Jupiter Club review

Jupiter Club Review

The nicest way to put the design of Jupiter Club would be unique. A less flattering perspective on this would be that there’s a very good reason no other sites look like this. Aesthetically speaking, this is one of the crassest, cheapest looking sites out there, from its bright purple backdrop to the disco ball in its logo.

Jupiter Club Casino site design

Even to the ‘Contact Us’ information looks like it’s written on the back of a letter. The font they have used has an off faded quality, which makes it appear as though it’s printed on paper. This would all be great if it was a desirable look for this kind of site, but considering it comes with a link and it looks like the least interactive thing on this site, or indeed on many sites, you’d be forgiven for not realising this is where you go in order to get live support. Largely because you’d be right.

Jupiter Club contact us

Additional design features at Jupiter Club

Despite the fact that the e-mail address, its ‘More Details’ and its ‘Click Here’ buttons are bright yellow, thereby clearly indicating that they are interactive, you’ll in fact be redirected to the same link that dominates the entire page. Click anything on this page and you will be taken to the actual homepage.

Why this page exists is a complete mystery. It only appears on certain links for the site, specifically the one which adds ‘Accepting US players’ onto its Google search result. But even if this is simply a mistake, Jupiter’s Club failure to remove this duplicate page from the Google results is a major oversight. The original intent of its existence is still an unanswered question and landing on this page does give the distinct impression of a site not taking its online presence seriously.


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Jupiter Club Homepage design

Once you have been directed to the homepage,  things will begin to improve somewhat. It’s still not the prettiest site in the world but compared to the other landing page, it’s a work of art. It still has a rather garish pink backdrop, although this time there’s circles of flashing white lights that give the impression of a disco ball spinning. It vastly improves both the tastefulness of the backdrop and the placement of the logo. Purple and a disco ball will never scream quality but this is about as close to being classy as is possible.

Jupiter Club new site design

Oddly, this effect has not been pushed onto other site pages, which make things feel lazy and inconsistent. You’ll also find the ‘Progressive Jackpot Total’ to the right of the logo, which is constantly changing and updating. These kinds of details really make a site feel alive where it otherwise could feel cold.

Site navigation

Getting around the site is simple enough. Below the logo you have the toolbar, which shows you through all the major site pages, including Home, Download, Getting Started, Banking, Games, Promotions, Loyalty, Tournaments and Contact. Below that is an advertisement for the sign up promotions, as well as an option to instantly ‘try out’ the site without having to sign up.

This is actually only useful as an example of what the site looks like in play and it doesn’t give a good first impression. You have to zoom in to see what is going on, then once you try to play a game, it asks you to log in, not only making the instant play option seem useless, but actually counter productive as it gives a poor example of the product before you download the software.

Jupiter Club instant play feature

Toolbars and other features at Jupiter Club

The homepage also features an example of some game titles and another toolbar going through the gaming options (Video Slots, Progressive, Classic Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, Other Games).

Considering there is already a games option on the upper toolbar, this is a redundant design feature. Scroll further down and you’ll find a new game featured, a scrolling recent winners board, which is always a welcome addition, and a box advertising the software’s compatibility with Max OSX.

Annoyingly, beneath the new game example, there’s yet another link to view the games. This doubling up on links that do the same job. This really poor use of space doesn’t give the impression of a carefully planned out website and lost points in our Jupiter Club test.

Below that, the page gets uglier, with site purple and white text, which looks like someone typing out code in nineties cinema. Here, they are also double up on contact links, give you some examples of banking options, give the option to like the site on Facebook and offer some generic content about the site. The other pages are generally even more basic than this. Overall, this site is seriously out of date design wise.

Setting up your Jupiter Club account

Jupiter Club software

Our Jupiter Club test included the ease of use of key site features. Setting up a user account is one of these. There are several options on how to get started with Jupiter Club. First of all, this is a site that requires you to acquire software to run it. So, first thing first, download the software. The software can be run on your Mac (as the homepage is at pains to point out), your mobile, tablet, or Windows computer.

Apparently, you can also install the site’s software via CD. There is little information about how you acquire this CD or even why this is a necessary option in 2016, but it really does make you wonder how long it has been since this site has been updated.


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To create and account, first agree to run the file, agree to the End User License Agreement then install the program. From here, you’ll need to click on the MY ACCOUNT icon, located to the top left of the screen.

Next input your e-mail address and password (always remember to use a safe password), click on ‘Create Account’ and you will receive a message telling you your account has now been created and you are ready to go. Obviously you’ll need to fill in your bank details after creating your player account if you want to play for real money.

Customer support at Jupiter Club

Jupiter Club customer support

One area in which Jupiter Club is not lacking is customer support. Most Jupiter Club opinions give them credit in this regard. They have even more options for customers to get in touch with the site than many major casinos, such as Manhattan Slots. This is one area of our Jupiter Club review that the brand scored well in.

