Will You Score Big When You Sign Up To The Goalbet Sportsbook?

With a name like Goalbet,  you might expect this site to be rather one track-minded. But this is neither a football exclusive betting site nor a sports exclusive betting site.

Despite the emphasis being very clearly on sports from its name, logo and general layout, it actually includes casino options as well. What this means for us is we’ll be comparing it to similar sites that also have at least a sportsbook and a casino option. These are also known as all in one betting sites.

Goalbet advert

There is some pretty stiff competition in this department. Big name all in one sites range from Coral to BetFred, with literally thousands more out there. The reason we’ll be comparing Goalbet to these rather than say, a casino exclusive like All British Casino, is that they generally have different aims for their product. And thus, we can’t have the same expectations.

This doesn’t mean they are worse. But if we were to compare them directly, it wouldn’t exactly be fair. For example, if we gave William Hill credit for having more sporting options than Royal Panda Casino, that wouldn’t be objective because that’s not what the site is aimed at. There are some exceptions to this though. If we think it is particularly relevant, we might compare different elements of betting site, with site design being an obvious example.

This is just one of the ways we try to keep things fair and objective in our reviews. We’ll also be taking a look at both the good and the bad of each site element we explore. This means that you can be sure you’re not just getting one side of the story. In the case of more subjective site elements, like site design, instead of giving our opinions as fact, we’ll instead take a look at what we think the negative and positive responses might be.

Goalbet computer

Of course, we always recommend that you spend some time checking out the site yourself. Seeing is believing after all. The best way you can find out if a site matches well with your personal tastes is by spending a little time there yourself. It might also be a good idea to check out what else is available too. This is particularly the case if this is your first time signing up to a betting site or you generally haven’t spent much time researching other sites. If you want to get an idea of where to start, we have plenty of reviews available that should give you a decent starting point.

With all that said and done, let’s see how Goalbet fares once the final whistle is blown.

  1. So, aside from football, what is available on Goalbet?

Well, as we’ve mentioned, the site also has a casino section. Hopefully, the obvious focus on sports (and one in particular) doesn’t mean that this is an oversight, or a kind of added bonus. We’re hoping that the casino offering remains on par in terms of content with the sportsbook.

Goalbet sportsbetting

In addition, there’s also live bets for both and a separate section for virtuals. This seems to indicate there’s quite a lot of variety available here. This isn’t always the case though. Lots of sites like to boost the appearance of their game offering. They do this by giving lots of things their own sections. Unfortunately, these aren’t alway given the attention needed to them to warrant the space, but we shall see.

Looking a little closer, at the time of writing, the following sports are available on Goalbet:

  • Basketball
  • Formula 1
  • Handball
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Longterm
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • American Football
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Basketball Special
  • Cricket
  • Futsal
  • Badminton
  • Darts
  • World Cup 2018 (this one is obviously time restrictive)
  • Australian Rules

So, things aren’t looking too bad on that front. Now, let’s move on and see what the casino has to offer.

Naturally, because the amount of games is generally too long to list, we won’t print them all here. But we can say that Goalbets’ have slots, table games, scratch cards, card games, keno, arcade games (i.e. bingo), video pokers and more.

Goalbet casino games

Their slot selection is by far the most impressive, as is the amount of software developers you have to choose from. There’s several, including big names like MicroGaming and NextGen Gaming. We always appreciate having the opportunity to browse per developer. This is because it allows players to get a real sense of the variety on offer and further customise their search to find more accurately what they like.

We said at the start of this section that our concern was that the sports orientated first impression would mean that the casino was an oversight. We are happy to report at this juncture at least, that in terms of content, that would appear not to be the case.

The selection for their virtuals also appears reasonably plump and full of promise.

Goalbet virtuals

On the other hand

While the sports section is reasonable, we were a touch let down by the lack of more left field options. When looking at Goalbet, we really didn’t think that our criticism in terms of content would be on the sports side of things. Alas, but here we are.

Still, it’s certainly not a bad selection. And in general, the amount of content here is pretty solid. Overall, we’re off to a good start.

  1. Is the Goalbet site well designed?

Goalbet site design

Much of our analysis of this site element is subjective, as mentioned. Someone might love the simplicity of a site like Virgin Casino and Sportsbook. Someone else may prefer the ultra modern style of Rizk Casino. There aren’t really any wrong opinions here. It just comes down to what you personally like.

What we can say though is that, from a technical standpoint, we’ve found no issues with the Goalbet site. This is particularly important for a site with its own virtuals section. Structurally as well, the site appears fairly sound.

Goalbet sportsbook

Now, let’s move onto what we think people will like about the site. In general, Goalbet appears fairly lively. Often sportsbooks in particular can come across as being rather cold and lacking in personality. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. And the fact that it manages this without being too ‘in your face’ is also something that plenty of people will appreciate, Betfair and Betway are other great examples of this. And that’s certainly no bad company to be in.

