McBookie Review: 6 Important Questions Before You Sign Up

Despite being named like a well known international fast food brand, McBookie is not a particularly well known sportsbook and casino.

So is McBookie worth your while?

Is it unknown for good reason or have we found a hidden gem among our mix?

McBookie logo

Here at Betting Sites, it’s our job to give you all the important information you need to make an informed decision.

We always aim to keep our reviews fair and balanced. We aim to do this by taking you through the good and the bad of all the major points.

However for certain things, it’s a matter of taste. We don’t know for example, what colour scheme you like. You may like the flashy bright colours of Mr Green’s or Jupiter Club.

On the other hand, you may like something a little more reserved betting sites, like William Hill‘s deep blue backdrop.

So, before we start, we always recommend that you take a good look at whatever site we’re reviewing, as well as reading this review so you know you’re making the right decision.

With that in mind, let’s dive right it


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1. Is it easy to sign up to McBookie?

McBookie registration

The green ‘Sign Up’ button is found to the top right of the McBookie screen. This is a classically built site, so finding it is no issue (more on the site design later).

From here, you’ll be taken to a bright white McBookie sign in page. It might not be flashy but it sure is easy to navigate.

This is split into four sections.

Personal Details

McBookie registration personal details

The following details are needed for this section:

  • Title
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Date Of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

Keep in mind that your e-mail address and phone number may be used to receive information about various offers on the site.

So make sure you’re using details you don’t mind receiving information to.

It can also be used to contact you if there is an issue with your account.


McBookie registration address

Only your country of residence is needed for this section.

Account Details

McBookie registration account details

The following details are needed for this section:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Security Question
  • Security Answer

Your username is the name you wish to be referred to while using this McBookie site. Your password can be kept safe by using one that is specific to McBookie. This means that if another account, such as social media, is hacked then this site will not also be compromised.

This is important in any site but more so on sites which hold financial details.

Your security question can be chosen from a drop list. Make sure you can remember your answer, as it will be needed if you lose your password.

Deposit Limits

McBookie registration deposit limit

Here you can choose your currency, your deposit limit and the time frame of that limit.

This is a wonderful feature at McBookie and one we really wish all sites would take advantage of. Deposit limits keep your gambling safe and fun. It’s to McBookie’s credit that they include it here.

Finally, you must agree to the McBookie terms and confirm your age.

You can also opt out of receiving offer information if you wish.

On the other hand

No bank details are included here. They must be added later if you want to play for real money.


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2. Is the McBookie site well designed?

McBookie site design

McBookie looks closest to William Hill in its colour scheme, with a deep dark blue that oozes charm.

There’s not much to shout about though in terms of its layout. Promotions are modestly presented and the layout is one that can be seen on everywhere from 32 Red Sport to William Hill. Although it must be said that McBookie goes further than them in terms of minimalism. It’s closest major ally in that sense is probably Virgin Casino.

For those who love that kind of simple, old school look, then McBookie will suit them completely. Everything looks very reserved and is in great taste.

It’s easy to navigate and is easier on the eye.

On the other hand

McBookie casino page

There’s no way around it: for many, McBookie will simply come across as bland. It has no hook… or at least, nothing that makes you distinguish it from others.

For those who enjoy a little more flavour to their betting site too, this will not cut the mustard.

They’d probably prefer something like Manhattan Slots or Rich Casino. Even more vanilla sites like Expekt and Las Vegas USA have a little more oomph behind them.

That’s not to say the McBookie site looks bad: it doesn’t. It will certainly appeal to many. The problem is there’s a lot of sites that look like it.

3. How’s the McBookie customer service?

McBookie FAQs

There are three options for customer service at McBookie.

One is an FAQ and article browser. This hopefully should clear up any issue you may have quickly and easily. If not, there is a McBookie chat service. Finally, there’s a telephone number.

These are actually the same staff that overlook the customer service at Bet Victor.

We found McBookie to be quick to respond and helpful. From the public feedback we have researched, it appears most people agree.

On the other hand

McBookie live chat

There are sites with more options than this. You also need to put in your query and e-mail before beginning, which is a little annoying.

However, most inquiries do go through McBookie chat so for most people, this won’t be an issue.

4. Don’t McBookie have a blog?

McBookie blog

Yes they do!

This is actually a really great way of adding something a little different to the site.

It’s reasonably frequently updated: there appears to be one every couple of days at least. They’re also no afterthought. They’re pretty well written and are quite interesting.

It also has a list of relevant tweets updating at the McBookie site. This really makes the site feel current and alive.

On the other hand

McBookie blog and Twitter feed

There’s nothing bad we can say about this. It’s only a positive thing from what we can see.

We’d just like more of it. More updates, better main site presence.

This is the type of thing that could really set McBookie out from the crowd.

5. Does McBookie have many banking option?

McBookie payment methods

Only credit and debit cards are currently available as deposit and withdrawal options according to their McBookie mobile site.

It says there are other methods available on the main McBookie site. From what we can see discussed in the FAQ under the help centre link, there’s also Neteller, Paysafecard and Webmoney.

On the other hand

It goes without saying that clarity would really help us judge how good the payment options are at McBookie. This is especially a shame when you consider how clear the site is in almost every other aspect.

Based on customer feedback however, there appears to be little issue with this, but more information would be helpful.


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6. What are the McBookie promotions like?

There are only two promotions from what we can see at McBookie.

£25 McBookie Free Sign Up Bonus

mcbookie free bet

Place your first bet within 30 days of opening your account and you will have it matched up to £25 in McBookie free bets.

This is subject to the following McBookie conditions:

  • The odds are at a minimum of evens (2.0)
  • This free bets bonus does not count if the deposit is made through Skrill or Neteller
  • The credit can take up to 2 working days to come through
  • The euro equivalent to the pound here is €25. All other currencies are at current exchange rates
  • It has a wagering requirement of four times

Overall, these are excellent terms for this free bets offer, there’s a perfectly reasonable wagering requirement and there’s nothing else here that takes away its value

On the other hand

It’s not a huge free bets bonus. For those looking for a big McBookie free bet offer, they might be let down. Still, for what it is, it’s great value. It also bears the burden of being the only McBookie free bet offer right now.

£175 McBookie Casino Welcome Offer

McBookie betting offers

This is a very simple offer.

Wager £500 and you will receive £25 in betting offers.

If you then wager £1,500, you will receive £50 in betting offers.

Finally, if you wager £3,000, you will receive and £100 in betting offers.

This makes this bonus worth £175 in total.

On the other hand

This is obviously a lot of money. While it might seem a novel simplicity compared to wagering requirements, it actually works the same way in essence.

You need to bet £5,000 to receive £175.

5,000 divided by 175 is 28.5

This means this would be the wagering requirement equivalent of 28 and a half.

For this amount of money, that’s fairly decent betting offers.

7. Should I sign up to McBookie?

McBookie game selection

Overall, McBookie is a decent site with a few flaws.

In general, what McBookie does, it does well. All the core elements that make a good betting site are there: decent customer service, fair welcome bonuses, an easy to use format, a good reputation among customers and more.

The only serious oversight is a lack of information on banking options.

However, it fails to go that extra mile.

There’s a sense of a site not quite hitting its potential here.

If it just had a few more offers and spiced up the site design just a little bit, maybe adding a couple more live casino games, we’d have a totally different level of product.

As it stands though, McBookie is still a decent site. If you want a no frills approach to gaming with a reputable provider, you’ll find a gaming home here.


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