Foxy Casino Review

Foxy Casino Review

Foxy Casino is a fairly new and trendy online casino with a significant number of positive opinions on the web. We take a closer look at the brand’s main features in our Foxy Casino review for 2017. Our Foxy Casino test also puts a number of key aspects such as site design and usability through their paces. 

Our Foxy Casino review starts with the sites design and we also set up a test account with the brand. This provides a real world evaluation of the ease of use of key features such as sign up, support and navigation.

How to get started

It’s important before you sign up to a site to take a look around and get to know the place in order to get a feel as to whether this is a place you’d like to play. We’re talking real money here in an industry oversaturated with competition, so it’s important to know that you’re somewhere that suits you.

Of course there are more important things than just the feel of a site: whether you’re actually getting fair games and are able to withdraw your money are of course the main issues for any gambler without unlimited funds. But we can get to all that later. In a world with hundreds of sites to choose from, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether you think you’ll have fun on this site. If a site doesn’t suit your tastes, you’ll be able to find one that does.

Foxy Casino advertisement

Look and feel

We know that everyone is different and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we’ll try to keep an objective position on the aesthetic of a site and also go through the more practical elements of the site design.


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Now, Foxy Casino is a site you’ve probably heard of even, if you’re not a frequent user of casino sites, or even if you’ve never used a casino site before. They have adverts running fairly regularly on TV, which tells the user two things: whoever is behind this has a lot of money, and to extend on that point that means this site is fairly legitimate. While paying for advertisements doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, it does give the site a seal of authenticity.

Foxy Casino homepage

The big budget operation that is Foxy Casino begins with a high end looking video lifted straight from the advert. It looks big, bold and flashy. The rest of the site however, is surprisingly laid back. Don’t get us wrong, the place looks terrific. It has a classic layout and a great choice of colour.

Aesthetics and appeal

However, it very much feels like going from a solid gold low rider to an upmarket big city apartment. Both are cool and very, very expensive, but they do symbolise two very different style aesthetics. We imagine most users will be rather pleased with a more conservative approach though. The flashy Foxy Bingo adverts look great on TV, but to have that style splashed across a highly detailed website would at best strike many as garish and at worst render the site difficult to use.

Foxy Casino site design


The homepage offers a video and some promotional offers, with some general information and links. From here, you can Log In or Sign up at the top right of the page. The other pages are tied together by a toolbar at the top of the screen with the familiar logo to the left. The colour scheme is largely white and blue except for the larger advertisements (usually of promotions).

Below that you have a well organised offering: everything is clean, clear and well laid out. This site has more in common with Ladbrokes than some of the flashier casino sites out there, such as Slots Plus and Jupiter Club. We think that this will probably make more people happy than it disappoints. It certainly helps with the sites organisation. It’s also worth pointing out that the Foxy Casino site is one part of a large umbrella of offerings, including Foxy’s very large bingo operation.

Foxy Casino registration basic information

Signing up

If this more held back approach to what appears on the surface to be a glitzy site appeals to you, hit the log in button on the top right of your screen. From here, you’ll be taken to a four step sign up process, which includes your basic information (your first name, last name, country, date of birth, gender and e-mail address). Next you’ll be asked for your address, then your account details and card details.

Foxy Casino registration address

These are all fairly standard for any casino site. Here though, they insist you give them all the information now rather than a few details to set up an account and then other information (particularly banking) at a later date, which would allow you to get a feel for the site before you give financial details.

You don’t need to deposit funds to sign up so it doesn’t make much difference and it’s very much a matter of preference whether you prefer to get all this stuff out the way before you begin. For those who intend to play for real money straight away, this is probably a convenience.

Foxy Casino registration account details

As with any casino site, ensure that you don’t double up on information: that is, if somebody else has registered with the same information or you have accidentally used the same information on a different account (such as home address, banking information, e-mail etc) then you will be in violation of the site’s rules and could face penalties. This isn’t always apparent immediately so make sure you check before you get your hard earned bonuses taken away. Don’t just assume that everything is fine because the site did not notify you.

Foxy Casino registration bank details

How does the £200 welcome bonus work?

