Untapped Niche Markets in Sports Betting

Niche Sports Betting Markets

Generally speaking sports betting provides limitless possibilities especially when one takes into consideration niche sports betting markets. Take for example, eSports which within the past 10 years there’s been a shift. Specifically from pre-match to in-play betting.

eSports Is A Lucrative Niche Sports Betting Market

In regards to this in-play betting trend first being noticeable was in football. For instance, ten years ago, sport bookmakers offered 500 live games a month. Nowadays popular sportsbooks offer over 6,000 live games monthly. 

Specifically eSports has 6,000 live events per year and that the time of day these events are on are friendly for a UK and European betting audience. To be sure, this markets eSports as a super lucrative niche sports betting market for sportsbooks. The eSports demographic is predominately US, China, Korea however, Europe, particularly Eastern Europe, and Australia and South America is experiencing a fast-growing committed group of punters.

By and large, sportsbooks that are successful with their eSports market ultimately engage the eSports enthusiast. Through creating a destination environment and user experience  that is premium. Betway and Pinnacle are excellent examples of perfected eSports ‘hubs.’ With this in mind, the aesthetic these sports books offer is more of eSports news site rather than that a traditional bookmaker. 

In the long run, there’s a lot of required education about the particulars of every game in eSports. Afterwhich, punters are capable of betting in what is one amongst niche sports betting markets. Within eSports, punters can expect to see more coverage and more widely.

Sportsbooks like SkyBet and BetFair not only offer eSports games. They’re also increasing coverage to include more games, as well as offering new market types. On the whole, punters can anticipate limitless opportunities for bets and markets thanks to eSports.

Profit in Niche Markets by Betting on Alternate NFL Lines

It’s important to realize that by focusing on a niche market, punters are able to find potentially profitable alternative lines. As a result, betting on alternate NFL Lines can lead to making a major profit. Let’s discuss what an alternate NFL is before moving forward.

Most punters may bet on the point spread, totals or money line bets which also make up the basic lines for each game. On the other hand, a critical thinking punters may choose to spend the bulk of their time looking through the alternative lines markets. By implementing strategic thinking and looking for the best possible value for their wagers, the latter punter is wiser by far.

Ultimately, alternate NFL Lines use handicaps far removed from the normal line in order to potentially significantly boost your overall payouts. Another key point is that  alternate lines allow punters the option of taking a team at a different number than the actual point spread for the game. In summary, by using NFL alternate lines, a sports bettor can either improve their chances of winning the bet or increase their potential winnings.

All in all, NFL betting handicappers seize the moment to bet on the alternate lines by finding the best point spreads and totals to pursue. Punters that search out the alternate NFL lines and figure out which point spreads and totals make the most sense for them to bet on are taking control of an untapped niche sports betting market. Furthermore by taking time to explore alternative markets punters can find limitless untapped potential.


Generally speaking, it should be the goal of a punter to become an expert in a minor league, tournament, or club. Thereafter, they can combine that knowledge with other betting techniques. In this way, punters can actually gain an advantage over bookmakers.

On the positive side, Odds creators at bookmakers don’t have precise knowledge about every sports event. They also do not have extensive knowledge in every sport. Therefore, punters betting in a non-mainstream sports betting market must become an expert. In this way, they are not only outsmarting the bookmaker, they’re tactically ahead of the game.

Overall, a punter with a deep knowledge about a specific niche, can get a good edge. For instance, take into consideration untapped niche markets such as the lower division football leagues. On the other hand for example, betting niches such as darts, handball, or a particular set of tennis players are also betting markets.

By educating yourself as much as possible about a niche and it’s stats, a punter gains expertise on bookmakers. Furthermore, a punter can gain a superior edge and advantage. In regards to acquiring profit in betting niches, it is in fact achievable especially with expertise on betting niches.

 Niche Sports Punters Can Match Bet 

Mаtched bеtting is also known as back or lay bet matching, or double bеtting and it’s a bеtting technique. It’s primarily used by punters to profit from free bets and other incentives that bookmakers offer. It’s often generally considered risk-free since it’s base is from a mathematical equation as opposed to chance.

To be sure, the basic principles of matched bets are applicable to almost every sport. All of which may come as surprise to some punters. Especially to those who may have thought the match bet was only traditional to horse racing, football and perhaps occasionally, golf.


All in all, punters have an unbelievable betting market in motorsports. Take for instance,  Formula One, NASCAR, MotoGP and V8 Supercars which all have their own competitions. 


Another key niche sports betting market is modern boxing. To be sure, it certainly offers plenty of opportunities to make money from betting. From betting on who’ll win the World Amateur Championships to whether both fighters will be knocked down, punters have a variety of bets available in this untapped sports betting market.


While darts may be a bar game, it is also in fact, another niche sports betting market too. Take for instance the variety of bets one could make on the PDC World Championship and the BDO World Championship. On the other hand, punters can bet on the European Darts Grand Prix and Grand Slam of Darts. One thing is for sure, punters can’t complain about a lack of darts competitions to matched bet on.

Ice Hockey

No punter should ignore ice hockey as a potential niche sports betting market for matched betting. With this in mind, bet on everything from the 60 min correct score to the total goals in the first period. By all means, spread your sports bets across the most important National Hockey League (NHL) matches as well as other hockey games worldwide.

Fantasy Sports Are The Final Frontier of Niche Sports Betting Markets

Playing fantasy sports is one of the most popular pastimes for Internet users. For example,  an estimated 57 million people in the United States and Canada participate annually, according to research conducted by Ipsos for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Punters assemble rosters of real football, baseball or basketball players. Afterwhich they create dream sports teams and then earn points based on how well those players perform in real games. 

In the last several years, lobbyists from the National Football League and other professional leagues, successfully pushed to have fantasy sports deemed a “game of skill.” This is opening the doors for companies like Yahoo to host daily and one-week fantasy sports games. All of which are played for money. Specifically starting with Major League Baseball and afterwards, expanding to other professional sports as their seasons begin.

Any  ESPN viewer would see that the fantasy sports industry trend has been growing rapidly. In addition with lucrative ads claiming that hundreds of thousands of dollars can be won. The more notable fantasy sports sites are DraftKings as well as FanDuel.

Fantasy sports offer a lucrative niche sports betting market. One in which punters can bet against a single opponent or within a small group. Furthermore, the quick results simulate an adrenaline rush as well as the financial stakes of traditional sports betting. Fantasy sports are different from gambling because they rely on the skills of the player.

In Conclusion, Explore Niche Sports Betting Markets

In summary, becoming an expert on smaller, untapped betting niches provides punters with an advantage and an edge against sportsbooks. Additionally, exploring niche betting markets like eSports and Fantasy Sports for instance, is an prominent betting trend that is on the rise as well. Overall, betting on smaller sports can ultimately offer more value. 

Moreover, there ultimate betting niche is most likely on non-sports related events. Nowadays, bets can be on anything from Politics, to TV, and Film Specials. First and foremost, Smarkets is the biggest non-sports betting market. Explore the non-sports betting market on the Smarkets site, it is  at the top of the web page, under the Financials tab. 

Whether the market particular to sports or non-sports, niche betting markets exist. The punter’s job is to discover one, become an expert in it and furthermore, apply tactical betting strategies. Learn more about effective betting strategies and strengthen your potential to win big by utilizing them on your next bet.