Formula 1 betting 2017: How to race your way to riches

Few sports have captured the imagination like the white hot, nerve shredding, tire melting thrill of Formula 1 racing and, in turn, Formula 1 betting. This year promises to be one of the most interesting and exciting and our Formula 1 betting 2017 strategy will be there to guide you. We offer expert advice as well as top Formula 1 betting tips and more.

Some sports get their kicks out of tactics, strategy and outwitting your opponents, while some are about pure raw power, speed, action and reaction. Believe it or not, Formula 1 is actually both.

This is a sport with so much more depth than simply zipping around a track at lightning speeds. This is the ultimate test of both the physical and mental capabilities of the driver and his team. The same can be said for formula 1 betting. The speed of the race can change dramatically, so can the formula 1 betting odds. This makes Formula 1 betting one of the most exciting sports betting options available. 

formula 1 betting tips

The only way anyone becomes great in Formula 1 is if they have the ability to make wise snap decision of heart bursting speeds, all while having the reactions of tunneling through the Death Star. Not only that, but their team needs to be the most efficient mechanics and engineers in the world to make every pit stop counts, and that’s after all the work is put into the car itself, a feat of genius engineering in its own right.

Formula 1 betting provides a similar challenge. You need to know all the ins and outs of every team, the drivers, current standing and much more. All of this information is a vital part of Formula 1 betting. 

It’s thrilling to watch, and well placed Formula 1 betting can only increase that thrill. But do not let the adrenaline get the best of you just yet, we’re here to keep you on track. If you are new to Formula 1 betting, visit a top sportsbook like Coral and see how Formula 1 betting works in the real world.

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Formula 1 betting Tip 1

It’s all about the car in Formula 1 betting

Unlike most sports, where victory is overwhelmingly decided by the abilities of the player, or in this case the driver, the car driven here is just as important to the end result. Trying to win with a lesser car would be like trying to win the PGA Tour with a stick: the quality of the car is absolutely vital to the result.

There’s always been dominating cars throughout the history of Formula 1: Red Bull, Ferrari, Lotus and McLaren have all made unbelievable vehicles that were the best of their day. These iconic cars are also a massive influence on Formula 1 betting. 

But the car and the driver is a partnership and they have to get along in order to be a success. Like all sports, different people have different styles and there are instances of where styles clash, meaning that two excellent Formula 1 team members can have very different results in the same car based on compatibility.

Another factor is the track suitability of the car. Something like the Red Bull has extremely tight cornering and is great for twisty, breakneck tracks. All these factors should be carefully considered before you race to place your bets. 

Formula 1 betting: The dangerous history of Formula 1

formula 1 betting 2017

Formula 1 is not what it used to be, and that is a very good thing for all the drivers and fans of the sport. For the first few decades of its existence, F1 was an incredibly dangerous game, with many serious casualties coming out of this period.

In the 1950s, cars had no safety measures and were built purely for speed. Today every precaution is made in order to ensure that the drivers are safe and can concentrate on producing great racing.

Formula 1 betting: A safer sport

The last recorded death in Formula 1 was in 1994, but for those first few decades the death toll was shocking. Between 1950 and 1961, 11 fatalities occurred, with seven occurring at the infamous Indianapolis 500. 21 more drivers died between then and 1994, at which point deaths were few and far between, with safety precautions having improved dramatically throughout the 1980s. It’s important to remember that Formula 1 was once a life threatening occupation and it’s a testament of design that’s no longer the case.

The safety record of the sport is another important factor in Formula 1 betting as some push the limits to get a bit more speed over the competition. Formula 1 betting is also becoming more popular at top sports betting sites like Betway. The brand have noticed a dramatic increase in Formula 1 betting going into 2017.


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Formula 1 betting Tip 2

Avoid over Formula 1 betting based on pole position

There’s no doubt the driver in pole position has an incredible advantage over his peers. In fact, this driver goes on to win a little under half of all grand prix races.

However, this does not mean their victory should be considered a given. The individual driver should always be taken into account. Lewis Hamilton for example is famously bad at transforming pole positions into victories, with around a 40% success rate, much lower than you would expect for a racer of his caliber.

