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Fantasy sports are a kind of game, where each player assembles either a virtual or imaginary team. These players are based on real players, which are active in professional sports such as baseball, basketball or football. The statistical performance of these real players is then used to decide the outcome of a fantasy sports game. As such, it is up to all fantasy sports team managers to pick those real players, which are most likely going to perform best during the current season. However, most fantasy sports come with a draft process, which is to say that most fantasy sports enthusiasts will be somewhat limited in their choice of players and will not be able to pick all of their favorite and/ or desired players. In addition to drafting players, they can also be traded or dropped, which is the case in real sports as well.

Since daily fantasy sports games are legal in most parts of the US, fantasy sports is quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry online, wherein fantasy NFL football most definitely takes the lead. While fantasy sports have been around for decades, the rise of the Internet has made them even more popular with more players from around the globe participating than ever before. One of the great advantages for gamblers is that there are many daily fantasy sports offerings that they can benefit from. As such, they are not necessarily going to have to commit for an entire season, which was often the case during the early years of fantasy sports.

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Is fantasy sports legal in the US?


With the exception of only a few US states, daily fantasy sports are legal in the US. This is because games of luck are considered gambling and thus mostly illegal, while fantasy sports are said to be games of skill. While playing online casino games or participating in online lotteries is illegal in the US, playing fantasy sports poses no such problem. However, lawmakers in the US states of Washington, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana and Montana seem to disagree. Residents of these states are not allowed to bet their own money when engaging in fantasy sports. The same goes for anyone living in Puerto Rico. Anyone who is residing in Canada may engage in fantasy sports, however. Keep in mind that state law could change at any time. Since we are not lawyers, we cannot give you legal advice. While you will most likely be able to participate in daily fantasy sports tournaments for money in most states, you should first check to make sure that this is still the case and state law has not changed. However, most online fantasy sports sites will also point out that residents of certain states are not allowed to use their services.


Rules, Procedures & Scoring System


Before you end up joining the exciting world of fantasy football or any other fantasy sport, you should familiarize yourself with the rules, procedures and scoring systems that apply. Keep in mind that these rules, terms and conditions are going to vary depending on which fantasy sports site you sign up at. While fantasy sports rules are always going to be based on the real-life rules of the actual sport at hand, some alterations to the rules might become necessary. In particular, this is case when it comes to daily fantasy sports leagues, which only last for a day. In turn, some adjustments need to be made so that the entire tournament can finish within just one day.


Let’s take fantasy football as an example. In most cases, you will be able to draft both AFC and NFC players, which is to say all NFL players. Once you have made your selection, the rosters are then locked and you will no longer be able to adjust your team. This is to ensure that you do not make any changes, which would unfairly put you in the lead, in the middle of the game. However, the commissioner in charge might allow you to make some adjustments depending on the case at hand. While you will be able to drop most players, there is also an undroppable list of players, which cannot be dropped at any point of the season. Most often, these are elite players. While adding elite players to your team can significantly advance your standing, it also comes at a risk. If any of your elite players gets injured, you might not be able to drop them, which will in turn set you back.


Competing in Different Fantasy Sports Leagues


Moreover, there are different leagues that you can compete in. Of course, you can compete in a league with your friends as well. Create your own league on one of the many online fantasy sports websites free of charge and compete amongst each other. Betting money is not required in order to enjoy fantasy sports. However, there are also many daily and weekly fantasy sports leagues, which allow you to win amazing cash prizes. Of course, you will have to pay to enter these leagues. If you are playing for money, it is especially important that you adhere to all of the rules and make sure to draft your team at the right time. Thankfully, many online fantasy sports websites offer their own apps, which means that you will be able to draft players on the go. This is all the more important, since you will only be given the opportunity to add players to your team during a specific time window. Once that time window has passed, you are out of luck, wherefore you better not miss out on it. Whether your leagues can be viewed by the public or is strictly private is going to depend on which league you are part of. Most websites will allow you to compete in multiple leagues, wherefore you can thus increase your odds of getting your hands on one of the highly sought after cash prizes. Of course, it pays to know as much about the NFL or any other sport that your chosen fantasy sport is based on as possible in order to pick the right players for your team.