Our Foxy Casino test also extended to the betting operators bonus offers. You can receive a 200% bonus up to £200 for signing up to Foxy Casino. This may not be the highest equity bonus there has ever been, but the percentage is more than generous. You must deposit a minimum of £10 and you also get 350 free spins. This is given over seven days, meaning you get 50 free spins a day for a week. You also do not need a Foxy Casino bonus code for this offer.

The 200% bonus means that if you deposited £10, you would receive a bonus that amounts to 200% of that bonus, which in this case would be £20. That is added to your original stake, meaning you would have £30 in your account. So, on the surface of it, this appears to be an excellent deal. Now let’s take a look at those pesky terms and conditions.

Foxy Casino welcome bonus

The wagering amount here is  35x of the deposit amount plus the bonus amount, meaning that you must bet 35 times the amount you have in the account after you receive your bonus amount.

Meaning in the case of our £10 deposit, we would have £30, and 35x times that amount would be the wagering requirement, so in this instance the wagering requirement is £1050. There are higher and lower wagering requirements across the net. This ranks somewhere in the middle. Free spins are also only available on certain games and are capped at £15 a day.


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The betting offer at Foxy Casino

We took a closer look at the brand’s gaming in our Foxy Casino review. As with any large casino site, there’s more games here than you could shake a money stick at. Although for such a generally well organised site, it must be said that the layout of these games is a little looser than you would have imagined. The categorisation may need a slight tune up from the Fox.

Foxy Casino gaming selection

Still, there is an excellent selection of titles here and they are plentiful and of a very, very high quality. These games are provided by NetEnt, who have a terrific reputation for fair and fun games, as well as IGT/Wagerworks, who are a mere step below NetEnt in terms of reputation. There’s also a live casino option and an extensive bingo site if you are so inclined. As is common with casino sites, there is no sports betting available.

Foxy Casino test: Banking 

Banking options are a key part of our Foxy Casino test. There aren’t as many options to deposit funds at Foxy Casino as there are for other sites. The following payment options are available:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Neteller
  • PaySafeCard
  • Ukash
  • Visa Electron

Foxy Casino payment options

The minimum deposit for Ukash and PaySafeCard is £10, the minimum deposit for Credit Card, Debit Card, Neteller and Visa Electron is £10. The maximum deposit for Ukash is £1001, the maximum deposit for is £4000, the maximum deposit for Credit Card, Debit Card, Neteller and Visa Electron is £50000.

Live Streaming and Live Betting

Foxy Casino does have live betting and streaming in the sense that it has a live casino. However, this only extends to a rather measly four games. This is a rather poor offering for a site of this size and could have fared better in our Foxy Casino review.

Naturally this is a casino site only, so there is no live sports betting or eSports betting available.

Foxy Casino live casino

The odds at Foxy Casino

As with all casino sites, an accurate depiction of odds nearly impossible. The numbers of games involved and the number of variables within those games adding to that. 

Suffice to say that all these games are by reputable software developers on a reputable site and the games are fair and random. The higher the stake and potential winnings, the higher the odds are likely to be.


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Scams at Foxy Casino?

You might think that a site big enough to have its own TV commercial would have no issue in terms of scams. Well, you’d be absolutely right. There is no reputable source which claims that Foxy Casino or Foxy Bingo is anything other than reputable and fair. You may find one or two negative opinions online but this is true of every casino site. However, there’s no reason to believe that these stretch to anything substantially worrying. This is another key aspect in our Foxy Casino test.

Foxy Casino rating and summary

Foxy Casino logo

There’s high expectations for a site that comes with this much publicity and Foxy Casino largely meets them. The welcome bonus carries average wagering requirements. There are also smaller promotions here that offer similar or better value, with good variety to boot. Overall, this betting operator did remarkably well in our Foxy Casino review. 

The games range from very good to the absolute peak of casino gaming. The reputation and reliability of the site is second to none and the site design is very good as well. All in all, Foxy Casino largely lives up to the hype and the majority of Foxy Casino opinions are positive. Ultimately our Foxy Rating puts this brand on the top shelf with many of today’s top betting sites. 


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