Why Do Punters Need To Bet at Multiple Sports Bookmakers?

Multiple Sports Bookmakers Strengthen Betting Strategy

Overall, there are numerous and compelling reasons to place bets across multiple sports bookmakers. Coupled with improving the mathematical edge by choosing the best odds available, bettors should have several bookmaker accounts. All of which ensures a punter’s strategy. Moreover helping  a sports bettor effectively choose the best prices and odds so as to place the most advantageous sports bet possible.

Ultimately if a punter regularly bets, but only places their wager at one sports book, then their bet isn’t nearly as strong as it potentially could become. Essentially by diversifying a betting strategy through betting at multiple sports books, a punter evolves into a critical sports bettor. By the same token, punters lose money on every bet when they don’t bet on the best odds possible. Furthermore, new welcome bonuses at sports books in essence increase a punter’s odds right off the bat. 

By and large, all punters should strongly consider betting at multiple sports bookmakers as it can actually help get a better value. On the whole, using multiple sites is also an advantage for live betting or betting from a mobile device. Therefore it makes sense to use an alternative when you’re placing a sports bet at home as opposed to wagering during an event while you’re out and about. 

If you enjoy betting on a lot of different sports and placing a variety of wagers, then consider having an account at several different sport bookmakers. There’s no right answer to how many sites a punter should use. It entirely depends on the bettor. Most importantly however, sports bettors benefit from at least trying a few out and personally qualifying the difference. Another key point to remember, is to always place your sports bets at verifiable, and credible sports betting sites.

Top 6 Reasons Why Betting At Several Sports Bookmakers Is A Great Idea

6. Ultimate Sports Coverage

Some sports bookmakers cover all leagues very thoroughly. On the other hand other sports book offer the same, yet for only a particular region of the world. The restrictions on a sports books coverage may vary on mobile apps. At which point, this is the time to find a sportsbook that specifically meets your on-the-go requirements. Afterall, just because you’re on-the-go betting doesn’t mean you should lose out of ultimate sports coverage.

5. Increased Bonuses & Rewards

By using multiple sports bookmakers a punter can potentially increase the bonuses and rewards they are entitled to. First and foremost, new and existing punters look forward to receiving the welcome sign up bonus. Sign up bonuses can depend according to the terms and conditions of the offer yet they always provide punters with something for signing up.

Most sports bookmakers offer a sign-up bonus as a bare minimum. Overall it’s either free bets or bonus funds added to your account. Typically at the point a punter makes their first deposit. Rewards for existing customers come in a variety of offer rebates or cashback based on losses, and some offer cash bonuses based on how much a punter has bet.

Make the most out of betting at multiple sports bookmakers to reap the benefits of welcome bonuses. Check out the top 10 Sports Betting Bonuses that don’t need a code.

4. Shop The Best Odds & Lines

It’s important to confirm that you always take the best odds and lines available on the market. Betting on multiple sports bookmakers provides invaluable insight. Now a punter can see which sports book is offering the best deal for the specific sports bet they want to wager. Although it may be time-consuming, this amount of homework will pay off in the long run.  

Maximize your chances of winning money from betting by shopping the best odds and lines at multiple sports bookmakers. Then continue to increase your chances of winning by improving your betting strategy with sports betting webinars and reading sports betting books.

3. Different Sports books for Different Needs

By and large, it’s not uncommon for sports books to be lacking in one or two areas per say. For instance, some sportsbooks tend to focus very heavily on specific sports markets. In this instance, it would be advantageous to use one site for betting on some sports. While on the other hand, bet on a separate sports book when betting on other sports markets. Just like there’s a sports betting movie for every sports betting market, there’s also a sports book for every sports betting niche.

 If you enjoy live betting, or betting from a mobile device, you may find that particular sportsbooks offer better mobile playability than the competition. For this reason, punters may find it reasonable to consider to bet from a sports book whose mobile site is optimized and has the most betting markets. For example, some mobile sports books don’t offer live in play options while others do and knowing which serves your interest is a winning combination.