Fantasy Sports Is A Billion Dollar Business


Fantasy sports has taken the US by storm and is quickly making its way around the world. While Europe is just starting to experience this phenomenon, avid fantasy sports enthusiasts have been making big bucks in the US for a while now. What is so exciting about fantasy sports is that it is not merely a matter of luck. For the first time in sports betting history, gamblers can make their own luck to a certain degree. After all, fantasy sports allows them to assemble their own teams, which are made up of real athletes. Depending on how these athletes perform in real life, this decides on the performance of each virtual sports team that they are part of as well.  Moreover, fantasy sports makes it possible to compete with friends and loved ones. While there are big leagues and championships, it is also possible to host a smaller, private, invitation-only league. Competing against people that you know and love makes fantasy sports all the more exciting.


While fantasy sports has been around in the US since the 60s, since this is the country where some of the world’s most avid sports fans live, the advent of smartphones has revolutionized the world of fantasy sports as well. More and more fantasy sports site are popping up and they even give their members the option to participate in daily or weekly leagues. In turn, a much smaller time commitment is required compared to the early days of fantasy sports where you had to stick it out for an entire season.


Fantasy Sports Gone Crazy


However, there is also a dark side to fantasy sports. After all, some fans are taking things a step too far. They have even been threating death threats against professional athletes who have performed a lot less well than expected. The pressure on these athletes is immense, since a multibillion-dollar industry has been built on their backs. If they perform poorly, it is not just their team and fans that are upset, but fantasy sports players all across the US.


Yet, many professional athletes are real suckers for fantasy sports themselves. NBA basketball pro Spencer Hawes cites that he loves the camaraderie that is part of fantasy sports. He says that he is always looking for another way of spending more time with his teammates, which is just what fantasy sports can do for him. Moreover, Hawes is convinced that professional athletes can benefit from fantasy sports despite the reported death threats. After all, fantasy sports can also help increase ticket and fan merchandise sales, since some sports fans have only become fans of a team or particular player due to fantasy sports.


Do You Want To Be A Fantasy Sports Millionaire?


Of course, some players are only into fantasy sports since they are dreaming of making it big. In fact, several people have been made millionaires thanks to fantasy sports in the US. In turn, this leads to people developing an above average interest in their chosen sport. They will do whatever it takes to find the best tips and information as to which players to choose for their team. Of course, some superstition also plays a part in it. ESPN’s findings have illustrated just how obsessed fantasy sports enthusiasts are. While regular sports fans spend an average of 6 hours per week watching one of the many ESPN channels, that number goes up to 18 hours for fantasy sports lovers. This can be explained by the fact that a lot more money has been pumped into the fantasy sports industry in recent years. It is now possible to play for more real money than ever before, which is why fantasy sports is attracting bigger and bigger crowds. In 2014 alone, fantasy sports lovers have spent 971 million US dollars on their hobby. This year, that figure is estimated to go up to more than 2,5 billion US dollars.



DraftKings Review


      1. How to get started at DraftKings

While DraftKings is different, since you will only be able to bet on fantasy sports here, creating an account is just as easy. Simply click on either the green “Play Now” or “Join Now” button, which can usually be found at the top right in order to get started. Creating an account is merely going to take a few minutes, before you can start wagering. Of course, your personal information is required and you need to be at least 18 years of age in order to sign up. So sign up, you will be asked to provide the following information on the signup page:

  • Username
  • E-Mail
  • Password
  • Confirm Your Password
  • Country and State/ Province

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If you are living either in Alabama or Nebraska, you have to be at least 19 years of age in order to create a DraftKings account, which is something to keep in mind. Moreover, we recommend that you check out what deposit bonuses are currently available before creating an account. After all, some of these welcome bonus offers are only available to new customers and you will want to make sure that you can benefit from these deals. Head on over to DraftKings to start the easy and complimentary signup process now!

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      1. How does the DraftKings bonus work?

If you would like to score up to $600 in bonus cash at DraftKings, you should listen up now. If one of these exceptional welcomes bonus offers is currently available, DraftKings is going to match every dollar of your deposit up to $600, which is an offer that is simply too good to pass up. However, you should keep in mind that these funds will not be made available to you immediately. Instead, you will need to keep the terms and conditions in mind that state that $1 of your bonus will be released for every 100 Frequent Player Point (FPP) that you have earned. Moreover, you only have 4 months to accumulate sufficient FPPs to release your entire bonus before you lose out on this offer. To learn more about FFPs, please refer to the DraftKings website.


