Delve Into Heritage Sports With These 7 Important Questions

In this review, we’ll be looking at Heritage Sports. This is an all-in-one bookmaker that includes poker, casino, a sportsbook and a racebook.

The site has had an interesting history. A Costa Rica based company, they operated on an invite only basis for a number of years. Since then, they started expanding worldwide. At the beginning of the decade, they took US customers from other sites, such as BetJamaica and The Greek.

Heritage Sports

The former has not, at the time of writing, been reviewed yet by Betting Sites Comparison. The latter has been and generally speaking, it was a positive experience.

So with those connections, we’re off to a good start. Heritage Sport might not have the pedigree of Ladbrokes or William Hill. But you shouldn’t let that put you off. Plenty of sites that aren’t exactly household names have more than exceeded our expectations on the site. So going for a big brand name might not be right for you.

However, if you do decide to choose one of the Betway level sites, you’re unlikely to be disappointed. They are, after all, that popular for a reason.

But since you’re here, we assume you are looking for a betting site with an open mind. With so much out there, it can be hard for a site to stand out. But the cream rises to the top if you look hard enough.

That’s where we come in. We are here to go through every nook and cranny of Heritage Sports. Our aim is to help you decide whether or not it’s worth your time.

Heritage Sports mobile

As part of our fair and extensive reviews, we will look at everything the site has to offer. This includes everything from promotions to banking options and every other important site element we can think of.

We’ll also compare it to what else is out there from time to time. We’ll be focusing largely on other sportsbooks like Centrebet or BetOlimp, rather than casino exclusives like Las Vegas USA or Spintastic. This isn’t an absolute rule though, When looking at the casino specifically or something like site design, we think it’s fair to compare. But when looking at the overall product, we will take the inherent site differences into account.

There’s also an element of personal taste involved. And there’s no better way of figuring out if a site is right for you than checking it out yourself. It might also be worth checking out some of their competition too. This way, you can get a good picture of everything that’s out there. We also have plenty of other reviews so you can make an informed decision on where to bet your money.

Now, let’s take a look at the top questions you’ll want answered when considering whether or not to sign up to Heritage Sports.

  1. First off, is the site trustworthy and does it have a good reputation?

SSL encryption

This double barrelled question goes hand in hand. It is possibly the most important thing that every player should consider when signing up to any betting site.

After all, this is somewhere you will be trusting with real cash. A website could tick every other box, but without this peace of mind, not much else matters.

The Heritage Sport site says that they are “a fully licensed sportsbook”. However, we are unable to find out their licensing jurisdiction on their site. The good news is that we have found elsewhere that they are apparently licensed in Costa Rica.

They’ve been around since 1994 as well, and although their move into more international waters is significantly less than that, it is always reassuring that a site has been around so long without any kind of major incident. If there was any kind of scam operating from the Heritage Sports site, it would have been unearthed long ago.

BetSoft Gaming Ltd

Their software provider is Betsoft Gaming Ltd, who are a respectable and well established software provider. They also state that their transactions are processed via 128 bit encryption.

In terms of their reputation, they have pretty good critical reviews. Unfortuantely though, there’s not much customer feedback to go on. We insist on not making assumptions without enough information. So we’ve conclude here that they are critically successful and their customer satisfaction rate remains to be seen at this time.

However, we can say that what we could find was very good.

On the other hand

We’ve got no information about their auditing of casino games. This may be just the site overlooking this point. But it always helps put players’ minds at ease to know all games on the site are checked for their fairness and randomness.

The complaints they have regard lowering customer limits for skilled players. However, that is something they are within their rights to do. It is something that some people took issue with rather than suspicious behaviour from the operator.

There’s also some claims in other reviews of cold-calling. While this is not exactly something that you might consider underhand, it is annoying. However, we found this information on a single review and not elsewhere so we cannot confirm its validity.

  1. So what exactly does Heritage Sports have to offer?

Heritage Sports sportsbook

As mentioned, there are four main section to Heritage Sports. These include the sportsbook, casino, poker and racebook, despite sports being in the title. This actually isn’t particularly unusual. For example, BoyleSports and Sportingbet also include casino options.

In terms of its sportsbook, the site is praised for its US market. It’s not quite as strong on European and international markets, but if you’re looking for betting lines on the likes of basketball and baseball, you should find plenty to satisfy here.

On the other hand

Unfortunately, the casino and poker elements of the site aren’t given as much attention as the sportsbook. There’s nothing wrong with the software of the casino games for example. But it doesn’t have the variety offered by many of its competitors. Especially now there’s so much out there on the all-in-one market.

Heritage Sports casino games

It’s not just the big dogs like Royal Panda Casino and Rich Casino that Heritage Sports needs to worry about. The likes of Virgin Casino and Sportsbook and Mr Greens, to name just two examples, have shown just how much betting sites of all types need to up their game to keep up.

There’s also no bingo options here, which is a shame. The likes of BGO have shown just how big an audience there is for bingo on all-in-one betting sites.

  1. What promotions are available at Heritage Sports?

Heritage Sports promotions

There’s eight promotions available at the time of writing, which is a fairly solid offering. It’s not quite as much as some of the big players out there but more than others, such as MeridianBet for example. In terms of sheer quantity, we’d put it above average.

