Does Ohmbet Have What It Takes To Be Your New Online Betting Home?

When you’re considering whether a betting site like Ohmbet best suits your needs, what’s the most important thing to consider?


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While there’s certainly some features we all want across the board, others aspects of a betting site are a little more subjective. Therefore, the importance we place on them can vary in magnitude between customers.

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For example, we can all agree that a site with a solid reputation is a good thing. The same goes for customer service. It’s always a plus to have more options to contact the customer support team if things go wrong.

However, for other site features, things aren’t quite as clear cut. You may enjoy the site design of Mr Green over somewhere like Rizk Casino for example. That’s not to say either of those sites are bad. In fact, they’re both very well designed sites. But it shows that on certain matters, it’s more about preference.

Not only that, but some people might not care too much about a site’s looks as long as everything else works well.

This can go for things like promotions too. Some customers consider them very important in their decision making process, while others view them with little importance, like a ‘take it or leave it’ pinch of sprinkles on your dessert.

So how do we combat this issue to ensure that we can give you the best, most comprehensive and objective reviews on the net?

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Well, first of all, we cover everything we can think of, so there shouldn’t be any site elements you’re missing out on. This means, no matter what you’re interested in, you should be able to find it here.

For the more subjective parts of the site, we’ll take a look at both positive and negative possible interpretations so you can get both sides of the story.

Speaking of which, in the interests of fairness, we’ll also be going through the good and the bad of each feature we look at. So you know nothing written here will be one sided.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at Ohmbet.

  1. So what’s the Ohmbet site all about?

Ohmbet sportsbook

Ohmbet is what we call an all in one site. This specifically means that this site has, at the very least, a sportsbook and a casino as part of its options. An all in one site can have a lot more than that. But that’s what we consider the minimum requirement.

What this means for our review is we’ll be more closely comparing Ohmbet to sites likes Centrebet and Coral for example, rather than casino exclusives like Jupiter Club or Rich Casino, or more niche sites like BlitzFantasy or Sportdec. The former is a fantasy betting site and the latter is a peer to peer betting site.

However, the Ohmbet site does offer a unique selling point and that’s its commitment to UFC and MMA betting.

While plenty of sites (most sportsbooks actually) do offer this as part of their betting package, few feature them so prominently. Ohmbet puts them on the homepage and gives them their own page.

Ohmbet UFC Pickem

The only thing we can think that is similar to this would be Punchbets. Although there are examples of sites that focus on other sports, with Racebets springing to mind.

Alongside this, the site also has a dedicated poker section. Echoing what we said before, the significance of this is not that it’s there, but that it’s given much greater precedence than we’d usually expect.

Its main competition in this market is PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. And while we don’t expect Ohmbet to reach those heights, it is great to see a site not treating these things as afterthoughts.

To be more specific about what is available, the following sports can be found on Ohmbet at the time of writing:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • MMA
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Handball
  • Badminton
  • Athletics
  • Aussie Rules
  • Biathlon
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: GO
  • StarCraft 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • Chess
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Formula 1
  • Golf
  • Motorbikes
  • Pool
  • Rally
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Surfing
  • Water Polo
  • Speedway
  • Politics
  • Special Bets
  • TV shows and Movies
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Auto Racing
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Pesapallo
  • Netball
  • King Of Glory

We don’t think you’ll find too many that will argue with you about that being an excellent selection.

Not only do they have all the usual suspects, they’re complimented by a bunch of niche picks, as well as a good amount of non-traditional options like virtual sports and others like Entertainment and Politics.


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The Ohmbet casino

Ohmbet casino games

On the casino side of things, there’s everything you would expect from table games to slots.There’s far too many here to list but it’s fair to say that the variety looks pretty generous.

Best of all, you can actually choose between the games that are available by provider and it’s a very impressive selection.

There’s an incredible 22 in total. That means you’re going to get an incredibly diverse choice of games, from everyone from less known developers to some of the best and most trusted in the world.

On the other hand

This really is a world class selection on both fronts. Ohmbet seem to have put maximum effort into every part of the site in this regard and it’s absolutely paid off.

Ohmbet live casino

Since this is where we look at the negatives, we can nitpick and say it’s not the biggest live casino you are likely to see, especially when compared to the rest of the site. But overall, we can’t see too many complaining about a lack of options here.

  1. Is the site well designed?

Ohmbet site design

This is always the hardest part of the review. That’s because this comes down to personal taste. Well, at least that’s true for the most part.

We can say with confidence that technically speaking, Ohmbet has worked without a hitch in our experience. We can also add that structurally, we doubt you’ll have any problems finding everything you need.

In terms of its looks, it’s fair to say that it’s pretty conservative, perhaps with an extra touch of colour to liven things up. Other than that though, Ohmbet does keep things pretty traditional.

From your upper toolbar to banking options at the bottom, if you’re a regular on betting sites, you won’t find any surprises here. But that’s not a bad thing. Some of the best sites in the world, including Betfair, Betway and Virgin Casino and Sportsbook, have all followed similar paths to great things.