Other world class drivers also seem to struggle with this trouble, with many having the same success rate in pole position as defeat. For these drivers, it is statistically likely that it will have little effect on the end result. However, you will suffer lower odds. You’re actually getting a better deal on odds from some world class racers if they do not qualify first! Surprising, but the numbers speak for themselves.

Formula 1 betting: The greatest F1 cars

formula 1 betting odds

There’s been so many legendary cars in F1. While many of them would not be fit for the track today, in their time they were the absolute pinnacle of engineering. If you look through the greatest car of every era of F1, you can see how these cars have developed into the perfect, precise and pristine pieces of racing technology we see today.

Here a quick top 5 to whet your appetite.

5. Ferrari F2002

Made famous by the team of Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello, this beast won in 2002 at astonishing 15 races and won both world titles, giving Schumacher his hat trick of titles with Ferrari. It is among the most successful car designs of all time, having been developed by Ross Brawn, Rory Bryne and Paolo Martinelli. The car only failed to win four races out of 19. It is a true modern classic.

4. McLaren MP4 / 4

Despite only racing for a single season, the McLaren MP4 / 4 still holds a place in every racing fans heart for its astonishing performance in 1988, winning 15 out of 16 races, the constructors title and the drivers title. This was driven by the legendary Ayrton Senna and his team mate Alain Prost, who he beat to the title by three points. It’s one of the most iconic and greatest cars in F1 history.

3. McLaren M23

Having recently featured in the smash movie Rush, the McLaren was a workhorse of the 1970s racing scene, appearing in 85 races, winning 16 and taking one constructors and two drivers titles. It was a vital part of what was perhaps the most exciting races in sports history. It even made a champion out of the unpredictable James Hunt in 1976, toppling his longtime rival Niki Lauda.

2. Red Bull RB9

A culmination of decades upon decades of design, the team’s 2013 car improves upon the legendary RB7. Headed by future legend Sebastian Vettal, this car has put him on the podium 13 times. Red Bull are now renowned for their car making abilities, having won the constructors champions four times.

1. Lotus 72

It’s the car that defined the 70s and for many, defined F1 racing full stop. Its design is such a classic, it’s probably the first thing you imagine when someone says Formula 1. It’s so iconic, even its engine noise has fans.

The car participated in 6 season and 74 world championship races. No other car can boast its success: 20 grand prix wins, 2 Drivers Championships and 3 Constructors Championships, all in a single decade.

Formula 1 betting Lotus 72 on F1 track

Although it’s now a staple design of the F1, it really modernised in the late 60s: the wings, the aerodynamics, 4 wheel drive, tire development, all this was mastered for the Lotus 72 and is the blueprint for all other cars to follow.

The car was designed by Maurice Phillips. Its unique wedge shape, derived from the type 56, went on to inspire cars for generations. The water radiators were moved from the nose and split across the cockpit to allow for better traction. It introduced Firestone tires, front suspension with anti-dive geometry to deal with the issue of cars burying their nose after breaking. The car had 4 mounter iboard breaks lending new importance to unsprung weight.

It was and still is a masterpiece. In fact, it is quite possibly the greatest car of the greatest era in the history of the sport.

The cars and associated stats make Formula 1 betting even more exciting. Being able to follow every stat as it becomes available can only happen at top sportsbooks like Ladbrokes. The brand offers some of the best odds on Formula 1 betting available. 


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Formula 1 betting Tip 3

Formula 1 betting: Rely on good information. Ignore the media

All sports have their share of bad tips. However, the media has a particular knack for over-reporting the importance of untested technological advances. They do the same when leaking driver details or making wild claims about a cars performance. Unless you can quantify the information, it is not worth listening to. As with all sports, rumours are more often than not a fool’s gold. The sensible approach is to be well informed about track layouts, pits, cars, drivers and racing stats.

Often in Formula 1 betting, we are predicting the possibility that a misfortune can occur at any time. Whether as a mechanical failure, a race stoppage or even a crash. This lends the sport an air of unpredictability found nowhere else. Formula 1 betting tips can help. Punters can use this info to predict when misfortune is likely to strike and betting accordingly. This is especially important when Formula 1 betting in play. Reliability statistics are also available. So are real-time race data on the official F1 website. This site often does a better job of keeping you up to date than commentary.