But of course, what really matters is how good those promotions are. So let’s take a look at them.

50% Sign Up Cash Bonus:
Get a 50% bonus up to $300 with a 12 times rollover, which is pretty decent all things considered.

Reduced Juice:
108 odds on certain games (basketball and football), with 8 cent progressive baseball lines

Sports Cash Back: 
Get money back after a certain amount of bets. 0-149 bets: 0.4% cash back each quarter. 150-499 bets: 0.6% cash back each quarter. 500 plus bets: 0.8% cash back.

10% Cash Back Bonus on Reloads:
This cash bonus is up to $500 with five times rollover requirements.

Casino Cash Back 8% Rebate:
Get 8% back on NET casino losses, paid on the first of each month. The minimum is $20 and the maximum is $2,000, with four times rollover requirements

Racebook Cash Back 4% Rebate: F
This comes with a four times rollover requirements and maximum of $2000.

8th Deposit for Fee:
If you make seven deposits without success, you will get the eighth free based on your average from previous deposits. There’s an eight times rollover requirement and a $5000 maximum.

Free Birthday Parlay: Get up to $500 to play with on your birthday. This is based on half of your average wager.

Overall, the quality of these offers is pretty good. There’s a bit of variation in quality but it’s mostly a successful site element. The birthday offer in particular is an excellent touch.

On the other hand

Heritage Sports bonuses

There’s a distinct lack of personality in these promotions. They’re all very ‘matter of fact’ in their presentation. For many, that will be fine but these kinds of small touches do go a long way into making a site a fun as well as a worthwhile experience.

It would also be good to see a few more promotions per section. This would make it feel as though the entire site has been given equal attention.

  1. What banking options are available?

Heritage Sports payment methods

The following payment options are available for depositing funds at Heritage Sports:

  • Bitcoin
  • Credit and Prepaid Cards
  • Person to Person money transfer
  • Cashier Check
  • Bank Wire

The minimum requirements vary for each payment option. They range from between $25 up to $5000.

 Clearance times are 45 minutes to an hour for Bitcoin, immediately for credit and prepaid cards, an hour or more for person to person money transfer, 5-7 business days for cashier check and 24 to 72 hours for bank wire.

Bitcoin has no fees. Other fees are reimbursed, except for person to person transfer fees and some foreign exchange fees when using credit and prepaid cards.

The options available for withdrawal at Heritage Sports include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Check
  • Bank Wire
  • Sports book transfer
  • Person to person money transfer

Minimum withdrawals range from $100 to $500.

Bitcoin is delivered on the same day. Check clear between 10 and 15 business days, bank wire between 3 and 7 business days, while sportsbook transfer is the same day. Person to person takes 3 to 5 business days.

Having Bitcoin is a plus. More and more sites seem to be taking on the online currency, meaning the likes of BitStarz is going to see their competition increase tenfold.

On the other hand

It’s not the most extensive list of banking options available in the betting site world. Also, the minimum deposit amounts in some cases are quite steep. In addition to that, it is disappointing to see bank wire and check methods carrying fees of $75 and $50 respectively.

  1. Is the site well designed?

Heritage Sports home page

Technically speaking, there’s no issues at all with the site. It operates smoothly and is reasonably easy to navigate.

While having an essentially conservative layout, which  you’ll see on hundreds of sites across the net, it has a nice chunky aesthetic to it too. It’s much like Betway or Betfair in that regard.

On the other hand

The look of the logo and the orange/gold colour scheme make this look strangely like some kind of online banking service. It doesn’t look bad necessarily. It just doesn’t work in this environment.

Heritage Sports casino page

We can’t imagine many will feel either particularly passionately about this site’s design either way. It’s not particularly ugly nor especially inspiring.

It does its job well and for many people, that’s all they want out of it. Not every site needs to be Rizk Casino and push the envelope.

  1. What customer service options are available?

Heritage Sports customer support

Good news in this regard! Heritage Sports offers 24/7 support every day of the year. This includes e-mail, phone and live chat support. You can’t really say much fairer than that.

Also, we’ve seen little negative about the customer service in feedback. Considering that’s the first thing most people complain about, that’s probably a good sign.

On the other hand

We have nothing negative to say here. Top marks all around.

  1. So what do we think about Heritage Sports?

Heritage Sports logo

As its name suggests, Heritage Sports focuses mainly on its sportsbook. So if you’re looking for a casino in particular to be more than a nice addition to the site, then there is better options out there.

However, if your main priority is the sportsbook and some low stakes poker, then you may have just found a home here. This is especially true if your focus is on American sports.

We hope Heritage Sports further improves matters by focusing a little more on its casino and getting it up to the standards set by other areas in the site.

It has a few other things going for it too. These include a pretty excellent reputation, even if we couldn’t find masses of feedback. There’s also its promotional section, which once again, is sports heavy but is overall pretty decent.

The worst thing about Heritage Sports?

Probably the tagline: “Reduced Juice-Cash Back”.

And if that’s the worst thing about your site, you’re probably doing something right.