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Here at Betting Sites Comparison, we always strive to make sure our reviews are as objective as they can possibly be. There’s a few ways we try to achieve this. First off, we compare the sites most closely to their direct competitors. The online betting market is so vast and varied now. As a result, there’s sites with different niches and focuses popping up all over the place. 


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In this review, for example, we’re looking at Parimatch. This is a sports exclusive betting site. What this means is that there’s no casino option here. This actually puts us in an unusual position because, while casino exclusive sites are plentiful, sports exclusives aren’t actually seen that often. With that in mind, we think it’s fairest to compare Parimatch to all in one betting sites, as they tend to have the most in common.


An all in one betting site is one that offers both sportsbook and casino offerings to their customers. They tend to primarily focus on sportsbook though. And believe us, there’s some stiff competition. Betfair, Ladbrokes, William Hill to name but a few are by no means easy sites to match up to.

Sites like these have a different target audience with different expectations than casino exclusive sites. The latter type of site includes the likes of Jupiter Club or Rich Casino.  The same can also be said for more niche examples like BlitzFantasy (a fantasy sports betting site) or Spreadex (a spread betting site).

That’s why we’ll most often be comparing Parimatch to its closest and most similar competitors.

Parimatch devices

That doesn’t mean we’ll never compare them to anything outside the box though. We’ll often compare the site design across multiple betting site types. This is because we think expectations should be similar in that regard. The same goes for more general site elements, such as customer support.

We’ll also make sure to look at both the good and the bad of each site element we look at . This way, you can rest assured that you’re not just getting one side of the story. We’ll strive to keep you as informed as possible so you know you’re making the right decision when it comes time to hit that ‘sign up’ button.

Finally, for more subjective site elements, instead of stating our opinion as fact, we’ll instead take a look at what we think the positive and negative responses from customers might be. This way, you can decide how the site fits with your own personal preferences.

With introductions out of the way, let’s take a look at exactly what Parimatch is all about.

  1. So is the Parimatch site well designed?

Parimatch site design

Remember when we mentioned that some parts of a betting site are more objective than others? Well, this is the perfect example. When we talk about site design, we’re really talking about two different things.

On the one hand, you’ve got the technical side of things. In other words, this means whether or not everything runs smoothly and if the site is generally easy to use. An example of this would be whether a video buffers or not. The latter is preferable, and that can be pretty much universally agreed upon. No one wants their screen to freeze or lag. This means that we can safely say that our verdict on certain technical aspects is objectively true.

The other side though is how a site looks and its general sense of personality and style. This is subjective because we all have different tastes in this regard. Someone might like the bright but minimalistic Mr Greens Sportsbook and Casino. However, someone else might prefer somewhere a touch flashier, like BGO for example.

There’s no right or wrong answers when it comes to a site’s look and feel. So with that in mind, here’s what we think people will like about the design of Parimatch.

Parimatch live betting

Parimatch’s aesthetics

We think that this will appeal to people who like fairly simple and straightforward designs. This is especially true for those who like more of an emphasis on practicality than brash branding.

One of the best examples of a site with a minimalistic design is Virgin Sportsbook and Casino. As such a big household name, it’s clear that this design philosophy has a lot of fans. We’ve already mentioned a few examples of big name sites in our introduction which a conservative design style could apply to. But there’s also places like Coral, BetFred and William Hill who stick to a similar no-fuss approach to their design.

Keeping things simple might not reinvent the wheel in terms of site design. But there’s no doubt that it’s what a lot of people want. Also not going overboard with graphics and gimmicks usually makes a site easier to navigate, and this is often the case here.

In general, Parimatch gives the impression of a site that is all business.

On the other hand

Parimatch results

On the flipside of this, there will be people that simply prefer a grander, more flamboyant look to their site, like the design seen at All British Casino or Rizk Casino. As well, there will be other people who are simply tired of seeing sites that look rather similar to each other.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference. If you want to find out for yourself, then we recommend you check it out. You should do this along with some of their competitor sites sites of varying styles. This way, you can see what works best for you. There’s a ton of choice out there, so you don’t need to worry about being picky.

A glaring design flaw

However, there is one glaring design flaw that is the elephant in the room. Many of the web pages are in a different language. They also take you to a different site with different design styles. Aside from pragmatically making it impossible to understand parts of the site, it is also incredibly jarring. Overall, it makes the entire site appear amateurish.

