6 Questions To Reveal If LSbet Is Worth Your Time And Money

As part of our aim to bring you the absolute best and most comprehensive reviews from all corners of the net, today we’re taking a look at LSbet. This is a lesser known all in one site that’s jostling among the major players for your affections and wallets.


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By an all in one site, we simply mean that the site includes at the very least a sportsbook and a casino option. Of course, some offer more. Not all these sites are created equal after all. But we shall get into that a little later in the review.

LSbet banner

You’ve likely not heard of LSbet if you’re a casual player just scanning through our reviews. There’s no doubting this site is far from a household name. However, we advise you to not switch that dial over to a better known site just yet.

We’ve seen plenty of smaller sights manage to defy expectations and make a Rocky style come back to the major players, like Virgin Casino and William Hill, to gain their own loyal fan base. A great example of this is Manhattan Slots. They might not be as well known as the also excellent casino exclusive sites, such as Royal Panda Casino or BGO. But we still liked it enough to put it in our top five casino list.

Speaking of casino exclusives, because LSbet is an all in one site, we will be comparing it mostly to like minded sites. These include Centrebet and SuperLenny, to name but a few. This is because they are different products with different target audiences, despite all being betting sites. For example, it wouldn’t be fair to say that this site has more variety in its options than Jupiter Club. Because of the different kind of betting site they are, that’s a given already.

Another measure we always take to ensure that our reviews remain objective is to look at both the good and the bad of every single part of the site we examine. Sometimes that’s not always possible. Occasionally a site will be so excellent that it’s just impossible to find anything wrong with it. Just as likely, a site fails so badly that we can’t find anything good to say about it either. But, assuming there is both something positive and negative to say, we’ll be sure to point it out.

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In terms of more subjective site elements, such as site design, we’ll give examples of both positive and negative reactions we imagine different kinds of customers will have. This is because we of course can’t know what it is you want from a betting site. You’ll therefore have to check it out for yourself to have an informed opinion before you sign up.

Don’t just stick to the one site either. There’s a whole host of weird and wonderful betting sites out there that might suit you better. From the ultra modern Rizk casino to the straight forward big hitters like Ladbrokes, there truly is something for everyone.

With that all out of the way, let’s take a look at LSbet and see whether it’s worth your time and hard earned cash.

  1. Is the site well designed?

LSbet site design

We’ll kick off with what is likely to be your first impression of any betting site (or indeed, any website in general). That’s the site design. This comes down to a few things, such as aesthetic, structure, ease of navigation, layout and other technical site elements. In other words, does it look good and does everything work well?

The latter point we can answer easily. We have found no issues regarding any technical parts of the site. While LSbet may be nothing too special, the way it is laid out is perfectly easy to use and understand.

When we are talking about looks however, and specifically the ambience and personality its design gives out, that’s a bit of a different story. We don’t know what you might like personally.

However, we think that many will enjoy the simplicity of the site. We also enjoy the fact that it’s a little brighter than a lot of all in one sites, which can sometimes be a tad dreary. It doesn’t go too wacky. LSbet ivery much a business like in its set up. But it injects just enough colour to stop things from feeling stale.

On the other hand

LSbet casino

Despite the dashes of colour here and there, we’re sure some will find this site to look rather dated. There is a difference between a site looking conservative and in a way timeless, like Betway or William Hill and simply looking like it could use an update. LSbet sadly falls into the latter.

This is often the case with all in one sites that aren’t as highly established as the absolute cream of the crop of the betting world. LSbet really fails to give us anything we can say is its own unique personality. That’s the main problem here. It’s not that it’s bad in any way particularly. It’s just that you could line it up with a  dozen other similar sites and after looking through them all, we’re not sure we’d be able to remember which site was which.

Ultimately though, a lot of customer don’t really care about that. They just want a site that looks decent enough and works well. That’s exactly what you get here.


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  1. So what exactly does LSbet offer?

LSbet sportsbetting

As we mentioned, LSbet is an all in. That means the sportsbook and casino elements are a given.

To be more specific though, the following sports are available at LSbet at the time of writing:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Handball
  • Formula 1
  • American Football
  • Darts
  • Motogp
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Golf
  • MMA/Boxing
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Cycling
  • Atheletics
  • Cricket
  • Olympic Sports
  • Motor Sports
  • Politics
  • E-Sports
  • Speedway

That’s a pretty solid line up we’d say. Is it the biggest selection we’ve ever seen? Not qui. But truthfully, we imagine that the vast majority of players will be perfectly satisfied with that selection.

We always appreciate those little non sporting extras, such as e-sports and politics as well. They just help to spice thing up we think.

LSbet live betting

There’s also a live sports section and a dedicated section for virtuals, so there really is quite a lot going on. We are also very impressed by their virtual set up. When we flipped pages, everything worked absolutely seamlessly and we were watching virtual football within seconds. In all honestly, that’s rarely the case in sites that aren’t household names in our experience.

On top of that, LSbet also has a live sports section, which is just as impressive and extensive as anything else we’ve listed here.

The LSbet casino offering

Moving onto the casino, there’s games from two of the biggest names in casino software development: NetEnt and MicroGaming. JJoining them on the live casino side is Evolution Gaming platform.

LSbet casino games

To put it simply, their casino is in safe hands. There’s plenty of fun and varied titles to enjoy, from video slots to table games. They also get points for how well the casino is laid out. We briefly mentioned that the site structurally works very well but we’ll go into that in a little more detail here.