2. Diversify thy betting portfolio asap

It’s important to spread your bets between multiple bookmaker accounts and fortunately with online sports bookmakers, there’s more than enough to pick from. To be sure, stick with reputable sites. Furthermore don’t place all your sports bets with one account. Rather place wagers on multiple sports bookmakers. Becoming a successful sports bettor is about playing your hand against the bookies as much as against other punters. 

By and large, using multiple sports bookmakers, punters find better odds on sports bets than if they would have just used one. Another key point is there’s also a higher staking level. As a result, the amount a punter can stake on a bet inherently increases. All in all by only using one sportsbook, you’re allowing bookies to track your win record.

In addition, every time you place a bet at a sportsbook, that bet is being recorded. To be sure, gambling operations have a record of your wins and losses permanently tracked and profiled. Tracking leads bookies to alter the stakes you are offered on different bets and sometimes to actually banning your account from placing bets. After all, bookies are in it for profit, and if they see you’re winning too much, then they’ll make sure the winds of change will ensue promptly.

  1. Use at least 3 multiple sports bookmakers consistently 

On the whole, sports bookmakers also differ in the markets they offer to their customers. From different bookmakers with different lines and odds to particular offers, punters are better equipped when betting with an artillery of multiple sports bookmakers. For example, William Hill is the only sports bookmaker to offer “Both Teams to Score/Total Goal Over-Under” Double Market in Soccer. This is a very lucrative bet for high scoring matches.

If flexibility, freedom, and the chance to take advantages of difference between multiple sports bookmakers sounds great, then bet at least 3 different sports bookmakers. There are numerous opportunities and a tremendous amount of possibilities when betting at multiple sports bookmakers.

The Top 7 Sports Bookmakers

7. Betway


  • Vast array of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Large game catalog including niche sports betting markets
  • Instant play and mobile versions
  • 24/7 support via live chat and e-mail
  • SSL encryption
  • Routinely audited by eCogra

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  • Restricted Countries Singapore, Denmark, Israel, Spain, Australia, Turkey, Iran, Italy,France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece, North Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Greenland

6. Betfair


  • Immense selection of Playtech games
  • Customer support replies to inquiries within 4 hours
  • 128-bit SSL encryption and strict firewall
  • Games tested by GA


  • No US players
  • No new audits conducted since 2009

5. Ladbrokes


  • Premiere Banking methods providing instant withdrawals
  • A huge number of games and sports betting markets available
  • Multi language support
  • One of the largest publicly traded bookmakers worldwide


  • Seems to focus on UK Support

4. SportingBet


  • immaculate selection of slots from various software providers
  • Double-licensed and therefore heavily protected
  • Live games available
  • 24/7 support via live chat, phone, and email
  • Security protocol backed by modern technology
  • Certified to the standards of the AGC


  • Small table game and video poker offering
  • Not all countries are eligible to speak to customer service toll-free

3. William Hill 


  • Provides wide range of video slots
  • Available in Instant Play or Download
  • Mobile version available as well
  • Thoroughly secured with SSL encryption
  • Proven fair by independent auditing organizations


  • Numerous country restrictions
  • There’s no live chat support
  • Limited number of video poker games
  • No search option

2. BetVictor


  • One of the strongest names in the sports betting industry
  • Powered by a number of software providers
  • 24/7 customer support through live chat, phone, and email
  • Security via 128-bit SSL encryption and Firewall


  • No US players
  • Video poker selection is limited and seemingly outdated
  • Audit reports have not been released to the public


  1. PaddyPower


  • Great software
  • Instant Play or Download games
  • Live Chat
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • SSL encryption
  • Proven fair by TST


  • No US Players

In conclusion, betting at multiple sports bookmakers enhances a punter’s betting strategy. As show above, there’s nothing to lose in betting at multiple sports bookmakers especially when they’re reputable. Improve your betting strategy by following sports betting tipsters on Twitter and reading up on sports betting forums