Our test of customer service options include a toll free phone number, which is available in nine countries:

  • United States Of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Japan

The brand also offer a live chat function available 24/7, which has received excellent user opinions. There’s even a choice of e-mail addresses, which direct you depending on your inquiry.

For example, there’s a specific e-mail address regarding the withdrawal of funds. This is an excellent feature and shows they’ve really thought about this aspect of their site. It’s just a shame this amount of effort has not been applied to all areas of Jupiter Club. These e-mails also boast excellent response times. This is by far the area in which this site excels the most.

Jupiter Club Live Chat

Promotions on offer at Jupiter Club

The welcome promotion at Jupiter Club is frankly, rather weak and did not add significantly to our Jupiter Club review. You receive a match bonus of up to 100 dollars (or equivalent), which while not spectacular, is a fairly respectable number.

However, this comes with a whole bunch of convoluted Terms and Conditions, the most important of which is that you need to wager 40 times the amount you bet in order to receive the bonus. This would mean in order to receive your 100 dollars, you’d need to fork out 4,000 dollars. It’s a simple case of the reward not fitting the contribution.

Jupiter Club Casino promotion

This offer is also limited to only certain games, such as Black Diamond, Ace, King, Queen and Jack Tier. Different games have different wagering requirements for bonuses and this convoluted system of receiving your money, if you’ve decided its worth it, is hidden from plain view on the promotions page. It looks like they know this is a bad deal and want to avoid showing the Terms and Conditions as much as they can get away with.

There are other bonuses available but as their Terms and Conditions are unavailable to view, it is anybody’s guess whether they are any good or not. Judging by the welcome bonus and the fact that they feel the need to hide these terms from their customers, we’d imagine they are not very good value for money. There is also no need for a Jupiter Club bonus code.

You may need that excellent customer service just to find out how the bonuses work.

What’s on offer at Jupiter Club?

Jupiter Club games

Our Jupiter Club test revealed that the offer here is fairly standard for a online casino site. Obviously there’s no sports betting or eSports betting on offer and therefore no live streaming. However, there’s a decent selection of video slots, progressive jackpots, video poker, table and classic slots as well as other games such as Powerball Keno and Berry Picker. It’s a fairly standard casino site offer.

Jupiter Club Reputation

Our Jupiter Club review also looked at this betting operators reputation. The brand is not a major betting site so there are not as many references to the reputation of the site as there would be for the bigger players in the gaming world like Coral or critically praised newer sites, such as BitStarz. However, the opinions from both critics and customers alike have been middling to very bad.

Jupiter Club disco ball

Regarding its welcome bonus, many have claimed that the site will simply take issue with your account and refuse to pay the bonus regardless of how much you have spent, meaning players do not receive a return on their money. While we cannot verify or disprove any of these claims, the consistency in which they appear and the fact that the site makes it hard for its Terms and Conditions to be found and understood, does concern us.


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Our Jupiter Club review also found that this is one of the 7 members of The Grand Prive group, which has been plagued with controversy in the gaming world due to their actions following Microgaming being pulled out of the US market, changing both regulators and software platforms overnight without notice.

Jupiter Club test: Banking

The following deposit methods are available on Jupiter Club:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Visa (Debit card)
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • UPayCard

The following withdrawal methods are available on Jupiter Club:

  • Visa
  • Visa (debit card)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Jupiter Club payment options

You can input funds using a PaysafeCard by:

  • visiting the cashier page
  • clicking deposit
  • entering the amount
  • from the Paysafecard website – enter the PIN of your stored e-money voucher

You can also do this with a UPayCard, although this will charge a small amount to register your card to their site.

Additional Jupiter Club banking options

Banking options such as Neteller, Check Payment, Direct Baking and Wire Transfer are subject to withdrawal fees up to 30 dollars or equivalent. This is depending on which payment method you choose. The site once again does not give you all the information. This is something of a running theme with this Jupiter Club.

Our Jupiter Club test revealed that withdrawals can be processed within 24 hours, depending on the method chosen. Once again, this is not specified. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 dollars or equivalent. The maximum is 2000 dollars a week and you’ll be required to go through a process of verifying your identity. Jupiter Club opinions rate the site poorly in terms of the speed of its withdrawal process. The Grand Prive group only processes withdrawals two days a week.

Jupiter Club logo

Jupiter Club rating and summary

Our Jupiter Club review found that the brand has great customer service and a mediocre line up of games. When that’s the best thing about your site, you know you’re in trouble.

Jupiter Club Casino has no personality. It’s design is amateur, garish and is not consistent throughout the site in general. It repeats itself and is poorly laid out. It also does not give the players all the information they need to proceed. There’s a feeling of a lack of effort all around.

Its promotions are bland, unexciting and come with harsh Terms and Conditions that are both hard to find and understand. For some games, they are impossible to find altogether. But most importantly of all, they have left many customers dissatisfied. Even those who defend the site seem to be unable to place their praise anything above average. Our overall Jupiter Club rating is therefore fairly low. Alternatively, other betting sites to try include All Star Slots, Foxy Casino and Mansion Casino


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