Is Magic Red Casino A Magical Gaming Experience?

Today we’ll be taking a look at a lesser known casino site: Magic Red Casino.

There’s a few types of different betting sites when it comes down to it. These are generally split between all in one sites and dedicated casino sites. The former will at least have casino and sportsbook options, as well as often dedicated poker areas and the occasional flirtation with bingo and perhaps even virtual sports. When it comes to dedicated online casinos, these also often have other parts to their site. However, the casino side of things is by and large their main focus. Most importantly, they do not have any sportsbook offerings.

Magic Red Casino banner

That is the case with Magic Red Casino. So if you’re looking for somewhere to bet on sports, you can check out our dedicated review page under betting operators. Here you’ll find everything from the Bodog casino and sportsbook to Heritage Sports. All our reviews are in depth and honest to help you find your ideal online gaming home.

Other example of betting sites include sportsbook exclusive sites. It might be strange but these are available in much smaller numbers than casino sites. We’re not entirely sure why this is the case. Perhaps there are more people that just want casino games than just want sportsbetting.

There are also other more unique examples. These include fantasy sports betting site BlitzFantasy and peer to peer betting site Sportdec.

So before you go on with this review, it’s a good idea to decide whether a casino site is what you’re looking for. If not, there’s plenty of other sites and reviews to check out.

Still here? Wonderful.

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In order to keep this review as fair as possible, we’ll not only be taking a look at all the important site elements that are worth your consideration, but we’ll also be taking a look at both the good and bad on each question. This is to give you a balanced view.

We’ll also be comparing it to other sites whenever it seems relevant. However, we do take into account what  kind of site they are. So you’re more likely to hear us compare Magic Red Casino to Jupiter Club or Mansion Casino than Ladbrokes.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t bring them up. But we will avoid direct comparisons for the sake of fairness. In other words, we won’t criticise Magic Red Casino for lacking horse racing bets when that is not how it is advertised nor is its market.

Finally, while we keep things as objective as possible, certain things do come down to personal taste. Some for example, love the colourful minimalism of Mr Green’s casino and sportsbook. Others prefer the busy action of Royal Panda Casino. We mention both good and bad possible interpretations. However, we think it’s always a good idea to check out the site yourself. We also recommend you do this alongside some of its competition to get to grips with how the site feels to you.

With that in mind, let’s look at the most important things you’ll want to know about Magic Red Casino!

  1. Are they trustworthy?

Magic Red Casino trustworthy

This is probably the most important question everyone wants answered from a betting site. It’s extremely important to know whether or not your money is in good hands.

Well, Magic Red Casino are licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. So in terms of licensing, they are fully above board and legitimate.

They also utilise the industry standard secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology. If you’re ever read another one of our reviews, you’ll probably be well aware of what this is. But for our first timer readers, allow us to explain.

This means that your sensitive data, i.e. your bank details, address, etc., are securely transferred and protected via a firewall. In other words, your details should be entirely safe while using Magic Red Casino.

SSL encryption

They also feature a ‘fair play’ section on the website. This is, by the way, one of the best written examples of how to explain site elements we’ve seen on any betting site. Fro, this page, we can see that the site uses a random number generator in order to keep their games fair and random.

They also publish the amount of games based on the list of prizes, as well as giving a general idea of odds. They claim at the time of writing that there’s a 1 in 3 overall chance of winning a prize while playing their games. Getting odds on a casino site in any form as straight forward as this is pretty unique.

On the other hand

From a technical standpoint, there’s pretty much nothing to complain about. We know, this is supposed to be the negative part of the review. But we couldn’t find anything to complain about here. So, we’re giving Magic Red Casino top marks on this front.

  1. Do Magic Red Casino have a good reputation?

Magic Red Casino mobile

Although this may appear to be quite similar to whether a site is trustworthy, we’d say it’s actually quite considerably different.

Trustworthiness really just assesses whether or not the site is safe to use. It’s essentially just a pre-requisite for any kind of recommendation. You can have the best site in the world, but if they can’t be trusted with your hard earned money, then there’s no point considering it further.

Reputation, on the other hand, has more to do with critical and customer satisfaction in the product. With the latter being the most important.

The good news is from a critical standpoint, Magic Red Casino comes off rather well. The majority of reviews we can find generally rate the site between being good and very good. The casino is also often praised for their variety and general treatment of customers.

On the other hand

There are however some bad reviews out there. One in particular is an extremely vicious write up. These are not the norm though. And having good reviews across the board is pretty rare for any online operator, so we’d take these criticisms with a pinch of salt.

