Grosvenor Casino Review

Grosvenor Casino Review

Grosvenor Casino is a popular UK-based online casino and sports betting site. The brand is popular and the majority of Grosvenor Casino opinions are positive. We take a closer look at what this well-known betting operator has to offer in our Grosvenor Casino review. Our expert opinions will also guide you to deciding if this is the brand for you. We also include a number of great alternatives in this Grosvenor Casino review. Key features such as banking, gaming, bonuses and registration are also put to the test in our Grosvenor Casino test. 

We start our Grosvenor Casino review with our step by step guide on how to get started with this betting operator. 

How to get started

Grosvenor Casino may be an establishment you are already aware of due to the casino also having many physical locations throughout the United Kingdom. It has an excellent reputation as a casino, so you may already have a good impression of what you think of them as an institution and are happy to take that reputation and sign up straight away. If that’s you, we’ll cover how to sign up shortly.

However, if you’re not familiar with the UK based casino chain, we’ll take you through a little about who they are and take a look around the site itself so you can decide whether this is the casino site for you. There’s plenty of betting sites out there and plenty to consider when deciding where you’ll be spending your time and betting your hard earned cash, so it’s important that a site is not only fair and reliable, but is fun as well.

Grosvenor Casino establishment

Brief history of Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor Casino was established in 1970 and has 55 locations across the UK and two in Belgium. They are owned by multinational gaming industry giants The Rank Group, who also own Mecca Bingo and are a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. Grosvenor Casinos are a multi million dollar business on their own, netting an operating profit of nearly £60 million as of June 2014.

They also won Casino Operator of the Year at the 2013 International Gaming Awards, as well as Socially Responsible Operator of the Year twice in the two previous years. This information is not simply to give you some trivia about the site, but the size of a casino site should always be reassuring for a potential customer: you don’t get to be that big and gain that many accolades without being legitimate. If your base point on whether you sign up to a site is on reliability, you should have no issues here.


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Grosvenor Casino site design

Taking a look at the site itself, it must be said that Grosvenor opts for a very, very reserved style of web design. This is not unusual for big players: the likes of BetFair and William Hill are huge players in the gaming world and also keep their site aesthetic more on the simple side.

Although it must be said that one great thing about casino rather than sports betting sites is that less information tends to allow them to be a little more playful with the design, as we see with the creative looks of Manhattan Slots and Royal Panda.

It’s therefore a little disappointing to not see Grosvenor run with a more radical look. Having said that, Grosvenor have very recently ventured into sports betting, and the design does work beautifully for that side of their business.

Grosvenor Casino homepage

Look and feel

However, bright colour schemes and flashy graphics is very much not their style. This is the kind of site which knows its reputation and doesn’t rely on gimmicks or tricks. Instead, its design is straightforward, easy to navigate and crystal clear. It cannot be criticised in terms of layout.

As is almost a tradition for these sites, your basic layout has a main toolbar towards the top of the page just below the sign in/log in options and the company logo. Below that is a large sliding series of links featuring bonuses and scrolling further down, you’ll see a well placed selection of games, and additional information further below those links, including links to contact the site, find a casino, information on payment methods and much more.

One little addition here that we rarely see is an option to search for a specific game, which not only shows how much faith the site has in the popularity of their games but also exemplifies the vastness of the games available. Everything here is clear if not exactly eye popping and you should be left with little doubt that this is a serious, well run operation, As the page say, “you’re in safe hands”.

Grosvenor Casino membership

Beginning the registration process

Our Grosvenor Casino test looks at how easy the registration process is. We set up a test account and found the process to be quick and simple.

Step One

 Click the light blue Join button to the top right of your screen. Here you’ll be asked if you have a Grosvenor Casino’s membership card. What’s great about Grosvenor also being a physical casino is both your online and real life membership can be linked.

Step Two

If you are a member, joining the site is as quick as entering your membership details. If not, click ‘No, I’m a new customer’.

From here, you’ll have to enter your:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • e-mail
  • username
  • password and more

Remember to keep your password safe by using a random series of characters and don’t reuse passwords from other sites. Ensure that you, nor anyone else, has used the same information (including your address) or you may not be able to sign up and could be penalised.

