6 Important Questions To See If Interwetten Is Talking Your Language

In this review, we’re going to be getting the low down on the rather peculiarly titled Interwetten. This is an all in one betting site, which offers its product in over 10 different languages, as its rather international name would suggest.


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By an all in one site, we are of course referring to the site being both a sportsbook and a casino, at the very least. Some sites have more available than that. But that is the minimum we would expect to consider a site to be a more general betting operator rather than a casino or sportsbook exclusive.

What this means in terms of fairness is that Interwetten can be more fairly compared to somewhere like SuperLenny or BetFred, rather than Jupiter Club or Las Vegas USA for example. This is because the latter solely focus on the casino side of things. There’s also sportsbook exclusive sites. However, these aren’t very common.

The reason we’ll be comparing Interwetten to other all in ones, despite them all essentially being in the same betting business, is there are distinct differences between these kinds of sites. For starters, this difference is most often recognised through the site design. There’s little comparison between the looks of many conservative sportsbooks and casino exclusives, like ShadowBet Casino or PlayFrank Casino.

Speaking of site design, that’s just one element that comes down to personal taste. As such, we cannot say whether a site’s looks are objectively bad or not. What we will do instead is go through what we think the responses are likely to be. We’ll also assess technical elements. Put simply, this means how easy the site is to use and how well things work. We think it’s fair to say that everyone prefers a more responsive site for example. So we can say with confidence whether this element of the site design is any good.

Interwetten devices

As for the other elements we’ll cover, which will include everything from what’s on the site to what customer service options they have, we’ll take a look at both the positive and negative points from each question we answer. That is, of course, assuming we have both good and bad things to say, which is not always the case.

With the in mind, we’ll end our introduction by saying that, because choosing a betting site in some ways comes down to what you prefer and what you find fun, make sure to check out the site yourself before signing up. It’s also a good idea to check out some of the competition as well. This will help you see if the grass might be greener elsewhere. If you need any more information on any other site you’re considering, do make sure to check out our list of comprehensive reviews to get valuable insights on all your betting site needs.

Now, with all that said and done, let’s get moving onto everything you’ll want to know about Interwetten.

  1. Is the site well designed?

Interwetten site design

We’ll kick off with what is the trickiest question to answer, due to its highly personal and subjective nature.

Well first up, we’ll start with what we can say for certain. We’ve had absolutely no technical issues with the site. Nor have we found anything in our research to suggest that this is a problem you are likely to encounter. On top of that, the site’s structure is, if nothing else, very easy to use and navigate.

Now, let’s move onto the aesthetic part of our evaluation.

The look and feel of Interwetten

Truthfully, there’s not too much to say here. If you’ve been on other betting sites, there’s a solid chance you know this layout like the back of your hand. The logo is positioned to the top left. Log in and register buttons are to the top right. The main toolbar is just below,  with an additional toolbar to the medium left. Relevant sportsbook/casino information is in the centre and additional information can be found at the bottom. There’s a good chance you’d be able to have an excellent idea of what it would look like without even having clicking on the site. However, we don’t say these things to sound down on Interwetten.

They certainly have their advantages. First of all, the familiarity here makes it as easy as anything else to navigate. Plus, it may not be inventive but it certainly doesn’t look bad. Some of the biggest and most successful sites in the world follow a similar pattern, including household names like Betway and William Hill. This layout is popular, hugely so, and Interwetten are probably thinking, wisely, that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Interwetten casino

On the other hand

While this approach may make business sense and may not bother many customer, it does leave Interwetten in a position of not standing out.

Having a conservative design is all well and good if you can stand out from the vast swathes of competition in other areas. On one hand, if you have a product that excels in other places, it can be a good thing to opt for such a universally favoured design style. If you don’t though, you can risk disappearing among the crowd.

In terms of whether that is the case here, we will find out as we continue our review.


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  1. So what’s available on the Interwetten site?

Interwetten sports betting

As we’ve mentioned, this is an all in one site. So at bare minimum, you’ve got a casino and a sportsbook.

More specifically though, you have live betting options for both, along with a specific virtual sports section and mobile options.

In terms of the sports available, the following were listed on Interwetten at the time of writing:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Handball
  • Golf
  • Formula 1
  • Athletics
  • Rugby
  • Australian Rules Football
  • American Football
  • Superbike
  • Cycling
  • Snooker
  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Pool
  • Darts
  • Boxing
  • Chess
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Biathlon
  • Politics
  • E-Sports (Counter strike)
  • E-Sports (League of Legends)

That’s a solid enough selection we’d say, with a decent amount of left field and popular options to keep the vast majority of their customer happy.

The Interwetten casino

Interwetten casino games

Moving onto the casino side of things, there’s everything you’d probably expect. We’re happy to report though that although Interwetten doesn’t make much of a distinction between its sportsbook and casino counterparts (an issue that plagues so many all in one sites), this doesn’t mean the latter has been neglected in terms of content.

