9 Gambling Instagram Accounts to Follow

Gambling Instagram Accounts Every Punter Should Follow

With regards to social media platforms, punters can ‘follow’ pros in the gambling industry and likewise with gambling instagram accounts, punters can follow a pro’s photograph diary. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter showcase public figures in such a way that followers are able to monitor their moves. In the same way, gambling Instagram accounts keep their followers abreast on all the key moves of that pro gambler. 

Instagram currently has a user base of over 500 million people. 300 million followers are active daily on the app. Additionally there are more than 40 billion posts with an average of 95 million every day. Instagram is a hugely popular social media platform that has generated an impressive 4.2 billion likes. These daily photos and videos of gambling instagram accounts keeps punters in the know with what’s going on the gambling industry. 


80% of Instagram accounts are based outside of the US while only 19% are based inside the States. Russia’s Instagram usage ranks at 8.84% while Brazil and Turkey rank at roughly 5.4% each. Instagram’s popularity has been growing steadily since it first arrived in 2010. What this tells marketers is that Instagram is widely popular because it essentially crosses language barriers with photos.

Instagram is super successful at engaging its audiences notably because of its mobile functionality. Anywhere there’s internet, a follower can easily scroll Instagram’s newsfeed browsing amongst visual stories of accounts they’ve followed on their mobile device. Instagram is an on-the-go app that provides visually striking and appealing photo stories to their followers that they can then like and comment on. Instagram provides pro punters a way to showcase the risk and thrills of playing the game.

Of all social media platforms, Instagram appeals moreso to the visual nature that humans are more apt to prefer. The newsfeed is a list of horizontal images. All of the photos are in the same square format providing a streaming showcase of the follower’s interests. Instagram’s success lies in its simplicity which is why visual marketing has become so popular recently.


Considering research published by the GlobalWebIndex, Instagram is by far the fastest growing social media site worldwide. Accordingly, Instagram expects an increase of its active user base by 23% in the next six months. Concerning social networking services, mobile devices are currently the most popular form of access with 66% of followers claiming they use their mobile devices to access them. As a result, Instagram gambling accounts offer a premium opportunity to take advantage of the technology and follow international pro gamblers.

If you haven’t downloaded Instagram yet then now is the time. All in all upgrading to the most dynamic social media platform means you can enjoy the fastest growing social media site and all its personalities. Given these points, follow these following pro gamblers instagram accounts and be visually inspired to win big in the online gambling industry.

Brent Hanks


9. BGO VEGAS CASINO @bgocasino

This online casino sites claims to be the world’s #1 online casino. Hence, it’s best to follow what they’re up to especially since they have huge jackpots. This UK-based casino provides a broad range of gambling preferences. Their online website hosts an extensive slot catalogue with several live casino suites and an incredible array of virtual reality games.

The BGO casino Instagram stories consist of advertisements to join their casino. There are frequent enticements of low wagering requirements, bonuses, promotions and an abundance of games. BGO also posts a streaming cessation of inspirational quotes,  fancy cars, villas and yachts. In conclusion, their pictures are motivational and they maintain a punter’s interest to keep the dream of winning big alive.

8. CalvinAyreNews @calvinayrenews

Calvin Ayre is the founder of the gambling site Bodog. Under those circumstances he has become an online gambling billionaire. For example, check out his gambling site www.calvinayre.com.

Calvin Ayre’s Instagram newsfeed is filled with the latest developments and analytical insights in the gambling industry. Considering this, his pictures often profile successful pro gamblers. In summary, follow him to find out what his pictures of winning looks like.

7. NetEnt @netentofficial 

NetEnt is one of the world’s greatest software development companies as well as a top-of-the-line supplier of digitally distributed gaming systems worldwide. Follow them to see lots of pictures of their office in Stockholm where their staff looks they have the best job ever.

Their gambling instagram channel focuses on providing cutting-edge information and photos of their exciting new game releases. On the subject of this, follow them for the latest announcements from NetEnt games, NetEnt slots and mobile casino games.


