Football betting guide 101: The complete guide

Football betting

Football is the most popular game in the world. It is adored by millions from every corner of the world, of all ages, all genders, all races. It brings people together in a way you could argue no sport ever has or ever will. Likewise, football betting is arguably the biggest from of sports betting in the world.

The beauty of the game probably lies in its simplicity. If you throw any kid a ball, they’ll learn how to kick it and once they learn how to kick it, you have the fundamental rules of the game already there. It’s such a natural game and one that can be played by anyone, at any skill level, virtually anywhere.

For the common man

All sports have their own personalities, their own attributes that make them special and interesting in their own way. Football is the every man. By extension, football betting is the every man in sports betting.

While games like golf are wonderful sports, you can’t hand anyone a golf club with little to no explanation and expect them to instinctively enjoy it. Football has the perfect learning curve: anyone can play it but it’s a challenge to master.

football betting

Perhaps just as important in its international appeal is that it’s a working class game: it’s available to anyone. Balls cost very little in comparison to others sporting equipment and if need be, you can play it on the streets with coats as goals.

In order to be played properly, other games require money and/or a professional set up. Rugby, for example, requires a field and posts to properly enjoy. This has made football a national past time in places other sports could not, such as in Brazil. It’s gone beyond just being a sport. It’s a phenomenon. For some, it’s almost a religion. For business, it’s a goldmine. The world will likely never see such an unbelievable sporting success story again.

Football betting: Tip 1

Don’t be afraid to make boring bets

Despite what some may say, football is a thrilling game. Every goal means something huge. It’s like the team has hit a huge hay maker on their opponent, while in higher scoring games, a point may be more like a swift jab. This is part of football’s charm. It’s about the big moments. However, that does mean that sometimes, very little happens at all.

Football betting  is all about good reasoning and not about emotion, so it’s important to remember to never be afraid to bet on a draw or bet for a low scoring result if you think that’s a likely outcome. Never bet on a high scoring victory just because that’s what you want to happen. The same goes for first scorers or betting for both teams to score. You need to think about what is the likeliest outcome, even if that likely outcome might be a little plainer than you’d like.

However, this does make football betting virtually the perfect sport for accumulators. You can back up those more conservative bets with more exciting gambles on games you are more confident will have a fierier result. The low scoring nature of the game means you can spread these bets through a wide variety of possibilities without worrying about putting the odds at an impossible level.

Football betting: A brief history of the beautiful game

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Football is one of the oldest sports in the world, with the first description of the game appearing in 1170. William Fitzstephen recorded the game taking place in London, stating “after dinner all the youths of the city go out into the fields for the very popular game of ball”.  

As we see today, it was noted this early on the sport’s ability to transcend generations: “The elders, the fathers, and the men of wealth come on horseback to view the contests of their juniors, and in their fashion sport with the young men; and there seems to be aroused in these elders a stirring of natural heat by viewing so much activity and by participation in the joys of unrestrained youth.”

Football betting: Becoming a distraction

Football rose in popularity over the next few centuries, gaining the attention of Edward II, who raised concerns that the game was causing a distraction among young men, whose attention he wanted to focus entirely on practising archery. The sport was banned by his father in preparation for an invasion of Scotland. In fact, football was considered such a nuisance that multiple monarchs tried to ban the game with no success.

By the 18th century the ban had been lifted and football was played in schools across the country. However, all schools had different variations of the rules of football and it wasn’t until 1848 that Cambridge University held a meeting to decide the official rules of the game. These rules didn’t last long however and were replaced with a far more lasting set in 1862. These new rules included specifying that the game was to be played 11 a side, introduced the neutral referee and the offside rule.

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Football betting: Founding the FA

A year later, the Football Association was founded with the aim of building on the foundations set by Cambridge to create a unifying set of codes and regulations for the sport. They also introduced the FA cup, the first competition of its kind, which hugely boosted the already popular game.

From this point on, more rules were added (including the ability to send an offending player off the pitch), the sport has moved international, tournaments have been added and football has gone from being a banned past-time played in defiance of the king to the global juggernaut it is today. football betting

Football betting Tip 2

Don’t play the teams, play the game

Football is both among the most complicated and simple sports in the world, depending on how deeply you want to look into it. That’s part of the magic. However, it’s important in football betting to get the full picture.

When making your bets it’s important not to base your decisions on how you think a match between those two teams might go at any given time. What you are betting on is a specific game, which will have its own variables.

Know your teams

First and foremost, you need to know what team is to be played, what formations and strategies are likely to be used. A team can be very different depending on whose healthy. Also think about their recent performance as well as their historical performance, a team on a losing streak can struggle to break out of that rut, that psychological disadvantage can have a major effect on the result of the game, as can the manager.

If a team has recently had a serious change of management, that can effect a team either very badly or can have a positive effect. If that change is very recent, it’s even riskier, as even a new manager with great game strategies may struggle for a few games as the players adjust to a new style of play.

football betting

You can also take into account the importance of the game to each team. If it’s absolutely vital for one side to win while the other can take the loss, it’s likely the team with the most to lose is going to bring their A game. Even weather conditions are something worth thinking about particularly in the international scene.

You should never view football betting as something set in stone, it’s something that changes constantly depending on what specific factors affect that specific game. Bet on the game, not just the sides.

The biggest football betting accumulator bet wins

Football is the ideal sport for accumulator football betting. It’s got such a variety of football betting options. This, coupled with the passion people have for it and the low scoring nature of the game, means people can stand a really good shot of making serious cash from big accumulators.

Here’s a couple just to whet your appetite:

football betting  tips

30p football betting nets half a million

Off the back of a 14 bet accumulator, a UK resident banked £500,000, culminating in Batern Munich beating Valencia in the champions league final. His bet included Leicester winning the rugby union, so never forget the possibility of cross sports accumulative betting

A little over half a million in football betting

While this return clocks in a little higher at £585,143, the stake here was a little higher as well at 85p, so the edge for the best value return goes to our previous entrant. But still, there’s very few people who would be complaining about spending an extra 55p, considering the result from this 2011 19 bet accumulator.

Strange football betting pick, big result

The picks this punter chose for his 9 way accumulator must make this result some kind of psychic vision. Ladbrokes paid out £272,000 after one gambler correctly guessed:

  1. Barcelona to draw against Bilbao
  2. Arsenal to draw against Man City
  3. Blackburn to beat Liverpool
  4. Wolves to beat Chelsea.

This is just spooky level of guesswork by one mysterious better.

Football betting Tip 3

Take advantage of the football betting variety on offer

Football betting offers a good variety of options on offer. You can keep it simple and bet on:

  • winners and losers
  • goals scored
  • first scorers
  • spread your bets
  • bet both teams to score
  • bet on a draw

There are so many ways to play that makes football perhaps the most exciting sport to bet on. It allows you the variety to use your skills in assessing football betting  tips. If you know your sport and you know your numbers, there’s no better opportunity to try and reap a return.