Lucky Club Casino Review

Lucky Club Casino Review

Lucky Club Casino is one of the most popular betting operators on the web, with thousands of positive Lucky Club Casino opinions to be found. We took a closer look at this brands features and offerings in our Lucky Club Casino review. Our no-nonsense Lucky Club Casino test also puts several key site elements through their paces. You can also use our expert opinions to help decide if this online casino is the right one for your. We have also included several additional betting sites at the end of this Lucky Club Casino review. 

Site Design

You’ll struggle to find a site more economically designed than Lucky Club Casino. Often casino sites have the issue of an overly long, bloated homepage, which repeats itself umpteen times throughout. This is the absolute polar opposite of that and it’s a joy to behold.

Lucky Club Casino website design

The site appears very much modeled on Windows 8’s tile design, where everything you need is split into different tile boxes that are themselves part of a single larger box. It’s simple, it’s elegant and it gives you all the information you need in an easy to digest format.

Smart minimalism

In fact, the bulk of the entire homepage includes only a Home link, an Instant Play link, a Welcome bonus link (this is actually the only part of the page that doubles up on its link, as it’s also featured prominently on the right of the larger box), a Promotions link, a Banking link, a Games link and a Contact link.

That’s almost everything right there. Think about all the other casino sites you’ve seen and how busy many of them appear, even on the major gaming sites like William Hill, and compare them in awe to how efficiently Lucky Club Casino breaks all the basic elements of a gaming site down and condenses them into one attractive, clever and easy to navigate package.

Exploring further

Elsewhere we have the the Lucky Club Casino logo that is situated at the top centre right of the screen. This is actually the only unattractive part of the page and it’s a real shame because the logo is such an integral part to a site’s brand, as well as the overall feel of the site. Although it’s not the most colourful site in the world, the rest of the page, aside from the black backdrop, uses a good amount of colour to keep the overall look of the site classical and reserved while still grabbing the users attention.

Lucky Club Casino homepage logo

The logo however, comes in such a drab shade of grey, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there was something wrong with the display options on your screen. It really does seem like an afterthought and blends into the background like its something unimportant to the customer. Actually, this colour is also used at the bottom of the tiles in the examples of payment methods but there it seems fitting, as that is information you want further into the background than the logo, which should pop as much as anything else on screen.


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The dark background might also suffer from the curse of dullness as much as the logo if it weren’t due to it appearing with a pattern very much like some upmarket carpet. Therefore, instead of dulling the page of colour, it actually gives the impression that you’ve wound up in a very classy establishment indeed.

Lucky Club Casino Live Chat homepage

Accessing key features

To the right of the screen, there’s a Live Chat option that is clear enough but is utterly out of place. It looks like an unwanted advertisement rather than an important part of the site’s customer service. There’s nothing worse than a link for customer service that actively puts off customers.

To the bottom of the page there’s a few more “quick links” that include FAQ’s, Download, Banking, Promotions, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and a link giving information on their CDS certification. Here is an example of style over substance that the rest of the page does not fall into.

While it suits the site perfectly, it’s actually so compact that, unless you hover over the link, you will probably struggle to guess which icon stands for what. Furthermore, if any of those links are needed, you might struggle to find them. Of course, you can always click on the ugly live chat box if needed.

The rest of the pages are similarly designed, with relevant page materials taking up the large tile space on the right reserved for the welcome bonus and download link on the homepage. It works about as well in most instances, even if the end result is a little messier. Overall, everything is as easy to navigate as the homepage and all in all, the site’s big tile design gamble succeeds more than it fails. In general, this is an excellently designed site with a few wrinkles here and there.

How to Get Started at Lucky Club Casino

Lucky Club Casino download

Our Lucky Club Casino test revealed that, like many casino sites,  you need to download software in order to get started. There’s a very thorough FAQ section on the site that will have all the information you need but just in case you don’t fancy looking it up, we’ll briefly go through things here.

Step One

First, download the software by hitting the big orange ‘Download’ button on the dominant tile (it’s also available as a link through the FAQ section). Install that software and open it up from the icon that should appear on your desktop. The software should now be installed on your computer.

Lucky Club Casino registration form

Step Two

From here, you’ll have to fill in a basic registration form by clicking on ‘New Account’ in the lobby area. This will ask you for all the basic details you need for any gaming site, such as your username and password (keep your password strong by using a variety of letters, numbers, icons and capitals.

Also keep your password random and never use the same password for multiple important sites). Then simply enter your e-mail, phone and other personal details. You’ll also need to fill in your bank details in order to play for real money, so make sure you have all your bank details at the ready.

Lucky Club Casino sign up process

Step Three

It’s important to note that you can only use one set of details for this site, so make sure you haven’t set up an account before using the same e-mail, home address or account details. If you’re not yet sure you want to register an account on the site, you can sign up without having to download the software using the Instant Play function. However, considering filling in the form is more time consuming than downloading the software and it doesn’t require bank details anyway, this function feels rather redundant.  All in all, it is a fairly standard sign up procedure.


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Customer Service

Look across the web and you’ll only find the most shining praise possible for the customer service at Lucky Club Casino. It has been described as “perfect” by some customers and is absolutely top notch according to pretty much everyone, including us. It rivals even the biggest gambling names out there, including Royal Panda Casino.