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In any case, it is advised that you make a deposit that is big enough to earn you the maximum possible bonus. This is especially important since the bonus is only going to apply to one DraftKings deposit and not to any subsequent deposits. In turn, one large deposit is the way to go instead of multiple smaller deposits, which are not going to give you the same bonus. Also keep the remainder of the terms and conditions in mind, which you can read through on the online bookmaker’s website. Moreover, we would like to point out that DraftKings offers many other bonus options. For example, you will be rewarded for referring a friend. In addition, the following bonus offerings and DraftKings promotions might also be of interest to you:

      • NFL, CFB or PGA King of the Hill (5k weekly winnings each)
      • $15MM Fantasy Football World Championship
      • $500K Fantasy Football Thunderdome
      • $1MM College Football World Championship
      • And many, many more
      1. The betting offer of DraftKings

As we have pointed out already, DraftKings is different than most other online sports bookmakers. After all, you will not be able to wager on real sports here. Instead, DraftKings is solely concerned with different fantasy sports leagues. In particular, you will be able to place a bet on one of the following fantasy sports at DraftKings online:

  • MLB
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • PGA
  • SOC
  • MMA
  • NAS
  • CFB
  • CBB

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Whether fantasy football or fantasy baseball is your thing, DraftKings definitely has you covered from A to Z in the fantasy sports department.


      1. How to make deposits at DraftKings

While DraftKings is all about fantasy sports, you can use real money to make your bet here. If you would like to win some cold hard cash at DraftKings online, you will first need to make your deposit, which can be done by way of the following payment methods:

      • PayPal
      • Visa, MasterCard as well as American Express gift cards
      • Visa, MasterCard, Discover as well as American Express credit cards

Keep in mind that a deposit limit is going to apply to your account at DraftKings. If you wish to increase this limit, you will have to contact the customer service team at DraftKings. Moreover, this online fantasy sports bookmaker requires that you provide a copy of the following documents in order to increase your personal deposit limit:

      • Your username at DraftKings
      • An image of the front and back of the credit cards that you plan on using for making your deposits at DraftKings
      • A photocopy of any state issued id, such as your license
      1. Live streaming and live betting at DraftKings


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Please note that live streaming is not available at DraftKings online. However, you will be able to place your bets in real-time in the members’ area at DraftKings online.

      1. The DraftKings mobile app

Of you would like to enjoy fantasy sports betting on the go, DraftKings might just be the online sports bookmaker of your choice. After all, DraftKings offers its very own app for your iPad or other Apple devices. Enjoy some good old betting fun on the go and access your account from your mobile device thanks to your DraftKings app. Of course, an Android version of the app is also available as well. The app can be downloaded free of charge at the respective app store.

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      1. Scams at DraftKings?

Since DraftKings is based in Boston, MA, you need to fear a DraftKings scam. After all, this online bookmaker is subject to US law and is legal in the United States as well. If you are hesitant to sign up with this online bookmaker, since you fear that DraftKings might be a scam, you can be assured that this website enjoys an excellent reputation for being trustworthy.

      1. The odds of DraftKings


Bet now

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If you would like to find out about the current DraftKings odds, you will need to create an account. Unlike most other online sports bookmakers, DraftKings does not publish its odds, but will only make them available to you in the members’ area.

Dan Bilzerian on Instagram as testimonial for DraftKings

Dan Bilzerian auf Instagram_ „So I guess Draft Kings figured they hadn't spent

Summary of the offer of DraftKings

DraftKings is relatively new on the online fantasy sports scene. Nevertheless, this bookmaker has been able to make a name for itself, which is mainly due to its great odds. Placing bets at DraftKings is legal for US players as well and this bookmaker even offers you an Android and iOS app so that you can place your bet on the go. Moreover, the company is based in the US and is known for awarding huge prizes to its players. Signing up is free and will only take a few minutes. Since DraftKings covers most fantasy sports leagues, you might just want to give this service a try.


Bet now

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FanDuel Review



      1. How to get started at FanDuel

If you are looking to place fantasy sports bets, FanDuel is here to welcome you with open arms. Of course, you will need to create an account first, before you can get started. In order to join, you will have to be at least 18 years of age. In some states, you will need to be 19 years of age, however. If this might be an issue for you, you should check to make sure that you are eligible before you join FanDuel. Simply click on the green “Join Now” button to get started. Next, you will be asked to provide the following details about yourself:

      • Your Full Name
      • Your E-Mail Address
      • Your Username
      • Pick A Password (minimum 8 characters)

If you have a promo or referral code at hand, you will also find a special box, where you can enter your code. By pressing the green “Play Now” button, you can finally join FanDuel, which offers both free and paid games/ betting. However, keep in mind that pressing this button means that you are agreeing to the terms of services and conditions that FanDuel operates under. If you would like, you can read through these terms first before creating your account at this online bookmaker.

