Virtual Reality Gambling and 5 VR Games to Play Now

Virtual Reality Casinos and its impact of Gambling

Welcome to virtual reality gambling where the punter is betting in a more dynamic and immersive user experience. Gambling and its leap online has casinos creating more enhanced and interactive ways of gaming. Virtual reality is significantly influencing online gambling in a most compelling way for example, it’s considered the technology of the future.

The interactive platform of virtual reality casinos is lucrative for multiple reasons. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a Bloomberg interview commented that the trend of virtual reality casinos is a “a good candidate to be the next major computing platform.” The advancement in VR technology is without doubt the most significant innovation and trend in the online gambling industry.

Virtual reality gambling is redefining the game

In 2016, the virtual reality gambling market was worth about $1.9 billion and by 2020, it’s expected to increase to $22.4 billion. Virtual reality gambling is as lucrative as it is riveting. Punters experience a far greater hypnotic engagement than ever before and gaming operators exponentially increase their game’s playability. Gaming software companies like IGT, Microgaming and Playtech now currently provide VR in Sky Vegas and Jackpot City. 

At first, the progression of the user experience in online casinos started with better graphics. For example, the quality and sharpness of visuals in Slots and Roulette improved and so did its sound engineering. All of which led the way to the dawn of live casinos.

The live casino feature allows punters to interact with a real live dealer in an actual casino. Punters can also chat with other punters as well as the dealer. The future is now and virtual reality gambling is reshaping the art of placing a bet.

Virtual reality gambling and mobile gambling

A study on virtual reality gambling wagers indicates an incredible 800% increase within the next five years or so.  Almost of these bets will come from punters using top-of-the-line mobile gambling technology. The total bets from Virtual Reality gaming in 2016 is said to increase from £47.2 million to the  £423 million by 2021. 

From a land based casino to the internet, casinos are ever-changing shapeshifters always upgrading their user experience. Punters can’t help but want upgrade the experience their play. From playing on computers, to the accessibility of mobile gambling to wearable technology such as a VR headset, placing a bet is dynamic and interactive like never before.

IDC estimates more than 99 million AR and VR headsets will be sold which is up from just 10 million last year. This figure demonstrates a 58% annual growth rate between 2016 and 2021. Being able to be magically whisked away to a live casino in Vegas while in the comfort of your home is not just virtual reality, it has become a reality. 

Virtual Reality Gambling is a Win Win

Virtual reality gambling intensifies the entire user experience. The punter’s full vision is surrounded as 3D binaural audio is supplied. VR is such an intriguing tool for the gambling industry because it essentially increases the player’s engagement. By offering something far more immersive than a two dimensional betting platform, virtual reality gambling is more advantageous for betters and online casinos alike.

However, VR has a long way to go before it becomes officially mainstream.  For example, Microsoft’s HoloLens currently costs $3,000 and they’ve only sold several thousands of units. While the ride of VR is intriguing, the price of the ride is still a turn off.

However, companies across social media are taking advantage of the popularity of virtual reality gambling. Facebook seized ahold of the VR trend by enabling betting game developers like Jacketpotjoy to use its platform. Then they acquired the startup Oculus VR for $2 billion paving the way for more exciting developments in virtual reality gambling.

VR, a re-imagining of what an online casino can be.

Oculus Rift is a VR head-mounted display developed by Oculus. The headset provides a wide range of view with a 1080×1200 resolution and a 90 Hz refresh rate. The headphones integrated in the helmet give a 3D audio effect. The helmet is equipped with rotational and positional tracking by a USB stationary IR sensor. All of which is stationed at a punter’s desk.

Oculus Rift goggles offer a premium VR experience. A punter is able to choose between experiencing a 3D simulation on their computer or in wearing the goggles. Their VR casino is currently available on Windows 7 or 8. The app consists of 40 downloadable casino games and slots with a personable VIP casino allure. 

SlotsMillion is a virtual casino that pushed their boundaries setting their sights on developing a VR experience that simulates the real thing. Although Facebook bought Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift and GameFace are continuing to work on making the user experience as interactive as possible.

