The 8 All-Time Best Horse Racing Games

Horse Racing Games That’ll Get You Pumped 

Horse racing games can be played online and by downloading an app. At last, punters no longer need to hoof it to the track in order to place a bet and get in on the action. Nowadays with the simple click of a button on a smartphone, the games and betting can officially begin. There’s something exciting about watching the titillating equestrian sport of horse racing and now, punters worldwide can do so from the palm of their hand.

Perhaps it’s the exquisite nature of the horse as it gallops that intrigues horse race lovers. Most likely, it’s the adrenaline of wondering if a bet will win. Most importantly, it’s the thrill of possibly winning the jackpot all because you made a lucky bet. In sum, betting on a horse race has never been more convenient, entertaining and fun than it is with the innovation of horse racing games and apps. Who better to know whether the game is good than the punter themself? Enjoy checking out the following top horse racing games reviewed by players themselves.

Stop horsing around with subpar horse racing games and do yourself a favor and check out the following list of horseplay games. Choose from amongst multiple consoles and platforms. If you’re new to playing horse racing games then it’s a must to check out: Melbourne Cup ChallengeStarters Orders 6, or Winning Post 7 Maximum 2008. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, there’s a horse racing game for everybody so peruse through these following choices until you find the game for you.


8. Computer Nouryoku Kaiseki: Ultra Baken

This horse racing simulation video game for the Super Famicom allows punters to actually manipulate the lives of the horses they bet upon. The objective is to become the wealthiest horse farmer in the world. Naturally training and preparations are essential to producing a winning horse. So much so that when finances are low, horses can be sold to increase the punter’s bank account.

It’s a fact that horses start out as ponies. Then these ponies grow up and they must then be trained in order to go onto a horse racing career. Overall the gender of the pony decides whether it’ll become a stallion or a mare. Furthermore it’s an option for punters to bet on the horses that they have raised during the course of the game. Learn more about Computer Nouryoku Kaiseki: Ultra Baken by clicking and watching the video.


This horse racing simulator is published by Koei for Playstation 2 and 3 in Japan all the way back in 2007. Winning Post 7 is a sequel to the Winning Post 6. This was the first of Koei’s horse racing series for the PlayStation 3 and this game is essentially an updated version of Winning Post 7. The Maximum 2007 update to Winning Post 7 basically added the benefit of 2007 stats including and not limited to the year 2007 JRA racing program.

Check out the Summer Sprint Series and the Summer 2000 Series. Interested in overseas racing series? Then check out the Asia Mile Challenge or the Global Sprint Challenge. This update added a new race course too. The PS3 version offers stronger racing simulation calculations, improved horse and rider models as well as high definition visuals. In summary, Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007 is a winner. Learn more about Winning Post Maximum 5 by clicking and watching the video above.


Sega-AM3 created the horse racing simulation game: the Derby Owners Club. Its format uses one of several consoles to train its horses. Afterwhich they race against other horses and players on tracks. Each punter is effectively the owner, trainer, and jockey at their console. Punters can train their horses to improve in their abilities through pre-purchased memory cards, breeding via the console, or retired dam and sire cards. What’s more, sometimes punters can bet on a horse race that has an okapi, a zebra or a panda.

In order to breed retired horses one only needs to race them twenty times. At which point, a punter can either retire them or allow them to continue their career. The horse is matched up with other horses in a race and punters can now race their horse using a whip or by holding buttons. Depending on where the horses finishes, they are then awarded a prize purse. Learn more about the Derby Owner’s Club by clicking the video above.


This game is also known as Frankie Dettori Racing in Europe. Melbourne Cup Challenge is a horse racing simulation video game that’s based on the Melbourne Cup. Developed by Sidhe Interactive and published by Tru Blu Entertainment for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Microsoft Windows, the horse racing game was released in Australia, Europe and New Zealand in 2006.


Multiplayer online play is available for all platforms. Bet on multiple game modes include: betting party, career mode, jockey challenge. To further illustrate, ‘Career Mode’ includes: auctions, horse breeding, stable management and training. Highly detailed graphics accurately illustrate international race courses, realistic horses and jockeys as well as weather effects. There’s so much to explore, for example, lifelike horse and jockey animation. 


Starters Order 5, a horse racing management simulation game lets punters get involved with races in the UK, North America, Australia, France, Canada, and Japan. Developed and designed by Strategic Designs, among horse racing games, it’s an in-depth Horse Racing management simulation. Coupled with training your string of horses, punters can race around the globe. 

At the same time, build up your stable and breed new horses. Not to mention that punters can take the role of the jockey and ride in races with Oculus Rift goggles. Learn more about VR games and the casinos where you can play virtual reality games without the need of Oculus Rift support.

3. GI JOCKEY 4 2007

Developed and published by Koei, this latest horse racing sim for Playstation 2 is amongst the best of all horse racing games available in the UK. There’s plenty of depth as well as novelty controller add-on’s. In G1 Jockey 4, how you perform is really all about the choices you make while on the track. Familiarize yourself in a fairly comprehensive training section that’ll ease you into things and thereafter you can breed your horses if you so see fit.

This game is very addictive. It’s good fun and it’ll definitely grow on you. Gi Jockey 4 is exciting to get into and it’s challenging to master which makes it a worthy game to play. If horse racing games get you galloping then ride on over to the best game horse racing sim over in the UK.


Tecmo, a Japanese developer brings horse racing to Playstation 2 in the form of Gallop Racer. Gallop Racer breaks its horse racing down into three separate modes. The most advantageous of which is the career mode. Therein you play owner, breeder, and jockey to a stable of horses. The majority of the race is spent watching your horse’s position in relation to the other horses as each horse as well as also watching your horse’s stamina meter.

By whipping the horse you can gain a brief boost. However, a poorly timed whipping can exhaust your horse before the finish line. Winning a race bring in a tidy cash prize and increases your horse’s stats as well. Check out the multiplayer mode as well which takes and makes the racing part of the career mode two-player.

Not to mention the third and most unique mode in Gallop Racer: Watch Mode. In Watch Mode, punters can play the role of the spectator and bet on the horse races. Having no direct control over the horses, this mode is even more dependent on the stats of the horses than the career mode. 


In Starters Order 6, punters can train, own, breed, bet, ride and race in a truly realistic horse racing game. Additionally they can experience the rush of racing against 40 other jockeys within first person jockey mode. Moreover create a successful horse racing enterprise in a game featuring an intricate horse racing and betting system. Last but not least, watch and experience the horse race as it is being played out as well.

Choose which game race schedule you’d like to use and then choose from amongst choices like: UK, USA, Australia or Irish. As for schedule options, punters can choose between jump racing, flat racing or a combined flat/jumps schedule. In addition, there’s also a difficulty setting where one can change between easier, normal or harder. The horse betting system in Starters Orders 6 is very impressive as well.

The game displays the last odds as well as the current odds of each horse participating in the race. Some of these odds may in fact change over time depending on the bets that you’ve placed. Choose the type of bet and select the amount to bet. Punters can bet on the horse winning or they can bet that the horse will place in the top 3 or 4 depending on the race.