Grosvenor Casino registration process

Step Three

Finally, you’ll agree that you are over the legal age for gambling in your country and whether you wish to receive notifications about bonuses, giveaways and rewards. You will then be fully signed up to the site, although bear in mind that you will need to input additional banking information if you wish to play for real money.


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How does the £20 welcome bonus work?

£20 may sound like a very, very small bonus compared to what other sites offer. However, there is no deposit needed in order to get that free offer. So if you have not yet deposited any funds, you can play for real money before you even enter your bank details. According to most user opinions, this offer is also one of the most popular. You also do not need a Grosvenor Casino bonus code for this offer.

Grosvenor Casino £20 welcome bonus

The catch here is that this offer is only available to existing members of the physical Grosvenor Casinos. If you are a member, simply sign up to the site and you are good to go. You’ll then have 30 days to fulfill the measly x1 wagering requirement in order to get your bonus.

This bonus is not available through certain games, such as poker games and sports book bets. This may not be the biggest bonus in the world, but it’s the quality not the size of the bonus that counts and this represents excellent quality and a cool, innovate way of tying the site with the real life experience. There are also several monthly offers available for you to take advantage of at any one time.

Grosvenor Casino promotions

How to make deposits at Grosvenor Casino?

Another important part of our Grosvenor Casino review is the brand’s banking options. Once you have signed up to the site, the following options are available to deposit funds through the cashier:

  • Bank Wire
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Delta
  • Laser
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Ukash
  • Visa Electron

Grosvenor Casino deposit methods

The minimum deposit amount for Ukash is £10, the minimum deposit amount for Skrill and Paypal is £10, the minimum deposit amount for Bank Wire, Credit Card, Debit Card, Laser and Neteller is £10, the minimum deposit amount for Delta is £20. The maximum deposit amount for Delta is £5000. For all other payment methods, it is £50,000. There is no information available on the speed of the transaction, although we have heard no complaints in this regard.


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Grosvenor Casino test: Live Streaming and Betting

Grosvenor has put a great deal of effort into creating an interactive experience which ties in seamlessly with its real life reputation. Our Grosvenor Casino test showed games are available live 24/7 and in HD. The games included are Roulette, Blackjack, Hold em, Baccarat and 3 Card Poker. There’s additional information on table limits and 24 customer service if you have any other questions.

Grosvenor Casino live casino

The site also has live sports betting and, considering the sports part of the site is new, it’s astonishing the level of choice that is on offer. Yet to be added is eSports betting, which is no doubt in the pipe line. 

The odds of Grosvenor Casino

Our Grosvenor Casino test showed games are all fair, as are those in the live casino. Beyond that, we cannot accurately calculate the exact odds of each individual game. As for the sports betting page, here’s an example of some odds available:

Premier League

Manchester United 6/4

Manchester City  9/5

23/10 Draw

Women’s Open

Allertova, Denisa 11/5

Ivanovic, Ana 7/20          

MLB (Baseball)

New York Yankees 17/20

Baltimore Orioles 24/25

As expected with a website of this size, Grosvenor Casino offers good, competitive odds on virtually all the sports that it carries.

Scams at Grosvenor Casino?

Grosvenor Casino security

There are no serious accusations or controversies surrounding Grosvenor Casino. Most Grosvenor Casino opinions suggest that there is no legitimate reason to believe any scams are operating through their website or casino. As with all casino sites, there are customer complaints but none that can be reasonably considered to put the overall reputation of the site into disrepute.

Grosvenor Casino rating and summary

Grosvenor Casino logo

Our Grosvenor Casino review found that the brand doesn’t really do gimmicks. It’s not flashy and it doesn’t have a theme. What the site does instead is ride its sterling reputation and offers the customer an excellent deal. The site might not blow you away but it is a dream to navigate, it has over 250 games, all of which are of an extremely high standard, and is as reliable as they come.

However, it’s the physical casino and the new sportbook that really set this casino apart. Few sites can transition from physical to digital, and move into a whole new sports world with such ease. Overall, it’s a world class betting site and our Grosvenor Casino rating is excellent.


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