7 Questions To Help You Really Get To Know OlyBet

In this review, we’ll be looking at the ins and outs, the good and the bad from OlyBet: an all in one betting site. When we say we look at both sides of the story, we really mean it. We offer both positive and negative site considerations for each site element we explore. We pride ourselves on bringing you the fairest and most objective reviews we possibly can. That means making sure you get the full picture.

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It also means understanding that for certain elements, it all comes down to a matter of opinion. If that’s the case, instead of suggesting that our opinion is the correct one, we’ll instead give you examples of what positive and negative interpretations might be. That way, you can decide for yourself.

With introductions out of the way, let’s see exactly what makes this betting site tick.

  1. So what exactly does OlyBet offer in terms of content?

At the start of this review, we mentioned that OlyBet was a all in one betting site. If you’re not sure what that means, it’s simple. We use that as a shorthand for betting sites that have a minimum of both a sportsbook and a casino. This makes them different to a casino exclusive, such as Ace Lucky Casino or Las Vegas USA for example.

It therefore wouldn’t be fair to compare certain parts of an all in one site to a casino exclusive. This is because their audiences have different expectations for their range of content. However, for other site elements, like site design or customer service, where the standards are similar enough across the board, we think it can be fair to compare different types of betting sites.

OlyBet betting highlights

This means that OlyBet is going up against the likes of Betfair, Betway, SuperLenny, William Hill and much, much more. So, it’s fair to say that the competition for a site like this is absolutely fierce. This is wonderful news for the consumer. More competition generally drives businesses to provide a better service and there’s some truly excellent sites out there. So let’s see if content-wise OlyBet can put itself towards the head of the pack.

The betting selection at OlyBet

On the sportsbook side of things, the following sports are available at the time of writing:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • American Football
  • Australian Rules
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Entertainment
  • Futsal
  • Handball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Volleyball
  • Winter Sports

It’s a fair line up, if not the largest we’ve seen. It will most likely keep plenty of sports fans happy, assuming they’re not looking for anything particularly left field. We should say that the site deserves extra credit for doing a good job of splitting sports into certain sub categories and betting types.

For the casino, they have everything you’d expect, including slots, table games, video poker, roulette, card games and more. There’s also a live casino, which has a very generous selection of different games, in addition to a dedicated poker sections and in play options.

OlyBet in-play betting

Generally speaking, OlyBet does a good job of covering most of its bases. Someone looking for a steady all rounder of a betting site will likely be pleased by what they see here.

On the other hand

Although at no point could the variety of content available here be viewed as bad, it can rarely be viewed as exceptional either. For example, its sports offering, while perfectly adequate, doesn’t do much unexpected. OlyBet could use a few lesser known options to pad things out and give people with less mainstream tastes more options.

An obvious example of this would be to include some pop culture betting options, alongside e-sports. At this point, e-sports have actually become mainstream enough that their absence here is notable.

A similar story can be told on the casino. There’s a decent amount of games but nothing that makes it stand up as something truly special. One thing we’d add is it would be appreciated if the site gave more information regarding its software developers. Preferably they would also give users the chance to choose between them.

OlyBet casino games

We’ve seen this on plenty of sites and it really does give a greater sense of variety. With this being an all in one site, you might think that the standards for the casino would be lower than excellent casino exclusives, like Royal Panda or Rich Casino for example. But thanks to so many all in one sites upping their game, from William Hill to Virgin Casino and Sportsbook and Mr Green, we’re no longer sure this is the case. The live casino is surprisingly good though, so we have no complaints there.

We’d like to point out that in no way are we saying that OlyBet has a bad selection. That’s not the case at all. It’s just that the competition is so strong, that in order to stand out, a site needs to be exceptional in every field. We’d say that OlyBet is good in every field, but not quite there just yet in terms of sheer content when compared to the best of best.

  1. Is the OlyBet site well designed?

Remember at the beginning of our review, we talked about how some parts of a site can be seen as subjective and therefore it wouldn’t be fair to view our opinion as fact? Well, this is a perfect example.

OlyBet site design

Site design generally comes down to personal tastes. Some people may love the heavily themed looks of somewhere like All British Casino. Others prefer  the more conservatively styled BetFred or Ladbrokes.

So instead, we will look at the potential positive responses to OlyBet’s site design. For example, we think that something a lot of people will like about OlyBet is how it manages to be colourful without being especially bombastic or in your face.

It proves that you can bring a sense of warmth to your site without relying on over the top graphics. Somewhere like the excellent Betway springs to mind as a site that also manages to pull off this delicate balance with success.


