Does The Kaboo Casino Really Have The Magic Touch?

Today we’ll be taking a look at the spooky Kaboo. This is a casino exclusive site. What this means is exactly what it says on the tin. This site is focused solely on its casino product, meaning no sportsbook here.

With this in mind, we’d ask you to consider what it is you’re looking from a betting site before starting the review in earnest.

Kaboo banner

If you’re someone who also wants a sportsbook, then it’s likely you’ll go for an all in one site. Especially if the sportsbook is the main draw for you while the casino is somewhat of an afterthought. If however, that’s the other way around or you’re currently using an all in one site and feel like you could use a casino site in addition, then Kaboo might be right for you.


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But there’s a lot to consider in today’s online betting climate. In many ways, this is the best time ever to be signing up for a betting site. The amount of competition out there has forced sites to offer a better product in order to stay relevant and keep in the good graces of their customer. Knowing there’s hundreds out there also vying for their time and wallets, this has pushed the online betting world to heights we’ve never seen before.

The only downside to this, is with so much out there, where do you even begin looking? Many would start looking at the major players. These include William Hill, Ladbrokes and Royal Panda Casino, to name but a few.

And this is by no means a bad choice. After all, there are good reasons those sites have become so popular. They are generally excellent. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t also reasons to bet with the underdog. Plenty of sites offer a unique experience and even a unique product. Take the likes of Manhattan Slots and Rizk Casino for example. Both offer great products with a distinctive personality to boot.

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In this review, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision about which betting site is right for you. This will include looking at both positive and negative elements from each question we answer. We’ll be covering everything from the ins and outs of their reputation to the quality of their games.

Our commitment to being fair minded means that we understand there are certain things that are more subjective than others. For example, most people will agree that a live chat function is pretty much universally considered a good addition. However, something like the bright purple colour scheme of Jupiter Club might have more of a marmite effect.

Because of this, it’s probably a good idea to take a few minutes to really check out the site yourself. It’s also a good idea to review some of the competition in order to get a full idea of whether this is the right choice for your own personal tastes.

With that out of the way, let’s get cracking with our look at everything you need to know about Kaboo.

  1. So what’s the site design like?

Kaboo site design

It’s not always  we start by looking at the site design. But with Kaboo, it’s so striking that in all likelihood, it’s the first thing you’ll want addressed.

One of our major complaints about many sites in this department isn’t that they look bad. It’s that we’ve seen it all before. So many sites seem to go with a tried and tested formula. For many, it works. Virgin Casino and Sportsbook doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it doesn’t stop it from being massively successful for example.

However, there’s always room for something a touch unique. We think the gothic stylings of Kaboo are just that. While it might not be for everyone, there’s little doubting that this stands out. But it’s not just spooky for the sake of cheap thrills. In fact, it’s actually rather artful in many ways.

Kaboo casino page

What’s especially wonderful about the design of this site is that it manages to be all these things while remaining truly minimalistic. Kaboo is proof that you can add a distinctive feel to a site without messing around with the structure too much.

To be honest, the structure on most casino and sportsbook sites are usually pretty on the money. There is a good reason everyone uses them. We hope Kaboo can be an inspiration for site designers who think that sticking to the structural script should limit them creatively.

One thing we always say is that the simplicity of the casino site over sportsbooks in terms of sheer content and information really makes way for more freedom. This is a great example of that. Every inch of space is utilised masterfully while still leaving plenty of breathing room.

On the other hand

It is a very polarising look and certainly won’t be for everyone. We want to make that clear. As impressive as we think the effort that has gone into Kaboo is, there’s plenty out there that won’t be fans.


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  1. So what’s actually on the site?

Kaboo casino game selection

Casino games. That’s pretty much it

Hey, we told you it was minimalistic. And isn’t that all you want from a casino site?

Luckily, it’s a terrific selection of games from the following providers:

  • Microgaming
  • Thunderkick
  • Yggdrasil
  • Evolution
  • NextGen Gaming
  • Elk Studios
  • NetEnt

And more.

As is the case with most casino sites, slots are the main focus here. There’s plenty to choose from, including major titles featuring plenty of creativity and innovation across the board.

There’s also a good selection of virtual table games, meaning you can get the 3am Vegas feel whenever you choose. There’s a great amount of variants on classic games here showing that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Kaboo game offering

Alongside these, there’s also video poker and a selection of other games. These include a bunch of specialty games, scratching another online gaming itch.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a live casino available here. Powered by Evolution Gaming, you can enjoy playing roulette, blackjack and more. Once again, the variety is good. It’s well suited to different players with different sized pockets.