6. Phil Ivey @philivey

For the record, professional American poker player, Phil Ivey owns ten World Series of Poker bracelets. Considering this as well as his one World Poker Tour title and his nine final table appearances too, this is the gambling instagram account to follow. When you surround yourself with things and people who inspire you, you’ll begin to follow their lead.

Ivey’s Instagram feed is refreshingly personable and funny. Be entertained amongst the variety of his posts. From pictures of his best meals, to player tributes, to memes, this versatile and dynamic pro player has an Instagram gambling account that’s worth the follow.

5. Liv Boeree @liv_boeree

Give it up for the jack of many trades, Liv Boeree. Her resume is a full house as she’s a poker player, a TV presenter and a model. Speaking about her game, she has studied Physics at the University of Manchester. All in all, she’s got what it takes to elicit an Instagram gambling follow.

Considering her pictures, Liv Boeree is not just a smoking hot poker player. She also enjoys painting, animals, the beach, the outdoors, swimming in the sea and being on top of a mountain. Most importantly, she’s passionate about winning big at the Poker table. Liv not only won the 2010 European Poker Tour in Sanremo, she also ranked at the first position on the Global Poker Index as of November 2015.

Learn more about other winning women gamblers and the gambling differences in genders. 

4. Professors_picks @professor_picks

Professor Picks proves that Instagram is an effective medium for sports betting. There’s something valuable to having photographic proof of your sports betting picks which is why their photos are of betting screenshots. In which case, by understanding what punters want to see, Professor Picks is far ahead of the class when it comes to knowing what its customers needs.

The pictures that Professor Picks shares with its followers sets the sport betting punter up with a wealth of visually helpful information relevant to their bet. With just simple screenshots of the bets placed and payouts received from various wagers, Professor Picks is in conclusion, one of the top picks when it comes to Instagram gambling to follow. 

3. Dan Bilzerian @danbilzerian

He’s a multimillionaire professional poker player whose lavish lifestyle makes punters believe that winning is entirely possible. Dan Bilzerian is the lifestyle every punter worldwide craves, subsequently Bilzerian has become the King of Instagram with an astounding 4,859,622 followers.

Bilzerian’s gambling Instagram account has pictures of his impressive collection of cars, bikini clad babes and all the bling bling attached with being a pro poker player. His most famous bet to date was on a $385,000 bet on a race with a fellow car race lover and Bilzerian won.

The son of a corporate raider, Dan Bilzerian’s poker career began in 2009 at the World Series of Poker Main Event. Dan finished at 180th place and received a significant amount of attention when Bluff Magazine subsequently titled him, “the funniest poker player.” Follow Bilzerian’s gambling Instagram account to keep up with the exciting developments as the King of Instagram.

2. Floyd Mayweather @floydmayweather

Floyd Mayweather has an Instagram gambling account with over 7.3 million followers. As an professional boxer and an avid gambler, Mayweather has an immense following.  His photos boast about his fast and rich lifestyle clad with fast cars, babes and private jets to prove it.

Mayweather’s gambling career includes a $750,000 bet on himself before he fought Manny Pacquiao. Just recently, he won an $827,000 fortune by betting on NBA games and middleweight boxing. Likewise he won over £1 million from betting when the Arizona Cardinals beat the Oakland Raiders. Follow Mayweather’s gambling Instagram account to see actual betting slips that prove the authenticity of his winning streak.

1. Daniel Negreanu

Perhaps one of the most well known gamblers because he ranks #1 with $30 million in winnings, Daniel Negreanu is the top Instagram gambling account to follow. Daniel Negreanu is a high school dropout turned Canadian Poker player. He went on to win 6 World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour (WPT) championship titles. 

Negreanu’s gambling Instagram account has over 130,000 followers which is evident of how popular his success has made him. His pictures testify that Negreanu is also a fitness freak. His Instagram is full of photos of him eating healthy food and working out in the gym.  Follow Negreanu to get your mind and body inspired and in shape to win big.