You’ll be pleased to know that the few examples of customer feedback we could find were generally positive. However, there were so few of them. We’re therefore not happy to consider it in any way a decent enough sample size to represent their overall customer satisfaction rate.

Magic Red Casino games

We do say that no feedback is generally good feedback. People are always much faster to complain than they are to compliment. Having said that though, at Betting Sites Comparison, we pride ourselves on being as fair as possible. That means that in this case, we’d have to consider the customer feedback of Magic Red Casino inconclusive. This is not at all unusual with smaller sites.

So overall, the critical response is decent and the customer response too small to measure, but pointing towards likely good results. That’s not bad, all things considered.

A site overhaul?

Another matter that appears to be complicating things is that many of the critical reviews we have looked at appear to praise site elements that are not available on the site at the time of writing. This can only lead us to believe that the site has recently gone through changes. We tried to ask customer service about this but received no response to this question.

So then, in terms of critical response, it is hard for us to say whether or not many of them were from the site as it is today or whether it had recently changed. Rather annoyingly, we’d therefore have to say then that the critical response may not be an accurate representation on the thoughts of the site today.

So with that in mind, we’d say the critical and customer response is likely good, but remains inconclusive at this time.

  1. So what’s available on the Magic Red Casino site?

Magic Red Casino selection

As mentioned, this is not an all in one site like Betvictor or BetFred. So we won’t be holding a lack of non casino options against it.

From this view of things, it all looks pretty good. There’s an extensive list of titles available here, many from top software providers. There’s plenty of high quality and good fun video slots. These are all well complimented by a great selection of table games.

Best of all, this is all available via the site’s mobile casino. The mobile version of Magic Red Casino should work across the vast majority of online devices, such as smartphone and tablets. That means you can enjoy some great casino games wherever you are. 

On the other hand

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any details regarding the site’s software providers. Other sources suggest top quality names, such as Micrograming and NetEnt. But when we tried to find information that confirms this on the site itself, we could find no information.

  1. Do they have good customer service?

Magic Red Casino customer support

Magic Red Casino’s customer services is unfortunately subject to the same issues as the their reputation when it comes to us reaching a conclusion. That is, there is a lack of customer feedback on the subject.

We will say the feedback that is available for customer service is overwhelmingly positive. We all also say that, in our interactions with customer service, they were very polite.

On the other hand

Polite however, does not mean helpful. They answered a couple of our questions but when we asked them whether or not the website had recently gone through a change (in order to judge the validity of other sources) and to confirm software providers, we were told to find the answers on the website. Unfortunately, we could not.

Like we said, we found the customer service team very friendly and quite responsive. Unfortunately though, their responses did not fully answer our questions. If this information is available on this site, we are afraid we could not find it. So best case scenario, their site structure needs some tweaking.

  1. Is the Magic Red Casino site well designed?

Magic Red Casino homepage

On the plus side, the simplicity of the site makes it quite easy to digest and navigate. They also benefit from some especially well written sections regarding fair play and the site in general. It’s fantastic to have this information presented in such an easily digestible way. This is commonly overlooked by other sites of all sizes.

On the other hand

Unfortunately though, the site will not be winning any design awards any time soon.

It is not an especially ugly site, but it is incredibly simplistic. And it’s not stripped back in the charming way that sites like Virgin casino and sportsbook are. Rather, in this sense, that basic design style just leaves the site feeling quite lifeless. Also, improvements could be made to the overall site structure, as it can feel thrown together in certain places.

  1. So what’s our conclusion on Magic Red Casino?

Magic Red Casino logo

The main thing we felt when looking over Magic Red Casino was frustration. We felt frustrated at not being able to find all the information we wanted. We felt frustrated at the muddled structure of the site and were especially frustrated because there’s clearly potential here.

The way they set out their fair play section for example, is a wonderful mission statemen. It also exemplifies the kind of ethics all betting sites should strive for. Unfortunately though, the end product is rather clumsily put together.

Magic Bet Casino is by no means a disaster. In all likelihood, you’ll play a few games, have fun and maybe win some money without much fear of being ripped off. However, that is the minimum requirement for any betting site these days. It especially isn’t enough to stand out in such a saturated online gaming market.

In conclusion, Magic Red Casino feels like an old house that with the right eyes and the right vision, could and should be transformed into something really special. We really hope that is the case and that this site reaches its full potential in the not too distant future.