      1. How does the FanDuel bonus work?

As was just pointed out, you can enter your promo code in the respective box while signing up for FanDuel. In turn, it is all the more important that you learn more about the current promo offers before you create your account. After all, you will not want to miss out on some incredible deals. On the bottom of the FanDuel website, you can click on the “Promotions” tab in order to find out what bonuses are currently available for new and existing FanDuel customers. They might look a little something like this:

      • $1 Million NFL Bracket
      • Sunday Million
      • Playboy College Football Championship
      • $600K Sunday Night Showdown
      • Duel For A Difference
      • World Fantasy Football Championship
      • Welcome Bonus
      • Weekly Free Rolls
      • FanDuel Points

If you are a new FanDuel customers, you might be especially interested in the welcome bonus, which can be applied to your very first deposit. However, keep in mind that you will have to gradually activate your bonus by completing various paid contests. Lucky for you, your welcome bonus is not going to expire. In turn, FanDuel rewards loyal customers by given them a chance to keep earning bonus money. One of the most popular welcome bonus offers is the 100% deposit match up to $200, which is only valid on your very first deposit, which is why it makes sense to opt for one large deposit instead of several smaller ones.

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      1. The betting offer of FanDuel

FanDuel considers itself “the leader in one-day fantasy sports.” As such, FanDuel covers well over 20,000 different leagues, which you can choose from everyday. Since most of these leagues are one-week leagues, you will not have to commit for an entire season, which many FanDuel users appreciate. Here are some of the fantasy sports that this online bookmaker covers:

      • Fantasy Football
      • Fantasy MLB
      • Fantasy NBA
      • Fantasy NHL
      1. How to make deposits at FanDuel

While FanDuel offers a bunch of free gaming options, you might nevertheless want to make a deposit in order to take advantage of even more betting features. Before you can make your deposit, you will need to log in. Once you have signed in, you should click on your username at the top right. You will now get access to a drop-down menu, where you should click on the “Add Funds” button. Choose your deposit amount and pick one of the following payment options in order to add funds to your account at FanDuel online:

      • VISA
      • MasterCard
      • American Express
      • PayPal

If this is your first time depositing at FanDuel, you might be able to choose from a number of welcome bonus offers. Simply select one of these offers to earn up to $200 in free bonus money. Of course, you can also select a custom amount in order to make your first deposit and benefit from a hefty FanDuel bonus.

fantasy football real money

      1. Live streaming and live betting at FanDuel

In order to make fantasy sports betting even more fun, live contests and real-time betting are offered at FanDuel. However, you will need to sign in in order to make good use of these features. While FanDuel does not offer live streaming per se, the online bookmaker has partnered with Twitch in order to bring you the latest fantasy sports news by way of several different shows.

      1. The FanDuel mobile app

Since FanDuel wants to be considered a leader in online fantasy sports, FanDuel offers a special app for your iOS and Android devices. Download your desired app free of charge to get started. Thanks to the FanDuel companion app, you will be able to view these live contests on the go so that you will always know where you stand. Place your bets from your smartphone or tablet. These are just some of the features that you will be able to make use of:

      • Find Contests
      • Multi Entries
      • Create/ Edit Lineups
      • Live Scoring
      • Recent Contests
      • Manage Your FanDuel Account
      1. Scams at FanDuel?

If you are wondering whether FanDuel is legit or a scam, you should know that this online bookmaker is legally well established in the United States. Even though FanDuel has been criticized for how it goes about releasing its welcome bonus, you are in trustworthy hands here.


      1. The odds of FanDuel

You need to sign up as a registered user to learn about the odds of FanDuel.

      1. Summary of the offer of FanDuel

FanDuel is one of the biggest and most popular fantasy sports bookmakers in the US. In fact, FanDuel is known for offering especially large prize pools and generous welcome bonuses. The site is easy to navigate and joining is both free and easy. Of course, FanDuel is 100% legal in the US, although different laws might apply in some states. Since FanDuel covers all of the major fantasy sports events and offers you a large selection of promotions, you will not be disappointed here. The iOS and Android apps for your smartphone or tablet will also come in handy, since you will even be able to participate in the fantasy sports betting fun on the go. Choose from several safe payment methods to make your deposit at FanDuel online and note that this online bookmaker covers more than 20,000 different leagues, which is more than you can ask for.