Lucky Club Casino customer service

The staff are friendly, helpful and well informed. Problems are dealt with swiftly and efficiently, whether it be through telephone, e-mail or the sterling 24 hour live chat option. You can even deal with your problems through Skype if you wish. It’s an excellent service from an excellent casino.

Lucky Club Casino test: Reputation

Lucky Club Casino has a fine reputation within the gambling community for being both a fun and safe site to play on, and with good reason. Despite having only being around for a few years (they came online in 2011), they have the standing of sites that have been around since the early millennium and beyond. They are regulated by the Government of Curacao in the Netherlands, a widely respected governing body, and are licensed by Hastings International B.V. There is no doubt that Lucky Club Casino operates legally and fairly with regards to how they are regulated.

Lucky Club Casino CDS certified

Looking on customer feedback, you will find that there appears to be very few issues between them and customers, at least nothing beyond minor disputes and certainly nothing that could sully their reputation. The games they operate are both fair and random.

They have a Gaming Labs certification, which is the gold standard for testing facilities. The test conducted on the games are impartial and independent. The result means that Lucky Club Casino’s games have been tested to the highest possible standard and have come back with top marks for legitimacy. To put it simply, there’s nothing but good things to say on this score.

Promotions on Offer at Lucky Club Casino

Well, you may be a little flummoxed when initially taking a look at the £2,222 welcome bonus: not least because they appear to have hidden the wagering requirements but also because it comes with a convoluted step by step process to actually receive that amount.

Lucky Club Casino welcome bonus

Now with welcome bonuses, you can expect to jump through a certain amount of hoops, but there are limits. The wagering requirement according to the terms and conditions states that it’s 30x “unless stated otherwise”. 

  • First bonus is a 200% match up to $300
  • Second is a 150% match up to $700
  • Third is 100% up to $1,200 
  • Plus get $22 free

It’s actually quite a decent bonus, assuming the wagering requirements stack up but they’ve poorly explained it and made this needlessly convoluted. You also do not need a Lucky Club Casino bonus code.

Lucky Club Casino promotions

Additional bonus offers

There’s also the Roman’s Riches bonus, which also operates on a step by step process and seems pointlessly drawn out. We won’t bore you with every step so we’ll limit it to the first two. If you deposit between $20 and $49.99, you’ll receive a 75% match and 30 free spins. This has a 25x bonus requirement.

The second step is received if you deposit between $50 and $99.99. You will receive a 100% match and 40 free spins with the same wagering requirement (as do all these steps). The more you deposit, the better bonus you get essentially. This bonus is actually quite well explained on the site.

In addition, you can take advantage of the ‘Lucky Reward up to $1,200’. This offers you a 125% match up to $300. This comes with a 30x wagering requirement and is redeemable up to five times. You can also receive a 25% INSTANT cash back bonus, which requires a 10x play through. Finally, there’s the Monday Draw, which is a random prize draw each Monday and Daily Free Spins.


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What’s on Offer at Lucky Club Casino?

Lucky Club Casino game selection

Our Lucky Club Casino review found an excellent selection of games, all of a high quality and good variety. However, it should be clear that the brand does not offer sports betting or eSports betting. There several other betting sites that do combine the two together which you can find on our site. 

Here’s some examples of their ‘Smash Hits’:

  • Martian Mania
  • African Skies
  • Babushka
  • Catch of the Day
  • Carnival Cash

Withdrawing and Depositing Funds with Lucky Club Casino

Lucky Club Casino deposit options

Our Lucky Club Casino review found the lack of information of certain parts of the site completely baffling. Considering the effort that has clearly gone into making Lucky Club Casino what it is, it’s unfathomable that the minimum and maximum withdrawal and deposits, along with processing times, are not available to view on the site for certain types of payment. A number of user opinions also seem to be in line with our findings.

More confusing still, the site goes into a massive amount of details in virtually every other respect. The site has a fine reputation, so it appears there’s no reason for this to be overlooked. Nevertheless, our Lucky Club Casino test took a closer look at a number of payment options including the following.

Top deposit methods include:

  • Credit Card
  • Neteller
  • Moneybookers
  • EcoCard
  • Paysafecard
  • MyPaylinQ
  • Direct Money 

Lucky Club Casino withdrawal options

Popular withdrawal methods include:

  • wire transfer (take between 4-10 working days to appear in your account)
  • EcoCard
  • Overnight Express (which has a limit of $3000)
  • Moneybookers
  • Neteller

Lucky Club Casino rating and summary

Lucky Club Casino logo

Our Lucky Club Casino review offers rather mixed results. On the surface, this betting operator looks absolutely perfect. However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find flaws beneath the surface. These are nothing really major but appear to just be strange oversights. This includes the selective information with regards to withdrawing and depositing funds. Some Lucky Club Casino opinions are also mixed, although the majority are positive.

Still, in regards to just about everything important to a gaming site, Lucky Club Casino does them well. It’s fun, looks fantastic for the most part, is trustworthy and our Lucky Club Casino test shows excellent customer service. A very good casino site with an overall Lucky Club Casino rating which puts it on par with the likes of Punchbets, Grosvenor Casino and Mansion Casino


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