How does virtual gambling work?

Once the headset is on, everything around the player is blackened out as a screen appears. Thereafter the punter interacts with the screen via a controller and their hands. The simulation attempts to create an actual real life casino experience. From the punter walking into the doors of a standard slots casino, to weaving through couches while hearing jazzy music play, to walking amongst virtual reality gaming slot machines to choosing one to play.

SlotsMillion predicted that most of its client base would typically experience the 3D version in a browser rather than wearing the Oculus Rift goggles. Although the Oculus Rift goggles are being sold at a retail price averaging $350, the Goggles will not work well enough without a high-tech gaming PC. A PC of that quality drives the costs up to $1500. It’s predicted millennial punters are the targeted demographic of Rift Goggles rather than current traditional players.

Virtual Sports Betting Sites

Virtual reality gambling is crossing betting boundaries and recrafting sports betting. Designed for those addicted to action, virtual reality sports betting takes the competition of the real world and simulates it directly on your computer. After a punter places their sports bets, the software thereafter provides a fully simulated experience of the event. 

Virtual sports runs in 90-second simulations with a 3 minute break in between each session. Speed and convenience is probably its biggest draw. The competitions are brief and the bets are resolved in moments.

While the basic setup is basically the same across the board on virtual reality casinos, slight differences in features, offers and bonuses of the games vary. Bet on horse racing, tennis, motorcycle racing, virtual football, motor racing, greyhounds, and cycling. Some virtual online sports bookmakers also stream live events using CGI. 

5 Virtual Reality Games with Videos

  1. Online BlackJack
  2. Online Roulette
  3. Jack and the Beanstalk
  4. Miss Midas
  5. Starburst

Blackjack is a game that’s essentially stacked in the house’s favor however, that doesn’t stop punters from playing the odds. Now in virtual reality, this old casino favourite is quite the trendsetter. Online Blackjack is a well-known and popular game on the internet. Punters worldwide can play blackjack in online casinos like 888 Casino, Unibet, PokerStars Casino and William Hill. Read more about winning tips and strategies while playing online blackjack before placing your next bet. 

  • Online Roulette

Online roulette has become one of the very first VR pilot games. The gaming software company Microgaming crafted VR roulette in such a way that they received the coveted Global Gaming Awards. In summary, Microgaming is a pioneer of the gambling industry and thanks to its innovation, a new age of placing the bet in roulette has arrived.  

  • Jack and the Beanstalk

Net Entertainment is one of the first software developers to implement virtual reality gambling in its iGaming sector. Net Entertainment’s ‘Jack’s World’ is a virtual reality classic slot game that uses Jack and the Beanstalk as its theme. The game was premiered at the ICE convention and it can be played at Paddy Power. 

  • Miss Midas

NextGen Gaming presents the daughter of King Midas. Regarding the legend of King Midas, everything he touches turns to gold. In a like manner, his daughter inherited the same golden touch. Punters play for the lucky chance to experience Miss Midas’s golden touch of luck.

Miss Midas is a five reel slot with three rows and twenty five fixed paylines. Play Miss Midas now at BetVictor. Furthermore increase your chances of winning big by reading about about slot tips and strategies.

  • Starburst

Starburst by NetEnt is a popular 10-payline video slot. The gaming software has a retro atmosphere and an user interface that comes equipped with bright neon lights, cosmic music and space-themed backgrounds. In addition to this, sparkling jewels add to the excitement in this 5-reel, 10-line online casino game. Starburst’s simplicity is what makes this slot so great and it’s availability to play on mobile and tablet devices.

With a a jackpot worth $2,500, this virtual online gambling slot is a winner. Bets range from $0.01 to $1 and there’s the option of betting up to 10 coins per each of the 10 lines. By the same token, a betting range from $0.10 to $100 satisfies both risk-takers and casual punters. As a matter of fact, play the sparkling jewels of Starburst now on 888casino.