Ohmbet casino

We think if you’re someone who wants a site to look presentable but cares more about substance over style, then Ohmbet will be right up your alley.

But if you’re not sure, just check out the site yourself to find out. If you want to see how it looks compared to what else is available, have a look at some of their competition as well. Our betting operators page should give you plenty to get started.

On the other hand

The only real thing we can outlne as an issue here is a lack of originality.

We’ve seen the casino exclusive scene really up its game in this regard: in a way that all in one sites and sportsbook haven’t.

Ohmbet games page

That means that looks wise, these sites can often feel like they blend into one another. You might not mind that but from Ohmbet’s perspective, that means they’ll need to be able to stand out in other ways to avoid being lost in the pack.

  1. How do I get in contact with customer service?

Ohmbet live chat

If you’re having an issue with your account or simply have a question you want answered, then the quality of the customer service is very important. Well, we’ve got good news for Ohmbet customers here.

The site has 24/7 live chat and e-mail support. While there are other options elsewhere, those are really the two that matter the most.

The team are also multilingual, meaning you can get support from around the world.

On the other hand

Well, we suppose they could have a phone line. However, we think most people will be very happy with this.


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  1. Does the site have any decent promotions?

Ohmbet promotions

At the time of writing, there are currently 11 promotions available at Ohmbet, which is a good amount. It certainly puts the site above average in sheer numbers.

However, numbers are only part of what’s important when it comes to promotions. What we’re really interested in is whether these promotions are any good.

If you have 50 offers, but they all require wagering requirements that only the very rich could ever afford, then they’re worse than one promotion that actually offers something of value to the average player.

So to assess what kind of value you’re likely to be getting from Ohmbet, we’ve decided to pick four promotions at random to see how they stack up. The rest are of course, all available on the site itself.

€1000 Casino Bonus:
Ohmbet casino bonusThis welcome bonus is spread across three deposits. The first is 100% up to €300 . The second is 50% up to €100 and the third is 200% up to €600. The wagering requirement is 40 times.

€100 Welcome Bonus Sport:
Ohmbet sports welcome bonusGet a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to €100. The wagering requirement here is ten times, which is excellent.

Casino Cashback Bonus:
Ohmbet casino cashbackReceive a cashback bonus, which is equal to 5% of money lost and 5% of the rake.

Aloha Summer Trip to Hawaii and €10,000:
Ohmbet Aloha summer tripThis is a prize draw for which you are entered for every €10 you play on Aloha! Cluster Pays, with a maximum of 50 tickets per day and winners chosen at random. The first prize is, as suggested by the title, a trip to Hawaii with a €10,000 cash prize. Smaller prizes are also available, ranging from €2000 for second prize and €15 for between the 5th and 501st prize.

There’s also a bunch of discontinued promotions listed, which suggests more will become available as time goes on. So don’t be surprised if the promotions listed here have been replaced depending on when you’re reading this review.

On the other hand

First of all, Ohmbet is guilty of what we often see on betting sites. They have bumped up their promotions pages with advertisements for their product in general.

Secondly, there’s quite a gap between the value of some promotions and others. This is well evidenced by the difference in wagering requirements between the sportsbook and the casino welcome bonuses.

Overall though, it’s a pretty decent selection. Good, if not great.

  1. Are they licensed?

Curacao gaming license

They are indeed. According to their site, Ohmbet they are licensed by Curacao.

On the other hand

We have nothing else to add here. 

  1. What banking options do they have?

Ohmbet payment methods

From the bottom of their homepage, we can see that the following are available (although more may be available):

  • Instant Bank
  • Visa/Maestro
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Zimpler
  • QIWI
  • Moneta/ru
  • Yandex Money
  • Alfa-Bank
  • Astropay
  • Ecopayz

On the other hand

Unfortunately, we have been unable to find other information, such as transaction fees or processing times. This information should be readily available and it’s a shame that it’s missing, especially considering that we generally have praised the site for its layout.

  1. Is Ohmbet available on mobile?

Ohmbet mobile

Yes, Ohmbet has a new mobile platform. This means you should be able to access the site on your mobile and smartphone devices from Apple or Android.

On the other hand

They should really advertise this a bit more, as we had to find out via their FAQ section.

  1. How do I sign up to Ohmbet?

Ohmbet register button

You can find the register link right next to the ‘Sign in’ button at the centre top right of the screen, no matter where you are on Ohmbet.

From here, you’ll need to fill in a simple application form in order to register an account. 

On the other hand

There’s not much else to say! It’s as simple as it sounds. However, you should be aware that registration to the Ohmbet site is restricted in certain countries, including the United Kingdom. 

  1. What are our final thoughts on Ohmbet?

Ohmbet logo

When we were discussing site design, we mentioned that the issue with sites that play it safe is that they risk getting lost in the crowd. Luckily, due to having a very strong product, we don’t think that’s the case with Ohmbet.

While it might not make the most memorable first impression, we think Ohmbet makes up for that by simply doing a lot of things right. It’s certainly worthy of your consideration.


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