7 Questions To Help You Decide If You Should Just Bet at JustBet

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at JustBet. This is an all in one betting site. What we mean by an all in one betting site is that, at the very least, the site has both a sportsbook and a casino option.

This makes JustBet more similar to sites like Centrebet and Betway than Manhattan Slots or All British Casino. The latter two are casino exclusives, meaning they offer no sports betting options. These are becoming increasingly common in the online betting market. There’s also sports exclusives but they are much rarer. In fact, sites which sound like they should be sports exclusive, such as SportNation, usually have casino options too.

JustBet banner

At Betting Sites Comparison, we pride ourselves on keeping our reviews as fair and even handed as possible. We’ll therefore always take into account the various different types of betting products and their target demographics. This means JustBet more closely to other more similar sites than those casino exclusives mentioned above. At least, most of the time that is. Occasionally we’ll break this rule and compare it to a casino. This will usually be for things like site design, where the content doesn’t impact the fairness of the comparison.

We’ll be looking at a whole bunch of site elements to see exactly what makes JustBet tick. In addition, we’ll also be looking at the good and the bad in each element. This way, you get both sides of the story and can better decide what site is right for you.

There’s a whole bunch of competition out there. Being in the same betting category as  household names like William Hill and Ladbrokes is no easy task. So let’s see if JustBet is up to the challenge.

  1. What is available at JustBet?

JustBet sportsbetting

Well, we’ve already mentioned the basics of what’s available at JustBet. This is a betting site that has both a casino and a sportsbook section. But that doesn’t mean that all sites are made equally. Some all in one sites are clearly head and shoulders above others. And some have certain focuses that others don’t. Punchbets mainly focuses on MMA and Racebets is dedicated to horse racing, for example.

Looking more closely at JustBet, the following sports are available at the time of writing:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • E-Sports
  • Martial Arts
  • Boxing
  • Motor Racing
  • Rugby
  • Miscellaneous
  • Futures

So, there’s a few different betting options to pick from there. JustBet have plenty of sports that are very popular in the betting world and it also includes the likes of E-Sports. This is always a pleasant surprise and a welcome addition. In addition, JustBet offers live betting and has a dedicated Racebook page, which offers betting on the latest horse races.

JustBet racebook

The casino has the standard options to select from. These include slots, table games, video poker, bingo and keno as well. Bingo having its own section is a good call. Considering the popularity of sites like BGO, bingo is definitely a rapidly growing sector of the betting market. 

On the other hand

Unfortunately, the bingo section is looking a bit thin on the ground. In fact, there’s only one bingo option, which is pretty bad. We suppose that Foxy Casino can rest easy in terms of competition on the bingo front for the moment. Quite simply, the selection for the casino is incredibly weak, with table games probably being its strongest point.

There’s under twenty slot titles available at JustBet at the time of writing. When you compare that to the major players in the casino world, including Royal Panda, Rich Casino and Rizk casino, there’s just no comparison. You might say that, considering it’s an all in one site, that’s an unfair comparison. This is often true, as the average casino options on a casino exclusive site is likely to be better and more varied. However, considering that all in one’s have examples like Virgin Casino and Sportsbook and Mr Green offering a great casino product, there’s no excuses here.

JustBet blackjack games

Not only that, but there’s no live options for the casino. This is rather disappointing as live casino games are something of an expectation nowadays. 

The sportsbook is a bit better. The selection isn’t truly awful but it’s nowhere near the best we’ve seen. If you compare it to what’s offered by somewhere like William Hill, JustBet unfortunately once again falls rather short.

  1. Is the JustBet site well designed?

When we talk about the aesthetic side of site design, we’re fully aware that this is something that is very subjective. It’s very different to discussing customer service, for example. That’s because we can all agree that having a round the clock live chat service is a good thing, as opposed to a site that only has a mailing address.

JustBet site design

However, things are quite a bit more complex with design. This often comes down to what you personally prefer. Someone might love the colourful bursts of Jupiter Club, while someone else prefers the minimalistic charms of somewhere like Betfair. I’s simply all down to what you like.

So, because we pride ourselves on keeping things fair, we won’t be giving our opinion on JustBet’s style as fact. That’s because someone may disagree based on their own tastes. Instead, we’re going to say what we think people will like and won’t like about their stylistic choices.

First up, we think that some people will like the mature style of JustBet’s design. It’s simple, serious and looks like a place for grown ups. There’s a trend among sites to become very cutesy and while some people really enjoy this, other’s don’t. If you’re in the latter camp then JustBet might be right for you.

JustBet sportsbook

Technically speaking, everything on JustBet appeared to work as it should. The site ran smoothly and was very easy to navigate. 

On the other hand

Frankly, we think that there are others who will find JustBet’s looks to be uninspiring and out of date. It’s about as plain as plain can be. And while many like their betting sites to keep things simple, many people may believe that JustBet have taken this design philosophy a bit too far.