This is the kind of site that we think will appeal to the type of customer who wants to feel welcomes by a site, but who isn’t too fussed about design as a main selling point.

On the other hand

Like we said, there’s no wrong answers here. Other players may simply prefer things more stylised, like Rich Casino. Others might even prefer sites that are more conservative, such as Ladbrokes or William Hill. They’re all fine sites. It just comes down to what you prefer.

Goalbet casino

We think plenty of people will be happy with the design of Goalbet. Although we actually suspect some might have hoped for an even more football heavy theme, but this is likely to have a more mainstream appeal by giving attention to several popular sports.

  1. Do they have any promotions available at Goalbet?

The thing with promotions is that they are very often subject to change. Indeed, some of them may even be time sensitive by their very nature. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at one promotion in order to give you a general idea of the level of quality you’re likely to find at Goalbet: even if they’ve completely revamped their promotions by the time you read it.

This may not be the case. But generally, it’s a fairly safe assumption that most sites don’t stray too far from a level of bonus quality, even as said bonuses change with time.

  • 100% Welcome Bonus:
    Goalbet sportsbook bonusIf you’ve ever signed up to a sportsbook and/or casino site, you’ll likely be familiar with the basic premise here. Deposit an amount and get 100% back. More specifically, you have to bet a minimum of €10 with a maximum amount of €50. This has a five times turnover amount, which is excellent, even with the small (at least in comparison to many others) maximum amount.

On the other hand

You may be wondering why we only looked at one promotion. Well, that’s because, as far as we can tell, that is all that is available. We searched around, asked customer services and as far as we were able to discover, that’s all that is here.

Earlier we praised the Goalbet site for not treating its casino as an oversight. Unfortunately, that does not appear to extend to its promotions. One promotion is simply not good enough, even if that one promotion is pretty decent.

  1. Do they have customer service options?

Goalbet live chat

Happy news here as customer service is available via contact form, live chat and a frequently asked questions section. The live chat is also 24/7, which is a huge boost.

On the other hand

Occasionally when we popped on, the site informed us that no operators were available at the moment. Luckily, that never lasted longer than a few seconds.

Unfortunately though, we found that customer service took a while to respond and weren’t as helpful as we felt they could have been. As always, we never know whether this is a usual occurrence. Perhaps our experience was not typical and others have much better experiences.

  1. Do they have a good critical reception?

Goalbet advert

In our research, we found that the type of critical response Goalbet received most often was good, but not great. We’d say it hovers above mediocrity in terms of reviews. It certainly doesn’t hit the heights of the most highly rated betting sites that are out there.

On the other hand

Obviously, it would be better to have more great reviews rather than simply plenty of good ones. But this can always improve in time and it’s certainly no disaster of a result.

  1. What banking options are available at Goalbet?

Goalbet payment methods

The following banking options are available at the time of writing, according to their list at the bottom of the site:

  • MyChoice prepaid card
  • Moneysafe
  • Viva
  • Paysafecard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

On the other hand

While there are additional details available via their frequently asked questions section, they are poorly organised and far from complete. Hence, the lack of detailed information here. We hope Goalbet will make information on its payment methods clearer and easier to locate in the future.

  1. How do a sign up to Goalbet?

Goalbet registration

If you like what you’ve seen so far and think that signing up for Goalbet might be right for you, then just hit that red ‘register’ button. Here you’ll be asked all the usual personal and account information, including your name, address, password etc.

We also appreciate the addition of deposit limits at this stage. This allows customers to restrict themselves to a certain spend per week or month. It is a great way to encourage responsible betting. 

On the other hand

Goalbet doesn’t ask for your financial information or preferred payment method at this stage. While some customers don’t mind this, it does mean you will have to enter more information at a later stage if you want to play for real money.

  1. So what do we think of Goalbet?

Goalbet logo

We know it’s rather boring for us to essentially go with the consensus here. But we have to agree that Goalbet is, in general, a pretty good but not quite a great site.

Its selection in terms of content is very good. We were surprised by just how much was available in some places. Its website is great too. It has a very reasonable and achievable welcome bonus, customer service live chat is round the clock, which is always a plus, and we found the site to be well balanced and fun to use.

Unfortunately though, it also falls down in a few places. This stops us from recommending it more highly than we are. These pitfalls include a lack of promotional variety, a sportsbook selection that could just use a little more of the weird and wonderful and the odd occasion where we found it hard to discover relevant information. But more than this, what Goalbet really needs is a sense of identity.

While we appreciate it having a varied selection of content, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use football as your focal point to stand out a little. All of these issues are more than within Goalbet’s power to solve. And they’ve not got that far to climb to become a far more enticing betting site. As it stands, they remain merely good, but not quite at the top of the pack just yet.