 Here you’ll find slots, table games, virtual table games and live casino games split across different sections. This diversity reminds  us of LSbet, which we also praised for having a similar structure. On top of that, the site also has a good selection of poker games. While Interwetten are not about to take over from PokerStars of Full Tilt Poker just yet, it is a surprisingly large selection.

These sections are also powered by different software developers, so this is no mere aesthetic division. You can pick from games from major developers like NetEnt and MicroGaming, alongside many others. This diversity means that, not only will you get a wide variety of games, but you’ll be able to enjoy high quality titles as well.

Interwetten live casino

On the other hand

Really we don’t have much to complain about here. We suppose we could argue that the bingo and poker sections, if expanded, could be made into their own section to take advantage of those growing markets. But as it stands, Interwetten already has a very fine variety, which more than puts it above many of its rivals.

  1. What promotions are available at Interwetten?

At the time of writing, we have been able to find seven promotions for both the casino and sportsbook.

In order to not bore you with an incredibly long promotional section, we’ll be taking a look at four. This way, you can get an indication of the type of value you are likely to expect at Interwetten. To find out about their other promotions, check on their website.

100% Bonus up to €100:
Interwetten welcome bonusUnusually for a welcome bonus, this appears to be available across the board here. In other words, it is as equally valid for the casino as it is the sportsbook. However, the deal is much better for the latter, with the wagering requirement for the sportsbook being a mere 5 times. This is excellent. The casino has a wagering requirement of 30 times, which while not as good, is still reasonable.

No Risk with Your First Mobile Bet: 
Interwetten risk free mobile bet
In a bid to encourage mobile use of their site, Interwetten are offering a refund on your first bet up to €25. Minimum odds are 1.70.

Win a Free Bet Every Tuesday:
Interwetten free bet TuesdayEvery Tuesday, Blackjack players can get a €10 free bet for the slot game Neon Reels. This is a great use of the integration between different parts of the site.  

50% up to €400 Loyalty Bonus:
Interwetten loyalty bonusThis is a rare casino only bonus. If you play both blackjack and roulette at the live casino, hit a six figure jackpot play on the slot machines and try the newest games, you will receive a 50% bonus on the first three deposits made in a designated bonus period.

Note: the terms and conditions for the above promotion are vague, so we have interpreted them as best we could. For example, the tasks to complete are written as though they must all be completed, so that is what we have understood it to mean.

Also for example, they say “enjoy the thrill of our 300 slot machines”. We assumed this meant you must play on at least one to qualify, as playing them all seems unreasonable. If any of these conditions are incorrect, we apologies. But we’ve outlined them as best we could based on the terms written.


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On the other hand

Well, the bad news here is that, other than the welcome bonus, we don’t really know enough about the rest to make an assumption on their worth. The Risk Free Mobile and Free Bet Tuesday promotions do not appear to state any wagering requirements on their terms and the final promotion listed was very hard to understand.

Not only that but the promotions section was very hard to find. We thought there wasn’t a promotion section at all until we left the site and searched for them specifically via a search engine. The promotions come across as an afterthought and are not easy to understand. It’s a disappointment.

  1. What customer service options do they have?

Interwetten contact page

The following contact options are available for the Interwetten customer support:

  • a local phone number
  • FAQ section
  • online contact form

On the other hand

While their reputation for responding to customer contact forms is pretty good, they’ll never be able to compete with a round the clock live chat service. We are afraid that in this regard, Interwetten cannot compete with the best that is out there.

  1. In terms of security, what assurances do customer have?

SSL encryption

Well, Interwetten are licensed under the jurisdiction of Malta. SSL encryption technology is utilised and their games are proven fair and random by independent auditing agencies, with an audit by eCogra available on the site.

Essentially, all this means that the site is fully legal, your data should remain safe from third parties and the games you are playing give you a reasonable chance of winning.

On the other hand

There’s nothing else to mention here. When it’s all good, it’s all good.

  1. So what do we think of Interwetten?

Interwetten logo

Earlier in this review, we said that because of Interwetten’s rather conservative approach and lack of innovation, they would really need to stand out in terms of quality in order to push themselves to the head of the pack. Because when you are coming at the betting world with such a straightforward product, you are putting yourself in the firing line of the biggest, most mainstream and successful sites out there. We’re talking about the likes of Betway and Betfair level sites that are out there.

Now, Interwetten is by no means a bad site. It works perfectly well. It has a great selection of casino games and a decent sports selection for example. Despite that though, there appears to be no hook as to why you should pick this site over many of its competitors. That’s because it doesn’t have the enticing promotions or the round the clock service, for example, that a lot of them do have.

So if you want to sign up to Interwetten, we’d say that you’ll probably enjoy the site. In that sense, we do recommend it. But is it something we would say is head and shoulders above the competition? Not at this moment. To be a great site, Interwetten needs to either elevate certain aspects of its product or find a USP that makes it original enough make it intriguing in the cut throat online gaming market. As it stands, it is merely a good betting site.


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