The main casino is split into three sections, with the first being the rather descriptively titled Casino page. This features all the games available from NetEnt. That includes a ton of well known classics to newer, innovative titles, alongside table games from blackjack to Texas Hold’Em. And while we know LSbet isn’t trying to be PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker, the inclusion of poker games is very much appreciated.

Moving on, the second section is solely MicroGaming titles. This has a great selection of world class video slots and progressives, among others. It also has another great table games selection, including a whopping variety of 8 types of blackjack. There’s also a whole host of specialties and oddities to enjoy.

LSbet live casino

Finally, you have the live casino. As mentioned, this is created by Evolution Gaming. Here you can enjoy all the table games you know and love in real time from their studios. There’s even a message box to chat with the dealer.

Needless to say, we’re very impressed by the line up that LSbet offers.


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On the other hand

As is usually the case with many of these sites, they could always use more of a push on their poker selections, as well as some bingo inclusions. Other than that though, we don’t have very much to complain about.

  1. What customer service options are available?

LSbet customer support

It’s great news here! They LSbet site boasts that they have 24/7 live chat. This is available alongside an email service and FAQ section.

On the other hand

Unfortunately, we were unable to get the live chat to work. There was a link on the ‘Contact us’ page. However, when we clicked it, all it did was open another tab for the exact same page. When we clicked the ‘Live chat’ link at the top of the page, we were taken to a contact form. Here we were told we would be contacted shortly.

We don’t know if this was a glitch we were experiencing, if that part of the site was temporarily down or if this is a permanent state of affairs. If it is the latter, then LSbet should make their current position clear.

  1. What promotions are available?

In keeping with LSbet’s very business-like attitude to site design, the promotions section is tucked away at the bottom right corner of your screen. This is a shame, because they actually have quite a few options here.

They have eight sportsbook promotions at the time of writing, with more available in their casino. This isn’t bad at all. Better still though, all of these appear to be actual promotions. This is much better than having a page filled with over a dozen promotions, only to find that half are simply ordinary features of a betting site.

At this moment, the following promotions are available at the LSbet sportsbook:

  • 50% First Deposit Bonus:
    LSbet first deposit bonusThe maximum deposit bonus here is €120, with a minimum of €20. Other currencies are listed in the terms and conditions. The wagering requirement is an absolutely terrific 5 times.
  • Crazy Monday Cashback:
    LSbet crazy Monday cashbackEvery Monday, get up to €1000 cashback. This is 10% of your total deposit amount with a wagering requirement of two times.
  • Friday Bonus Shot:
    LSbet Friday bonus shotGet a 25% free bet up to €250 every Friday.
  • Special Sbet Mobile Cashback:
    LSbet mobile cashbackPlay on your phone every day and get €350 cashback. This is 10% of your net losses.
  • Soccer Fever Brings You €50 Fee Bet:
    LSbet soccer feverPlace eight in play single bets and receive a free bet up to €50.
  • ATP-WTA 2017 World Tours Loyalty Promotional:
    LSbet ATP-WTA 2017 promotionEarn a €50 free bet for placing eight live bets on the tournaments named in the title.
  • Won a Multibet?:
    LSbet multibet bonusIf you win a combination bet with a minimum of five, you’ll receive a free bet bonus of up to €25.
  • Size Does Matter with €200 Cash on Basketball:
    LSbet basketball bonusPlace a pre match multibet of three or more on basketball events and get up to a 50% cash bonus on all your winnings.

Some of those wagering requirements are truly excellent. All the concepts of each promotion seems well thought out to add value to the player experience.

On the other hand

This is a very strange one. We were unable to find any of the wagering requirements after the first two promotions listed. Checking through the terms and conditions, we just couldn’t seem to locate them. We even had a look at the general terms and conditions and couldn’t find them there either.

With that in mind, we can only really judge the first two promotions. To be fair, they do look excellent. We honestly hope that this is a rather silly oversight and the rest of the offers are as good as they look. But as of now, we can only say that it appears that LSbet has two good promotions and the quality of the rest is unknown.

  1. Do they have a good reputation?

LSbet advert

By this, we mean whether LSbet generally receive high praise from critics and fans.

On the former, we’d say that, based on our research, LSbet does pretty well, if not the best we’ve ever seen. Generally, the critic reviews we find seem to give the site somewhere between very good to average reviews. This puts them a touch or two above what we’d normally expect to see.

On the other hand

From the customer perspective, we simply couldn’t find enough responses to go on. The few that were there were so all over the place that they didn’t particularly help either. So we’ll have to, in the interests of fairness, say that our research on customer responses was inconclusive.

  1. So what’s our verdict on LSbet?

LSbet logo

LSbet is a pretty frustrating site. Our opinion was about as up and down as the consistency of the few customer responses we could find.

Firstly, we were a touch disappointed with the design looks wise. However, we were then impressed by its layout. Next, we were thrilled to find they had round the clock live chat, only to find we couldn’t access it. Finally, we couldn’t believe the fantastic wagering requirement on the first two promotions we looked at. But then we discovered we couldn’t find any information for the rest of the bonuses.

It was a frustrating experience and not because LSbet is a bad site. It isn’t. It’s just plainly obvious that, with a little extra push, it could be a whole lot better. We hope the site achieves its obvious potential sometime in the future.


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