Rewarding Online Gambling Industry Careers


Gambling industry careers are abundant. From working at an actual casino to working as an online customer support for an online betting site, thousands of jobs come from casinos and nearly one million additional jobs come from gaming equipment manufacturers and gambling suppliers. The American Gaming Association reported that gambling industry careers comprise 1.7 million jobs and generate $74 billion in income. The gambling industry itself also contributes $240 billion to the economy generating $38 billion in tax revenues. The diversity of gambling careers in the gambling industry surpasses the casino floor and ripples out and the opportunities in gambling industry careers stretches even further than it ever has before.  


The gaming industry offers a wealth of gambling industry careers to workers from all backgrounds with a wide array of skill sets. In the gaming industry, women make up nearly half (48%) of the workforce. Forty-five percent of gaming’s workforce is composed of minority employees which is much higher than any other industry. Gambling industry careers also employs more people with disabilities as well as millennials, a generation that is otherwise struggling to find work.


The gaming and gambling workforce is booming and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, along with the current 734,000 gaming employees, the gaming industry will continue to add 62,000 new jobs over the next decade. Gambling industry careers enables workers with diverse backgrounds, ages and talents to beat the odds and win big. 


Gambling Industry Careers encompass more than two hundred jobs. From floor employees like entertainers and dealers to behind-the-scenes jobs like financial analysts and software engineers. Gaming tables, gaming machines, software and supplies require jobs like Computer programmers, Software engineers and System administrators. Gaming jobs create workers with successful and exciting careers. The American Gaming Association confirmed that gambling industry careers support hundreds of thousands of families providing a path to sustainable success. 


Casinos, race tracks and online betting websites are gambling venues that need a lot of employees to stay in business. People often only think of a game dealer when they think about gambling industry careers. When in reality, a gaming venue requires a 3:1 ratio of employees to its customers. Herein lies a list of some of the most important jobs related to online gambling industry careers.

Live Dealer

Live dealers work remotely via a webcam. Live dealers have to run the game just as they would in a live casino. They must also connect with the players just as a real dealer would in a casino. Which is tricky since they’re dealing remotely. The plus about being an online dealer is that you can work remotely, but the negative about being an online dealer is you don’t make the tips that dealers make when dealing live in a casino. Official training from dealer school is a prerequisite although some betting sites have their own training program.


A coder is perhaps the most lucrative gambling industry career. Coders create, test, and implement code so that computer programs can exist. Coders independently analyze and implement ideas based on the needs of the gamer. Online gaming is largely a streaming app-based service that coders create. Coding and software design can be self-taught although most casino jobs will prefer an applicant that possesses a college degree in computer science and information technology.

Security Specialist

A Security specialist is more or less an information security expert. Their main goal is to monitor gambling sites for potential security threats. Security specialists implement and maintain various security systems. They understand a base knowledge about the security network, its software and operation. Security specialists typically have a college degree in Internet or network security. Any additional courses or training in telecommunications is advantageous. 

Security specialists are a rapidly-growing career of the gaming industry. There are estimates of 30% growth in the next ten years. With this demand for Security Specialists, online gaming businesses are looking to hire trained and experienced employees to get in on the ground floor.

Customer Service Representative

With online betting sites, a superior customer support is often offered to maintain and assist the customer journey. While some websites offer an email reply, the more modern betting sites have their customer service representatives answering telephone calls and responding to punter’s inquiries via live chat messages. Customer service representatives may also handle financial transactions. They may also be skilled in working in sales or marketing.

Mainly customer service performs a number of tasks that require little more than a phone, a computer, and helpful voice. These positions are often part-time jobs and employees may find them to be helpful stepping stones to other positions in the gaming business.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are the Gods to webpages. A graphic designer controls every aspect of production on a gambling website or app. Online gaming is in essence a visual experience. So much so that graphic designers are vital to the user experience because they essentially create it. A career as a graphic designer requires a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. 

Web Developer

Web Developers inherently design websites and web applications. Over the next ten years, the BLS statistics expect an increase of 25% in Web Developer jobs. Web Developers create user interfaces. They make your Internet experience user-friendly. In the gaming business, marketing is important. Web designers are an intrinsic part of a betting site and even a casino’s larger business model. To acquire a career in Web development, Web developers need a knowledge of programming and graphic design as well as an associate’s degree in web design. 

Gambling Strategy Expert

A Gambling Strategy experts shares their expertise with other gamblers via websites, blog posts, eBooks, newsletters, and books. Well-known poker players or gaming experts often have a book or website where they feel obliged to share their method for success. And with a lifetime of experience in gambling, who better to listen to than gaming experts that have learned the ropes. Most of these poker players or gaming experts have a secondary education in mathematics, statistics or probability. Some gaming experts don’t write a book rather they make their living selling one strategy article at a time. While other pro players with impressive gaming websites associated with affiliated networks enjoy million-dollar salaries.

Gambling Teacher

In the gambling industry, gaming teachers are needed to educate casino dealers, auditors, maintenance workers, and every position that requires any kind of training for their career. For example, all dealers, are required to take a dealing course that lasts about a month to six weeks. To be a gaming teacher, a bachelor’s degree in education plus additional teacher certification is generally required.

Addiction Counselor

Addiction counselors operate individual and group therapy sessions for gambling addicts and their loved ones. As far as the gaming industry is concerned, gambling addiction is a serious condition that affects an enormous amount of punters. Addiction counselors often work as outpatient counselors as well as at inpatient hospitals and facilities. Addiction counselors are also needed to work on federally-mandated gambling hotlines for those suffering with gambling addiction. They also serve in administrative capacities at hospitals, facilities and institutions.

Addiction counselors require a bachelor’s degree in social science. There are training programs for addiction counselors without a traditional college education. Certification requirements vary by state and country.

Content Writer

Content Writers write compelling copy for websites, blogs, review sites, and other online reviews. From a review of a new poker room, to a guide on installing game software, to notes on the legality of casino games in your country, the point is, customers depend on content writers to deliver that information. As the online gaming industry booms,  good writers are needed to produce top-of-the-line riveting copy. Gambling is one of the most lucrative markets for freelance writers and it is easy to break into and it can prove profitable for both clients and writers alike.

The BLS predicts content writing careers from technical writing to Web-based copy will increase at a rate twice of that of an average job over the next ten years. This is a result from the move of casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms, to online betting sites and platforms dedicated to gambling.


Online betting sites have gamers performing on the next level and it has its employees thriving within exciting career paths. Careers in the gambling industry are exponentially growing and there’s a demand for employees more than ever. The amount of minorities that are gainfully employed by the gaming industry is unprecedented creating a sustainable success for its employees. If you enjoy gambling and you’re looking for a career path change, gambling industry careers can take your passion for the game to an employable status. The old adage is true, if and when you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.