Finally, the site is compatible with mobile casino, including an app for several countries. Regardless, the site should work just fine on pretty much all modern tablets and smartphones, including major brands like Android and Apple.

On the other hand

There’s really not much to complain about here. The gaming selection is very good. The only thing missing would be more of a focus on bingo. Sites like Foxy Casino and BGO, to name a few, have proven this to be a very popular online market.

  1. Does the site have a good reputation?

Let’s split this into two sections, shall we?

UK gambling commission

When talking about technical aspects, our research indicates you should have little to worry about from a legal and security standpoint. Currently licensed by the United Kingdom and the Government of Malta, Kaboo are fully legal and above board.

They also use SSL encryption. As you may very well know, and certainly will if you’re a regular reader of our reviews, this is the standard for all betting sites. It keeps all your sensitive information secure while you use the site. Put simply, this means your passwords and financial information are safe from potential internet baddies.

SSL encryption

Finally, their games are independently tested for fairness by auditing agencies. This means the games are proven to be random. In other words, when you’re playing, you have a real chance of winning and the site can’t rip you off.

So far, so good. But what do the people who use the site make of it?

Critically speaking, the site does very well. Although it rarely gets perfect scores, it does consistently score higher than average. Reviewers tend to praise their extensive game list, mobile accessibility and uniqueness.

On the other hand

Their customer response isn’t quite as strong. It isn’t bad. It’s just a little more mixed. This is often the case when comparing customer to critical reviews however, as the customers are more likely to respond when there is an issue.

Still, it is a shame they couldn’t keep their critical response up to that same level with their users. Overall though, it’s not a bad reception. Good but not great.

  1. What customer service options are available at Kaboo?

Kaboo customer support

Live chat support is available 24/7, as is e-mail. We could use a phone number as well ideally but those two are what everyone is looking for.


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On the other hand

Their customer service isn’t heavily advertised on the page. This should be corrected, as there’s plenty of space for it. It’s actually one of the few design flaws layout wise the site has.

However, worse than that is the complaints we’ve seen in our research from customers regarding the customer service team. While few have many complaints about the responses they get, it’s generally a lack of responsiveness that is the issue.

On the plus side, we experienced none of these sorts of issues and many of those complaints were from some time back. So we’re hoping that this means the site has turned over a new leaf in this regard and is getting back to customers swiftly and effectively.

  1. Are there any good promotions on the site?

Kaboo become the one

Sadly, at the time of writing, we could only find two promotions available at Kaboo.

While we have seen worse, even from all in one sites, we would like more. Still quality over quantity as always, so let’s take a look at what’s available.

Welcome Bonus:
This is the main bonus, which is advertised prominently on the site. It is a 100% bonus with a maximum of £100 and a minimum of £10 for the first bonus. The second bonus is essentially identical. You also get 50 free spins per bonus.

Echoes and Free Spins:
These are essentially loyalty tokens which can be exchanged for free spins or bonus money.

There’s also reference on the site to a reload bonus. However, it does say that this ‘may become available’, meaning it is not currently.

On the other hand

Kaboo welcome bonus

That’s a pretty weak showing, all things considered. The Welcome Bonus is truly run of the mill, with a mediocre 35 times wagering requirement. And if you want to trade those echoes in for bonus money, be warned. There’s a 50 times wagering requirement that comes straddled alongside it.

The biggest shame here though is a site that flourishes with creativity in so many ways falls down so completely here.

  1. What banking options are available?

Kaboo payment methods

The following options are available for depositing and withdrawing funds:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard

According to customer service, there is a fee of 2.5% on credit card deposits, there’s a minimum deposit of £10 and withdrawals take up to 24 hours.

On the other hand

The reason we needed to ask customer service this question is because a detailed look at banking options does not appear to be available on the site. They have an FAQ section and plenty of space, so this oversight is completely needless.

  1. So what’s the verdict on Kaboo?

Kaboo logo

This feels like a site that is on the cusp of great things but hasn’t quite reached its potential yet. Its design may be polarising but in a market with so many sites that look like clones of each other, isn’t it nice to have something different? Many sites lack personality and that’s where Kaboo delivers in spades. Everything from its aesthetic to the twinkly bewitched style music you hear when you begin talking to customer service is unique to them.

All these little touches just add more fun to things and they really do create a site experience you’ll remember. It also has an excellent selection of games across the board.

However, it does have a few flaws. Most notably its lack of promotions seems like such a wasted opportunity. Especially on a site which feels like it should be all about having fun, bonuses offer a chance to show off that creative streak. Nonetheless, it’s a very good site worth your time if you like what you see. We hope it can iron the wrinkles out of its broomstick soon and fly off into greatness.


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