There’s also a fair criticism in that casino exclusives are often held to a higher standard in terms of design innovation than their all in one counterparts. This is because they have (at least in theory) less content. This then frees up a lot of room to get creative. Also, a more focused product allows them to take design ideas and run with them without having to worry about them not working across a diverse site.

Parimatch mobile page

As we’ve said, we see a lot more casino exclusives than sports exclusives. But we see no reason why all these sentiments shouldn’t be shared across both.

Another thing that’s always the downside of this kind of design choice is that they run the risk of being lost amongst a sea of competition. This needn’t be the case. But it does mean that, without any design nor conceptual gimmicks, sites like Parimatch swim or sink on the basis of product quality alone.

Considering the incredible depth and quality of some of the competition that can be found, this is one mean feat.


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  1. So what’s available at Parimatch?

Well, there’s certainly no casino to be found on the Parimatch site. So we hope that means that they have a seriously impressive line up of sports betting options.

Parimatch live betting

At the time of writing, the following betting options were available at Parimatch:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • American Football
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Billiards
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Boxing/Mixed Martal Arts
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Entertainment
  • E-Sports
  • Football/Futures
  • Futsal
  • Handball
  • Lottery
  • Motor Sports
  • Politics
  • Rugby
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball

We’d say that is a pretty solid line up. There’s also a great selection of virtual sports. These are given special attention on the homepage and really helps to expand the line up. The same goes for non-sport betting options, like Politics and Entertainment. There’s also live betting options available too.

Parimatch mobile

On top of that, the site is also available via mobile, which is always a plus. This means players can enjoy the product while on the go. It is accessible on both Android and iOS devices.

On the other hand

Considering it’s a simple sports exclusive sites, there’s really not much to complain about here. It’s a good line up.

Are there other sites with more options, including some operators that are terrible obscure? Of course. Will Parimatch still be able to satisfy the vast majority of people interested in sports betting? We think it will. They’re about as good as was expected.

  1. What promotions are available from the Parimatch site?

Well, this is rather a strange one. The good news is that the Parimatch site does appear to have promotions available.

Parimatch promotions

On the other hand

The bad news is that, when you click to view the promotions, the site redirects you to a different webpage, which is all written in Russian. There is also no clear option to change the language settings on this page. This means that we’re not sure what these promotions actually offer nor how these two different versions of the website interact with each other.

We’ve generally praised the site design for being simple and easy to use. Generally, while it is somewhat lacking in style, it tends to make up for that in practicality.

This however, is the absolute opposite of that praise. And although it does not extinguish those positive sentiments, it certainly puts a significant dampener on them. And from our point of view, we simply cannot give you any indication of the quality or even the content of the promotions until this issue is solved. Overall, it’s a big dissapointment on this front.

  1. Are there customer service options available at Parimatch?

Parimatch customer support

Finally, there’s a bit of good news here. Parimatch offers 24/7 coverage when it comes to their customer service.

This is ideal, as betting site customers generally come from across different countries with different time zones. It also means that customers who play outside of normal business hours don’t have to wait around nervously to get any issues resolved. 

On the other hand

The bad news is that the contact options only include an e-mail and a phone number. There is no live chat feature that we could find.

There’s also an FAQ section but we’ve found it to be of limited use. This is a bit of a let down, as the FAQ should be a convenient place for customers to quickly and easily resolve their queries. 

  1. Does the Parimatch site have a good reputation?

Parimatch banner

Having a solid reputation is critical for a betting site. This is especially true considering just how fiercely competitive and oversaturated the online betting market has become.

Of the critical reviews we could find, most of them ranked Parimatch as good, or at least above average.

On the other hand

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find too much in terms of customer responses. And of those we could find, they were generally more negative than positive.

To be fair to Parimatch, this by no means reflects how their customers may feel in general. Comment boards tend to attract extreme negative opinions. This is due to the fact that people are far quicker to complain than they are to compliment.

Overall with customer reviews, there certainly wasn’t enough of them to constitute any kind of consensus. We unfortunately therefore cannot give a definitive insight into how the majority of users feel about the Parimatch site. 

  1. What is our final verdict on Parimatch?

Parimatch logo

It’s very frustrating to come to a conclusion about a betting site like Parimatch. This is because some of its issues seem so easy to avoid. The promotions page is probably the clearest example of that.

It’s a simple site and seems to get some basics right. But with such a vast array of excellent betting sites out there, it is hard to think of a reason as to why you should pick Parimatch over the rest.

That doesn’t have to be the case and they can start by fixing some of the most glaring errors. Hopefully, in the future, that will no longer be the case.


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