Golf Betting Guide: Tips and Strategies

Golf betting

Golf betting is considered one of the most engrossing sport betting options ever created. But it’s not a sport betting option for everyone. Golf betting, much like the game itself, takes patience, a certain amount of skill, luck and a good golf betting system.

Golf has a reputation for being an upper class game due to it’s high price of entry. Luckily, there’s so many golf betting options online that virtually anyone can afford to enjoy the thrill of golf betting.

Golf betting: Tip 1

Golf betting: Know what you can bet on

With other sports, such as horse racing, football and rugby, the betting options are second nature to anyone who has any interest in gambling (although there’s probably more options than you think). However, golf betting is not such common knowledge, and you may be wondering how it all works and if there’s enough variety to make the golf betting interesting?

The answer is a resounding yes.

golf betting

At a basic level, you can bet on the winner of a tournament. This is a simple, fun way of making big those tours even more exciting and is recommended for those who perhaps do not have the greatest golf knowledge or just want to enjoy the game without having to focus too hard on golf betting.

Expanding your golf betting

Next, you can expand your golf betting further to include top 5 or top 10 finishers. If you are confident in this sport, this is a great way of using all your golf betting tips to the maximum. This is a thrilling way to watch a tour, with every stroke having consequences for a possible golf betting pay-out.

Also recommended for those in the know are bets on the margin of victory. There’s a version of this form of betting in virtually all point based sport and here is no different. It’s taking the winners bet to the next level and predicting that margin. This golf betting is great if you have a good ability to predict high level players, but are not so sure on the lower ranking players.

Unique golf betting opportunities

Other unique golf betting opportunities include first round leader and even nationality based betting. For example, you can bet on who you feel will rank the highest within players from a specific nationality within the majors. This is a great option for specialised bets.

What’s so exciting about golf betting games is your betting options really do cover everything you could want, so whether you have a real intimate knowledge of the sport or whether you’re a casual viewer, there’s golf betting games for you. Plus, it’s a really fun sport to gamble on. It can add an extra little extra intrigue and tension to those long tournaments to keep you interested. After all, gambling is about having fun.

Remember to be honest with yourself about how well you know the sport and make a decision on how to bet based on that. Always bet with your brain and a golf betting system. Never rely on blind luck.

Golf betting: A brief history of golf

golf betting tips

The origins of the game are hotly disputed. Actually, it’s near impossible to put an exact date on when the sport was first conceived. Early versions of what would later morph into golf were documented as far back as the 1200s. Although most historians agree that what could now be recognised as golf originated somewhere around Scotland in the middle ages: which is about as far from today’s well mannered golf clubs as you could imagine.

We know that the game was around at this time, as a 1457 Act Of Scottish Parliament banned the game due to it being a “distraction”.

Golf betting: An explosion in popularity

But it was not until the 19th century when the popularity of the sport exploded across the British Empire, finding homes all the way to New Zealand and South Africa. The sport also found popularity in America around this time and had created 1,100 golf clubs by the early 30s.

This was partially due the popularity of major tournaments, such as the PGA Championship in 1916, The Ryder Cup in 1921 and The Walker Cup in 1922. Golf had even made it into the Olympics between 1900 and 1904. Unfortunately, it was eventually cut. However, golfing history is about to take another turn as the game makes its glorious return at the 2016 summer Olympics games in Rio, Brazil.

Golf betting: Tip 2

Golf betting: Statistical analysis of the games makes for smart betting

We mostly associate statistical analysis with horse racing, but for the smart gambler, it should be employed across any sport you’re seriously looking to make a return from. But perhaps none more than golf.

Golf is a game of stats, more than any other and there’s plenty to look at in order to get the most out of your bet. It is the perfect game for a golf betting system to be used.

Golf betting: Important golf stats to consider

golf betting system

Golf betting: Driving distance – yards covered from the tee on average

For a golfer, this is very much their raw power, like the weight behind a boxer’s punch.

Golf betting: Putting average

The bread and butter for any golfer, the average number of putts per green is the indication of the skill of the player. They can have everything else going for them but this is really where to look to see if they have what it takes.

Golf betting: Driving accuracy

It’s a good idea to look at this and driving distance together. The highest this percentage, the more accurate their drives are likely to be. If driving distance is the power behind the punch, this tells you whether that punch will land. If it does not land, all the power in the world will not make up for that. These all add up to great golf betting tips.

Golf betting: Scrambling

An overlooked stat but perhaps the most important of them all, this shows you the percentage of times a player avoids bogey after missing the green with their approach. Looking at this alongside accuracy gives you a good impression of the players consistency and ability to work under pressure.

These are the tip of the iceberg of the stats that are available to you, but these are what you need to focus on. While some others may be useful stats, like Average Drive, the sheer amount of stats can make your head spin.

If you have the mind to properly take in all the information available, then go ahead and take full advantage. For mere statistical mortals though, it’s probably best to stick to those few important stats to avoid overanalysing

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Golf betting: A tale of two bets

Sometimes, extraordinary things happen in the world of sports and in the world of betting too. Big wins come through belief in your predictions, but sometimes they come through sheer dumb luck. It’s always best not to rely too heavily on the latter.

Gerry McIlory – The man with complete faith in his son

Most fathers believe their kids are going to grow up and do well. However, how many parents are so convinced of their offspring’s future greatness that they are willing to put money on them accomplishing one of the greatest sporting feats imaginable by the age of 25?

That’s exactly what Gerry McIlory did. He bet £200 his son would win the British Open before he’d past a quarter of a century old. The now famous Irish golfer did just that, winning the tournament with little time to spare, aged exactly 25, and netting his dad a cool quarter of a million. One of the best examples of golf betting around.

That’s a bet hard fought and one which took courage and thought. This next bet… is not.

Golf betting: The wrong click of a button

A 60 year old man from Belfast netted £140,000 after accidentally placing the wrong bet on He backed Gonzolo Fernandez-Castano to win the Quarter Masters and Kyle Stanley to win the Waste Management Phoenix Open for £ 50 in a double way bet. Or at least he thought he did.

It turned out he had backed Gonzolo to lead the end of the first round, a mistake which netted him £140,000, something that the man was not aware he had won until he checked his bank account the following morning.

Golf betting Tip 3

Do not forget the weather

golf betting games

Weather always has an impact on outdoor sports, but no more so than golf, where the effect wind has on the shots and rain has on the greens can massively affect a game. The best players have ways of combating these variables, such as hitting the ball very high to combat the effect of wind.

Even the very best can be affected by the weather though. Two time masters champ Bubba Watson is famous for his utter contempt on playing golf in the rain. Alongside your other stats, try taking a look at how players cope in extreme weather conditions. Also, do not forget that prolonged heat also has an impact.

This can cause a golf course to become “firm”, meaning the ground has hardened, making stopping the ball more difficult. While predicting the weather is never something you can know with 100% accuracy, you can take precautions by fully considering the tournament you are golf betting on. The Open for example, is known to suffer from firm courses.

In conclusion, always try and think of all the variables before making a bet, something like weather, which may seem like a small factor, can have a massive impact on your bets and your potential returns.

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