’s guess.

  1. So what do we think about PlayFrank?

PlayFrank your casino

It is a shame that our final section before our conclusion was a negative one because before that, it appeared that PlayFrank could do no wrong. So let’s get that out of the way. Yes, the promotions here are a disappointment. We’ve seen worse but they are not up to the standard set by the rest of the site. If promotions are a big part of your decision making process, then consider looking elsewhere.

Otherwise, this site is pretty much a knock out in every other regard. The site looks stunning. It might not be to everybody’s tastes but at the very least from a technical and a design point of view, there’s no doubting it’s exceptional. The variety on offer is top notch and their customer service is world class. Most importantly of all, PlayFrank is fun, which is what online betting should be all about.


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