There’s also the issue of there being little to nothing distinguishing the sportsbook from the casino section. The best betting sites keep these parts separate enough to be distinct, while keeping them similar enough to look as though they belong within the same site. It’s a difficult balance act and one that JustBet seems to have not even attempted to pull off. Some customers will simply consider this lack of difference between sections to be a bore.

JustBet casino

Also, another major letdown is that the site isn’t structured well across the board. The casino is the best example of this. It features a sidebar that starts with casino, but this operates as more of a FAQ and a general ‘how to guide’ for various table games. You have to click down to ‘free casino’ to get to where the action is. It’s a rather sloppy layout that is at worse, unwelcoming and at best, confusing for visitors. 

We think in general, many customers are likely to be unimpressed by JustBet’s design efforts. Perhaps we are wrong though. We haven’t taken a poll after all. But we think when you look at this and some of their high end competition, most people will choose the latter. As always, we recommend checking the site out for yourself to get to grips with it and better make your mind up. 

  1. Do they have any promotions at JustBet?

They most certainly do. There are five promotions to be exact, which is a reasonable amount. We’re going to give you an overview of only three here. This way, you can get a general idea of what to expect. We’ll then take a closer look at the terms and conditions in the next section. 

Do keep in mind that often promotions are time sensitive or are replaced or rebranded. If you go on the JustBet site and find something different under Promotions to what is presented here, it will have changed since this review is published. Nonetheless, our overview should give you an idea of the type of value they are in known for in this regard.

50% Welcome Bonus:
JustBet welcome bonusThis promotion is available for both the sportsbook and the casino. It’s a 50% bonus on your deposit up to $300 (for each section).

Slots 500:
JustBet Slots 500This promotion is focused on slot games and offers a 100% bonus on deposits up to $500. 

Refer a Friend: 
JustBet Refer a FriendJustBet offer a refer a friend scheme. You can receive up to $500 for each referral you make to the site.

On the other hand

First off, before we start looking at terms and conditions, we’d say that this promotional page suffers from a severe lack of creativity. It doesn’t seem to have anything that makes it stand out from the crowd. All the bonuses here are pretty much expected, run-of-the-mill promotions and many of them are similar.

In the terms and conditions, the wagering requirements range from 4 to 40 times. So there’s a mixed bag in terms of value. For the Refer a Friend bonus, the $500 is said to be a the potential maximum amount you could earn. However, how you would get the maximum and not less does not appear to be specified on the page. Overall though, the terms and conditions don’t seem too bad.

In conclusion, we’d say that JustBet has about an average showing in terms of promotional offers. You won’t find anything here that blows you away with its originality, but you shouldn’t be too let down by what they offer either.

  1. What are the customer service options at JustBet?

JustBet contact page

There’s some goods news here. JustBet has a live chat function that is available 24/7, all days of the year. This is always a pleasure to see, as it means customers can get the support they need at any time of the day or night.

In addition to this, there’s also an FAQ section to help you find those quick answers to common enquiries, alongsidean email address and a toll number. This is free to call for players from the USA and Canada.

On the other hand

JustBet live chat

When we attempted to contact the site via the Live Chat function, the form was written in Spanish. We could see no options to change the language settings, which made it pretty difficult for us to contact the customer support team. We’re not sure whether this is just a temporary issue or whether this is how the Live Chat form is always presented, but we hope JustBet resolve this soon. 

Additionally, toll free numbers for players in other countries would further improve on their customer support options. 

  1. What banking options are available?

The followings options are available for depositing funds:
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Verified by Visa
  • Bitcoin
  • ECO
  • Person to Person transaction
  • Bankwire
JustBet payment methods
The minimum deposit ranges between $10 and $2,500. The full list can be viewed on the site under the ‘Cashier’ page. The maximum deposit ranges from $499 to unlimited, depending on your payment method.

The following options are available for withdrawing funds:

  • Person to Person transaction
  • Bank Draft
  • ECO
  • Bitcoin 

The minimum withdrawal is $50 for Bitcoin and $100 for all other options. The maximum withdrawal ranges between $300 and $25,000. Payouts for person to person transactions and ECO can take between 2-3 days.

On the other hand

There’s certain information missing regarding transaction times for some payment options.

  1. What kind of critical reception has JustBet had?

JustBet mobile

We actually found that the critical responses for JustBet were rather good. Some gave them excellent reviews and others hovered around average mark, meaning it comes out critically looking better than most.

On the other hand

Unfortunately, it appears that there aren’t actually that many critical reviews for JustBet. This means we would be hesitant to draw conclusions from the limited feedback we did find. 

  1. So what did we think of JustBet?

JustBet logo

Sadly, we’re going to have to disagree with the reviewers that have given JustBet a 5-star rating. There’s nothing terrible about the site from what we can see. But when you’re up against so much intense competition, you need to be something special to stand out. We don’t think JustBet lives up to that expectations. It could use more casino options and more promotional variety for example, but most of all, it needs more personality.