The structure of the site is something we think a lot of people will like as well. It doesn’t break the mould in any way but rather, it presents its rather by the numbers layout in an inviting manner. It’s more like a fresh coat of paint than a full refurbishment.

Technically speaking, what we can say is that while we were using OlyBet, we found no issues to speak of. As far as we could tell, everything worked as it should. We’ve also read nothing to suggest that our experience is anything less than typical.

On the other hand

Although we couldn’t say we found anything objectively wrong with OlyBet, as we’ve mentioned the site seems to work perfectly well, we do think there are some things that might not match certain users’ tastes.

For example, some people like their sites to be a little over the top. They like the celebrity endorsements of places likes of Foxy Casino or BGO. Or perhaps they prefer the more modern looking sites like Manhattan Slots or Rizk Casino. They may even like something more conservative still.

OlyBet casino

Design wise, OlyBet is a good all rounder. We doubt that many will be particularly upset with their experiences with the site. However, for some it may not be quite to their tastes or it may simply not stand out enough. We wouldn’t go as far as saying that OlyBet has to stand out on its product alone because it is a very well designed site, with a decent amount of personality. But we would say that we don’t think it’s different or exceptional enough for someone to choose OlyBet over the competition based on its personality and looks alone.

  1. Does the OlyBet site have any decent promotions?

How much promotions matters to you is also something that’s rather subjective. For some, it’s a vital part of their decision making . For others, they’re more like an extra sprinkle on top: fun but pretty optional. However, in general, we think that what is considered a good value promotion is pretty much something we can all agree on.

With that in mind, we’ll be taking a look at a few of the promotions on OlyBet. This will hopefully give you a good representation of the general value you’re likely to find across their promotions. Keep in mind though that these are picked at random and many promotions end up getting replaced, with some being time sensitive by their very nature. So here’s an example of three available on their promotional page. (This is referred to in as ‘campaigns’ at OlyBet. We assume this is to lump together some non promotions here for structural purposes.)

100% Sports Bonus up to €50: 
OlyBet sports welcome bonusThis is your standard welcome bonus here. There’s similar offers for poker and the casino, with a wagering requirement of six times. That is pretty good and definitely a worthwhile offer.

Superheroes Giveaway:
OlyBet Superheroes giveawayWin your share of a €330,000 prize fund on several superhero themed qualifying games. You’ll win a ticket for every €11 you bet. This is essentially a themed prize draw.

€40,000 Freerolls Each Month:
OlyBet FreerollsWin free rolls by achieving several criteria. These usually revolve around raked hands.

We’d like to point out that this is just an overview of the promotions, in order to give you an idea of what’s on offer. It is in no way a full list of all terms and conditions, which can be found on the website OlyBet itself.

On the other hand

None of these promotions seem particularly bad, although not too many stand out either. Unfortunately, while we’ve praised the site for having a sense of personality, this doesn’t always come through in its promotions. They often appear rather bland and formulaic.

This doesn’t affect their value though, which seems reasonable across the board. There is also an attempt from some of their offers to create a sense of fun alongside value. Overall, they score pretty well here, if not the best we’ve seen. There’s also plenty of potential for them to get even better in the future.

  1. What’s the critical response been like to the OlyBet site?

OlyBet banner

In general, we’d say the feedback that we’ve found from both critics and customer for OlyBet is very good. It is certainly above average, with similar sentiments both from reviews and from comments from customers.

On the other hand

In general, this is good news. All we could say as a criticism is that it could of course always be better. However, what we’ve found overall can only be viewed as a positive.

  1. What customer service options does the OlyBet site have?

OlyBet live chat

The OlyBet customer service team can be reached via e-mail and live chat.

On the other hand

These are the two most important customer service options to have in the modern market. However, some other common contact options, such as a phone line, weren’t available as far as we could see. This will likely be no issue for the majority of customers out there though.

Our major criticism is that neither option is available 24/7, although it is available rather late. We were also unable to find an FAQ section on the site. This caused us issues when looking at our next site element.

  1. What banking options are available?

OlyBet payment methods

The banking options that are available on the OlyBet site include VISA Credit Card, MasterCard, bank transfer and Skrill.

On the other hand

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any other information regarding banking. (This would likely have been available in a help/FAQ general answers sections.) There’s no reason to suggest though that this means there are any issues here. It’s likely just an oversight in design.

  1. So what did we think of OlyBet ?

OlyBet logo

Overall, we thought OlyBet did a pretty good job of creating a solid all rounder of a betting site. It does a little bit of everything and mostly does it well. However, there is room for improvement here and there.

At the moment, OlyBet is a Jack of all trades, but we would like to see it master a few more. In general though, OlyBet seems like a very decent all in one betting site.