The 2017 guide to online poker

Online poker is one of the most popular, fun and skilled forms of gaming available anywhere. It boasts an incredible staying power, with its  origins dating all the way back to the 1830s, some say earlier. This enduring appeal can be attributed in part to how varied the game can be.

Today, every form of poker set is available online through multiple sites, all of which offer unique services including Las Vegas USA, Lucky Red and PKR Casino. However, the poker games remain unchanged, because there’s no need to mess with a classic.

Types of online poker

online poker

Texas Hold’em online poker

The most popular online poker card game in the world, Texas Hold’em, can be played in tournaments, with multiple players or in a thrilling one on one online poker combat.

This online poker game employs psychology, strategy and mathematics and is one of the most thrilling and challenging online poker games in the world.

The strongest hand is found by combining pocket and community cards and can even be shared if the winning hand comes from five community cards.

Books, songs and films have been written about the game and, thanks to online poker gaming, you can join in the fun for as much or as little as you want.

Omaha online poker

While not quite as popular as Texas Hold’em, Omaha is a complex, intriguing online poker game in its own right. It features many of the same qualities that make the classic such a renowned online poker game across the globe.

Unlike Texas Hold’em, each player is dealt four hole cards instead of five and, instead of being given the freedom to make a hand out of any combination of community and pocket cards, in Omaha the winning hand must be made up of two pocket cards and three community cards exactly.

Tactically speaking, this makes Omaha a slightly easier online poker game to initially get a handle of, at the expense of the freedom of the traditional game. It may be a good idea to get to grips with Omaha before moving onto Hold’em. Of course, many prefer to stick with Omaha, which is an entertaining online poker game on its own merits.

7 Card Stud online poker

Unlike both Omaha and Texas Hold’ Em, 7 card stud is played entirely without community cards. It also has a maximum of 8 players and imposes two bet limits on fixed limit online poker games.

If there was one word to describe the difference between this and the other two online poker games, it would be control. You have greater control over your cards and your limits, meaning that confident players can use their skills to their greatest advantage.

There are also other version of this online poker game such as 7 Card Stud hi-lo, where the pot is split between two qualifying hands. Qualifying for the low pot requires you to hold 5 unpaired cards with a maximum value of 8.

You can also try your hand at 5 card stud, which follows the same basic rules as 7 card stud, except there can now be upwards of 10 players and only one card is dealt face down to each player.

Why online poker?

online poker poker set

  1. Convenience in online poker

Modern technology means our world is more connected than ever. It also means that we can do almost anything from our homes as long as we’re connected to a computer or smartphone. We can shop online, work online, connect with our friends online, discover all the latest news online and of course, there is no more convenient platform to play online poker games.

Maybe you live somewhere rural without anywhere to play or perhaps you just want to play for a couple of minutes to relax after work. Online poker means that’s not a problem any more. Plus, you get to play poker in your pyjamas. What’s not to love?

  1. Control over your money

Playing online poker games online means you can choose to bet as much or as little as you want, with many sites offering very small deposits for those of us who enjoy playing poker but not for big stakes. Remember, gambling is supposed to be about fun, and that’s what online poker embraces.

  1. Play online poker with people from all over the world

It’s one thing to play with people across the table. It’s another to play with people across the world. There’s few things more exciting than knowing you’re walking away from the (virtual) table having beaten not only 9 players, but players from 9 different countries.

  1. No online poker poker face? No problem!

This may be a controversial benefit, as many poker players pride themselves on keeping steely eyed in the face of their opponents, picking up on their tells and using that psychology to take home big money. But for those of us with far too honest faces, online poker is a godsend.

Some argue this makes this online poker game less psychological, but that’s quite untrue. It does however change the way you need to think about the game. If anything, online poker makes the online poker game more of a battle of the minds than of the eyes. We’ll have some poker set tips about online internet poker tells, how to stop doing them and how to realise when others are doing them a little later in this article.

  1. Free online poker tournaments

You know how we mentioned that one of the great things about poker set betting online is that you have a much greater control over what stake you wish to bet? How about no stake at all? With free cash prizes for the winner?

Plenty of sites offer free to enter online poker tournaments with cash prizes. No we’re not talking  small change here either. These prizes are regularly worth in excess of £1000. What’s else is there to say? You get the chance to win something for nothing and if you lose, you gain experience playing and you have fun. Even if you lose, you win!

You can also enter online poker tournaments through credits you earn from playing. You can think of it like a customer loyalty card, but instead of groceries, you get the chance to play in big money tournaments.

While not completely free many tournaments are extremely cheap to enter, often costing as little as a dollar with the possibility of earning some pretty substantial winnings.

It goes without saying, there is nothing with this type of value in any brick and mortar casino. It’s no wonder so many people are choosing to play poker online. With over 100 million poker players around the world, poker is now more popular than many sports including golf, tennis and billiards.

Does online poker require the same amount of skill as regular poker?

online poker

In a word, yes.

Online poker is just as much a skilled online poker game as playing at a casino. People would have you believe that taking away the ‘poker face’ from poker fundamentally changes the online poker game, and while it is different, it is just as strategic and just as tactical.

There are tells. They’re just a little different. 

Reaction time in online poker

Reaction time can tell you a great deal about the value of a player’s hand. This can also present you with a chance to bluff. You can fool opponents into believing you are very confident. Or, you have a dud hand simply based on how long it takes for you to respond.

Players will have timing patterns that can offer clues as to what they might be holding. A person who instantly calls a card before the flop probably won’t be holding big cards. There would likely be at least some consideration of raising the stakes. Not all instant calls mean small cards. However, it certainly raises the likelihood of that being the case. Especially when you’re playing with a large amount of players.

A delayed reaction is a little tougher to analyse. It could very well mean that a player has much bigger cards. They could be working out how to milk every penny from their hand.

The key thing here is the pattern. If a person is simply consistently slow to act, that may simply be their style of playing. It could mean nothing at all. Always watch out for a change in reaction time.

Players offering advice in online poker

If a player is offering you advice. The best thing to do is discard it. They are offering advice for one of two reasons:

  1. they are a terrible poker player. What kind of player would offer you good advice that could put them at a disadvantage?
  2.  they are intentionally offering bad advice. They hope to throw you off your game.

Either way, avoid outside advice. In poker, you need to trust yourself and nobody else.

Over betting and under betting in online poker

This is a key tactical feature within online poker. This is very much an area where playing online actually offers a tactical advantage over playing in a casino. Over/under betting in person can mean that a player has simply lost track of the pot. Online, it almost certainly gives you clues to your opponent’s hand.

It can mean different things depending on the opponent. It can be a sign of weakness or strength. You’ll have to keep an eye on play styles to make that choice for yourself. But one thing is certain: online is almost always a very significant move.